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Thailand Sapphire Jewelry, Thai Sapphire Gems


Bangkok is a worldwide hub for the trade in Gemstones, both precious gems and semi-precious gem stones. Apart from Diamonds, which constitutes the bulk of the trade in precious gems, sapphires are the next most sought after and traded gem.

Yes sapphires are still mined in Thailand. The most famous of which is the blue Kanchanaburi sapphire. Sapphires from all over the world are traded. Myanmar - Burmese sapphires, Australian sapphires as well as sapphires from Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Ceylon.

Gem trading is not restricted to Bangkok, although the majority of gems are traded here. Chantanaburi, a small sleepy provincial town 200 kilometres south east of Bangkok is the main center for the cutting, polishing, heating and trading of fine sapphires, rubies and a host of other precious and semi-precious stones.

Sapphires by Shape Sapphires by Cut Sapphires by Colour Sapphires by Origin
Round Sapphire
Brilliant Sapphire
Round Sapphire
Pear Sapphire
Emerald Sapphire
Cushion Sapphire
Marquise Sapphire
Oval Sapphire
Trilliant Sapphire
Cabochon Cut Sapphires
Princess Cut Sapphires
Square Cut Sapphires
Heart Cut Sapphires
Trapezoid Cut Sapphires
Baguette Cut Sapphires
Freeform Cut Sapphires
Fancy Sapphires
Blue Sapphires
Padparadsha Sapphires
Pink Sapphires
Yellow Sapphires
Purple Sapphires
Green Sapphires
Star Sapphires
White Sapphire
Ceylon sapphires
Burmese sapphires
Australia sapphires
Cambodia sapphires
Kenyan sapphires
Madagasca sapphires
Tanzania sapphires
Thailand sapphires
Vietnam sapphires

Listed below are a selection of just some of the sapphire gemstones that can be sourced from Thai gem dealers and gem manufacturers:

Australian Blue Sapphire Trilliant
Australian Star Sapphire-bronze
Australian Untreated Blue Sapphire Trilliant
Blue Burma Cabochon
Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire
Blue Gray Star sapphire
Blue Untreated Cushion Cut Ceylon Sapphire
Burma Blue Untreated Cushion Cut Sapphire
Ceylon Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire
Ceylon Blue Sapphire
Ceylon Blue Unheated Oval Sapphire
Ceylon Cushion Cut Blue-Sapphire
Ceylon Cushion Cut Sapphire
Ceylon Cushion Cut Violet Sapphire
Ceylon Purple Sapphire Cushion Cut
Ceylon Sapphire-blue-cushion
Ceylon Sapphire-blue-emerald
Ceylon Sapphire-blue-untreated-cushion
Ceylon Sapphire-Color Change-Untreated-Cushion
Ceylon Unheated Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire
Ceylon violet blue emerald cut sapphire
Ceylon-Unheated-Cushion Cut-Violet Blue-Sapphire
Ceylon-Unheated-Emerald Cut-Blue-Sapphire
Ceylon-Unheated-Emerald Cut-Blue-Sapphire
Emerald Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire
Thai Black Star Sapphire
Untreated Ceylon Blue Cushion Cut Sapphire
Untreated Tanzanian Color Change Sapphire

If you are looking for Sapphires, gems or jewelry of any type we have a full section covering all gem and jewelry products here Thailand Jewelry Companies , Thailand Jewelry Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your sapphire  jewelry needs please email with your requests.

