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Thailand is a major manufacturer and exporter of Insulation materials of all types. Insulating from the heat or insulating from the cold Thai insulation manufacturers have a suitable product to sell. In most western countries the climate dictates that insulation is primarily used to insulate against the cold. In Thailand the opposite is the norm. Insulation products are used extensively in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment and in the building of cold rooms in cold storage facilities where food is kept before distribution to retail outlets or packaged for shipping abroad

Back in the UK I have only bad memories of my encounters with insulation. One was with my home and one with my classic MGA sports car.

Back in the 1980's the British Government decided to offer homeowners a grant to offset the cost of installing loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. So it was off to the builders merchants and return home with roll upon roll of fibreglass matting.

The instructions were clear. Do not stand or kneel on the matting during installation. So a careful balancing act followed walking and crawling on the beams and joists only. Yes the inevitable happened - I slipped, fell through the ceiling and ended up with a large hole in my insulated loft, a bedroom full of plaster, dust and fibre glass particles.

On top of this a hefty bill, more than the cost of the materials to fix the ceilings and hours nay weeks clearing up the debris. So a lesson learned when it comes to installation of insulation leave it up to the experts!

As for my MGA well another disaster was set in motion the day I installed an 8 track player. I tucked the wiring under the soundproofing covering the bulkhead. I was not, and still am not, an expert on wiring. Connecting directly to the battery seemed the easiest option. The 8 track player was always in the ON mode so I could listen to the music even when the car was stationery in the drive. Cool - I thought. Until the day I washed the car. Water seeped in to the car and soaked the soundproofing insulation. The wires shorted out and with no fuse to protect them they started a small fire which soon destroyed my new leather interior and my prized 8 track player. Motto - leave it up to the experts!

8 track players are history and so is my MGA. Now I live in Thailand. I have just bought a new in car entertainment system with DVD player and LCD screens for the headrests. Now shall I attempt to fit this in my Mercedes? - no way!! - leave it up to the experts!

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Featured Thailand Insulation Manufacturers
A.D.R. Co.,Ltd. Thailand

Thai Company that manufacturers and distributes auditorium chairs, theater seating, partitions, and sound absorption materials. Operable Wall Systems, Acoustical Doors, Machinery Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers,  Silencers, Acoustical Treatment, Acoustical Insulation and Sealants, Acoustical Barriers, Acoustical Wall Treatment, Partitions, Wire Mesh Partitions, Operable Partitions, Theater and Stage Equipment, Sound, Vibration and Seismic Control

Greatwall (1988) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Polystyrene Blocks, Polystyrene Sheets, Insulated Roofing system, Wall & Ceiling Systems, Suspended Ceilings, Portable Cabin and Toilet Partitions.
L'aquatech Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Built-Up Bituminous Waterproofing , Built-Up Bituminous Roofing, Insulation Materials, Passive Fire Protection Materials

Following you will find lists of insulation products and companies involved in the insulation business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an insulation company or simply supply a database of these insulation companies then please email

a.p.c. industries co,LTD.
a.r.c. insulation co.,Ltd.
aluzat co.,Ltd.
asawaboonyarit co.,Ltd.
asia plastics industry (1983) co.,LTD.
asiam insulator co.,Ltd.
asianet buding services co.,Ltd.
balmoral co.,Ltd.
bamco limited co.,Ltd.
bangkok advance technology co.,Ltd.
bangkok companies,
bangkok insulate co,LTD.
bangyeekhan engineering ltd,PART.
bay corporation co,LTD.
bayer thai co,LTD.
bulmoral co.,Ltd
c.s.r. insulation (thailand) ltd.,
c.s.s. insulation co,LTD.
cellumax international co,LTD.
central ceramics international ltd,
cera tech asia co.,Ltd.
comet industrial co ltd,
cool or cosy co.,Ltd.
cpac roof tile co,Ltd.
cyber mechanic co.,Ltd.
daiwa kasei (thailand) co,Ltd.
denyai co,LTD.
elecon co,Ltd.
envious delta system co,LTD.
ferko industrial co,LTD.
forbest co,LTD.
fosroc (thailand) ltd.,
foster (thailand) co.,Ltd.
fuji poly (thailand) co,LTD.
gb & associates co.,Ltd.
greatwall (1988) co.,Ltd
hayakawa eastern rubber co,LTD.
industrial electrical,
insu fiber co,LTD.
inter tech.service co.,Ltd.
interdrive system co,LTD.
international fire safety services co ltd,
k.i. industrial co,LTD.
lafarge prestia co ltd,
lee ngiab seng ltd.,Part
limchareon engineering ltd,PART
living center co.,Ltd.
lohr trade & consulting pte.,Ltd.
mac w corporation co. ltd.,
mason acoustics co.,Ltd.
microfiber industries ltd.,
microglass insulation co,LTD.
miracle work co.,Ltd.
modular compound co,LTD.
m-pe insulation co.,Ltd.
n.p.v. co.,Ltd.
natural insulation (thailand) co.,LTD.
nichias rungruang co.,LTD.
oriental electric industry co.,LTD.
p.u. foam insulation & trading co.,LTD.
pedding (thailand) co.,Ltd.
polyfoam industries co.,LTD.
pongpara polymer co.,LTD.
s & t contemp co.,LTD.
s.k. alpha co.,Ltd
s.w.t. enterprice,
saeng charoen pattana enterprise co.,LTD.
shimoda trading (thailand) co.,LTD.
shinih (thailand) co.,LTD.
siam cement (kaeng khoi) co.,Ltd.
siam cement public co.,LTD.
siam fiberglass co.,Ltd.
siam insulation co.,LTD.
siam pamacal inc co.,Ltd. (PAMAGARDEN)
sinanant plastic co.,Ltd.
slot-nankai co.,LTD.
solid construction co.,Ltd.
super block co.,LTD.
thai electrictty international co.,Ltd.
thai meidensha co.,Ltd.
thai modern packaging & insulation co.,LTD.
thai sekisui foam,
thai thermaflex co.,LTD.
thai yazaki electric wire co.,LTD.
thai-nichias engineering co.,LTD.
thermaflex insulation asia co.,LTD.
totem industry co.,LTD.
trandar international co.,Ltd.
triangle co.,Ltd.
tyco electronics dulmison co.,Ltd.
v.p. structural panels co.,LTD.
vanapac co.,Ltd.
vertex engineering co.,LTD
willich sales & contracting co.,Ltd.
willich sales & contraction co.,LTD.
yamamura construction co ltd,

