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Thailand Automotive Companies, Thai Automotive Manufacturers

Thailand is a great place to source automotive products in the following categories: Automotive Body & Panels Manufacturer, Automotive Brake Components, Automotive Suspension Parts, Automotive Electrical & Electronics, Automotive Upholstery, Automotive Batteries, Automotive Car Care Products, Automotive Parts, Automotive Glass, Automotive Accessories, Automotive Plastic Parts, Automotive Engines & Engine Parts, Automotive Tires & Rubber Parts and Automotive Air Conditioning

I was driving down to Pattaya along the new Chonburi bypass. A new billboard caught my eye 'Welcome to Detroit of the East'  With the problems that Detroit is not enjoying right now I smiled and notched this up to another case of Amazing Thailand. Along the other side of the highway a long convoy of articulated trucks carrying hundreds of new cars headed for delivery to the port of Laem Chabang and onwards to - who knows where.

Yes Thailand is fast becoming a major hub for the production of automobiles and the plethora of automotive parts manufacturers who are supporting this booming industrial sector.

Thailand does not have a native automotive industry. There is no home grown mode of transport per se apart from the elephant and the three wheeled Tuk-Tuk. It was the Japanese who first stepped in to assemble locally their ranges of pick-up trucks.

This sector is still going strong with the market leaders Toyota, Nissan and Isuzu being challenged nowadays by the Japanese wanna be's Mazda and the mighty Ford Corporation who have never really found a place in the Thai auto market.


The social structure in Thailand is very different from the west. For a long time Thai society was dominated by a two tier social hierarchy. The rich and the not rich. The not rich who constituted and still does 95% of the Thai population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. For transportation they use motorcycles and curious mechanical buffaloes to carry out their daily tasks.

Pick-up trucks were a natural progression. A sturdy vehicle serving a dual purpose. Carrying the the family to the fields and the harvest back home. Only the top 5% could afford a car and they weren't going to be seen driving around in Toyotas or Morris Minors. No exorbitantly expensive Benz's BMW's and later Volvo's were the desired mode of transport.

Nowadays the expensive, luxurious cars are being assembled in Thailand, using an ever increasing quantity of locally sourced auto parts. These luxury vehicles destined for the nouveau rich in Thailand and the lucrative high class car market across South East Asia.

Are you looking to source automotive parts, accessories or even a brand new Mercedes Benz at a discount price then Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your automotive needs please email with your requests

  • Automotive Body & Panels Manufacturer
  • Automotive Brake Components
  • Automotive Suspension Parts
  • Automotive Electrical & Electronics
  • Automotive Upholstery
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Automotive Car Care Products
  • Automotive Parts
  • Automotive Glass
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Automotive Plastic Parts
  • Automotive Engines & Engine Parts
  • Automotive Tires & Rubber Parts
  • Automotive Air Conditioning
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Featured Thai Automotive Companies
Accord Business Group Thailand Automobile parts, suspension parts, rubber parts. For Japanese car such as Toyota, Nissan, Izusu, Mitsubishi, Honda
A.M.C. Motor Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Auto Parts Manufacturer producing: Automotive lighting, Plastic Auto Parts, Rear Lamps, Tail Lamps, Side Lights, Amber Corner Lens, Corner Lamp, Fog Lamp, Front Lamp, Front Lens, License Lamps
Bangkok Autowire & Cable Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturers of Electrical Conductors, Automotive Wire, Automotive Cables
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand manufacturing Shafts, Pins, Screws, Bosses for Automotive, Electronics and Electrical Industries
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle clutches and Assembly of Auto Parts and Automobile Clutches
Foamex Asia Co, Ltd Thailand International Manufacturer of Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Medical Supplies, Face Masks, Beard Masks, Implantable medical devices, Bedding Foam, Automotive Trim Foam, Furniture Foam, Mop Head Refills and Swabs.
Hitachi Chemical Automotive Product Thailand Co Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Plastic Automotive Parts, Instrument Panel, Foam and Injection Mold, Door Trim, Bumper, Radiator Grille, Console and Interior Trim.
J. Meng Kwuang Ltd, Part Thailand Thailand Steel Casting Manufacturer, Auto Parts Castings Automotive Castings
J. Phiphat Autopart Industry Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Auto parts Manufacturer producing Automotive Body Parts For Japanese Vehicles, Japanese Automobiles
N.C.R Rubber Industry Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Hoses, Automotive Rubber Hoses, Mandrel Built Hoses, Pvc Products, Rubber Engineered Products, Air Barriers, Wall and Corner Guards, Rubber Fuel Piping, Process Air and Gas Piping, Industrial Process Piping, Rubber Mold & Dies
NHK SPRING (THAILAND) CO. LTD Thailand A Manufacturer of Automotive Parts, Leaf Spring, Coil Springs, Stabilizer Bars, Torsion Bars, Upholstery, Seat Sets, Door Trim, Headlining, Hdd Parts, Precision Springs
R.M.A. TRADING CO.,LTD. Thailand A Foreign Owned Trading Company specializing in Sales & Service, Logistics, Automotive, Armored Vehicles, Power Generation Equipment, Generators, Building and Construction Equipment for NGO's in South East Asia

Here is a list of just some of the high quality automotive products that we can source from the best of Thailand's automotive manufacturers. If you would like Bangkok Companies to source your automotive parts or complete automobiles then please contact

