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Thailand is a wonderful place to source low cost handicraft products such as: Hill Tribe Jewelry & Handicrafts, Aromatherapy Products, Scented Candles & Incense, Bamboo Handicrafts, Artificial Flowers, Saa Paper & Mulberry Paper Products, Thai Silk Handicrafts & Silk Garments, Mango Wood Vases & Decorative Items, Teakwood furniture and Ceramics & Glassware.

SME is the buzz word in Thailand right now. Web designers, marketing Guru's, management consultants, advertising agencies all targeting the small manufacturers of handicraft products that are scattered throughout The Kingdom of Thailand

OTOP - One Tambon One Product, a Thai Government initiative to drag the small communities out of poverty by using small business models and e-commerce to promote their handicrafts. A fine idea that I support enthusiastically - a shame that the Government sponsored website is so poor and as yet a decent distribution scheme to get these handicraft products to market is not in place yet.

A recent development that I have noticed are small handicraft shops being set up in shopping malls and shopping centers around Bangkok.


One I noticed in Fortune Town at Ratchadapisek was sandwiched between two massage shops catering to tourists wandering around from the local hotel. Now I wonder if the shop is really closely associated with OTOP or just using their name to make the tourists think that this is part of a local Government scheme to help the poor. More when I investigate further.

It is down to individual entrepreneurs to locate the best of these products: hand woven Thai silks, wooden vases, silver jewelry etc etc and promote the best of the best in terms of Thai handicrafts.

I have my favourites. Natural flowers in glass vases, beautiful hand carved scented candles, incense and massage oil products. My job is to satisfy my foreign clients seeking Thai handicrafts. They send me a list of products and I find them , order the handicrafts from the local suppliers and consolidate loads for shipment.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your handicrafts needs please email with your requests.

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  • Hill Tribe Jewelry & Handicrafts
  • Aromatherapy Products
  • Candles & Incense
  • Bamboo Handicrafts
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Saa Paper & Mulberry Paper Products
  • Thai Silk Handicrafts & Silk Garments
  • Mango Wood Vases & Decorative Items
  • Teakwood furniture
  • Ceramics & Glassware



  Thailand Bamboo Umbrellas  
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Wooden Handicrafts Thai Ceramics Village Handicrafts
Thailand Hill Tribe Jewelry Herbal Candles Thai Wine
Wooden Clocks Preserved Orchids Hand Dyed Textiles
Thai Pottery Coconut Fibre Bags Coconut Handicrafts
Thai Dolls & Toys Saa Paper Rattan Handicrafts
Mango Wood Bowls Thailand Wood Carvings Hand woven Thai Silk
Featured Thailand Handicrafts Companies
A-Z Consultant & Corporation (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Thailand Thai handicrafts, Ceramics, Sa paper, Sugar palm, Bamboo, Decorative frame, Furniture and Teak wood, Decorative Products: Ceramic, Fabrics
A & T Keychainresin Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Resin Keychains, Resin Keyfobs, keychain, keychain resin, shell, crab, flower, souvenir, seashell, souvenir seashell, resin, handicrafts made of resin, original handmade Thai  handicrafts
A Gift From Nature Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer and wholesaler of artificial flowers, dried flowers, craft dried flower, floral crafts, and paper vases
E-PAT DESIGN LTD.,PART. Thailand They have a beautiful range of Thai handicrafts, sandstone sculptures, ceramics, wood handicrafts, glassware, souvenirs. bamboo handicrafts, Flower from rubber tree and Thai Silk
Halo Craft Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturers and Wholesalers of Scented Fancy Candles, Aromatic Candles, Mango Wood Candle Holders and Chunky Candles.
M. Pheeraphant Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Picture Frames, Cheap Clocks, Plastic Clocks, Round Clocks, Square Clocks, Octagonal Clocks, Picture Frame Clocks, Premium Clocks
P & A Collection Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of fine Thai handicrafts, Flamework glass, ceramic miniatures, artificial flowers, beautiful and natural looking Thai silk flower arrangements.
R.A. Design Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Artificial Flowers, Hand Wrapped Saa Paper Flowers, Artificial Plants, Artificial Fruits & Artificial Vegetables