acoustic insulation
acoustic insulation materials
acoustical barriers
acoustical board
acoustical insulation
advanced energy insulation sound control
aircraft insulation
alternative insulation
aluminum ceiling panels
aluminum foil compound insulation board
aluminum foil insulation
aluminum foil insulation board
alumlinum ceiling
armaflex insulation
asbestos insulation
asbestos pipe insulation
attic insulation
automotive insulation
basement insulation
basement interior insulation
batt insulation
blanket insulation
blow in insulation
blown in insulation
blown insulation
blown-in insulation
bubble foil insulation
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building insulation
bus bar insulation sleeves
bus bar sleeves
cable filler yarns
cable insulation
car soundproofing
cavity wall insulation
ceiling insulation
cellulose insulation
celotex insulation
cementitious foam insulation
ceramic fibers
ceramic fibre
cheap room soundproofing
cheap soundproofing
cocoon insulation
concrete insulation
concrete roof insulation
contractor insulation
cork insulation
cork sheets & components
cotton duct insulation
cotton insulation
crawl space insulation
decorative acoustical board
diy soundproofing
do it yourself soundproofing
door insulation
door soundproofing
double glazing
duct insulation
ductwork insulation
electrical insulation
electrical insulation papers
electrical insulation tapes
electronic insulation materials
electronic insulators
encapsulated insulation
eps foam insulation
exhaust insulation
expanded polystyrene insulation
expanding foam insulation
exterior insulation
extruded polystyrene insulation
fiber glass insulation
fiberglass insulation
fiberglass sleeving
fireproof insulation
flange insulation kit
floor insulation
foam insulation
foam pipe insulation
foamed-in-place insulation
foamglass insulation
foil insulation
foundation insulation
furnace insulation
garage door insulation
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glass fiber insulation
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glass insulation
heat insulation
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home insulation
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hot & cold pipe insulation
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icynene insulation
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insulation material
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insulation panels
insulation product
insulation removal
insulation retailers
insulation spray
insulation supply
insulation systems
insulation tape
insulation tester
insulation testers
knauf insulation
laminated perma wood components
lightweight concrete roof insulation
loft insulation
machined insulation components
marine insulation
masonry insulation inserts
melamine-phenol formal dehyde resin foam
metal building insulation
mica blocks
motor insulation
moulded insulation components
noise insulation
non-eps foam board insulation
owens corning insulation
p2000 insulation
paper covered copper wire & strips
perlite insulation
pipe insulation
pole barn insulation
polyisocyanurate insulation
polystyrene insulation
polyurethane foam insulation
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pre-compresed laminated boards
pre-compressed press boards
radiant barrier
radiant barrier insulation
radiant barriers
recording studio soundproofing
reflective foil insulation
reflective insulation
residential insulation
rigid foam board insulation
rigid foam insulation
rigid insulation
rockwool insulation
roof and deck insulation
roof insulation
silicon rubber insulator
silicone coated fiberglass sleeving
slab insulation
solar insulation
sound barrier
sound insulation
sound proof canopy
soundproof canopy
soundproof contractors
soundproof dealers
soundproof distributors
soundproof exporters
soundproof factory
soundproof importers
soundproof insulation
soundproof manufacturers
soundproof manufacturing
soundproof retailers
soundproofing a room
soundproofing apartment
soundproofing basement
soundproofing contractors
soundproofing cork flooring
soundproofing dealers
soundproofing distributors
soundproofing exporters
soundproofing factory
soundproofing foam
soundproofing for car
soundproofing importers
soundproofing insulation
soundproofing manufacturers
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soundproofing retailers
soundproofing room
soundproofing window
soy-based polyurethane insulation
spray foam insulation
spray in insulation
spray insulation
spray on foam insulation
spray on insulation
sprayed-on insulation
steam pipe insulation
steel building insulation
structural insulated panels
studio soundproofing
styrofoam insulation
tank insulation
thermal blanket insulation
thermal fabric
thermal insulation
thermal insulation materials
transformer bushings
transparent insulation
used paper.insulation
vacuum insulation
vapor barriers
vapor retarders
vermiculite insulation
wall insulation
water heater insulation
water pipe insulation
water-blown foam insulation
window insulation
wine cellar insulation
wire insulation


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