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Thailand Jewelry Companies, Thailand Jewelry Manufacturers

Thailand jewelry manufacturers are the first place that jewelry companies all over the world look to when they are planning to outsource their production. Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand produce the whole range of jewelry items from inexpensive imitation jewelry and costume or fashion jewelry to 925 Sterling silver jewelry with synthetic and semi precious stones and of course the high end jewelry made from Gold, Platinum, and other precious metals like rhodium and titanium. Jewelry can be bought direct from the factory, for large orders, or from Thailand Jewelry Wholesalers for smaller orders.


I had the privilege to work for one of the leading manufacturer of fashion jewelry in Thailand. I was only there for a few short weeks setting up there computers and export marketing facilities. There range was vast from antique fashion jewelry styles to modern and contemporary pieces. I learnt a lot especially new words for the jewelry items - marcasite or is it macasite? cabochon as well as the names of precious and semi-precious stones.


Their main customer was a major jewelry wholesaler in The United States. My job was to help build a new customer base of jewelry stores, jewelry wholesalers and jewelry manufacturers in The UK and mainland Europe. I am proud of my first major contact. I can not divulge the name - signed a secrecy agreement. However when you see Liz or Phil the Greek on TV take a closer look at the glitter, maybe they are cubic zirconia and not the real diamonds!



I still pass on the larger jobs to this factory, mainly silver jewelry nowadays. Smaller orders and special designs need a special designer. Her name is Noi and she is very special and very beautiful Thai girl - just don't tell my Thai wife.


Noi started designing bridal jewelry. Her exquisite pieces have been the crowning glory of many a Thai bride and western bride. Nowadays I keep Noi busy (no not that way!) She can knock up a decent design or two over lunch. She has dev eloped a penchant for drinking fine French wine - can any one do a barter deal for me?


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your jewelry needs please email with your requests.


Thailand Platinum Jewelry - looking for that special single piece of platinum jewelry? maybe a platinum diamond wedding ring, platinum solitaire engagement ring or a special platinum locket or bracelet as a gift. We can help you source. All Jewelry Thailand Diamond Jewelry - Are you seeking diamonds and diamond jewelry? looking for that special piece of designer Diamond jewelry? or perhaps a unique solitaire diamond wedding ring, engagement ring or a special diamond locket or diamond bracelet .
Thailand Sapphire Jewelry - Kanchanaburi Sapphires, blue sapphires and sapphires from all over the world are traded in Bangkok and in Chantanaburi. Thailand Pearl Jewelry Freshwater, saltwater artificial pearls and cultured pearls. Japanese Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and local pearls from Phuket fashioned into necklaces, earrings and pendants.
Thailand Jewelry Boxes - Jewelry Packaging and Jewelry display materials also fine jewelry boxes for the home in wood, metal and acrylic. All sizes, all shapes, all styles and all prices. Thailand Cubic Zirconia Jewelry - Fashion jewelry, costume jewelry & silver jewelry. Bracelets, bangles, necklaces, rings, anklets and lockets using CZ cubic zirconia in a multitude of styles, colours and settings.
Thailand Rhodium Jewelry - Fine Diamonds and real  gems Rhodium Jewelry wedding rings, rhodium diamond engagement rings also Rhodium plated jewelry - bangles, bracelets, pendants and rings finished in rhodium plating and decorated with crystals and cubic zirconia Thailand Silver Jewelry - Thailand 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale silver jewelry, rings, pendants, chains, charms & charm bracelets, hilltribe silver jewelry, silver ornaments & trinkets
Thailand marcasite jewelry manufacturers produce a wide range of antique look marcasite jewelry such as: silver marcasite necklaces, marcasite bracelets, silver marcasite rings and sterling silver marcasite earrings. Gold Plated Jewelry - Gold Plated Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Chains, Cufflinks, Bangles, Tiaras, Crucifixes, Earrings
Fashion Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Artificial jewelry, Semi Precious Jewelry, Silver Cufflinks, Sterling Silver Rings, Crystal Earrings, Body Jewelry, Crystal Pendants, Silver Pendants, Fashion Necklaces, Silver Plated Rings, Gold Plated Bracelets, Gold Plated Crucifixes, Gold Plated Necklaces, Bridal Tiaras, Artificial Pearl Jewelry, Jeweled Bridal Hair Combs, Fashion Bangles, Silver Chains, Enameled Bracelets Thailand Silver Plated Jewelry - Silver Plated Bangles, Silver Plated Trinket Boxes, Silver Plated Chains, Silver Plated Cufflinks, Silver Plated Earrings, Silver Plated Men's Fashion Accessories, Silver Plated Crucifixes, Silver Plated Rings, Silver Plated Bracelets, Silver Plated Watch Straps, Silver Plated Pendants
Body Piercing Jewelry - Bent barbell rings, Blackout body jewelry, Body jewelry components, Captive rings, Circular barbell rings, Ear jewelry, Eyebrow jewelry, Fake piercing jewelry, Labrets rings, Logo picture jewelry, Navel rings, Nipple jewelry, Nose jewelry, Rhodium navel barbells, Surgical steel body jewelry, Titanium jewelry, Tongue jewelry, Twisted barbells, UV body piercing jewelry Semi-Precious Jewelry - Silver Jewelry, Rhodium Jewelry, White Gold Jewelry, Silver Bracelets, Ear Studs, Body Jewelry, Brooches, Earrings, Butterfly Ear Studs, Necklaces, Gold Plated Rings, Pearl Jewelry set with stones such as: Diopside, Tourmaline, Hodolite, Amethyst, Diopside, Ametrine, Citrine, Kyanite, Blue Topaz, Rhodolite, Garnet, Indicolite, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Pink Tourmaline
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  • Aquamarine Jewelry
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Emerald Jewelry
  • Titanium Jewelry
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Ruby Jewelry
  • Cufflinks & Tie Pins


Bangkok Companies has the most comprehensive contact database of Thai jewelry companies, Thailand jewelry companies and foreign owned jewelry companies in Thailand.


