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Thailand Insecticides Companies, Thai Insecticides Manufacturers


Thailand Insecticides Companies
produce for the home market but also for export. Major international insecticide and agricultural chemicals companies have their manufacturing base or outsource their production here in Thailand. These are just a few of the products available - Aerosol Insecticides, Natural Insecticides, Chemical Insecticides, Impregnated Mosquito Nets, Insecticide Sprayer Knapsack, Rat Glue Traps

Thailand, contrary to what people think seeing pictures of metropolitan Bangkok, is an agricultural society. The use of insecticides has always been a controversial point in the rural areas. Not so much for the dangers they pose but by the cost to effectiveness ratio.

Many years ago when I first visited Thailand I used to spend time in a small farming communities in the North East of Thailand. One night I couldn't sleep because of the noise of muted explosions in the distance. I asked what the racket was about.

My host was unable to explain in English and my grasp of Thai or at least the local dialect Laos was also very poor. She then mimed the scenario. She danced across the room holding some flowers and a can of mosquito spray. She squirted the insecticide on the flowers, drew her hand across her throat and collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I got the message. I later found out that the government initiative to increase crop production by giving access to cheap insecticides was having dire consequences on the local population.

Insecticides sales in difficulties unless chemical-free
Overall sales value of insecticides in Thailand recorded slow growth. Most sub-sectors grew at minimal rates as they were chemical, and health concerns among Thais grew more intense over the review period. Many manufacturers attempted to gain benefits from herbs and organic extracts such as orange peel and citrus to spur sales. These products were very popular as was electric insecticides which offer risk-free convenience. During the review period, sales of insecticides were driven by the success of electric insecticides.

I am sure, or at least I hope, that things have improved. At least I see farmers wearing masks nowadays as they spray the crops.

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Aerosol Insecticides Natural Insecticides Chemical Insecticides
Impregnated Mosquito Nets Insecticide Sprayer Knapsack Rat Glue Traps
Featured Thailand Insecticides Companies
Ars Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Household chemicals, Insecticides, Mosquito Repellent Coil, Air Freshener, Gel, Spray Mouthwash
Q-FAC CO.,LTD Thailand A Thailand manufacturer of agricultural chemical products, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and liquid fertilizers

Antex Thai Chemie Co., Ltd
We are operating a small chemical factory at Laem Chabang, Thailand where we produce an environment friendly insecticide. The product is licensed under the trading name PERMEDAN. This product is a water-based insecticide and is a product out of the generation "Green Insecticides". And this is the way how PERMIAN works: PERMIAN have to be sprayed onto surfaces with which the insects will get in contact.
All insects which come into contact with the handled surfaces will die within the shortest time. This effect lasts over several weeks. It is not necessary to spray PERMIAN into the air or to trace the insects direct. The purposeful processing of surfaces, over which the insects are moving Is completely sufficient, for example window frames, lamps, curtains, And ant-streets. The effect sets in only at cold-blooded animals (Spiders, flies, gnats, Ants, wasps, brakes, mites, kitchen cockroaches, moths, lice, ticks, Fleas, bugs, termites, wood lice, silver fish, scorpions). Therefore PERMIAN keeps up also in households with domestic animals (PETS) or it can be used for the elimination of pests in animal stables. PERMIAN is odor-free and causes no spots.
We use following packing-quantities:
400 ml spray bottle
1 Ltr. Refill bottle
5 Ltr. Refill can
Currently we are exporting to Germany, different European countries and the local market in Thailand and we are looking now worldwide for a serious distributing companies with good contacts to their local markets. If you are interested in our product PERMIAN, please contact us by e-mail for further information.
Products: Insecticides