4x4 Accessories Bull Bar
4x4 Parts
Accelerator Cable
Adhesive Pvc Tape
Adhesives And Sealants
Aero Liner Truck Liner
Air Bags
Air Cleaner
Air Conditioner Hoses
Air Conditioning Hoses
Air Cooler
Air Filter
Air Filters
Air Intake Systems
Air Purifier
Air Refresher Product
Air, Oil & Fuel Filters
Airconditioner Exhaust System.
Alarms & Security Devices
Alfa Romeo
All Terrain Vehicle
Alloy Wheels
Alternators Starters
Aluminium Alloy Wheel
Aluminium Casting
Aluminium Wheels
Aluminium Wheels For Passenger Cars
Anit-Vibration Rubbers
Arm Rests
Assembling Of Truck Body
Audi Parts
Audio Manufacturers
Audio Products
Auto Accessories
Auto Accessories-Alarms
Auto Air Conditioning
Auto Appraisals
Auto Body Parts
Auto Brake Parts
Auto Classifieds
Auto Dealerships
Auto Decals
Auto Electrical Parts
Auto Electronic System
Auto Electronics
Auto Engine & Part
Auto Insurance
Auto Lighting
Auto Maintenance & Repair
Auto Manuals
Auto Manufacturers
Auto Muffler Parts
Auto Parts
Auto Parts - General
Auto Parts - Performance
Auto Parts - Used
Auto Racing
Auto Repair Manual
Auto Restoration
Auto Sales
Auto Seat Cover
Auto Seat Cover (Leather)
Auto Seats Cover
Auto Software
Auto Spare Parts
Auto Suspension Parts
Auto Transmission Part
Auto Warranty
Automobile Air-Condition Parts
Automobile Aluminium Radiator
Automobile Dealers-New Cars
Automobile Equipment
Automobile Horn
Automobile Manufacturer
Automobile Parts
Automobile Powertransmission Belts
Automobile Transmission Components
Automobile-Renting & Leasing
Automotive Accessories
Automotive Air-Conditioning System
Automotive Aluminium Wheel
Automotive And Marine Transmission
Automotive Assembly
Automotive Batteries
Automotive Batteries Manufacturer
Automotive Beading For Seats
Automotive Body Parts
Automotive Brake Parts
Automotive Bushings
Automotive Cable
Automotive Care
Automotive Care Products
Automotive Chassis Components
Automotive Coating
Automotive Coatings
Automotive Coil Leaf Spring
Automotive Coil Leaf Springs
Automotive Consumer Services
Automotive Control Cable
Automotive Control Cables
Automotive Cylinder Parts
Automotive Dash Inner Insulators
Automotive Dealers
Automotive Diesel Engines
Automotive Directories
Automotive Door Lock
Automotive Drum Brakes
Automotive Dry-Charged Batteries
Automotive Electrical
Automotive Electrical Parts
Automotive Electrical Parts - Horn
Automotive Emission Control Catalyst
Automotive Engine
Automotive Engine Mountings
Automotive Engines
Automotive Exhaust System
Automotive Fenders
Automotive Floor Mats
Automotive Fuel Filters
Automotive Gasket
Automotive Gaskets
Automotive Hub Cap
Automotive Hydraulic Filters
Automotive Information
Automotive Insurance
Automotive Iron Steel
Automotive Lamp Bulbs
Automotive Lamps
Automotive Leather Upholstery
Automotive Lighting
Automotive Loans
Automotive Mag & Alloy Wheels
Automotive Molding Rubber
Automotive Oil & Air Filters
Automotive Oil Manufacture
Automotive Oils
Automotive Parts & Accessories
Automotive Parts Distributor
Automotive Pistons & Parts
Automotive Pistons & Pins
Automotive Plastic Case
Automotive Plastic Parts
Automotive Radiator
Automotive Radiators
Automotive Rearview
Automotive Refinishes
Automotive Rubber Parts
Automotive Safety Glass
Automotive Safety Products
Automotive Safety Stamping Parts
Automotive Spare Parts
Automotive Stamping Parts
Automotive Steel Cable
Automotive Tape
Automotive V-Belt
Automotive Wheel Hub
Axle Shaft
Balancer Shaftspress Die Casting Parts
Ball Joint
Ball Joint & Tie Rod
Ball Joints
Ball Socket
Band Battery
Battery Cable
Battery Cables
Battery Clamps
Battery Relay
Bmw Cars
Bmw Parts
Body Cab. Gasket
Body Parts
Body Parts For Japanese Vehicle
Bolts & Nuts.
Bonnet (Hood)
Brake Actuation Components
Brake Booster
Brake Caliper
Brake Drum
Brake Dust Shields
Brake Lining
Brake Pads
Brake Parts
Brake Pipe
Brake Pipes
Brake Shoe
Brake Shoes
Brake System For Cars
Brush Guard
Bug Shields
Buick Parts
Bumpers & Bumper Covers
Bus Air Conditioner
Bus Air Conditioning Units And Parts
Bush Beraing
Bush Rubber Bushing
Cable Connect
Cadillac Parts
Car Accessories
Car Accessory
Car Air Conditioner
Car Air-Con System
Car Air-Conditioners
Car Audio
Car Care
Car Care Accessories
Car Care Product Glass Cleaner Product
Car Carpets
Car Clubs
Car Collectibles
Car Component
Car Cover
Car Engines (Diesel And Gasoline)
Car Enthusiasts
Car Financing
Car Mats
Car Radios Communication Equipment
Car Seat Belts.
Car Seatbelt Webbings
Car, Van And Truck Rental Services
Carcare Product
Cargo Body On Truck Chassis
Cargo Liner
Cargo Nets & Tailgate Nets
Catalyst For Catalytic Conventor
Catalytic Converter
Center & Cross Rodcontrol Arm Kit
Center Bearing
Centre Bearing Support
Chassis For Trailer
Chassis Frames
Chassis Frames,
Chemicals For Automobile
Chevrolet Auto Parts
Chevrolet Parts
Chevy Parts
Chip Power Tuning
Chrysler Parts
Classic Auto Parts
Classic Cars Parts
Clutch Disc
Clutch Discs
Clutch Parts
Clutch Pipe
Cluth Facing
Coil Springs
Cold Air Induction (Ram Air)
Cold Air Intake
Commercial Vehicles
Components & Parts
Compressed Asbestos Fiber Jointing Sheet And Gaskets
Compressorcooling Unit Alternator
Connecting Rod
Connecting Rods
Consoles And Trim Sets
Cooling Coil
Cooling System
Cord Jumper
Core Air Cooler
Core Radiator
Cover Clutch & Generator
Cover Footrest
Cover Tail
Cow & Buffalo Leathers
Crank Shaft & Cylinder For Compressor
Crank Shafts
Crossover Bellow Selt Supporting Joints
Cushion Arm Rest
Custom Auto Parts
Custom Cars
Custom Made Rubber Products
Customed Molded Rubber Parts
Cv Joint
Cylinder Blocks, Compressors
Cylinder Head Gasket
Cylinder Head Gaskets
Daewoo Parts
Daewoo Vehicles And Spare Parts
Daihatsu Parts
Damper Clutch
Damper Thermo
Dash Boards
Diesel Engine Parts
Diesel Engines
Diesel Equipment
Disc Brake
Disc Brake Pads
Disc Pad
Disc Pads
Distributor Fuel Injection Pump
Dodge Parts
Domestic Auto Parts
Door And Window Accessories
Door Handles
Door Hinges
Door Mirror
Door Panel Padding
Door Seals
Door Trims
Door Weather-Strip & Trunk Lids
Down Light
Drive Shaft Boot
Drive Shafts And Axles
Drive Train
Dumpbody On Truck Chassis
Eagle Parts
Elastomeric Products
Electric Blinkers
Electric Cables
Electrical Cables
Electrical Equipment
Electrical Parts
Electrical System
Electric-Light Bulbs And Lighting Equipment
Electronic Chassis Parts
Engine Body, Cylinder Liner
Engine Cooling System
Engine Cooling Tank
Engine Gasket
Engine Hardware
Engine Hood Silencer Floor
Engine Mount
Engine Mounting
Engine Overhaul Kit
Engine Parts
Engine Parts,
Engine Performance Chips
Engine Treatment
European Auto Parts
Exhaust Connectors
Exhaust Gas Recycling Tubes
Exhaust Mainfold Gasket
Exhaust Manifold Gasket & Secondary Gasket
Exhaust Pipe
Exhaust System
Exhaust Systems
Exterior Accessories
Exterior Parts And Accessories
Fan & Fan Clutch
Fan For Car Air Conditioner
Fan Generatorwiper Link
Fans & Fan Clutches
Fender Flares
Fender Mirrors
Fender Skirts
Fender Trims
Fiber Roof For Pick-Up
Fiberglass Canopy
Fiberglass Pickup Cabs
Filter Case
Finished Leather
Fire Extinguisher
Flange Exhaust
Flat Cable Assy
Flexible Braided Hose Assemblies
Floor Mats
Fog Lights
Ford Parts
Front & Rear Drum
Front Fender
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filters
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pipes
Fuel Pump
Fuel System
Fuel Tanks
Spare Part
Gasket Materials
Gasket Muffler Bolt
Gear Box
Gear Drive Vacuum Pump
General Motors
Generators & Alternators-Automotive
Geo Parts
Glove Boxes
Gmc Parts
Grille Guard
Ground Effects
Hand Brakes
Head Linings
Head Rest
Heat Insulator
Heater Core
Heavy Duty Air Filter
Heavy Duty Truck Tyres
High Tension Bolt For Automotive Industry
High Tension Bolt
Hitch Accessories
Hi-Tech Injection Parts
Honda Automobile Dealer & Service Center
Honda Parts
Honda, Hyundai
Hood Scoop
Hood Seals
Hose Assembly
Hose Clamps
Hose Clamps (504)
Hose Compressor Suction
Hub Bolt
Hummer Parts
Hydraulic Brake Hoses
Hydraulic Filter
Hydraulic Part
Hydraulic Pump
Hyundai Parts
Ice Scrapers
Ignition System
Import Car Parts
Imports And Sports Cars
Indicator Lamp
Infiniti Parts
Injection Plastic Part For Automobile
Injection Pump
Instrument Cluster
Instrument Panels
Interior Accessories
Interior Door Panels
Interior Parts And Accessories
Interior Plastic Parts
Interior Wood Partswooden Panel
Isuzu Parts
Isuzu Station Wagon
Jaguar Parts
Jeep Cherokee
Jeep Parts
Key Set
Kia Parts
Knob Shift Level
Knuckle Arms
Knuckle Spindles
Laminated Safety Glass
Lamp Base
Lamp Housing
Land Rover
Land Rover Cars
Land Rover Parts
Lead Wires
Leaf Spring
Leaf Springs
Leather Auto Upholstery
Lexus Parts
Lift Kit
Light Case
Light Truck Tyres
Light Trucks
Light Weight Panel
Lincoln Parts
Lock Components
Loudspeaker For Hi-Fi Audio
Low Pressure Rubber Hoses
Machinical Parts
Manifold Gaskets For Engines
Master Cylinder
Mazda Parts
Mercedes Benz Authorized Dealer & Service Center
Mercedes Benz Parts
Mercury Parts
Metal Stamping Parts
Metalic And Brass Parts
Metal-Jacketed Gaskets
Miniature Lamp
Mitsubishi Diesel Engine
Mitsubishi Parts
Mobile Car Radio
Mobile Electronics
Module Connector
Motor Oil & Oil Additive
Motorcar Steering
Motorcycle Accessory
Motorcycle Parts
Motorized Three Wheelers (Tuk Tuk)
Mud Flaps
Multi-Purpose Pick-Up
Multipurpose Vehicles
Nerf Bar
Nerf Bars
Nissan Parts
Oa Parts
Oil Cooler
Oil Coolers
Oil Filter
Oil Filters
Oil Pump Shaft
Oil Pumps
Oil Seal
Oldsmobile Parts
Opener Cable
Oxygen Sensor
Panel For Motorcycle
Panels For Car Bodies
Panels For Passenger Car Bodies,
Parcel Shelves
Parking Brake Cable
Passenger Cars
Performance Chip
Performance Parts
Performance Pulleys
Pickup Accessories
Piston & Pin For Automobile
Piston Ring
Piston Rings
Pistons & Pins For Automobile
Plastic Buckle
Plastic Electric Wire Insulation Tapes
Plastic Fastener
Plastic Injection Moulding
Plastic Part
Plastic Parts
Plastic Spare Parts
Plastic Water Pump Valves
Plastics Parts For Motorcar Interior & Exterior
Plastics Parts For Motorcar Interior & Exterior.
Plug In Accessories
Plymouth Parts
Polymer & Plastic Part
Polymer Products
Pontiac Parts
Porsche Parts
Power Steering Hoses
Power Steering Pump
Precision Engine Parts
Precision Spring
Precision Springs
Press Parts For Automotives
Prop Shafts
Propeller Shaft Cushion
Protective Film
Pu Coated Split Leather
Pu. Molded Foam For Automotive Seat
Publish Address
Pvc Film
Pvc Sponge Leather
Radiator Cap
Radiator Cooling Fan
Radiator For Car
Radiator Hose
Rain Guards
Rear Axle Shafts
Rear Bar
Rear Gate
Rear Lamps
Rear Luggage Cover
Rear Tail Body
Rear View Mirrors
Rear Window
Rear-View Mirror
Reclining Seat
Rental Car Services Sedan Renting Of Automobiles And Trucks
Repair Manual
Repair Shops
Repair Tools
Rocker Arms
Roof Head Lining
Roof Moldings
Roof Rack
Rover Cars
Rubber Carpet
Rubber Dampers
Rubber Floor Mat
Rubber Hose
Rubber Hoses
Rubber Mat Flaps
Rubber Molded Products
Rubber Moulding
Rubber Parts
Running Boards
Saab Dealers
Saab Parts
Safety Belt
Safety Belt Pad
Safety Belts
Safety Equipment
Safety Glass
Safety Kits
Safety Lights
Safety Relay
Salvage Auto Parts
Sash And Flexible Tubes
Saturn Parts
Screw Jack
Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
Search Engines
Seat Adjusting Handle
Seat Belts & Webbing
Seat Cover/ Multi Purpose Bag Etc
Seat Covers
Seat Recliner
Seat Slides
Security Locks
Security Manufacturers
Sensor Wire
Service And Parts
Shock Absorber
Shock Absorber Mounting
Shock Absorber Parts
Shock Absorbers
Shopping Sites
Side Door Panel
Side Lamps
Silencer Pads
Sintered Parts
Spark Plug Wires
Spark Plugs
Special Bolts, Pins, Rivets
Special Purpose Vehicles Such
Speedometer Cable
Spiral-Wound Gaskets
Sponge Insulating
Sport Seat
Sport Utility Vehicles
Spring Band Clamp
Spring Sunshade
Stainless Steel Car Accessories
Stamping Press Parts
Standard Bolts & Nuts
Starter Gear
Starter Motor
Starter Solenoid,
Station Wagons
Steel Casting
Steel Cord For Tyre
Steel Roof For Pick
Steering Boot
Steering Gears
Steering Parts
Steering Rack
Steering Wheel
Steering Wheels
Stereos Cd's
Stop Switch
Stop Tail Lamp
Subaru Parts
Sub-Assembly For Automotive Parts
Supercharger Kit
Suspension Members
Suspension Parts
Suspension Ruber
Suzuki Parts
Synthetic Rubber And Rubber Products For Automobiles
Tail Light Lenses
Tail Lights
Tempered Safety Glass
Ten-Seater Carrier
Thai Tuktuk
Three-Seater Carrier
Tie Downs
Tie Rod End
Timing Belt & Chain
Tires & Tubes
Tires For Vehicles
Tonneau Cover
Tool Kit
Tool Manufacturers
Tools And Equipment
Torque Rod
Torque Rod Bush
Torsion Bars & Stabilizers
Toyota Genuine Car Part Distributors
Toyota Parts
Trailer Parts - Brake Shoes
Tranmission Belt
Transmission Belt
Transmission Cable
Transportation For Automotive Parts
Tricycle Spare Parts
Truck & Bus Chassis
Truck Bed & Tonneau Covers
Truck Bed Liners
Truck Bed Toolboxes
Truck Engines Parts
Truck Parts And Accessories
Truck Spare Parts
Trucks And Vans
Trunion Bush
Trunk Mat
Trunk Mats
Trunk Seals
Trunk Tray
Tuning Cars
Turbo Charger Oil Drain
Tyre Changer
Tyre Flap
U Bolt
Universal Joint
Universal Joint, Etc
Upholstery Leathers
Upset Bolt
Used Auto Parts
Used Cars
Valve Case
Valve Stem Seals
Valve Stems
Valve Train
Vehicle Assembly
Vehicle Component Parts
Vehicle Service Equipment
Vip Bus Seat
Volkswagen Parts
Volvo Parts
Vw Parts
Water Pump
Water Pumps
Wheel Arch Liners
Wheel Balance Weight
Wheel Balancer
Window Moldings
Window Regulator
Window Regulator Drive
Window Tinting Kits
Window Winding Handles
Wing/Spoiler Rear
Wiper Motor
Wiper Motor Gear
Wire Clamp
Wire Harness
Wire Harnesses
Wiring Harness
Wiring Harness Assemblies
Wooden Panel
Worm Drive Clamp
Zone Tempered Safety Glass

Bangkok Companies has a large and extensive database of Thailand automotive manufacturers and automotive exporters as one of the categories of The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database. These companies produce their automotive products to a high standard and are prepared to export internationally as well as produce for the domestic market.