925 Silver Jewelry Kanchanaburi Sapphire Rhodium Jewelry
Rhodium Plated Jewelry Antique Silver Jewelry Diamond Jewelry
Pearl Jewelry Platinum Jewelry Sapphire Jewelry
Here are some of the high quality jewelry products that can be sourced from Thailand jewelry manufacturers. If you want to source your jewelry items please contact
  • 14kt & sterling silver rings, amethyst silver jewelry, anklets, assorted charms
  • barbells, bead art, beaded anklets, beaded bracelets, beaded earrings, beaded necklace, beaded watches, belly button, belly button ring, belly chain, belt buckles, birthstone rings, black onyx silver jewelry, bone ear plug, bow & heart shape, bracelets casual, bracelets stretch, bridal jewelry, brooches, butterfly body jewelry
  • chandelier earrings, childrens bracelets, childrens jewelry, christmas jewelry, citrine silver jewelry, copper bracelets, costume jewelry, cross pendants, cubic zirconia
  • diamond jewelry, diamond solitaires, dolphin body jewelry
  • earring and necklace, engagement rings, eyebrow piercing, eyeglass holders fashion anklets, fashion bracelets, fashion brooches & pins, fashion chains, fashion charms, fashion earrings, fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry chains, fashion jewelry charms, fashion jewelry chokers, fashion jewelry pins, fashion jewelry sets, fashion lockets, fashion pendants, fashion rings, fashion toe rings, fashion watches, fine bracelets, fine chains, fine earrings, fine pearl strands, fine pendants, fine rings, fine studs
  • garnet silver jewelry, gemstone & bangle bracelets, gemstone diamond rings, gemstone jewelry gemstones, girls jewelry, gold & platinum slides, gold body jewelry, gold hinged earrings, gold jewelry
  • halloween jewelry, heart charms, iolite silver jewelry, jewelry boxes, jewelry sets, key chains, key rings, labret piercing, lapis silver jewelry, lever back earrings, men bracelets
  • men chains, men cuff links, men rings, men shirt studs, men tie clips, men watches, men's bracelets, men's chains, men's jewelry, men's rings, men's silver charms, money clips, moonstone silver jewelry
  • necklaces & earrings, nipple jewelry, nipple piercing, non piercing jewelry, nose piercing, owl pendants
  • pearl & diamond jewelry, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, pearl jewelry, pearl necklace, pearl pendants, pearl rings, pearl silver jewelry, pendants, peridot silver jewelry, platinum diamond rings, platinum gemstone rings pendants, platinum jewelry
  • religious bracelets, religious brooches & pins, religious charms, religious earrings, religious jewelry, religious medals, religious necklaces & pendants, religious rings, rose quartz silver jewelry
  • shell silver jewelry, silver bracelets, silver chains, silver charms, silver cz rings, silver earrings, silver heart rings, silver hoops, silver jewelry, silver necklaces, silver rings, skull belly jewelry, slides & earrings sets, smoky topaz jewelry
  • titanium jewelry, tongue piercing, topaz - blue topaz jewelry, wedding bands, wedding jewelry, wedding rings, white gold jewelry, women watches

Featured Thailand Jewelry Companies

A.K. Mahallati Co,  Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Antique Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Gemset Jewelry, Gold Jewelry.
A Part of Nature Ltd.,Part   Thailand Giftware Manufacturer, Thai Handicrafts, Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Ladies Handbags, Necklaces
Aboundzeno International Co., Ltd  Thailand Manufacturer and wholesaler of high quality sterling silver jewelry design, make to order custom design
B.K. Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer of Gems Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Watches
B.K.J. Gems Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Wholesaler, Retailer of Precious Stones Jewelry, Gems, Ruby, Sapphires, Diamond Jewelry
BLUE GEMS CO., LTD.  Thailand Thai Wholesalers of Gemstones, Rubies, Cut Burmese Ruby, Cut Blue Sapphire, pink sapphires, fancy sapphires, and semi-precious stones, aquamarines, citrines, and amethysts, Oval, Pear, Heart, Octagon, Round, Marquise
Business Solutions International, Ltd Thailand Jewelry, Product Sourcing Agents, Management Consultants
C.N.Thai & Sons Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Gemstones, precious stones, corundum, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, white gold jewelry, 18k and 22k and two tone gold jewellery
D.R.A Gad Inc Thailand Thai Manufacturer of fine jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewellery, Gemstones, Rings, Ear Rings, Bracelets, Brooches, Pendants, precious, semi-precious stones
E.L.F. Co. Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Body Jewelry, Body Piercing jewelry, Silicon Jewelry, Silver Body Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry
G. Premjee Co Ltd  Thailand A Major Thai Trading company of products such as Soft Gelatin Capsules, Health Food Supplements, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Jewellery, Hospital Goods, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Coffee, Beans, Seeds, Canned Fish, Canned Fruits-Pineapple, Minerals, Rubber and Fertilizers.
Hana Creation Thailand Thailand manufacturer of 925 silver jewelry, Marcasite Silver Jewelry, Silver Bracelets,  Silver Rings, Silver Earrings, and Silver Pendants.
R. F. Import Export Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of yellow gold &  white gold jewelry in ordinary and invisible settings with diamond, precious, semi-precious gemstones and cultured pearl as well as a major importer exporter of fine jewellery worldwide
T & C Project Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of 925 Silver Jewelry, Rhodium Jewelry, Gold Plated Jewelry. Rings, Pendants, Buckles with Semi-Precious Stones.
Q.V.S.C. CO.,LTD Thailand A Thai jewelry manufacturer of Semi-precious stone Beads, Gemstone Pictures, Amethyst-stone flower style earrings, Amethyst-stone necklaces, Crystal & Stone bracelets


