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Thailand Home Appliances Companies, Thai Home Appliances Manufacturers


Home Appliances
and electrical and electronic equipment for household use are produced in abundance here in Thailand. Major foreign manufacturers especially Japanese home appliance manufacturers have their production bases here in Thailand.

Sony, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic all have factories dotted about the industrial estates around Bangkok and it's environs. The list of products cover the whole range of electrical appliances. From Large electrical goods such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and air conditioners to smaller appliances used in the home such as rice cookers, fans, coffee makers, water heaters and kettles.

The sourcing of home appliances especially large items like refrigerators, air conditioning equipment and televisions is very difficult. Major home appliance manufacturers usually produce for their own brands or major customers with their own brand label and distribution channels in almost all major countries.


It is with the smaller electrical items like rice cookers, toasters, cooking pots hair dryers and food mixers that we have had more success. Smaller or medium sized manufacturers often with innovative products are looking to expand beyond the domestic market.

If you are looking for these types of items or have your own appliance that you want to have manufactured in Thailand then please email with your requests.



Replica Radios Plasma Televisions Egg Boilers
Blenders Water Boiler Rice Cooker
Fans Free Standing Air Cooler Fan Heaters
Washing Machines Bathroom Water Heater Toaster
Featured Thailand Home Appliances Companies
A.P. National Sales Co,  Ltd. Thailand Thailand Electrical Goods Manufacturer "NATIONAL" Brand Electric Home Appliances, Refrigerators, Rice Cookers, Irons, Air Conditioning Units
Accord Electric Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Home Appliances Manufacturer, desk fans, stand fans, tower fans, ceiling fans, sandwich makers, toasters, barbecue grills & fondues, hair dryers, juicers
Fagor Home Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Thailand Thailand Supplier of Commercial Laundry Equipment and Dry Cleaning Equipment, Industrial Machinery & Equipment
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of Washing Machine, Food Service Equipment, Food Storage Equipment, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Equipment, Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment, Terminal Heating and Cooling Units

Astina (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Astina (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Are one of the major washing machine, water heater and other home appliance in Thailand. As among highly competition from major brand our "astina" brand are now no.1 in twin tub washing machine and among top 3 of water heater. We are now ready to serve the world
with our quality product which you may have see in the major department store in Thailand.
Products: Washing machine, electronic heater shower, kitchen sink aluminum Washing Machine, Water Heater.

Daiwa Electric Company
We are the well known factory that produce electric appliances ex: Electric dry/steam iron, rice cooker, electric pan/kettle, water heater and vacuum cleaner. We have established for more than 20 years with guarantee by Thailand standard sta, CE, ul, and GS. Now we want to export to the world market with the best quality. We also made by OEM too.
Products: Electric irons, Dry irons, Steam irons, rice cooker, Electric pans, kettles, heaters and vacuum cleaners.

Jcl Season Electrical Company
Established in 1996 in Samudprakarn. Especial in manufacturing season electrical appliances such as electric heater and fan. High quality, reasonable price is our belief. Our main market is south
America, Indian, and Pakistan
Products: Fans, heaters

Jt Electrical Thailand ) Co., Ltd.
Our company set up already 3 years. We sell at the hypermarket at Thailand like Tesco lotus, Makro, Carrefour and big c. Our customer base is the low end market. So, we need a very good price from the supplier.
Products: Blender, iron, rice cooker

K. L. Electric Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Our products are electric fans "Mitsukawa" ranging from ceiling fan to table fan available in various modernized and classic style directly from manufacturer. Warmly welcome all distributors, wholesalers, OEM and export agents.
Products: Electric fan, Fan

Ladyah Gas And Home Appliances
We are the whole salers of electrical appliances. Our company is going on since last 10 years. We having four servants which help us to load the appliances and sell to our customers all over Bangkok. But we want to increase our customers all over the world. Till now we are not exporting.
Products: Rice cookers, fans, electric kettles

M.R.C. Trading Co., Ltd
We're distributor all electric appliances in Thailand, we're also export to other countries too. Our major products are washing machine, toaster, water heater, vacuum cleaner and. Etc. Our products also pass ISO9000, CE/GS approval. Our person will make the scientific management, Normative brand operation, dense human idea agglomerate the specially enterprise culture. With the up-and-coming spirit, advance the whole competition, advance the brand famous and the beauty, exploit the broad market place. In the homogeneity commodity age.
Products: Toaster oven, washing machine, Toaster, Vacuum Cleaner, Washing Machine, Coffee Maker

Natural Electric Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Natural Electric Import&Export Co., Ltd. As the manufacturer&exporter of Electric Water Air Cooler in Thailand, Our long history since thr establishment in 1981 has been regarded by customers in Germany, Mexico, Canada, Vietnam and more. With the commitment to continuously develop our air coolers has brought us the CE Certificate (Europe Standard), ensuring that every product from our production line meets the international standard requirements. For your convenience, please see our company profile, technical details, products details of air cooler model.
Products: Electric Water Air Cooler, Humidifier, Air Purifier