3114 Engineering Co,Ltd.
A & A Auto Part Co,Ltd.
A & H International Co,Ltd.
A & P Siam Neo Co.,Ltd.
A. Yang Thai Manufacturing 1992 Co,Ltd
A.A. Motor Sale Co.,Ltd.
A.A.A. Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
A.A.S. Auto Service Co,Ltd.
A.B.K. Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
A.C. Motor Co,Ltd.
A.C.S.G. (Thailand) Company Limited,
A.G. Simpson (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.G.C. Automotive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.K.H. Industry Co,Ltd.
A.K.P. Technology Co.,Ltd.
A.L.K. Precision Work Co,Ltd.
A.M.C. Motor Co.,Ltd.
A.M.K. Kolkarn Co.,Ltd.
A.N.G. Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
A.P. Honda Co,Ltd.
A.P.S. Industries Co.,Ltd.
A.S. Bearing Co,Ltd.
A.S.A. Motorcycle Part L.P.,
A.S.K. Clutch Co.,Ltd.
A.T.P. Industry Co,Ltd.
A.V.L. Automotive Thai Co.,Ltd.
Aapico Amata Co.,Ltd.
Aapico Hitech Public Company Limited,
Able Autopart Industries Co,Ltd.
Able Progress Industry Co Ltd,
Able Sanit Co.,Ltd.
Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co.,Ltd.
Accord Business Group,
Acushnet (Thailand) Limited,
Adcomat (Siam) Ltd.,
Advance Diecasting Service Co,Ltd.
Advance Focus Co.,Ltd.
Advanced Innovations Co.,Ltd.
Aekomol Co,Ltd.
Aeroflex International Co,Ltd
Aeromaster Group Co,Ltd.
Agape (Bit) Co.,Ltd.
Ah Eiw Factory Co,Ltd.
Aim Clutch Industries Co,Ltd.
Air Tech Industry Co,Ltd.
Aisin Ai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Aisin Clutch Disc Co,Ltd.
Ajin Thai Reclaimed Factory Ltd,Part.
Alcom International Co,Ltd.
Alexon Co,Ltd.
Allide Motor Co,Ltd.
Alloy Industry Co,Ltd.
Allwin Metal Industry Co,Ltd.
Alpha Fiber Products Co,Ltd
Alpha Innovation Co,Ltd.
Alphacast Co,Ltd.
Alphine Technology Manufacturing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Amazon Trading Co,Ltd.
Amornphan Motor Co.,Ltd.
Ampa Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Ampas Industries Co,Ltd.
Anachai-Kobe Battery Co Ltd,
Anuphas & Sons Co,Ltd
Aom Yai Sirichai (1991) Co.,Ltd.
Aoyama Fastener (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Apexsound Lab (Thai) Co Ltd,
Apic Yamada (Thailand),
Arcis Intertrade Co.Ltd.,
Aree Radiator Ltd,Part.
Armstrong Auto Part Co,Ltd.
Arrk Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.,
Art - Serina Piston Co,Ltd.
Art Piston (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Art-Serina Pision Co,Ltd.
Arvin Exhaust (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Arvinmeritor (Thailand) Ltd.,
Asahi Somboon Aluminium Co,Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Metals Co,Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Shippo Moulds Co,Ltd.
Asco Mag Filter Co.,Ltd.
Asia Compact Industry Co,Ltd
Asia Diecasting Products Co,Ltd.
Asia Honda Motors Co,Ltd.
Asia Meister Co,Ltd.
Asia Pacific Components Co,Ltd.
Asia Precision Co,Ltd
Asian Auto Racing Co,Ltd.
Asian Autoparts Co,Ltd.
Asian Die Cast Co.,Ltd.
Asian Frp Industry Co,Ltd
Asian Honda Motor Co,Ltd.
Asian Honda Sarasin,
Asian Iron & Steel Industry Co,Ltd.
Asian Iron & Steel Products,
Asno Horie (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Aspac Oil (Thailand) Limited,
Associated Industries (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ataboon International Motor Co,Ltd
A-Tech Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
Athaboon International Motor Co.,Ltd.
Atsumitec (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Audi Ag,
Aunk Seng Lee Co.,Ltd.
Auto Advance Material Manufacturing Co,Ltd
Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Auto Cs Engineering Co,Ltd.
Auto Parts Industries Co,Ltd.
Auto Place Magazine,
Auto Racing Magazine, Autosport Thailand
Auto Set Co,Ltd.
Auto Sport Co,Ltd.
Auto Technic (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Auto Tex Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Autohaus Bavaria,
Autoliv (Thailand) Ltd.,
Automatic Business Group Co,Ltd.
Automobile Inter-Trade Co,Ltd.
Automotive Asiatic (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Automotive Components (Thailand) Ltd.,
Automotive Mold Technology Co.,Ltd.
Automotive Parts Company Co;Ltd,
Automotive Products Import-Export Center Co,Ltd.
Automotive Resources Asia,
Autoquip Ltd.,Part.
Autoset Limited,
Autosun Bp And H L Co,Ltd.
Autotech (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Autotrade International Co.,Ltd.
Autotrim International Transaction Co,Ltd.
Avis Rent A Car Thailand,
Ayutthaya Metal Co,Ltd.
B. Auto-Part Import Co,Ltd.
B.B.A. Machinery Co,Ltd.
B.C.E. Company Limited,
B.C.S. Auto Trade Co.,Ltd
B.I.S. Asia Equipment Industry Co,Ltd.
B.J. Motor Parts Co,Ltd.
B.J.K.C. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
B.K. Industry Co,Ltd.
B.K.T. Industry Co,Ltd.
B.L. Auto Part Co,Ltd.
B.O.I. Mechatronics Co,Ltd.
B.P. Group Autopart Millor Industrial Co.,Ltd
B.R.S. Intertrade Ltd.,
B.T. Engineering Co,Ltd.
B.V.K. Plating Co,Ltd.
B.V.P. Industrial Ltd,Part.
B.V.P. Motor Co.,Ltd.
Bader (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Bando Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.,
Bangchan General Assembly Co,Ltd.
Bangkaen Brake Ltd,Part.
Bangkae-Nue Foundry Factory Co,Ltd.
Bangkok China Paint Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Coil Center Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Companies,
Bangkok Diecasting And Injection Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Eagle Wings Co,Ltd
Bangkok Eastern Coil Center Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Fastening Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Grand Innovation Group Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Jai Saeng Yont Industry Ltd,Part.
Bangkok Komatsu Co,Ltd
Bangkok Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Metropolis Motor Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Motor Works Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Pacific Steel Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Press Parts Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Seat Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Slide Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Spring Industrial Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Taiyo Springs Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Tools And Mold Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Trt Engineering,
Bangkok Tuk Tuk Manufacturer
Bangkok Uld Repair Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Yont Siri Wat Lp.,
Bangkua Rubber Factory Co,Ltd.
Bangna Veerawat Steel Co,Ltd.
Bangpoo Engineering Co,Ltd.
Bangrajun Industrial Center Co,Ltd.
Banjong Kollakarn Co,Ltd.
Banzai Spare Parts,
Bara Windsor Co,Ltd.
Barcelona Motor,
Basf (Thai) Ltd.,
Bayerische Motoren Werke (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bell T.S.M. Corporation Co,Ltd
Ben Motor Works (1991) Co,Ltd.
Benagem Trading Co.,Ltd.
Benchmark Electronics,
Bendix (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ben-Trading Co,Ltd.
Benz Bkk Group Co.,Ltd
Benz Bkk Vibhavadi Co.,Ltd.
Benz Talingchan Co,Ltd.
Benz Ttc Motors,
Best Occasion Co,Ltd.
Best Plast Industrial Co,Ltd.
Best Plastic Co,Ltd.
Bestex (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Big Benz Corporation Co,Ltd.
Blackjack Industrial Co,Ltd.
Bmw (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bmw Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Boat International Co,Ltd.
Bolt & Nut Industry Co,Ltd.
Bomag Industry Co,Ltd.
Boon Engineering Lathe Mill Ltd.,Part.
Boon Prasit Kollakarn Co,Ltd
Boonchaiyont Garage,
Boonparadorn Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Boriphat Metal Works Ltd,Part.
Bounphrasitikolakarn Co,Ltd.
B-Quik Co.,Ltd.
B-Quik Service Co,Ltd.
Bra Asia Co,Ltd.
Bremsen Ltd.,
Bridgestone Metalpha (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Bridgestone Ncr Co,Ltd.
Brother Auto Parts & Engineering Co,Ltd.
Budget Car And Truck Rental
Bullet Boat Co,Ltd.
Bunjong Industrial Co,Ltd.
Bura Rak Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Burapa Steel Co,Ltd.
Burgmann (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C & C Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd.
C. Chaichanakit Engineering Co,Ltd.
C. Lohapattana Yanyont Co,Ltd.
C. Sahayon Kij Chareon Ltd,Part.
C. Tech Telecom Co,Ltd.
C.A.S.H. Autoparts Co,Ltd.
C.B. Tact (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.C. Auto Part Co,Ltd.
C.C.E. Ltd.,Part
C.C.I. Automotive Products Co,Ltd.
C.C.R. Ltd.,Part.
C.D.I. Center Co.,Ltd.
C.H. Auto Parts Co,Ltd.
C.H. Radiators Co,Ltd.
C.H. Thermo Co,Ltd.
C.H. Vatanayont Ltd,Part.
C.I. Engineering Co,Ltd.
C.I. Hayashi Co,Ltd.
C.J.S. Import Export (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.K. Autopart & Accessory Co.,Ltd.
C.K. Electric Part Co,Ltd.
C.M. Industry Co,Ltd.
C.M. Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
C.M.I.-Thai Services Co,Ltd.
C.N.C. Bang Pa-In Corporation Co.,Ltd
C.N.C. Parts Co,Ltd.
C.N.I. Engineering Supply Co,Ltd.
C.N.S. Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
C.P. Moulding Co,Ltd.
C.P.-Heil Co,Ltd.
C.S. Autopart Co Ltd,
C.S. Industry Ltd,Part.
C.S. Piston (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.S. Punch 1997 Co,Ltd.
C.T. Industry Co,Ltd.
C.T.I. Holding Co,Ltd.
Cagiva Motors (Asia-Pacific) Co,Ltd.
Caldic (Thailand) Ltd,
Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Calsonic Sales (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Camel Industries Co,Ltd.
Captain Co,Ltd.
Car Clinic Phetkasem Co,Ltd.
Car Cosmetic Co.,Ltd.
Car Image Co,Ltd.
Car Station 1987 Ltd,Part.
Car Stereo, Formula Magazine
Car World Club Co,Ltd.
Carconvenience Center Co.,Ltd.
Cargo Perfect Co.,Ltd.
Carlack (Thai-German) Co.,Ltd.
Carmate Center Co,Ltd.
Carpoint Thailand,
Carryboy Thailand
Cataler (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cat's Boeki Co,Ltd.
Central Autoparts Ltd,Part.
Central Precision Parts Co,Ltd.
Central Spring Co.,Ltd.
Century Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Chachoengsao Casting Work Co,Ltd.
Chai Garage Ltd,P.
Chai Watana Tannery Public Co,Ltd.
Chaichanakol Ltd,Part.
Chaichash Powerup Co,Ltd.
Chaimongkol Rubber Parts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Chaipatana Gasket Ltd.,Part
Chaiseree Konlakarn Ltd Parts,