3m Jewelry Co,Ltd.
3pr International Co,Ltd.
68 Studio Co,Ltd.
7 Sis Trading Co.,Ltd
99 Industry Co.,Ltd.
A Thousand Smiles Co.,Ltd
A. Seng Jewelry Ltd.,Part.
A.A. Gem Exports Co,Ltd.
A.B.C. Jewelry
A.B.R. Exporting Co.,Ltd.
A.C. Diamond (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.D. Gems International Co,Ltd.
A.D.D. Jewelry Co,Ltd.
A.E.U. Intertrade Co,Ltd.
A.F.C.O. Far East Co,Ltd.
A.G. Refining Co,Ltd.
A.G.D. Gems Dealer Co,Ltd.
A.G.M. Jewelry,
A.J. Gems (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.J.S. Gems Co,Ltd.
A.K. Mahallati Co,Ltd.
A.K.S.K. Jewels Co.,Ltd.
A.M.A. Design International Co,Ltd.
A.M.G. Jewelry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.M.G. Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
A.N.T. International Co,Ltd.
A.R. Gems Co,Ltd.
A.T. Gem Co,Ltd.
A.T. Marketing Co,Ltd.
A.V.I. Diamonds (Thai) Co,Ltd.
Aboundzeno International Co.,Ltd
Acadia Gems Co. Ltd.,
Accessories Queen's Co,Ltd.
Accessory Concord Co.,Ltd.
Accost Gems Co,Ltd.
Ace Diam Co.,Ltd.
Acha Co.,Ltd.
Aditya International Co,Ltd.
Adoma Co,Ltd.
Advance Cutting Center Co,Ltd.
Advance Dk Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Advance Gems & Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Advance Manufacturer Co,Ltd.
Akar Gems (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Akkhara Pearl Import Ltd,Part.
Aknas Genuine Watch Bands And Trading Co.,Ltd.
Alamanda Co.,Ltd.
Album Solid Silver Co,Ltd.
Alexander Gems Co,Ltd.
Alfa Gems Siam Co,Ltd.
Alfo International Co.,Ltd.
All Access Company Limited,
All Right,
Almas Jewel Co,Ltd.
Almond (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Alta Auro Asia Limited,
Am Diamonds Co,Ltd.
Amairy Co.,Ltd
A-Mart Co.,Ltd
Amazing Colour Stone Co.,Ltd
American Diamond Cutting Works Co,Ltd.
American Piercing Systems Of Asia Co.,Ltd.
Amethyst International Co,Ltd.
Amity Silver Co.,Ltd.
Amorn Gems International Co,Ltd.
Amphai Jewelry,
Anamtka G Ems Co.,Ltd.
Anbu Gems Co.,Ltd.
Anchalee Products Co,Ltd.
Ancola Packaging And Display Co,Ltd
Andin (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Angel International Co,Ltd.
Angel-Ace Co,Ltd
Anila Gem Import Export Co,Ltd.
Anila Gem International Co.,Ltd.
Anila Silver Co.,Ltd.
Anju Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Anny's Factory L.P.,
Anpe International Marketing & Technology,
Ansabro Gem Co Ltd,
Ansun Gems Co,Ltd.
Anubhau Export Co,Ltd.
Anuja Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Anyamanee Shop, The
Aqsa Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Aquarius Gems Trading Co,Ltd.
Aretorn Thai Silk Co,Part .
Argente Collection Co,Ltd.
Argentine Co,Ltd.
Argento Co,Ltd.
Argentum 925 Co.,Ltd.
Argos Co,Ltd
Arham's Trading Co,Ltd.
Ariha Diamond Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Arlo Co,Ltd.
Aroma Business Creation Co.,Ltd
Art Decor Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Art Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Art Event Co.,Ltd.
Art Gem International Co,Ltd.
Artifex Co,Ltd.
Artinian Co,Ltd.
Asahi Gems Co,Ltd.
Asia Auction House,
Asia Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Asia Lapidary Co,Ltd.
Asia Precious Gems Co,Ltd.
Asiamatch Co.,Ltd.
Asian Gems Impex Co.,Ltd.
Asian Institute Of Gemological Sciences,
Aspen Gems Co.,Ltd.
Asra Company Limited,
Assay Work Co.,Ltd.
Aster Gems Co.,Ltd.
Astha International Co,Ltd.
Astral Gemstones,
Atit Gems & Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Atlantic Gems Co.,Ltd.
August Gems Co,Ltd.
Aurex Gems Co,Ltd.
Authentic Stones Co,Ltd.
Avant Garde Body Jewelry Manufacturer
Award Gems Co.,Ltd
Ayub Brothers Co.,Ltd.
Azizi Enterprises Co,Ltd.
B. Bullion Co,Ltd.
B. Mayer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
B.A. International Co,Ltd.
B.A.O. Findings Co.,Ltd.
B.G. & J. Co,Ltd.
B.H. Buncharoen Gems Ltd,Part.
B.H. Jewelry Co,Ltd.
B.H.C. Diamonds ( Thai ) Co,Ltd.
B.I.R. Leather Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
B.K. Jewelry Manufacturer Co,Ltd.
B.K.J. Gems Co,Ltd.
B.M. Gems Co,Ltd.
B.M.B. Gems Co.,Ltd.
B.M.G. Corporation Co,Ltd.
B.M.G. Gems Co.,Ltd.
B.N. Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
B.R. Jewelry Manufacture Co,Ltd.
B.S.B. International Co,Ltd.
B.V. Diamond Polishing Works Ltd.
B.V.N. Silver Chain Co.,Ltd.
Baan Phet Ploy Company Limited
Baechtold Ltd,
Bancherd Gems Trading Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Assay Office Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Best M. F. G. Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Classic Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Cut Diamond Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Diamonds And Precious Stones Exchange
Bangkok Fancy Diamond Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Gem House Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Gold Shop
Bangkok Gold Trader Ltd.
Bangkok Handicraft Center Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Heritage 2000 Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Inter Trade Group Co.,Ltd
Bangkok Jewelry (Factory) Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Opal Gems Ltd,Part.
Bangkok Ploy Thai Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Royal Gems
Bangrak Gems Co,Ltd.
Banker Enterprises
Banna Jewelry Supply Co.,Ltd.
Bantai Crystal Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
Bapna International Co,Ltd
Basic Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Bead Shop, The
Beautiful Color Stone Co,Ltd.
Beauty Creation Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Beauty Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Beauty Ever Ruby Co,Ltd.
Beauty Gems Factory Co,Ltd.
Beauty Gold Jewelry
Beauty Siah International Co,Ltd.
Bel Diam Co.,Ltd.
Belgadiam Co,Ltd.
Bella Jewelry (Factory) Limited Partnership
Belle Bague Co.,Ltd.
Bena Gem Trading Co.,Ltd.
Benagem Trading Co.,Ltd.
Benetone Group Co,Ltd.
Benetone Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Benson Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Bermark Design Ltd.,