Phoenix Engineering And Services Ltd., Part.
We are an importing and exporting company based in Bangkok, Thailand focusing in importing and marketing of home appliances such as door phone, security alarm, air purifier. We are happy to serve customer around the globe, so if you are in need of any of the above mentioned items please feel free to contact us.
Products: Importing home appliances such as vdo door phone, air purifier

Misushita Company represents home appliances for the generation of people that want a comfortable life in a fast-paced society. All our products are of high quality, far bettering from the other countries.
Area of Factory:22,400 SQMs.
We have:
- 35 Machines of Plastic Injection
- 120 Machines of Metal Work
- 2 Lines of Anodizing Process
- 10 Machines of Pat Screening
- Motor Assembly
- Mold Building
Products: Electric Rice Cooker, Electric Thermo Pot, Blender, Electric Pan, Electric Fan, Ventilating Fan

Sinsomboon Trading Co., Ltd
Sinsomboon Trading Co., Ltd is the manufacturer and distributor of products named "VICTOR" in Thailand and its neighboring countries. Our products include water dispensers, fans, electric shower, electric pot, rice cookers, and irons. Our customers are in Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Africa. Our products are certified by ISO 9002 and have received Thailand Brand as a recognition of good quality products of Kingdom of Thailand.
Products: Water dispenser, fan, electric shower, Fan, Refrigerator & Freezer, Water Dispenser, Water Heater.

T.J. Supply Ltd., Part
T. J. SUPPLY PTY LTD. PART has established more than 15 years. We are leading small household appliance in Bangkok, Thailand. Small household electric Appliances are our leading production. Mainly products are Electric Dry Iron( Coating and Non-Stick Coating), Blender, Torch, Plug Electric Dry Iron), Circuit Breaker, T. V. Antenna, Desk Fan, Thermostat, Heater, Motor and Engine. Now, we are developing to produce Desk Fan. All of our products are good products in Thai domestic market and neighbor countries market as well because they are reasonable price and very popular because they are easy to use and clean, long durable and safe to use. Our products are good quality, cheap prices and also quick delivery. We accept any size orders, customer's brand/logo/OEM products and packing welcome. We produce OEM products as customers want and also can negotiate the price, quantity and the others elements of products.
These are the following brands that we produce and supply OEM products: Accord, Hanabishi, Mitsumaru and so on. Our target types are distributors, department stores, whole salers, chain stores and agents as well. All production have obtained Safety certificate from TISI (Thai Industrial Standard Institute). All of us at T. J. Supply Pty Ltd believe that, under the collaboration of all staff, we will always provide our customers with best-quality products, most reasonable and favorable prices, perfect service and satisfy all our clients.
Products: Electric Dry Iron (Coating and Non-Stick Coating), Blender, Torch Plug (Electric Dry Iron), TV. Antenna, Desk Fan, Thermostat (Heater), Motor and Engine, Iron, Blender, Circuit Breakers, Radio & TV Equipment

Following you will find lists of home appliances products available from companies involved in the home appliances business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a home appliances company or simply supply a database of these home appliances companies then please email

