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Thailand is a great place for sourcing synthetic gems and artificial gemstones such as artificial diamonds, sapphires and rubies as well as synthetic versions of garnet, emerald, alexandrite, amethyst and other normally expensive precious and semi-precious stones.

Natural gemstones form under intense heat and pressure far below the earth's crust and are only brought to the earth's crust by volcanoes. Mining them is expensive, labor-intensive and sometimes dangerous. But now a few companies around the world are able to "grow" a diamond, ruby, or sapphire in just a few days.

These synthetic stones have many applications outside of the normal usage for fashion and costume jewelry. Industrial crystals and Synthetic gems have many industrial uses and are a sort after commodity for their durability and low cost in comparison to their natural counterparts.

Synthetic diamonds for example have been used for a long time for industrial abrasive and cutting applications. Artificial diamonds are a key component of cutting saws, high grade drills and abrasive grinders.


New applications for synthetic gemstones are always being invented. Recent development of LCD and flat screen displays often utilize these artificially produced gemstones.

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