Chaiyaparn Engineering Co,Ltd.
Chaiyaphon Rubber Co,Ltd.
Chaiyong Assembly Co,Ltd.
Chaiyoot Factory (1988) Co,Ltd.
Champaca Marketing Co Ltd :,
Chan Rubber Co,Ltd
Chanakasem International Co,Ltd.
Chankasem Internationl Co,Ltd.
Chanlert Co Ltd,
Chanon Assy Co.,Ltd.
Chaophaya Foundry Co,Ltd.
Charan Import Export Co,Ltd.
Charoen Pattana Industry Co,Ltd.
Charoen Suk Industrial Ltd,Part.
Charoenchai Lohakij Ltd,Part.
Charoenlap Auto Part Co.,Ltd
Charoensri Motor Sales Co,Ltd.
Charoensup Motor Ltd,Part.
Charuay Garage,
Chatchawal Engineering Ltd,Part.
Chatchawal Import & Export Co Ltd,
Chavin Metal Products Co,Ltd.
Checkpoint Auto Center Co.,Ltd
Cheena Gasket Co,Ltd.
Chen Lin Lee Trading Co.,Ltd.
Cheng Fwa Industrial (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Cheng Shing Daiva Co,Ltd.
Cheow Chan Industry (1989) Co,Ltd.
Cherry Serina Co,Ltd.
Cheval Electronic Enclosure Co,Ltd.
Chew Hua Seng Ltd,Part.
Chin Seng Haud Auto Parts Co,Ltd.
Ching Shin Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chira Automotive Co Ltd,
Chira Automotive Export Co,Ltd.
Chiyoda (Thailand) Limited,
Cho Kasem Bellco Battery Co,Ltd.
Cho Thavee Dollasian Co,Ltd.
Chokchai Engineering Co,Ltd.
Cholprasit Radiator Ltd,Part.
Chongthai Rungruang Ltd,Part.
Chor Kasem Bellco Battery Co.,Ltd.
Chor Somboonpaisal 85 Co,Ltd.
Chrysler Sales And Services (Thailand) Ltd,
Chu Hsin (Thai) Machinery Co,Ltd.
Chulapat Plastic Co,Ltd.
Chunhavat Rubber Co,Ltd.
Chuo Thai Cable Co,Ltd.
Citicorp Alloys Co,Ltd.
Citroen International,
City Rubber Industry Co,Ltd.
Classic Product (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Clip-Lok Simpak (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Coating Paper Industries Co,Ltd.
Cockpit Auto Tyre Service Co.,Ltd
Colon Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Color Expert Co.,Ltd
Comechai Aluminium Billet 6063 Co,Ltd.
Commuwell Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Compact International (1994) Co.,Ltd.
Complete Auto Rubber Co Manufacturing Ltd.
Complete Autoparts Co,Ltd.
Connector Asia Co,Ltd.
Corncorde Yachts International Co,Ltd.
Cosmo Truck And Equipment Company Limited,
Cotco Plastics Co,Ltd.
Country Harvest Co.,Ltd.
D.D. Sprocket (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
D.I.A. Resibon (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.I.D. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.M. Chaipongse Corporation Ltd.,
Dacha Stainless Co.,Ltd.
Daewoo Motor Sales Co Ltd, Thai
Daido Kogyo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daido Sittipol Co,Ltd
Daihatsu (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daihatsu-Phranakorn Motor Co Ltd,
Daiichi Alloy (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft,
Daimlerchrysler (Thailand) Ltd.,
Daimlerchrysler Leasing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Daisin Co,Ltd. (Dsc)
Daisin Kogyo Co Ltd,
Daitec Co.,Ltd.
Dana Spicer (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Darayuth Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Data Paint & Chemical Co,Ltd.
Datec (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
De Sta Co (Asia) Co,Ltd.
Decho Mould & Die-Casting Co,Ltd.
Deestone Co,Ltd.
Delmax Machinery Co,Ltd.
Delphi Automotive Systems (Thailand) Ltd.,
Denso (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Denso Tool & Die (Thailand) Co Ltd,
De-Sta-Co Manufacturing Limited,
Dionys Hofmann (Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
D-Mark International Co Ltd,
Dowa Hightech (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Dr. Boo Co,Ltd.
Drycolor Pacific Co,Ltd.
Du Pont (Thailand) Ltd,
Dyna Metal Co,Ltd.
Dynamic Spring Co,Ltd.
Dynaox (Thailand) Ltd.,
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
E.C.F. Precision (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
E.C.F. Rubber Industry Co,Ltd.
E.K. Chai Auto Parts Co,Ltd.
Eagle Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Eason Paint Products Co,Ltd.
East Electric Accessory Co,Ltd.
Eastern Car Liner Ltd,
Eastern Wire Public Co,Ltd.
Easy Way Auto Parts Co,Ltd.
Econo Thailand,
Econosto (Thailand) Limited,
Eftec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Electronics Industrial (Usa) Co,Ltd.
Elias Export Import Co.,Ltd.
Endo Forging (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Engelhard Chemcat (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Engineer Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.
Enkei Thai Co,Ltd.
Enplas Precision (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Epan (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Era Industrial Ltd,Part.
Erawan Rubber Co,Ltd.
Esab (Thailand) Ltd,
Eslen Thai Co,Ltd.
Estron Tyre (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Eternal Enterprise Co.Ltd.,
Eurasia Autopart Co,Ltd.
Europa Auto Sales,
Europa Motor,
European Automobiles Co,Ltd.
Excel Metal Forging Co.,Ltd.
Exedy Friction Material Co.,Ltd.
Extensive Research Polymers Co,Ltd.
Extra Truck Cover Co.,Ltd.
F.I.M.T. Ltd.,
F.I.T. Co,Ltd.
F.J. Autopart Co,Ltd.
F1autosport Co.,Ltd
Facto Co,Ltd.
Farm Tractor Co.,Ltd.
Far-Sight Sahakij Co,Ltd.
Federal Mogul Friction Products (Ferodo),
Feltol Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Ferma Motor Sport Co.,Ltd.
Ferodo (Thailand) Ltd.,
Ferrari Performance Co.,Ltd.
Ferrari Thailand
Fiat Auto (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Fine Intertrade Co,Ltd.
First Overseas Business Co Ltd,
First Siam Auto Part (Mfg) Co,Ltd.
Foamex Asia Co,Ltd.
Focus Mechanic Co,Ltd.
Ford Intergroup Co,Ltd.
Ford Operations (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Formula Automobile Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Formula Industries Co,Ltd.
Formula Intertrade Co,Ltd.
Fortune Parts Industry Co Ltd,
Front Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Fuji Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Fujisah (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Fupan International Co Ltd,
Furukawa Unic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Future Pack Co,Ltd.
Future Parts Co,Ltd.
Gamma Products Co,Ltd.
Gates Unitta (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Gear Industry Co,Ltd.
General Motors (Thailand) Ltd,
General Motors Of Canada,
General Seating (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
German-Thai Boiler Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Global-Thaixon Precision Industry Co,Ltd.
Golden Car Rent,
Golden Rubber Parts Co,Ltd.
Golden Year Ltd.,Part.
Goodyear (Thailand) Public Co Ltd,
Great Foam Products Co,Ltd.
H.M.C. Polymers Co. Ltd.,
Hah Huat Seng Autopart (1969) Ltd,Part.
Haila Climate Control (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Hai-O Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Halla Climate Control (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Harin Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd.
Hayashi Telempu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hayes Lemmerz Siam (Siam Cement Group),
Her Cheng Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Herlix Co.,Ltd.
Hiab Choon Lp,
Hiapnguan Motor Ltd,Part.
Hicom Automotive Plastics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
High Potential Co.,Ltd.
Highway Car Rent,
Hihero Co,Ltd.
Hino Motors (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hirata Corporation,
Hirata Parts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hitachi Chemical Automotive Product Thailand
Hitech Hardening,
Hi-Tech Purity Ltd.,
Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co.,Ltd.
Hoei Electronics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Home Ware Industry Co,Ltd.
Honda Cars (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Honda Cars Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Honda Lock Thai Co.,Ltd.
Honda M C Racing Co.,Ltd.
Honda Ormnoi Sales And Service Co.,Ltd.
Honda R & D South East Asia Co.,Ltd.
Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co.,Ltd.
Honda Ramintra Co.,Ltd.
Honda Sahadyongsichon Ltd.
Honda Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Hong Yang Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Hosoda (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Hua Heng Rubber Factory Co,Ltd.
Hwa Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Hymix Company Limited.,
Hyundai Corp,
I Se O (Thailand) Co Ltd,
I.C.T. Automobile Co.,Ltd.
I.D.I. Engineering Co Ltd,
I.N. Precision Co,Ltd.
I.T.O. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Iam Seng International Co,Ltd.
Ihara Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ike Tekko (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Imperial Cable Industry Co.,Ltd.
Inaba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ingress Autoventures Co.,Ltd.
Inoac Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Integrated Metal Finishing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Intentia Thailand,
Inter Continental Tuk Tuk Co.,Ltd.
Inter Star Auto Product Co,Ltd.
International Casting Co,Ltd.
International Forging Co,Ltd.
International Golden Tyre Co,Ltd
International Iron Works Co,Ltd.
International Metal Industry Co Ltd,
International Rubber Factory Co Ltd,
International Rubber Parts Co,Ltd.
International Vehicles Co,Ltd.
Interparts & Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Intertool Technologies Co,Ltd.
Intertrade World Co,Ltd.
Isuzu (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Isuzu Engine Manufacturing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Isuzu Saenghong Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Isuzu Technical Centre Of Asia Co Ltd,
It Forging (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Italsiam Motors,
Itsarachai Auto Glass Ltd,P.
Iveco Fiat S.P.A.,
Ivex Company Limited,
Izumi Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Izumi Piston Manufacturing Co,(Thailand) Ltd.
J. Charoenchai Tractor Ltd.,Part
J. Meng Kwuang Ltd,Part.
J. Phiphat Autopart Industry Co,Ltd.
J. Thavorn Machinery,
J.E.P. Technologies Co,Ltd.
J.M.T. Sunny Battery (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
J.S.B.Y Fiberglass Products Co,Ltd.
J.T. Eec International Co.,Ltd.
J.T.M. Sunny Battery (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Jaguar Cars (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Jakpetch Machinery Esarn Co.,Ltd.