Air Cleaner
Air Conditioners
Air Cooled Chiller
Air Cooler
Air Cooler And Heater
Air Curtain
Air Decontaminating Machines
Air Freshenner
Air Purifier
Air Purifiers
Air Ventilator
Aroma Diffuser
Audio & Video Equipment
Auto Perfume Dispenser
Auto Towel Dispenser
Automatic Air Freshener
Automatic Hand Dryer
Automatic Juicer
Automatic Perfume Dispenser
Bathroom Heater
Bathroom Radio
Battery Operated Shoe Polisher
Beverage Warmer
Boot And Shoe Dryer
Box Fan
Bread Maker
Built-In Hobs
Built-In Ovens
Can Opener
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carpet Dryer
Cassette Recorder & Player
Cassette Type Air Conditioner
Cd Player
Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Ventilator
Cereal Dispenser
Chill Bucket
Chocolate Foundue Fountain
Chocolate Fountain
Clock Radio
Clothes Dryer
Coffee Heater
Coffee Maker
Coffee Press
Combi Roast Grill Pan
Convection Heater
Convection Oven
Cooker Hoods
Cooking Appliances
Corn Popper
Cotton Candy Maker
Crepe Makers
Cross Flow Fan
Curling Iron
Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner
Decorative Ceiling Fan
Deep Freezer
Deep Fryers
Desiccator Cabinets
Digital Thermometer & Humidity Meter
Digital Timer
Dish Dryer
Dish Washer
Dishtowel Sterilizing Dryer
Domestic Multifunction Ironing Machine
Double Cooking Plate
Double Waffle Maker
Drying Machine
Dual Split Inverter Air Conditioner
Dvd Player
Earphone & Headphone
Egg Boiler
Egg Boilers
Egg Cooker
Electric Air Fresheners
Electric Aroma Diffuser
Electric Blanket
Electric Can Opener
Electric Chocolate Melter
Electric Cooking Plate
Electric Cordless Steam Iron
Electric Cordless Water Kettle
Electric Desk Fan
Electric Fan
Electric Fan With Remote Control
Electric Heating Mat
Electric Hotplate
Electric Ice Crusher
Electric Iron
Electric Kettle
Electric Knife
Electric Mosquito Killer
Electric Oven
Electric Ovens
Electric Pans
Electric Peeler
Electric Powered Fireplace
Electric Pressure Cooker
Electric Shavers
Electric Skillet
Electric Slicer
Electric Steam Iron
Electric Stove
Electric Sweeper
Electric Toothbrush
Electric Wok
Electrical Fan
Electrical Fireplace
Electrical Toothbrush
Electrical Yogurt Maker
Electronic Scales
Electrostatic Ionizing Air Purifier
Elegant Bathroom Scale
Environmental Protection Air-Conditioning
Exhaust Fan
Fabric Steam Press
Facial Steamer
Fan Blowers
Fan Coil Type Air Conditioner
Fan Heater
Fireplace Heater
Floor Fan
Floor Polisher
Floor Standing Type Air Conditioner
Folding Fan
Food Mill
Food Processor
Food Waste Disposer
Footwear Sterilizer And Dryer
Fragrant Sprayer
Fruit Washer
Garlic Grinding Device
Gas Cooker
Gas Oven Range
Gas Range
Gas Stove
Glass Top Bathroom Scale
Hair Dryer
Halogen Cooker
Halogen Heater
Hand Dryer
Heating Pad
Home Appliance
Home Electric Heater
Home Soda Maker
Home Theater Speaker
Home Theatre
Home Theatre System
Hot Air Brush
Hot Dog Maker
Hot Plate
Household Ice Cream Machine
Ice Boxes
Ice Crusher
Ice Pail
Indoor Oxygen Bar
Induction Cooker
Infrared Detergent Dispenser
Insulated Stainless Steel Mug
Integrated Kitchen Equipment
Ion Air Purifiers
Juice Extractor
Juice Mixer
Karaoke Player
Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Appliances
Knife Sterilizer
Lcd Tv
Liquid Dispenser
Meat Grinder
Microwave Oven
Milk Sterilizer
Milk Warmer
Mini Fan
Movable Air Conditioner
Mp3 Player
Mp3 Players
Mp4 Player
Mp4 Players
Mug Warmer
Multi-Function Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
Multi-Functional Hotdog Maker
Mutil-Function Food Processor
Natural Air Purifying
Negative Ion Generator
Orange Squeezer
Ozone Generator
Ozone Sterilizer
Panel Heater
Patio Heater
Perfume Machine
Personal Air Purifier
Photocatalyst Air Cleaning Machine
Plasma Ion Generator
Plasma Tv
Popcorn Maker
Portable Air Conditioner
Portable Bidet
Portable Bug Zapper
Portable Fireplace
Portable Gas Cooker
Portable Gas Stove
Portable Split Type Air Conditioner
Power Dish Brush
Pressure Duct Type Air Conditioner
Quartz Heater
Raclette Grill
Range Hoods
Refrigeration Cabinet
Rice Cooker
Room Air Ionizer
Room Air Purifier
Salad Vegetable Spinner
Salad Washer
Sandwich Maker
Satellite Receiver
Shoe Dryer
Shoe Warmer
Shoes Polisher
Slow Cooker
Small Home Electrical Appliances
Smoke Absorber
Soap Dispenser
Soft Drink Maker
Solar Air Conditioner
Solar Heater
Solar Mosquito Killer
Solar Powered Lamps
Solar Stove
Solar Water Heater
Soy Milk Maker
Soybean Milk Maker
Spa Heater
Speaker Parts
Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner
Stainless Steel Kettle
Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Stainless Steel Toaster
Stand Fan
Steam Brush
Steam Cleaners
Steam Cooker
Steam Iron
Steam Ironing Machine
Steam Oven
Steam Press
Steam Station
Steamer Machine
Straight Blade Fan
Surround Sound Amplifier
Table Sterilizer
Tea Machine
Tea Maker
Tea Makers
Telephone Control Thermostat
Toilet Seat Warmer
Towel Cooler And Warmer
Towel Rail Heater
Towel Warmer
Tower Fan
Travel Iron
Trouser Press
Tumble Clothes Dryer
Twin Tub Washing Machine
Twister Sweeper
Two Tank Fryer
Ultra-Sonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Ultrasonic Sterilization Cleaner
Underwear Sterilizer
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Sealer
Vcd Player
Vcr Player
Vegetable Cleaner
Ventilating Fan
Ventilation Fan
Vertical Refrigerated Showcase
Waffle Maker
Wall Electrical Fans
Wall Mounted Air Cleaner
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner
Wall Split Type Air Conditioner
Washing Machine
Water Air Purifier
Water Boiler
Water Cooling System
Water Dispenser
Water Heater
Water Softener And Purifier
Water Sprayer With Fan
Window And Separation Style Of Air Conditioner
Window Type Air Conditioner
Wine Bottle Cooler
Wine Fountain
Wine Opener
Wine Pump
Wireless Doorbell


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