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Featured Thailand Sapphire Jewelry Companies
B.K. Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer of Gems Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Watches
B.K.J. Gems Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Wholesaler, Retailer of Precious Stones Jewelry, Gems, Ruby, Sapphires, Diamond Jewelry
C.N.Thai & Sons Thailand Thai Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Gemstones, precious stones, corundum, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, yellow sapphire, ruby, white gold jewelry, 18k and 22k and two tone gold jewellery

Following you will find lists of sapphire jewelry and companies involved in the sapphire business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a gems or jewelry company or simply supply a database of these gems companies then please email

14k genuine sapphire and diamond ring
14k gold domed shaped sapphire slide
14k gold simulated blue sapphire air force
14k gold simulated sapphire birthstone
14k necklace with cabachon sapphire
14k white gold & sapphire pendant
14k white gold cuff links with sapphire
14k white gold heart diamond and pink sapphire charm necklace
14k white gold sapphire & diamond cuff links
14k white gold satin sapphire and diamond mens ring
14kt. green gold sapphire diamond ring
14-kt. white gold diamond sapphire ring
affordable pink sapphire jewelry
air force rings
amethyst, pink sapphire and diamond ring
anniversary bands
antique art deco diamond ring
antique art deco engagement ring
antique deco diamond sapphire ring
antique diamond engagement ring
antique edwardian engagement ring
antique edwardian platinum ring
antique edwardian ring
antique engagement ring art deco
antique engagement ring sapphire
antique sapphire and diamond ring
antique sapphire engagement ring
antique style sapphire & diamond bangle bracelet
antique victorian 5 stone ring
antique victorian sapphire rings
art deco diamond & sapphire ring
art deco diamond engagement ring
art deco diamond sapphire ring
art deco european-cut diamond ring
art deco sapphire and diamond ring
art deco sapphire diamond ring
art deco sapphire engagement ring
art deco sapphire wedding set
art nouveau star sapphire ring
birthstone earrings sapphire for september
blue sapphire & diamond heart ring
blue sapphire and diamond flower pendant
blue sapphire crosses
blue sapphire cufflinks
blue sapphire earrings
blue sapphire heart bangle bracelet
blue sapphire horse shoe necklace
blue sapphire leaf pendant
blue sapphire masonic ring
blue sapphire pendants
blue sapphire pendants necklaces
blue sapphire promise ring
blue sapphire, diamond womens bracelet
cabochon sapphires
certified burma sapphire ring
certified sapphire engagement ring
designer cuff links
designer shirt studs
diamond sapphire anklets
diamond & blue sapphire baguette ring
diamond & blue sapphire heart bangle bracelet
diamond & multi-colored sapphire flower necklace
diamond & pink sapphire heart bangle bracelet
diamond & sapphire earrings
diamond & sapphire eternity band rings
diamond & sapphire pendants
diamond and sapphire band
diamond and sapphire butterfly necklace
diamond and sapphire butterfly ring
diamond and sapphire circle earrings
diamond and sapphire circle ring
diamond and sapphire cross
diamond and sapphire earrings
diamond and sapphire eternity ring
diamond and sapphire gemstone ring
diamond and sapphire necklaces
diamond and sapphire pendant
diamond and sapphire ring
diamond and sapphire shirt studs
diamond and sapphire tie tacks
diamond heart and sapphire ring
diamond heart and yellow sapphire ring
diamond sapphire and garnet flower pendant
diamond sapphire gemstone bracelets
diamond sapphire ring
edwardian diamond engagement ring
edwardian sapphire diamond ring
edwardian sapphire engagement ring
emerald shaped sapphire and diamond ring
engagement filigree engagement ring
estate blue sapphire & diamond ring
estate diamond and sapphire ring
estate engagement ring sapphire
estate gold sapphire diamond ring
estate sapphire and diamond ring
estate sapphire engagement ring
estate sapphire engagement rings
eternity sapphire and diamond channel set rings
genuine sapphire and diamond ring