Following you will find lists of handicraft products available from companies involved in the handicraft business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a handicraft company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Akha Hill Tribe Shoulder Bags
Animal Carvings
Animals Tapestry
Antique Flower Pot
Antique Style Bracelet
Aroma Holder & Burner
Aromatherapy Body Massage Oil
Aromatic Scent
Artificial Fruits
Artificial Plants
Asian Furniture
Asian Handmade Figures
Back Scratcher
Bag With Cloth Handle
Bag With Kalaga Decoration
Bag With Rattan Handle
Bags And Wallets
Bambo Fountain
Bamboo Basket
Bamboo Box
Bamboo Candle Holder
Bamboo Candle Holders
Bamboo Cane
Bamboo Chair
Bamboo Coated Lacquerware
Bamboo Furniture
Bamboo Home Decor
Bamboo Lamps
Bamboo Laundry Box
Bamboo Mouli Handbag
Bamboo Oriental Boxes Made From Bamboo
Bamboo Photo Frame
Bamboo Picture Frame
Bamboo Picture Frames
Bamboo Products
Bamboo Tableware
Bamboo Tissue Case
Bamboo Tray Set
Bamboo Trays
Bamboo Vase
Bamboo Wall Shelf
Bath Set
Batik Dresses
Batiked Hemp Shoulder Bag
Batiked Hemp Shoulder Bag.
Bead Necklace
Beaded Friendship Bracelet
Beauty Products
Bedside Table
Beeswax Candles
Belt Clip
Benjamas Flower Candle
Benjamas Flower In Box
Benjarong Tea Set
Body Scrub Cream
Body Whitening
Boxed Chopstick Gift Sets
Branch Color Pencils Made From Natural Wood
Branch Pen
Branch Pencil
Branch Twig Pencils Pens
Brass Sculpture
Bronze Figurines
Bronze Sculpture
Buddha Image
Buddha Panel
Buddha Statue
Buddha Statues
Burmese Silk
Calendar Tapestry
Candle Holders
Candle In Gravel Vessel
Carved Buddha Head
Carved Relief
Carved Wood Buddha
Ceramic Elephant Scented Candles
Ceramic Mug
Ceramic Pen & Card Holder
Ceramic Sculpture
Ceramic Wind Chimes
Children's Furniture
Child's Alphabet Play Mat
Chopstick Holders
Chopstick Rests
Chopstick-Mat Set
Chopsticks And Tableware
Chopsticks Set
Chopsticks With Silken Keepers
Christmas Gift Tags
Clothing And Silk
Coaster Set
Coconut Buttons
Coconut Lizards
Coconut Shell Handbag
Coiled Bamboo Rice Container
Copper And Brass Health Bracelet
Cotton Backpack
Cotton Bags
Cotton Bottle Holder
Cotton Bud Container
Cotton Container
Cotton Passport Bag
Cotton Patch Work Pillow Case
Cotton Pillow Case
Cotton Purse
Cotton Shoulder Bag
Cotton Shoulder Purse
Cotton Shoulder Purse With Kalaga Decoration
Cotton Tote Bag
Craft Paper Set
Cranes Wall Fans
Croaking Carved Frog
Croaking Frog
Cube Box Seat
Cultured Freshwater Pearl Beads
Decorative Box
Decorative Mango Wood Boxes
Decorative Tapestry
Decorative Wood Boxes
Decorative Wood Carving
Decorative Wood Shelfs
Decorative Wooden Barrel
Decorative Wooden Vase
Demon Woman Puppets
Dolphins Wall Fans
Dragon Incense
Dragon Rope
Dragon Tapestry
Dragon Wall Fans
Driftwood Dragons
Eagle Wall Fans
Eau De Colognes
Element Massage Oil
Elephant Bracelet
Elephant God Puppets
Elephant Mug
Elephant Shoulder Bag
Elephant Tapestry
Elephant Zodiac Tapestry