Best Boom Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Best Ever Co.,Ltd
Best Lapidary Co.,Ltd.
Best Luck Inter 1999 Jewelry Manufacturer Co,Ltd.
Bestboom Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Betty Thai Silk & Jeweler Co,Ltd.
Bhagya Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Bhargav Gems Co,Ltd.
Bijoux Aurice Co,Ltd.
Bijoux En Vogue,
Bijoux Holding Public Co,Ltd.
Billy Classic Design Gems.,Ltd.
Bio Pure Co,Ltd.
Biron International Co,Ltd.
Blastwell (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Blue Gems Company Limited,
Blue Pacific Trading Company Limited,
Blue River Diamond Co,Ltd.
Blue Star Trading Co,Ltd.
Body Art Asia,
Bodysteel And Silver Co,Ltd.
Bonanza Gems Industry Co.,Ltd
Bookyarat Jewelry & Crafts Co,Ltd.
Boon & Sons Gems Corp,Ltd.
Boon Emporium Co,Ltd.
Boon Jewelry Ltd,Part.
Boonchan Trading Co,Ltd.
Boonyarat Jewlery & Crafts Co,Ltd.
Boonyong Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Brasil Africa Rough Stone Co,Ltd.
Breeze International Co,Ltd.
Breuning Gmbh,
Bright Emrusa Co.,Ltd.
Bright Future Gems Co,Ltd
Bright Star Diamond Co,Ltd.
Brink's (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bruno Mayer (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C & Brothers Gems Co,Ltd.
C. Mahendra Exports (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
C.A. Creations Co.,Ltd.
C.B. Fine Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
C.B.L.U. Ltd.
C.C. & S.S. Gems Ltd,Part.
C.G. International Co,Ltd.
C.H. Lapidaries Lp.
C.K. & Richard Intertrading Co,Ltd.
C.L.T. Merchandise Co.,Ltd.
C.M.S. Jewellery Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
C.N. Gold & Jewelry
C.N. Thai & Sons
C.N. Thai Handycraft Co,Ltd
C.R.P. Jewellery (Thailand) Ltd.
C.R.T. Jewelry Supply Co,Ltd.
C.S. Gems Center Co,Ltd.
C.S.G. Co Ltd
C.T. Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
C.V.N. Exotic Ltd,Part.
Candidus Silver Co.,Ltd.
Canopus Ltd.
Caprich Ltd.,Part.
Care Supplies Limited
Central Gems International Co,Ltd.
Century Enterprise Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Chadapetch Co,Ltd.
Chai Thai Silp Export Ltd,Part.
Chaida Lapidary Limited Partnership
Chaitali Gems Co.,Ltd.
Chakrawan Gems Ltd. (Manoel Bernardes),
Chanthaburi Gem And Jewelry Traders Association
Chao Phya Jewelry (2517) Co,Ltd.
Charoen Suk Factory Co,Ltd.
Charoensri Gems Co,Ltd.
Chatila (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
Chatphet Wattana Co.,Ltd.
Chaw Charoen Trading Ltd,Part.
Chayanan Jewelry Manufacture Co,Ltd.
Chen Tse Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cheng Hud Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Chenghuad Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Chetna Enterprise Co Ltd,
Chetphat Ltd.,Part.
Chewa Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Chic Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Chin Hua Heng Goldsmith Co.,Ltd.
Chin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
China Stone Co,Ltd.
Chira Inter Gems Co.,Ltd.
Chistya International Co.,Ltd.
Choice Gems Co.,Ltd.
Chong Lerdlum Co,Ltd.
Choon Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Chote Ratana Ltd.,Part.
Christy Gem Co,Ltd.
Chun Shin Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Cifac Co,Ltd.
Citipan Collection Co,Ltd
City Crafts Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Classic Diamond Polishing Co,Ltd.
Classic Opal Company,
Colombian Gems Co,Ltd.
Colombin Stone Co.,Ltd.
Color Impex Co.,Ltd.
Color Masters Co.,Ltd.
Color Merchants Co.,Ltd.
Color Stone (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Colorich Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Colour World Gems Co.,Ltd.
Cometa Design Co.,Ltd.
Concept Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Conde Co.,Ltd.
Cosmic Union Co,Ltd.
Cosmo Group Public Co,Ltd.
Cosmos Color Stones Co.,Ltd.
Costume Jewelry Association,
Costume Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Craft Art Co,Ltd.
Crazy Colours Diamond Co.,Ltd
Creasia House Co,Ltd.
Creation Bijoux Co.,Ltd.
Creative Gems & Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Crescent Enterprise Ltd.,Part.
Criss Diam Co.,Ltd.
Crystal Diamonds Co,Ltd.
Crystaline Co,Ltd.
Crystural Corp Ltd,
Cubic Gems Co,Ltd.
Cynthia Silver
D & C Art Co,Ltd.
D. Flawless Gems
D. Gems International Co.,Ltd.
D. Infinity Co.,Ltd.
D. Ratana Co.,Ltd.
D.N. Gems Co,Ltd.
D.R.A. Gad Incorporate Limited
Daeng Fashion Accessories Co.,Ltd.
Daniel Design Co.,Ltd.
De Alesandro Co,Ltd.
De Facto Asia Co,Ltd.
De Light Gold Co.,Ltd.
Dear Gems Co.,Ltd.
Dee Zilver Co.,Ltd.
Deep Impex Co.,Ltd.
Della Corp. Ltd.
Der Grosae Plc.
Ders International Co.,Ltd.
Desco (Thailand) Limited
Deutsch Star (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Dhamani Jewels Company Limited
Dhanish International Trading Co.,Ltd.
Dhanish Internet Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Dhima Gems Co.,Ltd.
Dia-Jewel Co.,Ltd.
Diamond & Gems (Factory) Ltd.,Part
Diamond Forever
Diamond Mine Co.,Ltd.
Diamond Bear Jewelry & Craft Co.,Ltd.
Diamondlite Co.,Ltd.
Diamrusa Co,Ltd.
Diasqua (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Direct Gems Co.,Ltd.
Divine Gems Co.,Ltd.
Dm3 Ex-Im Co.,Ltd.
Dora International Co.,Ltd.
Dove Equipment & Machinery Co,Ltd.
Dove Gems & Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Duang Kaew Goldsmith Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Duang Kaew Jewelry Manufacturer Co,Ltd.
Duangjai Handicraft Co.,Ltd.
Dynamic Diamond Tools Corporation Co,Ltd.
E.L.F. Co.,Ltd.
Eagle Stars Co.,Ltd.
Eammano (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eastern Gems
Eclats Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Ecofurn Co.,Ltd.
Ekal (Thailand) Ltd.
Elegant Gems & Thai Silk Ltd,Part
Ellsons Diamond (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Ema Jewelry Inc
Emerald Cabs Collection Co.,Ltd.
Emerald Mines Co.,Ltd.
Empress Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Emrusa Limited
Emsaru International Co.,Ltd.
