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Thailand is a great place for sourcing diamonds of all shapes: Oval Cut Diamonds, Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Princess cut Diamonds, Emerald Cut Diamonds, Marquise Cut Diamonds and all colours Yellow Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Green Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Red Diamonds, Black Diamonds and White Diamonds

Diamond Trading in Thailand
Thailand has an active Diamond bourse. Gem traders and diamond dealers buy and sell millions of dollars of gems every day. Bangkok Companies in it's extensive database has a comprehensive list of these diamond companies

Diamond Cutting & Polishing in Thailand
On the outskirts of Bangkok close to where the new airport are a number of security conscious businesses that specialize in the cutting and polishing of fine gems. These stones are not only for use in the domestic fine jewelry industry but also destined to be exported abroad. When the new airport opens in September of 2006 (Hopefully) security transport companies like Brinks will have a much shorter journey to deliver their precious cargoes for international courier delivery.


Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers in Thailand
Jewelry factories big and small abound in Thailand. From small specialist designers and jewelry workshops to large factories with hundreds of pairs of nimble hands assembling mid to high level precious gem jewelry pieces.

Whether you are looking for a diamond trader, a diamond cutting or diamond polishing company or are looking to outsource your precious jewelry production we can help - email me

Diamond consists of carbon atoms each strongly bonded to four other carbon atoms in a uniform cubic crystal structure, which gives diamond its unique physical, chemical and optical properties

DIAMOND. The mere mention of the word fills the mind with a multitude of concepts and images. Diamond is a mineral, a natural crystalline substance, the transparent form of pure carbon. Diamond is something superb, the peerless "king of gems" that glitters, dazzles, and symbolizes purity and strength. Diamond is for engagement and the 75th wedding anniversary, for a commitment to never-ending love. Diamond is indomitable, the hardest surface known. Diamond is exotic, formed in Earth's interior and shot to the surface by extraordinary volcanoes. A diamond is likely the oldest thing you will ever own, probably 3 billion years in age, fully two thirds the age of the Earth. Diamond is a strategic and high-tech super material for our technological society .

If you are looking for Diamonds, gems or jewelry of any type we have a full section covering all gem and jewelry products here Thailand Jewelry Companies , Thailand Jewelry Manufacturers



Oval Cut Diamond Brilliant Cut Diamond Princess cut diamond Emerald Cut Diamond
Marquise Cut Diamond Yellow Diamond Pink Diamond Green Diamond
Blue Diamond Red Diamond Black Diamond White Diamond
Featured Thailand Diamond Companies
I. Hennig & Co (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Foreign Company in Thailand dealing in precious gems and International Rough Diamond Brokers

Following you will find lists of Diamond products and companies involved in the gemstone business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a gems company or simply supply a database of these gems companies then please email

Asscher Diamonds
Bangkok Diamond Cutters
Bangkok Diamond Dealers
Bangkok Diamond Jewelers
Bangkok Diamond Polishers
Bangkok Diamond Traders
Bangkok Diamond Wholesalers
Black Diamond
Black Diamonds
Blue & Green Diamonds
Blue Diamonds
Blue Green Diamonds
Brilliant Round Cut Diamond
Brown Diamonds
Certified Diamonds
Champagne Diamonds
Cheap Black Diamonds
Cheap Diamonds
Clarity Enhanced Diamonds
Clear Diamonds
Coffee Color Diamonds
Cognac Diamonds
Color Enhanced Diamonds
Columbian Emerald
Crystal Diamonds
Cushion Cut Diamonds
Cushion Diamonds
Cut And Polished Diamonds
Cut Diamonds
Cz Diamonds
Diamond Dealers
Diamond Jewelery
Diamond Wholesaler
Emerald Cut Diamonds
Emerald Diamonds
Flawless Diamond
Genuine Diamonds
Genuine White Diamonds
Green Diamonds
Heart Cut Diamonds
Heart Diamonds
Industrial Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
Loose Yellow Diamonds
Man-Made Diamond
Marquise Cut Diamonds
Marquise Diamonds
Multi Color Diamonds
Natural Diamonds
Non Certified Diamonds
Oval Cut Diamonds
Oval Diamonds
Padparadscha Sapphire
Pear Cut Diamond
Pear Cut Diamonds
Pear Cut Loose Diamond
Pear Diamonds
Pink Diamonds
Pink Fancy Color Diamonds
Polished Diamonds
Polished Round Diamonds
Polycrystalline Diamond
Precious Stones
Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess Diamonds
Pure White Diamonds
Purple Diamonds
Radiant Cut Diamond
Radiant Cut Diamonds
Radiant Diamonds
Raw Diamonds
Rosecut Diamond
Rough Diamonds Parcel
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Cut Diamonds
Round Diamonds
South African Diamonds
Sterling Silver Bracelets
Thailand Diamond Cutters
Thailand Diamond Dealers
Thailand Diamond Jewelers
Thailand Diamond Polishers
Thailand Diamond Traders
Thailand Diamond Wholesalers
Titanium Jewelry With Diamond
Triangle Cut Diamonds
Triangle Diamonds
Uncut Diamonds
White Diamonds
Wholesale Diamonds
Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond
Yellow Diamonds


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