Jamic Autopart Industry Co.,Ltd.
Jaral Industrial Development Ltd,Part.
Jatar Motor Works Ltd.,Part.
Jaturathit Business Co.,Ltd.
Jibuhin (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Jiken Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Jima-Inter Marketing,
John Chuan Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
John Daniel Inter-Trading Co,Ltd.
John Griffiths (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Johoku (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Joint Venture Trading,
Jomthai Asahi Co,Ltd.
Jong-Num Industry (1990) Co,Ltd.
Juken Thailand Co.,Ltd.
K. Charoen Foundry Co,Ltd.
K. Panicht,
K. Powder Metal Co,Ltd.
K.C. Supply Co,Ltd.
K.C. Wire Parts Co.,Ltd.
K.C.E. Electronics Public Co,Ltd.
K.C.I. Bicycle And Parts Co,Ltd.
K.C.K. Garage,
K.D. Group (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
K.H. Metal Products Co,Ltd.
K.H.C. Trading Ltd.,Part
K.K. Metal Work Ltd.,Part. (Partnership)
K.K. Spare Part Co,Ltd.
K.K.S. International Ltd Parts,
K.L.K. Industry Co,Ltd.
K.M. & A.A. Co,Ltd.
K.M.P. Autopart Co.,Ltd
K.P.N. Ashimori Co.,Ltd.
K.P.N. Sakaguchi Co,Ltd.
K.P.N. Trading Co Ltd,
K.R.R. Motor Co,Ltd.
K.S. Auto Service,
K.S. Mould Parts Co,Ltd.
K.S.K. Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
K.S.P. Industry Co.,Ltd.
K.T. Inter Group Co.,Ltd.
K.T. Intergreen Co.,Ltd.
K.T. Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
K.U. Nomura Thai Limited,
K.V.A. Auto Center Co,Ltd.
Kallawis Auto Parts Industry Co Ltd,
Kamol Industry Co,Ltd.
Kanaech (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kanemitsu Pulley Co.,Ltd.
Kansai Felt (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kansai Resin (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kanto Hara Co.,Ltd.
Katsuvama Finetech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kayama Engineering Co,Ltd.
Kehin Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Keihin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Keihin Auto Parts (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Keng Hong Thong,
Kevlar Co.,Ltd.
Kevtex Co.,Ltd.
Keystone Siam Corporation,
Khian Co.,Ltd.
Khitkan Co.,Ltd.
Khon Kaen Cho Thavee (1993) Co.,Ltd.
Kiangkai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Kiat Charoen City Parts Co.,Ltd.
Kiata Diecasting Co,Ltd.
Kiatkong Intertrade Co Ltd,
Kij Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Kij Rung Ruang Plastic Factory Thailand
Kij Rung Ruang Siam Auto Ltd.,Part.
Kijrungruang Siamauto Ltd Parts,
Kijthaworn Industry Co Ltd,
Kikuchi Narrow Fabric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kin's Auto,
Kinugawa (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kittiwatana Hose Industry Co,Ltd.
Kitviriya Trading Ltd.,Part.
Kiyoshi (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Klong Chan Industry Co.,Ltd
Klonkij Trade Co,Ltd.
Knack S.Chareonkij Co.,Ltd.
Kobayashi Autoparts (Thailand) Ltd.,
Kohbyo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kojo Parts Standard Co.,Ltd.
Kongsakdi Plastic Co,Ltd.
Koolight Motorcycle Battery Co,Ltd.
Kosen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Koyo Manufacturing (Thailand) Co. Ltd,
Kragok Petch Mongkol Co Ltd,
Kraithip Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Krathumban Casting Co,Ltd.
Krengkrai Engineering Co,Ltd.
Kriang Krai Motorwork,
Kritchai Machinery Co,Ltd.
Kritnarong Production Ltd.,Part.
Krung Thai Intercontinental Co,Ltd.
Krung Thai Tractor Co,Ltd.
Krungtep Union Manufacturing Co Ltd,
Krungthai Carrent International Co,Ltd.
Krungthai Plaspack Co,Ltd.
Kueng Seng Ltd.Part,
Kuengseng Manufactory,
Kulthorn Electric Co.,Ltd.
Kumi (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kyoritsu Iyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
L. Hok Heng Ltd.,Part.
L.C.C. Marketing Co.,Ltd.
L.I.S. International Co,Ltd.
Labecthit Business Co.,Ltd
Ladenstein Co.,Ltd.
Lamp Materials Co,Ltd.
Lao Peng Kee Co,Ltd.
Lardkrabung Steel Co,Ltd.
Lean Manufacturing Consulting Gmbh,
Lee Gardens International Co.,Ltd.
Leng Chai Limited Partnership,
Leng Chew Ltd,Part.
Lenso Co,Ltd.
Lenso Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Lim Hui Khing Ltd.,Part
Lockite Co,Ltd.
Lockte Co.,Ltd.
Loctite (Thailand) Ltd.,
Logistics Alliance (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Loha Technic World Ltd.,Part
Lohaprateep Industry Co,Ltd.
Lotus Leather & Trading Co,Ltd.
Luanghiranvut Co,Ltd.
Lucasvarity (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Lucky Foam Industry Co,Ltd.
Luckyworld Group Co,Ltd.
M. Auto,
M.C.C. Industrial New 1999 Co.,Ltd
M.C.R. Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
M.D. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
M.I.C. Autopart Co Ltd,
M.I.C. Industries (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
M.I.S. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
M.M.C. Sittipol Co,Ltd.
M.S. Thai Mart Co Ltd,
M.S. Trading Eu Hua Guang Jear Sung Co Ltd,
M.S.C. Engine Co,Ltd.
M.S.C. Michelin Siam Co.,Ltd.
M.S.C. Pr Two Limited,
M.S.T. Spring (Thailand) Corp. Ltd,
M.T. Alumet Co,Ltd.
M.T.E. Ltd.,
M.T.W. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Machine & Automotive Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
Mah Boonkrong Sirichai 25 Marketing Co Ltd,
Mahachai Car Mart,
Mahachok Lohakit Foundry Co,Ltd.
Mahajak Autoparts Co,Ltd.
Mahajak Development Co.,Ltd.
Mahajak Kyodo Co,Ltd.
Mahakit Rubber Co,Ltd.
Major Line Trading Ltd Parts,
Maneechai Auto,
Maneeyotr Co Ltd,
Marubeni Steel Processing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Marunix (Thailand) Ltd.,
Maruyasu Industres (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Matsushita Battery (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Matsushita Communication Industrial (Thailand) .,
May Design Ltd.,Part.
Mazda City Co.,Ltd.
Mazda Engineering (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mazda Sangchai Co,Ltd
Mbtech Asia,
Media Overseas Co,Ltd.
Meena Auto Works Co.,Ltd.
Megacell International Co,Ltd.
Mercedes Auto Haus,
Mercedes-Benz Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Metek Kitamura (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Michelin Siam Co,Ltd.
Michelin Siam Group Co Ltd,
Michelin Siam Marketing Sales Co Ltd,
Micromatics Co.,Ltd.
Microtek Products Co,Ltd.
Millennium Auto Co.,Ltd.
Ming Tai Industrial (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Mishinuo Mold And Die Technology Co,Ltd.
Misumi (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Mitr Engineering Co,Ltd.
Mitsiam Motors Co Ltd,
Mitsubishi Belting (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Mitsubishi Electric Thai Auto-Parts Co,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mitsuboshi Belting (Thailand) Company Limited,
Mitsuboshi Forging Co,Ltd.
Mitsui Grinding Technology (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Mitsui Siam Components Co,Ltd.
Mizuki Units (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Modic Co,Ltd.
Molex (Thailand) Ltd.,
Molten (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Molten Asia Polymer Products Co.,Ltd.
Mongkol Thavornkij Co,Ltd.
Motor Image Subaru (Thailand),
Motor Wheel (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Mould And Die Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Mould Mate Co,Ltd.
Mu Heno Garage,
Muang Thai General Co,Ltd.
Muang Thong Aluminium Industry Co,Ltd.
Muangthai General Co.,Ltd.
Multico Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Multi-P Co.,Ltd.
Murakami Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Musashi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
N. Cubed Co.,Ltd.
N.C.R Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd.
N.E. Karnchang Co.,Ltd
N.E.C. Motorworks,
N.H.K. Gasket (Thailand) Company Ltd,
N.H.K. Precision Thailand Co Ltd,
N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
N.I. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.M.B. Hi-Tech Bearings Ltd.,
N.M.Rent A Car Co. Ltd,
N.O.K. Industry Co Ltd,
N.P. Autoparts Co.,Ltd.
N.S.K. Bearing - Thailand Co.,Ltd.
N.S.K. Bearings Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.S.K. Safety Technology (Thailand) Co Ltd,
N.S.L. Industry Co.,Ltd.
N.S.O. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.T.N. Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
N.V. Battery Ltd.,Part
N.Y.C. Industry Co.,Ltd
Nacam Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Nakashima Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Namsang Chakkol Co.,Ltd.
Nan Yang Car Mirror Ltd.,Part.
Nanyang Filter Limited Partnership,
Nareta Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Narong Industries Public Co Ltd,
Nat Autotech Co.,Ltd
Natakorn Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd.
National Car Rental C/O S.M.T. Rent-A-Car Co Ltd,
National Thai Co.,Ltd
Nava Kolakarn Co.,Ltd.
Naviworld (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Nawaloha Foundry Bangpakong Co.,Ltd.
Nawaloha Industry Co.,Ltd.
Necvox International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
New Bangpoo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
New Plus Knitting Public Co.,Ltd.
New Somthai Motor Work Co.,Ltd.
New-Star Genuine Parts Co.,Ltd.
Newton Service Center Co.,Ltd.
Next Product Co Ltd,
Nichias Rungruang Co.,Ltd.
Nichirin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Nikki Export Co.,Ltd.
Nil Khosol Co.,Ltd.
Niles (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nimitr Garage,
Nimo Parts Co.,Ltd.
Nippo Automotive Co.,Ltd.
Nippo Mechatronics Parts (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Denso Tool & Dai (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nishikawa Tachaplalert Rubber Co.,Ltd
Nissan Diesel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissan Motor Co Ltd,
Nissan South East Asia Co. Ltd.,
Nissei Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissen Chemitec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nisshinbo Somboon Automotive Co.,Ltd.
Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissin Electric (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nissin Leasing Co.,Ltd.
Nitti Casting Co.,Ltd.
Nuk Oil Seal Co.,Ltd.
Nusorn Garage,


