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Thailand Pearl Jewelry, Thai Pearl Jewelry Manufacturers


Cultured pearls
, saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls are all available wholesale or retail in the stores and shops around the Silom area of Bangkok. Tourists to Thailand can pick up some great bargains in jewelry, as long as they are very careful. The sharks around the seas of Thailand do not bite as frequently as the jewelry scam artists of Bangkok.

These low life Bangkok scam artists inhabit and prowl the hotel lobbies and pavements outside of the best Bangkok hotels as well as Khaosan Road and the tourist spots dotted across the city. The shops they are taken to are usually in the suburban areas many around the King's palace in the Dusit area.

The wholesale pearl scene is another thing. Owned predominately by the Thai-Indian community they run mostly above board operations. As for pearls most are imported from Japan and the pacific islands. Some pearls however are native to Thailand.

There are a small number of Pearl farms around the island of Phuket in the south of Thailand. Some of these are made into pearl jewelry locally. But many find their way north to the gem dealers in Bangkok where they are sold on to manufacturers large and small. Fashioned into necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings and available for sale domestically or for export.

Thailand is a natural place to look for pearl jewelry products such as: Pearl Bridal Jewelry, Loose Cultured Pearls, Pearl Strands, Gold Pearl Cufflinks, Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets, and Pearl Jewelry Sets


We have contacts with these pearl wholesalers and the manufacturers of pearl jewelry. If you are looking for a special piece or maybe a set of pearl jewelry for your wedding then please contact me.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your pearl jewelry needs please email with your requests.

If you are looking for other Jewelry products of any type we have a full section covering all Jewelry products here Thailand Jewelry companies, Thai Jewelry manufacturers



Pearl Bridal Combs Loose Pearls Strings of Pearls
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Pearl Bridal Tiara Pearl Cufflinks Colored Pearls
Pearl Necklace Pearl Jewelry Saltwater Pearls
Featured Thailand Pearl Jewelry Manufacturers
R. F. Import Export Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of yellow gold &  white gold jewelry in ordinary and invisible settings with diamond, precious, semi-precious gemstones and cultured pearl as well as a major importer exporter of fine jewellery worldwide

Mother of Pearl Industry Co., Ltd. (MOPI)
In the deep cool waters of Tahiti grow the world's most beautiful pearl oyster, the famous Black - Lip Oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). The shell of this oyster is carefully selected and polished to reveal the vibrant opalescent colors that are specific to this material. We manufacture a wide variety of gold & silver jewelry, packaging solutions, and decorative gift items. Each piece is entirely handmade in Thailand, and is of the highest quality fit and finish.
Products: Watch boxes, jewelry boxes, photo frames, gold & pearl jewelry, silver & pearl jewelry, health and beauty products

We are manufacturer in jewelry business since 1990 We can supply you for long term business. We offer you in fine quality gemstone pearl and diamond. We offer you in G / H / I color in vvs clarity quality with your request we can supply you too. Gemstone: We can offer you in vary kind of stone in fine quality Pearl: We offer you in akoya and south sea pearl Setting: We can made by order in your or our design in high quality with micro setting.
Products: Fine Pearl Jewelry

Spn Thailand Internation Trading
The pearl-designer, wholesaler in Thailand. We have many styles/colors pearl in necklace, earring. Our products are made from the real pearl.
Products: Pearl fashion jewelry, Pearl Jewelry

Following you will find lists of pearl jewelry products and companies involved in the pearl jewelry business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a pearl jewelry company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