genuine sapphire cufflinks
gold & sapphire cufflinks
gold & sapphire mens shirt collar pins
gold antique art deco diamond ring
gold cufflinks with genuine sapphire
gold masonic rings
gold police ring with simulated sapphire
hand engraved diamond sapphire ring
hand engraved sapphire ring
hard enamel sapphire & diamond ring
kanchanaburi blue saphire
kanchanaburi sapphire & tanzanite ring
kanchanaburi sapphire cross pendant
kanchanaburi sapphire pendant
ladies ruby & sapphire pendant
ladies sapphire bracelet
ladies sapphire bracelet
ladies sapphire cross pendant
ladies sapphire earrings
ladies sapphire grape pendant
ladies sapphire necklace
ladies sapphire pendant
ladies sapphire ring
masonic ring with synthetic sapphire
mens birthstone rings
mens estate sapphire diamond ring
mens gold vintage sapphire diamond ring
mens vintage sapphire ring
mens vintage white gold kanchanaburi sapphire ring
military rings
multi-colored sapphire diamond flower earrings
oval round sapphire
oval sapphire
oval sapphire and pav diamond ring
pear shaped sapphire and diamond ring
pearl & sapphire drop earrings
pearl and sapphire earrings
pink & blue sapphire rings
pink sapphire & diamond heart earrings
pink sapphire & diamond hoop earrings
pink sapphire & diamond necklace
pink sapphire & diamond pendant
pink sapphire and diamond earrings
pink sapphire and diamond heart ring
pink sapphire bracelets
pink sapphire diamond heart ring
pink sapphire diamond rings
pink sapphire earrings
pink sapphire heart bangle bracelet
pink sapphire horse shoe necklace
pink sapphire jewelry necklaces
pink sapphire lips pendant necklace
pink sapphire pendant
pink sapphire pendants
pink sapphire promise rings
pink sapphire ring
pink sapphire stack ring
platinum sapphire and diamond ring.
retro mens sapphire & diamond ring
rope chain sapphire diamond necklace
round created sapphire with round diamond accent ring.
ruby & sapphire tie tacs
sapphire & diamond bangle bracelet
sapphire & diamond bracele
sapphire & diamond dangling earrings
sapphire & diamond gemstone ring
sapphire & diamond guard ring band
sapphire & diamond pendant necklace
sapphire & diamond tie tack
sapphire and diamond 14k snowflake ring
sapphire and diamond channel set rings
sapphire and diamond cluster earrings
sapphire and diamond cufflinks
sapphire and diamond earrings
sapphire and diamond flower petal ring
sapphire and diamond hoops
sapphire and diamond purse pendant
sapphire and diamond ring
sapphire and diamond ring 14k white gold
sapphire and diamond rings
sapphire and diamond star ring
sapphire and rose-cut diamond ring
sapphire aniversary band
sapphire baguette and round diamond eternity ring
sapphire band
sapphire band in 14k white gold
sapphire bracelet
sapphire cufflinks
sapphire diamond engagement ring
sapphire diamond flower ring
sapphire diamond ring
sapphire diamond rings
sapphire diamond tennis bracelet.
sapphire earrings
sapphire eternity band rings
sapphire flower ring
sapphire heart bangle bracelet
sapphire pave diamond anniversary ring
sapphire ring
sapphire rings
sapphire slides
sapphire stack ring
satin sapphire and diamond men ring
shirt collar pins
silver cz september birthstone star of david
three-stone pink sapphire and diamond ring
trillion cut sapphire and diamond ring
trillium diamond sapphire engagement ring
unique blue sapphire
victorian diamond and sapphire ring
victorian sapphire & diamond ring
victorian sapphire and diamond ring
victorian sapphire diamond ring
vintage diamond & sapphire ring
vintage diamond engagement ring
vintage diamond sapphire ring
vintage filigree engagement ring
vintage sapphire diamond ring
vintage sapphire engagement ring
vintage star sapphire diamond ring
wedding band sapphire diamond / s.o
white gold & sapphire cufflinks
white gold diamond and sapphire pendant
white gold diamond and sapphire tie tack
white gold multi-colored sapphire diamond flower bracelet
white gold pink sapphire bangle bracelet
white gold pink sapphire diamond heart ring
white gold pink sapphire diamond ring
white gold sapphire and diamond ring
yellow sapphire band
yellow sapphire diamond ring
yellow sapphire eternity band
yellow sapphire ring

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