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The Auto industry in Thailand is thriving. Thailand Automobile manufacturers are changing their set up from being assemblers of foreign cars to being manufacturers of Thailand cars albeit under the umbrella of foreign auto manufacturers and using their brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo and of course Japanese cars such as Honda, Toyota and Mazda.

The Pick up truck business is already well established and Thailand is now changing in this area tremendously from the scene ten years ago when three major auto producers, Toyota, Isuzu and Nissan fought for the major slice of the truck market. Now these auto companies are not only producing for the domestic market but gearing up to make Thailand the leading producer and exporter of this type of vehicle worldwide. This sector of the market is so strong that major newcomers are emerging like Ford and Chrysler.

This lively pick up market has spawned spin off industries supplying auto accessories for pick ups like canopies, nudge bars, bed liners etc. I get requests almost every day from auto companies all over the world looking to source pick up truck accessories.

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