O.E.I. Parts Co.,Ltd.
O.T.A. Seimitsu Kanagata (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
O-Alai Parts Center Ltd.,Part.
Obara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ogihara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Okihara (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Onamba (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ooh Alai Parts Center Ltd.,Part.
Oriental Electric Industry Co.,Ltd.
Oriental Jute Mill Co.,Ltd.
Otani Tire Co.,Ltd.
Outokumpu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Owl Auto Parts Center Ltd.,P.
P & K Enterprise (Thailand) Co Ltd,
P & M Autocare 1998 Co.,Ltd
P & O Auto,
P & P Car Care,
P. Car Rent Co.,Ltd.
P. Kitsiri Ltd.,Part
P. Narong & P N I Co.,Ltd.
P. Phoonsin Ltd.,Part.
P. Silpchai Fiber Co.,Ltd.
P. Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
P.B.R. Automotive (Thailand) Limited,
P.C. Hose Co.,Ltd.
P.C. Products International Co.,Ltd.
P.C.S. Foundry Products Co.,Ltd.
P.C.U. Co.,Ltd
P.J. Kolakrn Co.,Ltd.
P.J.B. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Mechanika Co.,Ltd.
P.K.S. Industry Co.,Ltd.
P.M. Produce Co.,Ltd
P.M.C. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
P.M.K.-Central Glass Co Ltd,
P.P.G. Coatings (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.P.G.-Apc (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.P.S. Safety Glass Co.,Ltd.
P.P.T. (Precision Parts Technologies Co.),
P.R.T. Autopart Co.,Ltd.
P.S. Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
P.S. Motorcushion Ltd.,Part.
P.S.G. Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
P.S.K. International Bearings Co.,Ltd.
P.S.P. Tannery Co Ltd,
P.S.Y. Autopart Co Ltd,
P.T.Y. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
P.V.K. Precision Tooling Co.,Ltd.
P.V.S. Equipment Ltd.,Part.
P.Y.K. International Trading Co Ltd,
Pacific Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pacific Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Pahonyothin Motors,
Pairoj Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Pakda International Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Automotive System (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Panasonic Industrial Thailand Ltd,
Panjawatana Plastic Co.,Ltd
Pansiri Co Ltd,
Paradorn Parts Co.,Ltd.
Paragon Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Paratire Lp.,
Paris Bangkok Auto Centre,
Parish Structural Products (Thailand) Ltd.,
Patanayont Auto Paris Ltd.,Part.
Pathumthani Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Pechsiam Technotrade Ltd Part,
Peng Huat Lee Ltd.,
Petchaburi Car Rent,
Petchburee Carrent,
Peugeot (Automobiles),
Phanchai Auto Supply Co.,Ltd.
Phanfah Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Pheeramas Limited Partnership,
Phelps Dodge Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Phenix Auto Group Co.,Ltd.
Pholasith Tuk-Tuk Motors Co.,Ltd.
Phoon Thong Industrial Co.,Ltd
Phra Nakorn Automobile Co.,Ltd.
Phrapradaeng Honda Cars Co.,Ltd.
Phrapradang Honda Cars Co.,Ltd.
Phraram 3 Honda Cars Co.,Ltd.
Pichetchai Co.,Ltd.
Pichit Industrial Works Co.,Ltd.
Pine-Pacific Corporation Ltd.,
Pinya Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Pipattanaphong Karnchang Ltd.,P.
Piroj Motor Supply Co.,Ltd.
Pitoorn Kolsarn Co.,Ltd.
Pk. Mechanika Co.,Ltd.
Plansee Co Ltd,
Plasess (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Plastar Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Plasticpanich Co.,Ltd.
Platimaq Technology Co.,Ltd
Polymer Industrial Co Ltd,
Polytex Industry Co.,Ltd
Pongpara Codan Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Pongpara Polymer Co.,Ltd.
Porn Charoen Industry Ltd.,Part.
Pornpat Machine Works Co.,Ltd.
Pornprasert Garage,
Pornvisawa Tooling Co.,Ltd.
Posa Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Posh Co.,Ltd.
Powauito (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Praditcharoen Professional Audio,
Prasit Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Praxair (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Preci Part Co.,Ltd.
Precision Interplas Co.,Ltd.
Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Precision Steel Work Ltd.,Part
Prem & Win Ltd.,Part.
Premier Enterprise Public Company Limited,
Premier Multipart Co.,Ltd.
President Automobile Industries Co.,Ltd.
President Nippon Auto Co.,Ltd.
Pressure Container Industry Corp Ltd,
Prestige Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Primacy Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Primus Leasing Co.,Ltd.
Progress Electronics Ltd.,Part.
Progress Toyo Manufacture Thai Co.,Ltd.
Protool (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pullthana Technology & Supply Co.,Ltd.
Q.C. Leasing Co.Ltd.,
Q.D.P. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Quality Alloys Co.,Ltd.
Quality Rent-A-Car Co.,Ltd.
Quality Technology Electronics Co.,Ltd.
R.K.Y. Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd
R.S. Radcoflex (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
R-2000 (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Radicon Co.,Ltd.
Raiton Lock Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Raja Cycle Co.,Ltd.
Raks Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Rakyont Mazda Co.,Ltd.
Rama 2 Yontrakarn Co.,Ltd.
Rama 3 Honda Cars Co.,Ltd.
Rangphueng Radiator Co.,Ltd.
Rasean Works R&D Co.,Ltd.
Rattana Damrong Co;Ltd,
Rayong Modular Auto Industries Co.,Ltd.
Reform Product Co.,Ltd.
Reptech (Siam Repco) Co Ltd,
Reynolds & Reynolds Pty. Ltd.,
Rider International (Megacell) Co Ltd,
Roadstone Tyre & Rubber (1986) Co.,Ltd.
Robert Bosch Ltd.,
Rocket Steel Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ronglor Suksawad Loha Co.,Ltd.
Roumcharoen Auto Service Co.,Ltd.
Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Royal En-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Royal Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Ruang Charoen Foundry Ltd.,Part.
Rubber Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Rung Chareon Kolakarn Motor Sales Co.,Ltd.
Rung-Arun Lohakij Ltd.,Part.
Rungcharoen Foundry Ltd.,Part
Rungfa Industry Co.,Ltd.
S & C Industry Co.,Ltd.
S & D Cycle Bangkok,
S. Alai Yont Auto Parts Ltd.,Part.
S. Gasket Co.,Ltd.
S. Kasem Car Center Co.,Ltd.
S. Pathana Casting Co.,Ltd.
S. Yont Sin (1986) Co.,Ltd.
S.A.I. Auto Parts Ltd.,
S.C. Autoseats Co.,Ltd
S.C.G. Corporation Co.,Ltd.
S.C.G. Industry Co Ltd,
S.C.H. Industries Co.,Ltd.
S.C.H. Industry Co.,Ltd.
S.C.I.C. Limited,
S.C.L. Motor Part Co.,Ltd.
S.C.T. Co.,Ltd.
S.G. Factory (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.H.K. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Auto Interior Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Polymer Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Rubber Part Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Spring,
S.K.I. Co.,Ltd.
S.L. Works & Sales Ltd.,Part.
S.M.C. Thailand Ltd.,
S.M.T. Leasing Co.,Ltd.
S.M.T. Rent-A-Car Co.,Ltd.
S.N.C. Former Co.,Ltd.
S.N.C. Sound Proof Co.,Ltd.
S.N.N. Tools & Dies Co.,Ltd.
S.N.P. Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
S.N.R. System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Metal Parts Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Suzuki Public Company Limited,
S.P. Zing & Mould Co.,Ltd
S.R.I. Charan Motor Co.,Ltd.
S.S.S. Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
S.T.P. Rubber Co.,Ltd.
S.V. Nittan Precision Co.,Ltd.
S.W. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
S.W. Metal Co.,Ltd.
S.W. Rubber Co.,Ltd.
S.W.C. Brothers Co.,Ltd
S.W.S. Logistics & Marketing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
S.Y.K. Autopart Import-Export Co.,Ltd.
S.Y.K. Spare Parts Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Saab International Ltd,
Sadtakij Wattana Karnyang Co.,Ltd.
Saeng Thai Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd.
Saengcharoen Foundry (1987) Co.,Ltd.
Saengprateep Autoseat Co.,Ltd.
Safety Plus Co.,Ltd.
Saha Auto Part Industry Co.,Ltd.
Saha Bamrungporn Ltd.,Part.
Saha Karnchang Co.,Ltd.
Saha Kim Motor Co.,Ltd.
Saha Seiren Co.,Ltd.
Sahabangplagod Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sahakit Wisarn Co.,Ltd.
Sahakittibun Co.,Ltd.
Sahakol Chassis Co.,Ltd.
Sahathaiprecision Metalpart Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Light Gauge Steel Co.,Ltd.
Sahaviriya Nittan Co.,Ltd.
Sahayont Watana Auto Sparepart Ltd.,
Samakee Engineering Ltd.,P.
Sammitr Auto Body Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sammitr Autopart Co.,Ltd.
Sammitr Autoseat & Part Co.,Ltd.
Sammitr Autoseat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
San Motors (1988) Co.,Ltd.
Sanden Theco Co Ltd,
Sandy Import & Export (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Sa-Nga Dumrong Industry Ltd.,Part.
Sangcha Motor Co.,Ltd.
Sangrompo Autopart Co.,Ltd.
Sangthong Car Gas Co.,Ltd.
Sanko Diecasting (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sanko Gosei (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sanko Gosei Technology (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sanyo Semiconductor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sathien Plastic & Fiber Co.,Ltd.
Sathorn Works Co.,Ltd.
Sathu Auto Seat Ltd.,Part.
Scania Siam Co Ltd,
Schaffner Emc Co.,Ltd.
Schavakon Co.,Ltd.
Schimmer Metal Standard Co.,Ltd.
Schvakon Co.,Ltd.
Sea Crest 1993 Co.,Ltd.
Seal Jet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Seal Precision Co.,Ltd.
Sealand Casting & Machining Co.,Ltd.
Seikenhei Co Ltd,
Seikenhei Mark Co.,Ltd.
Sekisui S-Lec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Sekurit Saint-Gobain Toa Co.,Ltd.
Semperflex Asia Ltd.,
Semperform Pacific Corporation Ltd.,
Seng Heng Long Spare Parts Co Ltd,
Seng Thai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Senior Com Co.,Ltd.
Sequoya Company Limited.,
Service Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sew-Eurodrive (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sherry Serina Co Ltd,
Shin K.P.S. Co.,Ltd.
Shindengen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Showa Aluminum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Showsaeng (1988) Ltd.,Part.
Siam Adler Co. Ltd.,
Siam Anglo Alloy Co.,Ltd.
Siam At Industry Co.,Ltd
Siam Auto Light Co.,Ltd.
Siam Auto Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Siam Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Autoparts Sales Co.,Ltd.
Siam Battery Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam C.T.P. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Siam Calsonic Co.,Ltd.
Siam Cargo Containers Co.,Ltd.
Siam Casting Product Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chan Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chita Co.,Ltd.
Siam Chokeboonma Co.,Ltd.
Siam Continental Cable Co.,Ltd.
Siam Conveyor Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ctp Industrial Co Ltd,
Siam Densho Co Ltd,
Siam Dk Technology Co.,Ltd.
Siam Electrical Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Elin Motor Co.,Ltd.
Siam Engine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Engineer Body Car Co.,Ltd.
Siam Expansion Group Co.,Ltd.
Siam Filter Products Ltd.,Part.
Siam Fugogu Co.,Ltd.
Siam Furukawa Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Furukawa Co.,Ltd.