Esco Enterprises Co,Ltd.
Essel International Co,Ltd.
Essex International Public Co Ltd
Eternal Creations Co,Ltd.
Eternity Jewellry Co,Ltd.
Eurothai Argento Ltd.
Evershine International Co.,Ltd.
Evershiny Jewelry Creation Co,Ltd.
Excel Industrial Group Co,Ltd.
Excellent Thai Cut Ltd.
Export Development Trading Corp Ltd
Extreme Jewelry Co,Ltd.
F.P.Y. Jewelry Export Co.,Ltd.
Facet Gems Co.,Ltd.
Fadamas Co,Ltd.
Fai Dee Gems Co.,Ltd.
Famous Pearls Co.,Ltd.
Fancy International Co.,Ltd.
Fancy Star Co.,Ltd.
Fareast Gem Center Co.,Ltd.
Farida - Yajai Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Farouk Bros. Co.,Ltd.
Felicia (Thailand) Ltd.
Feminine Co,Ltd.
Fernando & Emeralds Co.,Ltd.
Ferrari N.O.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fine Art Creation Jewelry
Fine Eacet Co.,Ltd.
Finest Junction Co.,Ltd.
First Gems Trading Ltd,Part.
First Victor Co,Ltd.
Five Star Gems Co Ltd
Five Stars Property Public Company Limited
Flawless Co,Ltd.
Fortune Silver Ltd.,Part.
Frank's Jewelry Creation
Friendly Energy Co Ltd
G.D. Gems Co,Ltd.
G.E.O. International Co.,Ltd.
G.G. Intertrade Lp.
G.I.A. Thailand
G.I.T. Creation Co,Ltd.
G.R.G. Jewel Export Co.,Ltd.
G.T.I. Silver Export Co Ltd
Galdini Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Galliana Creations Co.,Ltd.
Gamma Creations Co,Ltd.
Garuda Jewelry Ltd,Part.
Gem & Crystal Corp,Ltd.
Gem Creations Ltd.
Gem Essence Co,Ltd.
Gem Originals Ltd,Part.
Gem Park Int'l Co.,Ltd
Gem Plaza Ltd,Part.
Gem Production Co,Ltd.
Gem Stones Ltd.
Gemcrafts (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Gemexpert Co.,Ltd.
Gemhouse Far East Ltd.
Gemline Limited Partnership
Gemma International Co Ltd
Gemopolis Industrial Estate
Gems Collection International Co,Ltd.
Gems Distributors Co.,Ltd.
Gems Gallery International Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Gems International Training & Consultant,
Gems Marketing Co,Ltd.
Gems Mond Shop
Gems Paradise Co Ltd.
Gems Pavilion Creation Co.,Ltd.
Gems Square Impex Co.,Ltd.
General Diamond Co,Ltd.
Geokey Co.,Ltd
Giri Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Global Pearl & Gems Co.,Ltd.
Glorious Gems Co.,Ltd.
Glory Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Golay Buchel (Thailand) Ltd.
Gold Master Plc.,
Golden Dreams Co,Ltd.
Golden M Co,Ltd.
Golden Stone Co.,Ltd
Goldeneye Co.,Ltd.
Goldfine Manufacturers Co,Ltd.
Goldie Silver,
Grand Jewelry,
Great Diam Co.,Ltd.
Greatdiam Co Ltd,
Greatest Gold & Refinery Co,Ltd.
Green Diamond Co,Ltd.
Green Rock Co,Ltd.
Guang Da Co.,Ltd.
Gulf Siam Trading Co.,Ltd.
H.B.P. Co Ltd
H.K. Gems (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
H.L. Jewelry Manufacturer Ltd.,Part.
H.M.V. Gems Co.,Ltd.
H.O. Jewelery Ltd,Part.
Hammer Thai Co,Ltd.
Han A.S Co.,Ltd.
Hana Creation
Hang On Co.,Ltd.
Harlyn International Co,Ltd.
Harmony By Hand Co.,Ltd.
Hatam Co.,Ltd
Heart Of Gold Factory
Heng & Sons Co,Ltd.
Hiro Global Network Co.,Ltd.
Hong Chiao Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Hong Factory Co,Ltd.
Hong Song Company Limited
Hoover Co,Ltd.
Hsin Yi Co,Ltd.
Hung Thai Kijpattana Co.,Ltd.
I. Hennig & Co (Thailand) Ltd
I.B. Gems Co.,Ltd.
I.G.S. Public Co,Ltd.
I.J.B. Trading Co Ltd
I.O. Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Ilyas Lapidary Co,Ltd.
Image Consultant & Services Co,Ltd.
Imperial Emporium Ltd,Part.
Imperial Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Impex Gems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
In Touch Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Inca Territories Co,Ltd
Indra Jewelry Ltd.,Part.
Innovative Technology Architecture
Inori Co.,Ltd.
Intercolor Gems Ltd.
Intergems Ltd,Part.
International Bullion And Metal Brokers (Bangkok)
International Gems Co,Ltd.
International Jewelry Manufacturing Co,Ltd
International Lapidaries Co,Ltd.
International Mineral & Gems Co,Ltd.
Interpack & Display Ltd.
Inthorn Jewelry Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Italiansilver Jewellery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
J & B Stonehouse Co.,Ltd.
J. Henry Jewelers Ltd.,Part
J. Oro Ltd.
J. T. & T. Trading Co.,Ltd.
J.N.B. Jewelry Co,Ltd.
J.N.B. Mfg & Exporting Co Ltd
J.P.S. Creation Ltd.
J.R. Jewelry Co,Ltd.
J.Y.H. Guang Co.,Ltd.
Jaju Intergem Co Ltd
Janhavi International Ltd.
Janjira Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Jansupha Trading Co.,Ltd.
Jaspal Gems & Jewellry
Jay Vijay Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Jed Mex Jewelry Design
Jedmex Jewelery Design Co.,Ltd.
Jems Siam Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Jewel Decor Co,Ltd.
Jewel Image Co.,Ltd.
Jewel Purpose Int'l Limited.
Jewel Qualite Co.,Ltd.
Jewel Tech Int. Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Jewelex Co,Ltd.
Jewellers Association,The
Jewellery Princess Co,Ltd.
Jewellery Sakai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Jewelry Clinic
Jewelry Creation Ltd,Part.
Jewelry Maker Co.,Ltd.
Jewelry Market Co,Ltd.
Jewelry Mart Co,Ltd.
Jewelry Net Work Co.,Ltd. (Calderoni Gioielli)
Jewelry New Wave Ltd.
Jewelry Of Fay Co.,Ltd.
Jewelry Plaster Co,Ltd.
Jewelry Princess Co,Ltd.
Jewelry Pro Co,Ltd.
Jewelry State Co.,Ltd.
Jewelry Trade Co,Ltd.
Jewelstar Manufactory Ltd.
Jeweltech International Co,Ltd.
Jewelynn Co.,Ltd.
Jimmy Jewelry Ltd,Part.
Jin Hai Pearls Co.,Ltd.
Jin Tai-Jin-Tuan (Group) Co,Ltd
Jinda Trading Co.,Ltd
Jinyi Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Jitmanee Jewelry Manufactory Co,Ltd.
Joe Pearl Co.,Ltd.
Johny's Gems Brother Ltd,Part
Jubilee Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Julie's Gems Co,Ltd.
K. Wann Mfg.Ltd.,Part.
K.A.R. Jewelry Factory Co.,Ltd.
K.C. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
K.C. Universal Co,Ltd.
K.E.K. Gems International Co,Ltd.
K.G.K. Gems Ltd.
K.M. International Gems Co.,Ltd
K.M.N. Diamond Co.,Ltd.
K.S. Stones Co.,Ltd.
K.V. Gems Co.,Ltd.
Kaiser Gems (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kali International Co,Ltd.
Kamar Silver Factory And Exporting Co.,Ltd.