Global Business Supplies Co., Ltd.
We are a trading company. We offer good products which made from pure natural herbs for elimination termites. "this the best products in the world" Stop using chemical now! Terminate & terminus The best termite traps in the world Made from pure natural herbs Control termites life cycle And Stop reproducing of termites No chemical, no toxin No harm human, pets and friendly environment
Researchers in laboratory
Kones chemical company and kasetsart university have been taken cooperation for 20 years in research and development terminate and terminus. The best innovational products for termites elimination, they can control the population of termite by control and stop reproducing termites which are made from 100 % natural herbs. Kasetsart university is named that is the best university taking research and development in agricultural sector under ministry of agriculture in Thailand, particularly, all concerning on plants and herbal (plants) pesticide. Certainly, terminate and terminus have been excepted and then approved for use by Thai government already.
Why these products are the best one in the world because they have no chemical, no toxin, no harm human, pets and friendly environment.
Termites stop activity How terminate and terminus work There are two types of bait station used in the products including terminate and terminus. Terminate (ingoing stations) is to measure catching termite infestation early on. The bait station is made from plastic monitoring cylinder with a flat ring cover and a tamper-resistant cap. The cylinder lies vertically in ground and contains a roll of herbs. Terminates are installed for every 1-2 meters around the property where termites may be suspected areas. Inspection should be done for every 7 - 15 days when termite activity is detected. After that a terminate needs replace the feeding, within 6 months, termites will be stopped moving and died. Terminus is to install aboveground bait stations, before installation, inspector should fine out termite infestations and routes and then put terminus on those points. It can be said that, terminus is properly suit for apply directly to an existing infestations and reducing the need for traditional pesticide spot treatment.
Inspection should be done for every 7-15 days when termite activity is detected. After that a terminate needs replace the feeding, within 6 months, termites will be stopped moving and died.
Products: Insecticides, organic intermediate

Hoaxing Bangkok
Hoaxing chemical, built in 1984, has developed into a national hi-tech enterprise with manufacturing, marketing and r&d functions. The company has passed the authority of iso9001 and iso14001. Our production (both technical and formulation) includes insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, softener, intermediate, etc.
Products: Agrochemical, insecticide, herbicide

Nova Science Co., Ltd.
We are the manufacture of various Organic and bio-control products for agriculture. Our products ranging from Organic Fertilizer, Bio-Organic Fertilizer (Fertilizer with microorganism), Bio-control Fungicide, Organic insecticide, etc. Many of our products are certified organic IFOAM standard by Italian Certifier. Our award winning bio-products are also produce in our own Lab, with full research backup.
Products: Organic fertilizer (ifoam), bio-control fungicide, organic pesticide

Siam Chemical Co., Ltd.
We are the distributor/wholesaler and manufacturer of Animal Feed Additives, Veterinary Feed Additives, Animal raw materials for feed, Veterinary Drugs, Insecticide to be used in animal field both livestock's and companion animals.
Products: Veterinary drugs, insecticide, animal feed additive

Starsoleil Group Co., Ltd
Our company is a manufacturer of Mosquito bed nets in Thailand established since 1999. The Starsoleil group of company with its total capacity of 50,000 nets per day would be described as one of the top players of mosquito net from Thailand. The factory applies latest technology where we integrated all manufacturing procedure from thread making till the nets are assembled and packed. Our total facilities and sources of supply in Thailand guarantee regular flow of supply and punctual delivery. Our nets are implagnatable and ITN compliances. Insecticide treating with our products will last much longer.
We offer our product up to client's total satisfaction. On an ongoing innovation on R&D through a precious experience from the past plus the vision of our management we possess are allowing us to become one of Thailand frontlines in the net industry.
Products: Rectangular Net, Circular net, Traveler net, Baby net, Impregnated net, Army nets, Rolls netting, Window netting, Customer own design and pattern.

We are manufacturer in Thailand of mosquito bed nets in normal rectangular shape and circular for decorative bedroom and bed nets for travelers and nets for hammock. We can also make insecticide bed nets. We have been making mosquito nets for more than 30 years. Our main market is Africa, USA, Canada and ASEAN countries. We supply to many organization such as unicef, ministry of health in many countries.
Products: Mosquito bed, nets, candles, craft, silk, box, gift

We, Unionvets Co., Ltd. Was established to enter the veterinary market for all kind of products such as Veterinary Drugs, Feed Raw Material such as Choline cholide, Vitamin and Insecticide such as Synthetic pyrethroid etc. We do hope to gain a business relationship for all over the world as our suppliers and enjoy our prosperous future.
Products: Veterinary Drugs, Feed Raw Materials, Insecticide

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