Siam Global Enviroprotection Co.,Ltd. (Sge)
Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Gs Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Hitachi Automotive Products Ltd.,
Siam Hpm Co.,Ltd
Siam International Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Siam Karn Spring Co.,Ltd
Siam Kayaba Co.,Ltd.
Siam Kensetsu Co.,Ltd.
Siam Lubricant Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Machinery And Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Siam Metal Technology Co.,Ltd.
Siam Michelin Co. Ltd.,
Siam Motors Co.,Ltd.
Siam Motors Industries Co.,Ltd.
Siam Motors Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Mould & Part Co.,Ltd.
Siam N.M.C Safety Glass Co.,Ltd
Siam Nastech Co.,Ltd
Siam Nc Battery Co Ltd,
Siam Ngk Spark Plug Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nippon Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nissan Automobile Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nissan Casting Co.,Ltd.
Siam Pan Group Public Company Limited,
Siam Poolsub Inter-Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Siam Precision Products Co.,Ltd.
Siam Rhythm Co.,Ltd.
Siam Riken Industrial Co Ltd,
Siam Rubber Ltd.,Part.
Siam Rubber Parts Factory Thailand
Siam Rubber Prapadang Co.,Ltd.
Siam Rung Rueng Industries Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanpo Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sanwa Industry Co Ltd,
Siam Senater Co.,Ltd.
Siam Sera Fb Co.,Ltd.
Siam Spare Part Co.,Ltd.
Siam Spokes Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Siam Steel International Public Company Limited,
Siam Sunrise Enterprise Co Ltd,
Siam Technic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tennex Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Siam Thai Heavy Brake (1987) Co Ltd,
Siam Tire Cord Company Limited,
Siam Toyota Auto Parts Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co Ltd,
Siam Tsuchiya Manufacturing Co Ltd,
Siam Tyre Phra Pradaeng Co.,Ltd.
Siam United Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Siam V.M.C. Safety Glass Co.,Ltd.
Siam Vdo Instruments Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yahama Co.,Ltd.
Siam Zexel Co. Ltd.,
Siamese Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Siamese Tyre Co.,Ltd.
Siamese-Bando Rubber Industry Ltd.,
Siamne Battery Co Ltd,
Side International Limited Partnership,
Sigma & Hearts Co.,Ltd.
Silicon Power Supply Co.,Ltd.
Sime Darby (Thailand) Ltd.,
Simon - Thai Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sinkiatwattana Ltd.,Part.
Siribuse Co.,Ltd.
Siriwiwat (1972) Co.,Ltd.
Sitap Co.,Ltd.
Sittipol 1919 Co.,Ltd.
Smile Family (Siam) Co.,Ltd.
Society Of Automotive Engineers Of Thailand,
Sodick (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Soew Heng Huat Pacific Co.,Ltd.
Solex International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Somboon Advance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Somboon Brake & Clutch Lining Ltd.,P.
Somboon Maleable Iron Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Somboon Somic Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Somthai Electric Co.,Ltd.
Sooksawat Kolakarn Ltd.,Part.
Soon Peng Heng Co.,Ltd.
Soonpattana Karnchang Factory,
South City Group Of Companies,
Specseal Company Limited,
Sped Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Speed World Auto Air Co.,Ltd.
Sprocket Specialist (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sri Borisuth Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sri Charoen Chai Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
Sri Kul Karn Chang Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Sri Service Garage,
Sri Thai Thana Autoparts Co.,Ltd.
Srichan Garage Ltd.,Part.
Srisophon Trading Ltd.,Part.
Srithai Auto Seats Industry Co.,Ltd.
Srithai Miyagawa Co Ltd,
Srithepthai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sritong Industrial Supply Ltd.,Part.
Standard Auto Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Standard Autopart Co.,Ltd.
Star Light Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Star Polymer Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Steel Processing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stryder (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Success Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sue Die Cast Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Sukhetyont Ltd.,P.
Sukosol And Mazda Co Ltd,
Sukosol And Mazda Engineering Co,
Sukosol And Mazda Motor Industry Co,
Sum Hitechs Co Ltd,
Sumitomo Electric Sintered Components (Thailand)
Summit Ansei Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Summit Auto Body Industry Co.,Ltd.
Summit Auto Industries Group Co.,Ltd.
Summit Auto Seats Industry Co.,Ltd.
Summit Kurata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Summit Laemchabang Auto Body Work Co.,Ltd.
Summit Showa Manufacturing Co Ltd,
Summit Steering Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Sun Auto Import Co.,Ltd.
Sun Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Suncall High Precision (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sunchirin Industry (Thailand) Ltd.,
Sunflower Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Sunlife (Thailand) Limited,
Sunstar Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sunstar Engineering (Thailand) Co,
Sunstore Supplier Co.,Ltd.
Supatr Tanagorn Paper Mill Co.,Ltd.
Super Car Break (Thong Chai Pha Break),
Suphachai Engineering Ltd.,Part.
Surin Chakkok Ltd.,P.
Suthisarnyont Garage,
Suwan Autopart Co.,Ltd
Sweden Motors Plc.,
Swedish Motors Corporation Public Company Limited,
Symphonic Car Audio,
T. Krungthai Industries Co.,Ltd.
T.B.K. Krungthep Co.,Ltd.
T.C.H. Suminoe Co.,Ltd.
T.D. Gasket Co.,Ltd.
T.D.A. Rubber Co.,Ltd
T.F.P. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.G.F. Precision Parts Co Ltd,
T.H.K. Leaf Spring (Tek Huad) Co.,Ltd.
T.I.T. International Co.,Ltd.
T.J.F. Auto Supply & Manufacturing Ltd Parts,
T.J.F. Automotive Industry Co Ltd,
T.K. Ingot & Liquation Co.,Ltd.
T.K.C. Autopart Co.,Ltd.
T.K.D. Fiber Co.,Ltd.
T.K.T. Ogawa Co.,Ltd.
T.K.T. Plastic Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.M.C. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.N. Auto Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd.
T.N. Metal Work Co.,Ltd.
T.N.Auto Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd.
T.P. Rubber Industry Co Ltd,
T.P.S.C. Industry Co.,Ltd.
T.Q.E. Co.,Ltd.
T.R. Piston Ring Co.,Ltd.
T.R. Product & Marketing Co Ltd,
T.R.K. Bangkok Industry & The Exporter Co.,Ltd.
T.R.R. Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
T.R.W. Fuji Serina Co Ltd,
T.R.W. Steering & Suspension Co.,Ltd
T.S. Cheng Shing Spring Co.,Ltd
T.S. Intertech Co.,Ltd
T.S. Maxim International Co.,Ltd.
T.S. Supply Co.,Ltd.
T.S. Tech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
T.S.K. Automotive Co.,Ltd
T.S.K. Factory Co.,Ltd.
T.S.K. Forging Co.,Ltd.
T.S.P. Metal Works Co.,Ltd.
T.S.R. Gear & Parts Co.,Ltd.
T.S.Y. Autopart Co.,Ltd.
T.V.C. Engineering Co.,Ltd
T.V.N. Rubber Co.,Ltd.
T.Y. Union Fasteners Co.,Ltd.
Tafong Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tai Shing Li Industry Co,Ltd
Tai-Fong International Co.,Ltd
Taiger Rubber Industrial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taisei (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Taisei Plas (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taiyo Giken (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takao (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Takao Eastern Co.,Ltd.
Takata-Toa Co.,Ltd.
Tana Nakorn Motor Co.,Ltd.
Tanawat Steel Paisan Co.,Ltd.
Tank Kiang Heng Ltd.,Part.
Tansamaipanich Factory Co.,Ltd.
Tanudyont Garage,
Tasaphol Engineering Ltd.,Part.
Taveechai Brakeshoe (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Taworn Spring Works (1988) Co.,Ltd
Teerapan Clutch Co Ltd,
Textile Prestige Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Alloy And Associates Co.,Ltd.
Thai Alloy And Casting Co.,Ltd.
Thai Arai Co Ltd,
Thai Arrow Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asahi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd
Thai Asahi Denso Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asakawa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asco Brake Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asco Filter Co.,Ltd.
Thai Asia Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Auto Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Auto Product Co.,Ltd
Thai Auto Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Auto Works Co Ltd,
Thai Automach Co.,Ltd.
Thai Automotive Industry Co Ltd,
Thai Automotive Seating & Interior,
Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association,
Thai Belt Industry Ltd.,Part.
Thai Bridgestone Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai C.L.Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cable Krungtap Co.,Ltd
Thai Cable Motor Ltd.,Part
Thai Car Show Automotive Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Carbon & Graphite Co.,Ltd.
Thai Carshow Automotive Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Casting Product Co.,Ltd
Thai Center Rubber Parts Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chain & Assembly Plants Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chanathorn Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cheer Powder Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cheng Shing Spring Co.,Ltd.
Thai Chiew Charn Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai City Lamp Co.,Ltd.
Thai Coated Steel Sheet Co.,Ltd.
Thai Daewoo Motor Sales Co.,Ltd.
Thai Dainihon Rubber Co,
Thai Decal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Decoration Lamp Co Ltd,
Thai Dnt Paint Mfg Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ductile Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Electronic Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Engine Manufacturing Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai Engineering Products Co Ltd,
Thai Fine Sinter Co.,Ltd.
Thai Forging Engineering,
Thai Fujioka Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fukoku Co.,Ltd.
Thai Fukuvi Co.,Ltd.
Thai Furnishing Fabrics Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gasket Oilseat Co.,Ltd.
Thai Gasket Standard Ltd.,Part
Thai Ginlong Development Co.,Ltd.
Thai Heng Foundry And Machining(1999) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Heng Lee Service Garage,
Thai Hino Industry Co Ltd,
Thai Honda Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Hua Bamboo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Iki Industries Co Ltd,
Thai Inductions Services Co.,Ltd.
Thai Industrial Parts Ltd.,
Thai Inoac Mold Co.,Ltd.
Thai Inter Fasteners Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai International Die-Making Co.,Ltd.
Thai Iron Foundry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Iwaki Glass Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kakinuma Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kawasaki Motors Co Ltd,
Thai Kayaba Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kodama Co.,Ltd.
Thai Koito Co.,Ltd.
Thai Koken Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Thai Kokoku Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lighting Equipment Ltd Parts,