Elephants Wall Fans
Embroidered Cotton Scarf
Embroidered Tapestries
Engraved Nickel Silver Elephant Bracelet
Fancy Candles
Fancy Soaps
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Clothing
Female Dance Crown
Feng Shui Dragons
Feng Shui Incense
Filligree Bracelet In Nickel Silver
Flat Bead Bracelet
Floating Candle
Flower Designed Vase
Flower Pot And Jar
Flower Scented Candle
Flowers Wall Fans
Folding Wall Fans
Foot Massage Cream
Freshwater Pearl Beads
Ganesh Tapestry
Garden Accessories
Garden Bamboo Torches
Garden Hammock
Garden Water Feature
Garuda Puppets
Gilded Mango Wood Boxes
Glass Figurines
Glass Miniatures
Guest Slippers
Hair Lotion
Hair Pin
Hair Treatment Oil
Hand Carved Elephant Stool
Hand Carved Elephants
Hand Decorated Wood Vase
Hand Designed Vase
Hand Embroidered Womens Blouse
Hand Knit Sun Hat
Hand Made Anklets
Hand Made Bracelets
Hand Made Glass Figurines
Hand Made Necklaces
Hand Painted Glass
Hand Painted Lacquerware
Hand Painted Wall Hangings
Hand Woven Scarf
Hand-Batiked Dresses
Hand-Crafted Wood Motorcycles
Handmade Clock
Handmade Fans
Handmade Flowers
Hand-Made Greeting Cards
Handmade Note Books
Handmade Teak
Handmade Vases
Hand-Made Wall Hangings
Handwoven Fabrics
Handwoven Hemp Wallet
Handwoven Rope Animal
Happy-Sad Mask
Heart Pendant In Green Quartz
Heart Shaped Jewelry Box
Heart Shaped Vases
Hemp Backpack
Hemp Bag
Hemp Batik Wallet
Hemp Briefcase Bag
Hemp Camera Bag
Hemp Clutch Bag
Hemp Drawstring Bag
Hemp Handbag
Hemp Handbag With Bamboo Handles
Hemp Keyring Purse
Hemp Notebook Bag
Hemp Passport Bag
Hemp Pillow Case
Hemp Purse
Hemp Shoulder Bag
Hemp Tie-On Bracelets
Hemp Tote Bag
Hemp Triangle Purse
Hemp Zippered Purse
Herbal Powder
Herbal Products
Herbal Soap
Hill Tribe Silver Findings
Hill Tribe Silver Flower Pendants
Hill Tribe Silver Leaf Pendants
Hilltribe Crafts
Hilltribe Handbag
Hinged Lid Teak Wood Box
Hmong Cotton Shoulder Bag
Home Decor
Hyacinth Cushion
Image Of Buddha
Imagery Head
Incense Holder
Incense Holder Gift Set
Incense In Can
Incense Stick
Island Bay Scene
Island Beach Scene
Island Retreat
Jewellery Box, Casket
Jewelry Boxes
Joss-Stick In Can
Kama Sutra Sandstone Carvings
Karen Hill Tribe Silver Beads
Kids Chair
Lacquer Jewelry Box
Lacquered Mango Wood Box
Lacquered Mango Wood Jewelry Box
Lacquerware & Mother Of Pearl
Lacquerware Box
Lacquerware Heart Box
Lacquerware Jewelry Box
Lacquerware Jewelry Boxes
Lacquerware Oriental Boxes
Ladies Rayon Dresses
Lady Bag
Lady Blouse
Lamp And Picture Frames
Lampshade Set
Lanna Style Rice Container
Lanna Style Shirt
Lanna Thai Containers
Lao Style Headdress
Laquerware Vases
Large Tapestry
Leather Goods
Liquid Soap Dispenser
Lizard Incense
Lunthom Flower-01 In Box
Macrami Basket
Male Dance Crown
Mango & Bamboo Wood Handicrafts
Mango Vases
Mango Wood Bowl
Mango Wood Box
Mango Wood Candles
Mango Wood Container
Mango Wood Tea Candle Holder
Mango Wood Vase
Mango Wood Vases
Mangowood Bowl
Masks & Dance Crowns
