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Thailand Automobile Companies, Thai Automobile Manufacturers


Thailand Automobile Manufacturing
industry is expanding rapidly. Manufacture of automobiles, trucks and pick ups are now a significant proportion of Thailand's exports. It is not for me to deal out the statistics but more to write about what is happening now in 2006 and what I think is going to occur in the very near future.

Making an automobiles, SUV, pick up truck is not just about rolling out the new vehicle at the end of the production line. There are all the components to consider that go into the production and eventually the finished product. Then after the vehicle leaves the factory they are delivered to the auto dealers spread around Thailand or loaded onto ships for export all over the world.

As a product sourcing agent I visit factories and industrial estates all over Thailand, most are situated pretty close to Bangkok. What I see is expansion. Every time I visit a location I visited a few months earlier a new factory has been built. I note down the factory and update the company's details in The Ultimate Thailand Contact Database. Sometimes we already have the company in the database, in which case it is a simple operation to update the details and enter the new factory location.


Sometimes the company is new and further research is needed. This year the majority of factories I spot are automotive factories. Factories churning out the myriad of components needed to make these vehicles.

I get many requests every day for product sourcing. I also get many requests every week from foreign companies looking to set up production facilities in Thailand. In the past few months I have received almost identical requests from two major European automobile manufacturers, Citroen and Volkswagen. Their requests are help in setting up an automotive component supplier list. Their plan to build automobile manufacturing facilities here in Thailand. Now read that again automobile manufacturing facilities not automobile assembly plants.

For a full list of Automobile and Automotive products and lists of the companies and manufacturers involved in this industry. Thailand Automotive Companies, Thai Automotive Manufacturers

For the first time in 2005, securing the kingdom's claim to being the "Detroit of Southeast Asia." Thailand's automobile production reached 1,125,316 units in 2005, of which 440,717 were exported, with a value of 5.2 billion dollars, up 36 per cent on 2004 figures, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) disclosed.

Auto Industry Club spokesman Surpong Paisitpattanapong said altogether the automotive industry earned 7.5 billion dollars from combined exports of vehicles, engines and auto parts in 2005, an increase of 45 percent. Production of vehicles for the domestic market reached 684,599 units, up 21.3 per cent. The vast majority of vehicles manufactured in Thailand are one-ton pickups, amounting to 822,867 units in 2005 made for both the domestic and export markets. For 2006, the FTI predicts Thailand will produce 1,245,000 vehicles, including 723,000 units for the domestic market and 522,000 for export

Car Production Target 2006
Thailand will produce more than 1 million units per year (with 700,000 from 1 ton pick up) and export more than 40% with production value more than 500,000 million Baht

Auto Parts Production Target 2006
Thailand will produce high quality/high standard OEM and REM with the export value of 200,000 million Baht.

  • Automobile Body & Panels Manufacturer
  • Automobile Brake Components
  • Automobile Suspension Parts
  • Automobile Electrical & Electronics
  • Automobile Upholstery
  • Automobile Batteries
  • Automobile Car Care Products
  • Automobile Parts
  • Automobile Glass
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Automobile Plastic Parts
  • Automobile Engines & Engine Parts
  • Automobile Tires & Rubber Parts
  • Automobile Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Mechanical Parts In Car Entertainment
Alarm Systems Suspension Parts Racing Parts
Bodywork Aluminium & Alloy Parts Instruments
Automotive Fasteners Lighting & Electrical 4x4 Accessories
Interior Trim Safety Glass Insulation
Featured Thailand Automobile Manufacturers
A.C.S.G. (Thailand) Company Limited Thailand Automotive Parts, tires, brake systems, batteries, suspension parts, brake pads, shock absorbers, steering and suspension products
Accord Business Group Thailand Automobile parts, suspension parts, rubber parts. For Japanese car such as Toyota, Nissan, Izusu, Mitsubishi, Honda
J. Phiphat Autopart Industry Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Auto parts Manufacturer producing Automotive Body Parts For Japanese Vehicles, Japanese Automobiles

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