Thai Marujun Co,Ltd.
Thai Meira Co.,Ltd.
Thai Metal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Metal Forging Co Ltd,
Thai Mitchi Corporation Ltd.,
Thai Mitsuwa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Mul Import Ltd Parts,
Thai Nam Plastic Public Co.,Ltd
Thai Nikko Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nippon Seiki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nok Co.,Ltd.
Thai Oil Seal Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Okawa Co Ltd,
Thai P U Autoparts Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pakerizing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Parapoly Co.,Ltd.
Thai Patana Casting Steel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Plastic Packing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prestige Auto Sales Co.,Ltd.
Thai Progressive Die Co.,Ltd.
Thai Pu Auto Part Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Radiator Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.
Thai Resources And Reputation Co.,Ltd.
Thai Roller Chain Industry Ltd.,Part
Thai Rubber Hose Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Co,
Thai Rung General Motor Co.,Ltd.
Thai Rung Union Car Public Co.,Ltd.
Thai S K Auto Work Ltd.,Part.
Thai Safety Glass Co Ltd,
Thai Sammut Pkk Co.,Ltd
Thai Sare Kolkarn Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seat Belt Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sek Son Co.,Ltd.
Thai Shinmaywa Co Ltd,
Thai Sin Anant Rubber Factory (2516) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sin Anant Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sincere Co Ltd,
Thai Sintered Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Solder Industry Corp Ltd,
Thai Stanley Electric Public Co Ltd,
Thai Starlite Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Cable (Tsk) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Storage Battery Plc.,
Thai Summit Auto Part Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Autoparts Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Connector Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Thai Summit Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Harness Public Company Limited
Thai Summit Hirotec Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Hi-Tech Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Intertech Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Laemchabang Autoparts Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Mitsuba Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit P.K.K. Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Pk Co Ltd
Thai Summit Pkk Bangna Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Pkk Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit R&D Next Technology Co.,Ltd.
Thai Summit Tape Co.,Ltd.
Thai Suzuki Motor,
Thai Swedish Assembly Co.,Ltd
Thai Synergy Works Co.,Ltd.
Thai Techno Glass Co.,Ltd.
Thai Tgk Industry Corp Ltd,
Thai Toyo Denso Co.,Ltd
Thai Tyre Mould Co.,Ltd.
Thai Ultimate Car,
Thai Ultra Auto Parts Co Ltd,
Thai Union P.U. Co.,Ltd.
Thai United Awa Paper Co.,Ltd.
Thai United Plastic Industry Company Limited,
Thai Vehicle Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vetrotex Co.,Ltd.
Thai Welcon Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yamaha Motor Co Ltd,
Thai Yanagawa Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yang Kitpaisan Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yarnyon,
Thai Yashiro Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yazaki Electric Wire Co.,Ltd.
Thai Yong Kiat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Automotive Institute,
Thaimitchi Corporation Co Ltd,
Thaisare Kolkarn,
Thaisin Anant Rubber Factory (2516) Co.,Ltd
Thaisin Metal Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thaisin Rubber Industry Ltd.,Part.
Thai-Ultra Autopart Co.,Ltd.
Thanasap Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Thanutong- Brake,
Thaveekul Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thavorn Engine Parts Co.,Ltd.
Thavorn Tractor Engineering Co.,Ltd
Thavorn Tractor Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Thavorn Tractor Parts Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thep Aree Co Ltd,
Theppratharn Auto Supply Co.,Ltd.
Thermstar Co.,Ltd.
Thitikorn Public Co.,Ltd.
Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Co.,Ltd.
Thonburi Bus Body Co.,Ltd.
Thong San Suk Co.,Ltd.
Thongchai Garage,
Thongchai Industries Co.,Ltd.
Thongsaeng Metallic Products Ltd Parts,
Thor Seng Thong Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Thoresen Laem Chabang Co.,Ltd.
Thunder Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Tienchai Garage,
Tigerpoly (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Timpano Metal Products Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Tin Pao Industrial Co.,Ltd
Toacs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tokico (Thailand) Ltd.,
Toko (Thailand) Co Ltd,
Tong Yang (I.K.I.) Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd.
Top Runner (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Top Tube Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Topy Fasteners (Thailand) Ltd.,
Torch Lite (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toshiba Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.,
Total Training Innovations (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Towa Spring (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Roki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyoda Machine Works (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyonaga (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Auto Body (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Auto Body Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Bara Summit Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Bara Summitr Co.,Ltd.
Toyota K Motors Toyota's Dealer Co.,Ltd.
Toyota K. Motors Toyota's Dealers Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Moter Thailand Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Motor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Motor Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Nontaburi Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Nonthaburi Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Summit Company Limited.
Toyota Tsusho (S) Pte Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Twozu (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tozen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Trade Demand Co Ltd,
Tradenet Co.,Ltd.
Transtec Engineering Co Ltd,
Tri Chet Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co Ltd,
Trim International Co.,Ltd
Triple T. Industry,
Tris (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trix Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Trongvuth Auto Parts Ltd.,P.
Tru Steering & Suspension Co.,Ltd.
Tuk Tuk Siam Limited
Tuk Tuk Thai Co.,Ltd.
Tungsiam Industry Co.,Ltd.
Turbo Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tyrolit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
U.K. Motor Co.,Ltd.
U.M.C. Die Casting Co.,Ltd.
U.P.S. Industry Co.,Ltd.
U.P.V. Import Export Co Ltd,
U.S. Film Co.,Ltd.
Udom Pipatmongkol (Upm) Ltd.,Part.
Udon Auto Paint Ltd.,Part.
Ultimate Accessories (Thailand) Co Ltd
Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Union Belt Industries Co.,Ltd.
Union Chai Rubber Co.,Ltd.
Union Commercial Development Co.,Ltd.
Union Nifco Co.,Ltd.
Union Pattanakij Co.,Ltd.
Union Plastic Co.,Ltd
Union Plastic Public Company Limited,
Union Polymer Co.,Ltd.
Union Sang Thong Parts Co.,Ltd.
Union Thai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Unipart Co.,Ltd.
Unisales Co.,Ltd.
Unisia Jecs (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Unitahi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Unitech Associates Co.,Ltd.
United Asia Elastic Co.,Ltd.
United Factory Co Ltd,
United Intercable Factory Co.,Ltd.
United Motor Work (Siam) Public Co.,Ltd.
United Siam Industry Limited Partnership,
United Union Parts Co.,Ltd.
United Wire Parts Co.,Ltd
Unithai Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.
Unitrade Centre Co.,Ltd.
Unity Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Universal Mining Co.,Ltd.
Usha Siam Steel Industries Co.,Ltd.
U-Shin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Usui International Corporation ( Thailand ) Ltd.,
V & M International Co.,Ltd.
V & P Expanded Metal Co.,Ltd.
V.C.S. Ltd.,Part. (Partnership)
V.P. Auto Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
V.P. Plastic Product (1993) Co.,Ltd.
V.S.K. Cartrim Trading Co.,Ltd.
V.T.C. Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Valqua Industries (Thailand) Ltd,
Vandapac Co.,Ltd.
Vattana Auto Sale And Service Co.,Ltd.
Vee Rubber International Co.,Ltd.
Vikrom's Garage Co.,Ltd.
Vilai Standard (2538) Co.,Ltd.
Virai Standard (2538) Co.,Ltd.
Virapat Precision Co.,Ltd.
Virayont Group Co.,Ltd.
Virayont Ltd.,Part.
Visawakum Garage,
Visit Lock Co.,Ltd
Visteon (Thailand) Limited,
Viwat Visavakij Co.,Ltd.
Volk Thonburi Co.,Ltd.
Volkthonburi Co Ltd,
Volvo Car (Thailand) Ltd.,
Volvo Truck & Bus (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vorachakyont Co.,Ltd.
Vuteq Asia Co.,Ltd
Vutthipat Service Supply Co.,Ltd.
W.J.C. Co.,Ltd.
Walker Exhaust (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wang-In Plastic,
Wantana Co.,Ltd.
Washington Services (Thailand) Ltd.,
Wat Industry Co.,Ltd.
Wattanasuk International Co.,Ltd.
Wechem Co.,Ltd.
Wichien Dynamic Industry Co.,Ltd.
Wilbury Co Ltd,
Wire Cut Service Center Co.,Ltd.
Wire Master Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wirecut Machine Center Co.,Ltd.
Wireform A.M. (Thailand) Ltd.,
Wiroon Industry Co.,Ltd.
Wisdom Autoparts Co.,Ltd.
Wong Automobile Co.,Ltd.
Wongwaiwit Machine Tools Manufactury Co.,Ltd.
World Class Spirit (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
World Coating Process Co.,Ltd.
World Sourcing Co.,Ltd
World Tenet Auto Co.,Ltd.
Worldclass Rent A Car Co.,Ltd.
Wuttiporn Supply Co.,Ltd.
X.P.O. Co.,Ltd.
Y.L.J. International Co.,Ltd.
Y.M.C. Assembly Co.,Ltd.
Y.M.P. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Y.S. Pund Co.,Ltd.
Yachiyoda Alloy Wheel Co.,Ltd.
Yamada Somboon Co.,Ltd.
Yamaha Engines Co.,Ltd.
Yamasei Thai Co.,Ltd.
Yang Shing Machinery Works (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yanmar S.P. Co.,Ltd.
Yarnapund Co.,Ltd
Yazaki Electric Wire Co Ltd, Thai
Yokohama Rubber (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yong Thai Rubber Industrial Co Ltd,
Yongkee Ltd.,Part.
Yontrakit Automobiles Co.,Ltd.
Yontrakit Co.,Ltd.
Yontrakit Intersales Co.,Ltd.
Yontrakit Kia Motor Co.,Ltd.
Yontrakit Volkswagen Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Yorozu (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Yuan Deng Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Yuasa Battery (Thailand) Public Company Limited,
Z.F. (Thailand) Ltd.,
Z.F. Trading Asia Pacific Pte,
Zexel Clutch (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zexel Sales (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Zexel Siam Compressor Co.,Ltd.
Ziebart Center,
Zin Siam Co.,Ltd.

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