Karat Creations (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kashani Trading Co,Ltd.
Katleya Arts And Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Kay Jewelry Creation Ltd.,Part.
Keimothai Co,Ltd.
Kieng Jewelry Import Export Ltd.,Part.
Kimoly Corporation Ltd.,
Kitcharoen Multitrade Co.,Ltd.
Knownet Co,Ltd.
Koong Lee Jewelry,
Kothari And Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Krieng Gems Co,Ltd.
Krish Creations Co.,Ltd.
Krishana Gems Stones Co.,Ltd.
Kuang Charoen Mfg.Co.,Ltd.
Kuanyee Trade & Travel Jewelry Co Ltd,
Kunming Gems Co.,Ltd.
Kwahm Sumpan Co.,Ltd.
Kweepoj Co Ltd,
La Belle Collection International Co.,Ltd.
Ladamanee Co.,Ltd.
Lagens Thailand
Laj Enterprises Ltd.,Part.
Lambert Holding Co,Ltd.
Lana Creations Co,Ltd.
Lanna Thai Silverware
L-Box Co,Ltd.
Leader Gems & Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Lee Gems & Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Lee Silver Creation Co.,Ltd.
Leg.Or Co,Ltd.
Lerner Group Ltd.Part.
Liberty Export (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Liberty Gems (Thailand) Co Ltd
Lin Oriental Gems
Linsons Jewelry Ltd.,Part
Lion Gold Products Co,Ltd.
Living Bijoux Co.,Ltd.
Living Stone Diamond Co,Ltd.
Liza Diam Ltd.
Local Shop (1996),
Longhua Gems Co.,Ltd.
Lotus Arts De Vivre
Lotus Diagems Co Ltd
Lotus International Thai Co.,Ltd.
Loytee Co,Ltd.
Lux Gem Co,Ltd.
M.A. Creation Co.,Ltd.
M.D.C. International Co.,Ltd.
M.D.K. Gems Co,Ltd.
M.H. Gems Ltd.
M.I. Jewelry Co. Ltd.
M.K.S. Jewelry Factory Co,Ltd.
M.K.S. Jewelry International Co.,Ltd.
M.S.C. Engine Co,Ltd.
Macasite Products Co,Ltd.
Madan Gems Co,Ltd.
Mahaesak Gems Ltd.,Part.
Maharapoe Co Ltd
Mainly Silver Co,Ltd.
Mainly Silver Design Co.,Ltd.
Makhni Enterprises L.P.
Malca-Amit (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Mam Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Maneeslip Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Manhattan Watch And Jewelry Co,Ltd.
Manufacture Bijoux De Paris Co,Ltd.
Mapo & Ten Co.,Ltd.
Marcasite Products Co,Ltd.
Marigot Jewellery (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Mario Buzzanca South Sea Pearls Co.,Ltd.
Mariyam Gems Co.,Ltd.
Marudhar International Co Ltd,
Marvel Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Mason Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Master Diamond Co,Ltd.
Master Gems Ltd.,Part. (R.O.P.)
Master Group (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Maxell Co.,Ltd.
Medelin Co,Ltd
Meng Seng Pearls Co.,Ltd.
Merlin Et Delaunay Manufacturers Co,Ltd.
Metro Gems Co.,Ltd.
Metropolitan Jewellery Manufacturing Ltd.,
Mettler-Toledo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Mian Teck Jewelry Export Co.,Ltd.
Michael Trade L.P.,
Midas Touch,
Mif Gems Co.,Ltd.
Miki Siamese International Co,Ltd.
Mili Star Co Ltd,
Millennium Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Mindarin Co.,Ltd.
Miral Gems Co Ltd,
Modern Craft Co,Ltd.
Modern Silver (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Modi Stonehouse Co.,Ltd.
Mom's Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Mona Export Co.,Ltd.
Mondial Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Monet's Fashion Ltd,Part.
Mongkon Mahakit Co.,Ltd.
Monplaisir Fashion Co,Ltd.
Moragen Co,Ltd.
Mouawad Bangkok Rare Jewels Manufacturers Co,Ltd
Multi Colour Gems Co Ltd,
Multicolour Gems Co,Ltd.
My Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
Mysoft Technologies Co.,Ltd.
N.G. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.J. Gems Limited Partnership
N.K. Nopakaow Gold & Gems Co.,Ltd.
N.R. Jewelry Factory Co.,Ltd.
N.S. Jewelry Factory Company Limited
Nagani Co.,Ltd.
Nak (Thailand) Corp Ltd
Nako Pada Co.,Ltd.
Nan Global Jewelry
Nancy's Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Nanta Jewellery Manufacturer & Exporter
Naparatana Co.,Ltd.
Natasha Creations Co.,Ltd.
Natural Colorstone Ltd.
Navaratna Exports Ltd.
Navneet Gems & Minerals Ltd.
Nazim Brothers R.O.P.
Ncs Group Co.,Ltd.
New Suren R.O.P.
New World Colour Stone Co Ltd
Nida Factory Co.,Ltd.
Nihon System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nikita Gems Co.,Ltd.
Ninchindarat Ltd.,Part.
Nirav Co.,Ltd.
Nizam & Co.,Ltd.
Nobel Products & Services Co.,Ltd
Noble Gems Co.,Ltd.
Noble Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd
Nopporn Silver Gold Co.,Ltd.
Nouvelle Creation Co.,Ltd.
Nova Matter Co.,Ltd.
Novel Crafts Co.,Ltd.
Nu Concept Co.,Ltd.
Nujaree Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Nunsiri Factory Co.,Ltd.
Nuntiya Care Stone Co. Ltd
Nut & Now.
O.M.G. Metals (Thailand) Ltd.
Olarn Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Olavi Internet Service
Old Moon Co.,Ltd.
Om Diamond Co Ltd
Orchid Diamond Polishing Works Ltd
Orchid Silver Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Arts & Crafts Ltd.,Part.
Oriental Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Lapidary Plc
Oro Co.,Ltd.
Osho International Co.,Ltd.
P & P Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
P & R Amity Gems
P. Charoen Roong Sup Co.,Ltd.
P. Holding Company
P. Porn Co.,Ltd.
P. Real Precious (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.A. Gems Co.,Ltd.
P.A.T. Jewelry Co Ltd
P.B. Silver Jewelry Ltd.,Part
P.K. Factory Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Gems And Gold Co.,Ltd.
P.S. Silver & Stone Creations
P.S.J. Import-Export
Pacific Asia Trading Corp. Ltd.
Pang Gems Ltd. (P.Gems)
Pan-Siamese Gems Co.,Ltd.
Panuma Co. Ltd.
Papas Gem Co.,Ltd.
Paris Bijoux S.A. Co.,Ltd.
Patthawan Gems Trading Co.,Ltd.
Paul Wild (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pemnee Jewelry
Peninsula Precious Trading Company Limited
Perfect Galleria Co.,Ltd.
Perry Gems Thai Co.,Ltd.
Petch Suwan Jewelry,
Petcharat Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
Petch's Chollada Co.,Ltd.
Peter & Brothers Group Enterprises Co Ltd,
Peter Stone Co.,Ltd.
Pha-A-Tit Precious Co.,Ltd.
Phanthorn Jewelry Part.,Ltd.
Phet Bin Co.,Ltd.
Phil Thai Silk & Gem Ltd.,Part.
Phoenix Electroforming Co.,Ltd
Pin Thai Co.,Ltd.
Pinky Gems Export Co.,Ltd.
Piya Decor Ltd.,Part
Piyamitr Co.,Ltd.
Piyapoom Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Ploy Creations Co Ltd,
Ploy Pailin Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Plus 1 Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Pollard Co.,Ltd.
Pomlek Co.,Ltd.
Pomlex Co.,Ltd.
Pornchareon Gems Ltd.,Part.