Masks-Dance Crowns
Metal Ceramic Smoking Pipes
Metal Sculpture
Metal Smoking Pipes
Miniature Items
Miscellaneous Crafts
Model Scented Candles
Moisture Body Lotion
Monkey Man Puppets
Mulberry (Saa) Paper Sheets
Mulberry Paper (Saa)
Mulberry Paper (Saa) Lamps
Mulberry Paper Bags
Mulberry Paper Boxes
Mulberry Paper Gift Bags
Mulberry Paper Gift Boxes
Mulberry Paper Greeting Cards
Mulberry Paper Jewelry Boxes
Mulberry Paper Journals
Mulberry Paper Notebooks
Mulberry Paper Photo Albums
Mulberry Paper Photo Frame
Mulberry Paper Storage Boxes
Mulberry Paper Writing Sets
Musical Instruments
Natural Hemp Pillow Case
Natural Herb And Oil
Natural Liquid Soap
Natural Silk Shawl
Natural Stone And Glass Necklaces
Natural Stone Rings
Natural Teak Box
Necklace Bead
Nielloware Boxes
Nielloware Trays
Nielloware Vases
Noodles Bowl With Chopsticks
Northern Thai Shirt
Old Man Wall Fans
Old Thai Soldier Puppets
Oriental Boxes
Oriental Furniture
Oriental Terracotta
Oriental Wood Carvings
Oscar Mask
Paa Sin
Painted Cushion Covers
Painted Mask
Painting Canvas
Panda Wall Fan
Panda's Wall Fans
Paper Parasol
Paper Roses
Peacock Feather Fan
Pen & Card Holder
Pewter & Silver
Picture Frame
Picture Frames
Pictures Hand Painted On Velvet
Pillow Case
Pillow Covers
Play Mat
Pot Dolls
Potpourri Box
Prayer Bead Bracelets
Puppets - Marionettes
Puppets & Marionettes
Quin Yin Tapestry
Resin Animal Figures
Resin Artistic Figures
Resin Buddha Figures
Resin Figures
Resin Historical Figures
Resin Mystical Figures
Resin Oriental Boxes
Resin Statues
Rice Container
Rocking Chairs
Rocking Horse
Rocking Horses
Room Divider
Rubber Tree Leaves
Saa Paper 3 Round Box Set
Saa Paper 6 Heartshape Box Set
Saa Paper 6 Square Box Set
Saa Paper Bags
Saa Paper Boxes
Saa Paper Crafts
Saa Paper Folded Gift Tags
Saa Paper Gift Bags
Saa Paper Gift Boxes
Saa Paper Gifts
Saa Paper Greeting Cards
Saa Paper Hanging Lanterns
Saa Paper Jewelry Boxes
Saa Paper Journals
Saa Paper Large Lamp
Saa Paper Notebooks
Saa Paper Photo Albums
Saa Paper Photo Frame
Saa Paper Photo Frame Set
Saa Paper Sheet
Saa Paper Small Lamp
Saa Paper Souvenir Album Set
Saa Paper Storage Boxes
Saa Paper Wedding Album
Saa Paper Writing Sets
Sand Animals
Sandstone Carvings
Satin Parasol
Sawadee Goddess
Scent Candles
Scent Candles Gift Set
Scented Beeswax Candles
Set Of Bamboo Trays
Seua Meuang
Shhhh Mask
Shoulder Bag
Silk Tapestries
Silver Jewelry
Singha Lion
Sitting Buddha
Soap Dish
Spiral Dragons
Spirit House
Stained Glass
Standing Buddha
Standing Dragons
Sterling Nielloware
Stone And Glass Bead Necklaces
Storage Box With Silk Fabric
Story Tapestry
Summer Shirt
Sunset Wall Fans
Swarovski Crystal Ornaments
Table Lamp
Table Runner
Tea Candle Holder
Teak Bedroom Furniture
Teak Box -Recycled Wood
Teak Cabinet Furniture
Teak Cabinets
Teak Candle Holder
Teak Chairs
Teak Furniture
Teak Tables
Teak Tea Candle Holder
Teak Trimmed Mirror
Teak Water Hyacinth Furniture
Teak Wicker Furniture