5-tier choker set
akoya 3-piece pearl bridal jewelry set
akoya 3-piece pearl set
akoya pearl braceletsakoya pearl pendants
akoya pearl earrings
akoya pearl necklace
akoya pearl necklaces
akoya pearl pendant
akoya pearl set
akoya pearls
akoya saltwater pearl earrings
akoya saltwater pearl earrings with diamonds
akoya saltwater pearl necklaces
antique styled pearl pendant
aqua akoya pearl stud earrings
aqua overtones
aquamarine pearl brooch
baroque pearls
baroque tahitian pearl necklace
biwa shaped pearls
black akoya pearl dangle earrings
black akoya pearl necklace
black akoya pearl stud earrings
black freshwater pearl jewelry set
black freshwater pearl stud earrings
black pearl earrings
black pearl necklaces
black pearls
black saltwater pearl bracelets
black saltwater pearl earrings
black saltwater pearl pendant
black tahitian pearl & diamond earrings
black tahitian pearl dangle earrings
black tahitian pearl stud earrings
bridal crystal pearl necklace
bridal jewelry
bridal jewelry set
bridal pearl choker
bridal pearl crystal necklace
bridal pearl jewelry set
brooches & pins
button shaped pearls
champagne twist cultured pearl set
china pearl brooch
classic freshwater set
classic pearl necklace
cluster pearl guestbook
coral beads
cultured pearl necklace
cultured pearls
custom strands
cutting shaped pearls
diamond & pearl brooch
diamond & pearl pendant
diamond & pearl ring
diamond and natural pearl brooch
diamond studded clasps
discount pearls
double polished pearls
double strands
double-strand white akoya pearl necklace
earrings for the bride or bridesmaids
firecracker pearls
flat shaped pearls
fresh water strands
freshwater pearl bracelet
freshwater pearl choker
freshwater pearl earrings
freshwater pearl necklace
freshwater pearl pendant in platinum setting
freshwater pearls
full set of white freshwater pearls
gold pearl pendant
golden south sea
golden south sea pearl & diamond earrings
golden south sea pearl dangle earrings
golden south sea pearl stud earrings
graduated necklace with earrings
japan sea pearls
japanese akoya pearl necklace
japanese akoya pearl set
lavender cultured pearl bracelet
lavender pearl bracelet
leverback saltwater pearl earrings
loose pearl
loose pearls
mabe earrings & pendants
mabe pearl & diamond earrings
mabe pearl & diamond pendant
mabe pearl earrings
mabe pearls
men's collection
mook pearls
multicolor baroque tahitian pearl necklace
multicolor cultured baroque tahitian pearls
naga pearl
olive pearl necklace
peanut shaped pearls
pearl body jewelry
pearl bracelet
pearl bracelets
pearl bridal earrings
pearl bridal jewelry
pearl bridal jewelry set
pearl bridal purse
pearl bridal tiara
pearl brooch pin
pearl choker necklace
pearl crystal bridal earrings
pearl crystal necklace
pearl dangle earrings
pearl earrings
pearl earrings with diamonds sale price
pearl farms in thailand
pearl flowergirl necklace
pearl hair sticks
pearl hairpins
pearl jewelry
pearl jewelry set
pearl jewelry sets
pearl necklace
pearl necklaces
pearl pendant
pearl pendants
pearl rings
pearl stud earrings
pearl unity candles
pearl weddingtiara
pearls in thailand
pendants & rings
phuket pearls
pink freshwater button pearl stud earrings
potato shaped pearls
quality akoya pearls
quality pearls
reborn pearls
rice shaped pearls
round akoya pearls!
round shaped pearls
round tahitian pearl necklace
saltwater akoya pearls
saltwater pearl bracelet
saltwater pearl from phuket
saltwater pearl pendant
set of freshwater pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings
silver tahitian strand
single strands
south sea pearls
tahitian baroque necklace
tahitian necklace
tahitian pearl & diamond earrings
tahitian pearl diamond necklace
tahitian pearl necklace
tahitian pearl pendant
tahitian pearl strands
tahitian pearls
tahitian pendant
thai pearl body jewelry
tie pin
triple strand saltwater pearl bracelets
two strand saltwater pearl bracelets
white akoya pearl & diamond earrings
white akoya pearl & diamond stud earrings
white akoya pearl bracelet
white akoya pearl dangle earrings
white akoya pearl necklace
white akoya pearl stud earrings
white akoya pearls
white akoya sea pearls
white freshwater 3-piece pearl set
white freshwater button pearl stud earrings
white freshwater pearl bracelet
white freshwater pearl choker set
white freshwater pearl jewelry set
white freshwater pearl necklace
white freshwater pearl stud earrings
white pearls
white saltwater necklace and earrings
white saltwater pearl bracelets
white saltwater pearl earrings
white saltwater pearl pendant
white saltwater stud pearl earrings
white south sea
white south sea pearl & diamond earrings
white south sea pearl dangle earrings
white south sea pearl stud earrings
white weave necklace set
wholesale pearls
yellow gold pearl & diamond pendant


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