Pornwilai Silver Factory,
Powing Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
P-Proud Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Prakaipetch Gems Co.,Ltd.
Pranda Intergems Co.,Ltd.
Pranda Jewellery Public Company Ltd,
Pranda Jewelry Public Co.,Ltd.
Prathomchinda Co.,Ltd.
Precious Moments Co.,Ltd.
Precious Product Jewelry,
Premier Diamond Cutting Co.,Ltd.
Premier Gems Trading Co.,Ltd.
Premier Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Presidium Instruments (Thailand) Ltd.,
Pretty Silver Bkk Co.,Ltd
Prima Gems International Co.,Ltd.
Prima Gold International Company Limited,
Primarose Co.,Ltd.
Prime Color Co Ltd,
Princess Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Prinda Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Priti Gems Co Ltd,
Privileged Gifts & Decors Co.,Ltd.
Pro Excel Co.,Ltd.
Pun Taang Antiques & Art-Craft Ltd.,
Puvarit Gem Co.,Ltd
Pyramid Diamond Sawing Co.,Ltd.
Pyramid Jewel's & Art Co.,Ltd
Q.V.S.C. Co.,Ltd.
Quality Silver Lines Co.,Ltd.
Queen's Design Incorporation Co.,Ltd.
R. Jew. Diamond Co.,Ltd.
R. Victorian Co.,Ltd.
R.A.S. Gems International Co.,Ltd.
R.B. Gems Co.Ltd.
R.F. Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
R.M.C. Gems Thai Co.,Ltd.
R.P.S. Gem Co.,Ltd.
R.S. Gems International Co.,Ltd.
R.S.E. International Co.,Ltd.
R.S.R. Gems & Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Rachada Multitrade Co.,Ltd.
Rachar Modern Gems Ltd.,Part.
Rahamat Gems Co Ltd
Rainbow Crystal Stone Co.,Ltd
Rainbow Gems Trading Co.,Ltd.
Rainbow Mineral & Crystal Co.,Ltd.
Rajdamri Gems
Raji Diam Co.,Ltd.
Rama Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Rama Jewelry Group Co.,Ltd.
Rama Royal Gems L.P.
Rana-Thai Export Co.,Ltd.
Ratana Sagar Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Ratchamongkon Co.,Ltd.
Real Gem Stone Co.,Ltd.
Real Stones Co.,Ltd.
Real Thai Gems Co.,Ltd.
Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co Ltd
Regent Jewellery Ltd.
Reminiscence Diffusion Internationale
Right Gems Supplier Ltd.
Right Quality Co.,Ltd.
Rollings Jewelry
Ropan International Co.,Ltd.
Royal Gems Source Co.,Ltd.
Royal Lapidary (1985) Co.,Ltd.
Royal Pearl International Co.,Ltd.
Royce Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Royi Sal Co.,Ltd.
Ruamkij International Co. Ltd.
Rubicon Co Ltd,
Rungcharoenrat Gems Co.,Ltd
Rusconi Co.,Ltd.
S. Grand Gems Ltd Part
S. Thanaporn Ltd.,Part.
S.A. Jewelry Manufacturing. Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Pearl Import Ltd.,Part.
S.C.P. Fiberglass Co. Ltd.,
S.C.Products Ltd.,Part.
S.D.M. Jewelry Machine Co.,Ltd.
S.E.J. Export Partnership.,
S.G. Center Co.,Ltd.
S.H. & Sons Co.,Ltd.
S.J. International Joaillier Co.,Ltd.
S.J.W. Gems Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Good-Will Co.,Ltd.
S.K.N. Gems Co.,Ltd.
S.K.R. Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.K.Y. Export Co Ltd,
S.N.L. Manufacturer Company Limited,
S.P.S. Gems Intercontinental Ltd. Part.,
S.S. Agencies R.O.P.,
S.S.R. Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
S.T. Gems Factory Co.,Ltd.
S.T.D. Gems Ltd.,Part.
S.T.L. Precious Lapidary Co.,Ltd
S.T.S. Creations Thai Ltd.,
S.T.S. Gems Thai Co.,Ltd.
S.U.C. Trading (Bangkok) Co.,Ltd.
S.V. Jewelry Limited Partnership,
S.V. Pack Co.,Ltd.
S.V.D. Gems Co.,Ltd.
S.V.S. Jewellery Factory Co.,Ltd.
S.W.D. Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Saeng Manee Jewelry,
Sahara Gold & Silver Co.,Ltd.
Salamander Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Samantha Co.,Ltd.
San Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Saraff Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Sarraf Inter Gems Co.,Ltd.
Savvy Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Sawang Export Public Company Limited,
Sawang Jewelry Manaufacturer Ltd.,
Seasons One Co Ltd,
Sej Export Ltd.,Part.
Selective Gem House Ltd.,
Semi Precious Gems Ltd.,
Seng Heng Diamond Ltd.,Part
Sera Gems Co Ltd,
Setna Gems Co.,Ltd.
Seven Angels Creation Co.,Ltd.
Seven Star Diamonds Co.,Ltd.
Seven Stars Industries Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Goldsmith Co.,Ltd.
Sharf Brothers R.O.P.,
Sheen D. Jewelry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Shen Star Jewel Co.,Ltd.
Shine High Gems Co.,Ltd.
Shri Gems Thai Co.,Ltd
Siam Cast (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Equipment & Supply Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fancy Diamond Polishing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Fashion Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Global Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Inter Costume Group Co.,Ltd.
Siam International Gems Co.,Ltd.
Siam Pioneer Gems Co.,Ltd
Siam Stars Ltd.,
Siamwell Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Sierra Jewelry Limited Partnership,
Sigi Creations Co.,Ltd.
Signity (Thailand) Ltd.,
Silver & Gold Galleria Co.,Ltd.
Silver & Marcasite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Silver Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Silver De Amore Co.,Ltd.
Silver Ice Limited,
Silver Lion International Co.,Ltd.
Silver Rain Export Co.,Ltd.
Silver World Class Co.,Ltd.
Silverlux Marylene Co.,Ltd.
Silvex Co.,Ltd.
Simond Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
Sincere Jewelry,
Sincerity Gems Factory Co.,Ltd.
Sinn Thai Union Ltd.,Part.
Sirimitr Mining Co Ltd,
Siro Lasertec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sita Jewelry L.P.,
Sky Gems & Jewelry,
Sofragem Co Ltd,
Solid Gold Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Somsak Factory Import Export Ltd.,Part.
Somsak Jewellery,
Sophia Design Co.,Ltd.
Soulfetish Silver Studio Co,Ltd.
South Compact Co.,Ltd.
Southern Lapidary Ltd.,Part
Sovereign Gems International Co.,Ltd
Sovereign Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Sphere Co.,Ltd.
Sriayuthaya Gold Leaf Co.,Ltd.
Star Asia (Thailand) Ltd.,
Star Lanka R.O.P.,
Star Plus Corporation Ltd.,
Star Shine Limited,
Starlit Imex Co.,Ltd.
Stella Gems Co.,Ltd.
Success Silver Group Co.,Ltd.
Suda Colour Gems Co.,Ltd.
Sui Hua Syndicate Co.,Ltd.
Sun Hing Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Sun Moon Silver Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Creations Ltd.,
Sunny Diamonds Co.,Ltd.
Sunrise Diamond Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Supanan Trader Co.,Ltd.
Super Cabs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Super Shine Gems Co.,Ltd.