Teak Wood Boxes
Teak Wood Carvings
Teak Wood Picture Frame
Terra Cotta Ashtray
Terra Cotta Figurines
Terra Cotta Garden Edge
Terra Cotta Water Container
Thai Alchemist Puppets
Thai Artwork
Thai Bamboo Slide Whistle
Thai Birdman Puppets
Thai Cartoon Miniature Ceramic Animals
Thai Dancers
Thai Dancing Bronze Figurines
Thai Decorative Birdcage
Thai Decorative Cabinet
Thai Decorative Relief
Thai Fabrics
Thai Fishermen
Thai Fishing Boat At Rest
Thai Fishing Boat At Sunset
Thai Flowers And Herbs
Thai Grandfather Puppets
Thai Grandmother Puppets
Thai Hair Pins
Thai Hand Carved Chest
Thai Home Decor
Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver
Thai Karen Hill Tribesilver Pendants
Thai Name Plate
Thai Ornate Village House
Thai Paintings
Thai Princess Puppets
Thai River Scene Wall Fans
Thai Rocking Horse
Thai Sand Animals
Thai Sawadee Goddess
Thai Silk
Thai Silk Cushion Covers
Thai Silk Fabric
Thai Silk Pillow Case
Thai Silk Pillow Covers
Thai Silk Runners
Thai Silk Scarf
Thai Silk Scarves
Thai Silk Wall Hangings
Thai Soldier Puppets
Thai Souvenir Box
Thai Spirit House
Thai Spirithouse
Thai Triangular Cushion
Thai Village House
Thai Village Scene
Thai Village Scene Wall Fans
Thai Wall Hanging
Thai Woman Puppets
Thai Wood Carving
Thai Woodcraft
Thai Wooden Spirit Houses
Thai-Modern Style Candles
Theatrical Dance Mask
Theatrical Mask
Tie-On Silk Friendship Bracelet
Tiger's Eye Necklace With Nickel Beads
Tissue Box Holder
Tonic Teas
Toothbrush Holder
Traditional Clothing
Traditional Dance Mask
Traditional Thai Tube Skirt
Traditional Tube Skirt
Tray Candle
Tree Frogs
Tribal Head Scart
Trophy Components
Tuk Tuk Souvenir
Turned Mango Wood Flower Vases
Umbrella With Bamboo Stand
Unique Wooden Games
Velvet Tapestry
Water Feature
Water Hyacinth Furniture
Wedding Gift Box
Wholesale Wooden Game
Wholesale Wooden Puzzle Game
Wide Bead Bracelet
Winking Mask
Wolves Wall Fans
Wood Carvings
Wood Crafts
Wood Flower Vases
Wood Mask
Wood Mirrors
Wood Motorcycles
Wood N Glass Vases
Wood Products
Wood Tribal Masks
Wooden Animals
Wooden Buddha Head
Wooden Buddha Teppanom Mythical
Wooden Cats 8
Wooden Cell Phone Holder
Wooden Cobra
Wooden Dolphin
Wooden Dragon
Wooden Drink Coaster Set
Wooden Elephant
Wooden Flower Vases
Wooden Game
Wooden Games
Wooden Gifts
Wooden Glass Vases
Wooden Hand Carved Moon
Wooden Hand Carved Sun Wall Decoration
Wooden Hand Carved Wall Mirrors
Wooden Head Of Buddha
Wooden Holders
Wooden Horses
Wooden House By The River
Wooden Iguana
Wooden Image Of Buddha
Wooden Jewelry Displays
Wooden Mobile Bird
Wooden Phoenix
Wooden Puzzle
Wooden Sawadee Goddess
Wooden Singha Lions
Wooden Sitting Buddha
Wooden Sitting Flute Player
Wooden Sitting Tukkatar
Wooden Sleeping Dog
Wooden Standing Tukkatar
Wooden Teppanom
Wooden Thai Dancers
Wooden Thai Violin Player
Wooden Tuk Tuk
Wooden Wind Mobiles
Wrap Skirt
Yin-Yang Tea Candle Holder
Zippered Hemp Bag.

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