Su-Raj Diamonds (Thai) Co Ltd,
Susie Limited Partnership,
Swadi Stit Co.,Ltd.
Swarovski (Thailand) Ltd.,
T. Sam International Co Ltd,
T.A.S. Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
T.C. Mining Co.,Ltd.
T.N.K. Diam Co.,Ltd.
T.P. Charming (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.P. Diamonds (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.R. Gems Ltd.,Part.
T.S.H. Diamond Group,
T.T.H. Plastic Co.,Ltd.
T.V. Cutting Co.,Ltd.
T.V. Quality Gems Limited Partnership,
Tabb Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Tactician Jewelry Art Co.,Ltd
Tai Hai Asia (Thailand) Ltd.,
Taiheiyo Shinju (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takat Gems Co.,Ltd.
Tan Jewelry & Travel Co Ltd,
Tana International Co.,Ltd.
Tanya Collections Co.,Ltd.
Tapper Marquise Co.,Ltd.
Task (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taste Jewelry Ltd Part,
Tawan Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Teck Thai Jewelry Supply Ltd.,
Teeraluck Co.,Ltd.
Tet Design Co.,Ltd.
Tet Jewelry Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Tg 11 Fine Jewelry,
Thai Charoen Jewelry Co.,Ltd
Thai Diamond Syndicate Co.,Ltd.
Thai Esteem Co.,Ltd.
Thai Express Gems Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fancywood Co.,Ltd
Thai Fine Gem And Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gem And Jewelry Foundation,
Thai Gem Centre Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gems And Jewelry Traders Association,The
Thai Gems Cutting Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gems Imports-Exports Ltd.,Part.
Thai Gems Mart,
Thai Hang Gems Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hua Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Thai Inter Gold Co.,Ltd.
Thai Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kawatsuki International Co.,Ltd.
Thai Link Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Liontec Co.,Ltd.
Thai Local Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Magic Company,
Thai Nakorn R.O.P.,
Thai Orchid Trees Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ornament Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pink Co Ltd,
Thai Rose Jewelry Ltd.,Part.
Thai Seberu Pico Co.,Ltd.
Thai Silp Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Thada Jewelry Lp.,
Thai Titanium Jewelry Industries Ltd
Thai World Gems Export Ltd.,Part
Thai Xin Xing Gems Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamasa China Co.,Ltd.
Thai-American Gems Ltd.,
Thien Po Co.,Ltd.
Thing Fair (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thompson Brothers Co.,Ltd.
Thompson's Jewelry Ltd.,Part
Thonghin Import And Export Co.,Ltd.
Thoong Ngen Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Timm Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Tip Silver Factory Co.,Ltd.
Tivoli Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Today Trading Ltd.,Part
Tom Creations Ltd.,Part.
Tom Diamonds Co.,Ltd.
Tonnyi Co.,Ltd.
Top Biz Co.,Ltd.
Top Gems Creation Co.,Ltd.
Topaz B.K.K. Co.,Ltd.
Tq925 Co.,Ltd.
Trade Master Co.,Ltd.
Trade Well Oversea Co.,Ltd.
Tradegem.Com Co.,Ltd .
Tradewell Enterprise Co Ltd,
Treasure Box Co.,Ltd.
Treasure Express Corporations Ltd,
Trendor Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Trendy Jewelry,
Trimoro Co.,Ltd.
Trirex International Co Ltd,
Tristar Diamond Cutting Ltd.,
Trisupatsil Co.,Ltd.
Troll Design Co.,Ltd.
Tsi Sui Luen Jevellery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Two Sisters' Pearl Ltd.,Part.
U Thong 3,
U. Sia Quality Co.,Ltd.
U.C. International Gems Co.,Ltd.
Union Power Gems Group,
Union Siam Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Unique Enterprises Lp,
United Colour Stone Co.,Ltd.
Unity Gems & Jewelry Ltd.,Part.
Univox Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Up Gems Co.,Ltd.
Urai Shop Co.,Ltd.
Uthai Jewelry Company Limited,
V & P Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
V.B.P. International Co.,Ltd
V.K.K. International Co.,Ltd.
V.S. Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
V.S.A. Trading Co.,Ltd.
V.T.R. Gems Co.,Ltd.
Valentine International Ltd.,Part.
Vanich Gems Co Ltd,
Vannarat Gems Ltd.,Part.
Variety Designs Co.,Ltd.
Vatana Gems Co.,Ltd.
Veera Gems Ltd.,Part.
Venus Jewellery Ltd,
Verapaul Pornthep Co.,Ltd.
Verbena Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Vichino Co.,Ltd.
Vichit Sind Jewelry Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Victor Collection Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Vogem Co.,Ltd.
Vorasia International Co.,Ltd.
Wacharaporn Jewellery Co.,Ltd.
Waladiam Co Ltd,
Wat Gems Center Co.,Ltd.
Wat Thai Gems Co Ltd,
Watcharaporn Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Wavoo Gem House Co.,Ltd.
Well Field Corporation,
Wendong Co.,Ltd.
West Field Co.,Ltd
Westown Limited,
White Diamond Co.,Ltd.
Win Long Gems Co.,Ltd.
Winner Gems Manufactory Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Wonder Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Wong Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Worakij Enterprise Co Ltd,
Working Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
World Bridaline Co.,Ltd.
World Class Propack Co.,Ltd.
World Crystal Co.,Ltd.
World Jewels Trade Center,
World Magazines Supply,
World Mark Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
World Wide Gems Co.,Ltd.
Worldgems Collection Co.,Ltd.
Worldwide Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Worldwide Quality Manufacturers Co Ltd,
Y.A.S. Gold Electroplating Co.,Ltd.
Yellow Stone Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Yi Jia International Co.,Ltd.
Yiee Nien Gems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yoo Lim Co.,Ltd.
Yoolim Fashion Co.,Ltd.
Yotaya Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Young Zone Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Yumark Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Zarian Company Limited,
Zendec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zilver Collection Ltd.,Part.
Zone Gems Co.,Ltd.
Zone Jewelry Ltd.,Part.
Zorab Creation Jewellery Manufacturing Co.Ltd,

If you are looking to source products from Thai jewelry companies, Thailand jewelry companies or foreign owned jewelry companies in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information  

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