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Cubic Zirconia
is also called CZ or CZ diamonds. First developed by Swarovski in Austria cubic zirconia has become a household name, at least in the jewelry industry.  It was at first developed as an affordable alternative for real diamonds and other precious gems. Nowadays it is the number one choice for jewelers who want to create that expensive 'diamond' look at affordable prices.  CZ now comes in many colours, sizes and cuts. Round CZ, oval CZ, baguette CZ, you name it they make it.

Curiously Swarovski (Thailand) was the first company in Bangkok that I worked at 10 years ago. I ran English classes for their marketing staff. Here I was introduced to their 'fake diamond' products.

I was also shown the new products that they were developing for the Thai jewelry industry. Although the classes went well I remember most vividly the strange queasy feeling I got whenever I taught a class. The office was on the 42nd floor and the whole building swayed rather dramatically in the wind.

Later I was to work for a fashion jewelry manufacturer in Bangkok who used CZ extensively for their costume jewelry and silver jewelry products. Swarovski cubic zirconia was the material of choice but was becoming quite expensive when compared to the alternative products from eastern Europe.


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Following you will find lists of cubic zirconia jewelry products and companies involved in the cubic zirconia  jewelry business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a cubic zirconia  jewelry company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
3 strand bali chain byzantine necklace
4-disk shape charm anklet
925 jewelry
925 silver jewelry
925 wholesale silver ring
adjustable spoon ring
amber jewelry
american flag rings
amethyst birthstones jewelry
amethyst grape cluster silver jewelry
amethyst hoop earrings
amethyst jewelry
amethyst silver jewelry
angel bracelets
angel rings
animal bracelets
animal necklace
animal pendants
animal rings
ankle bracelets
anklet with spring ring closure
antique finish band
antique sterling silver silverware
antiqued floral spoon ring
april rings
art glass jewelry
august rings
aventurine jewelry
baby bracelets
baby charm
baguette cubic zirconia ring
bali coils toe ring
bali silver ring
ball dangle post earrings
bamboo bracelets
bamboo rings
bangle bracelets
bead and slide necklaces
bead necklaces
bear bracelets
bell charm silver ring
beveled edge toe ring
bikini belts
bird bracelets
birthstones charms
birthstones jewelry
black onyx silver jewelry
blue sapphire necklace
body jewelry
body piercing jewelry
bracelet toggle clasp
bracelet with color stone
bracelet with created diamond
bracelet with genuine gem
bracelet with starfish charm
bracelets for charms
bracelets with charms bracelets
braid sterling silver ring
brick twisted chains
bridal silver jewelry
bridesmaid's jewelry
bridesmaid's sterling silver jewelry
brilliant cz jewelry
buckle body jewelry
buckle bracelets
buckle rings
bulguria style
bunny bracelets
butterfly body jewelry
butterfly bracelets
butterfly charm holder
butterfly necklaces
butterfly rings
butterfly sterling silver ring
butterfly sterling toe ring
butterfly toe ring
byzantine design silver jewelry
byzantine silver
canary chandelier earrings
caribbean topaz jewelry
cat bracelets
cat rings
catseye ring
celtic body jewelry
celtic bracelets
celtic knotwork
celtic necklaces
celtic rings
celtic silver charms
celtic silver jewelry
celtic wedding
chains in silver snake
chains sterling snake chains
chandelier earrings
chandelier earrings necklaces
channel set cz silver ring
charm birthstone necklaces
charm bracelet lightweight
charm bracelets
charm christmas bracelet
charm gemstone necklaces
charm link bracelet
charms - aliens
charms - angels
charms - basketball
charms - birds
charms - boats ships
charms - dinosaurs
charms - dogs puppies
charms - fantasy
charms - football and soccer
charms - horses
charms jewelry
cherry gemstone necklaces
cherry necklace
children charm link bracelet
childrens bracelets
children's jewelry
childrens necklaces
childs charm bracelet
christmas bracelets
christmas rings
circle neclaces
citrine silver jewelry
claddagh body jewelry
claddagh bracelets
claddagh rings
claddagh toe ring
classic band silver ring
cobra necklace
coil bracelet
coil wrap bracelet
coin style charm bracelet
color cz silver ring
contemporary design ring
cross body jewelry
cross bracelets
cross necklaces
cross rings
crown bracelets
crown rings
crucifix rings
cubetto necklace
cubetto omega bracelet
cubic zirconia ankle bracelets
cubic zirconia body jewelry
cubic zirconia bracelets
cubic zirconia designer inspired
cubic zirconia earrings
cubic zirconia engagement rings
cubic zirconia jewelry
cubic zirconia necklace
cubic zirconia necklaces
cubic zirconia pendants
cubic zirconia pins
cubic zirconia purse charm
cubic zirconia ring
cubic zirconia rings
cubic zirconia silver charms
cubic zirconia stud
cuff bracelets
curb link gents bracelet
curb style bracelet
cz chandelier earrings
cz dragonfly pin
cz silver ring jewelry
cz tennis bracelet
daisy sterling silver ring
dangle charms
dangle earrings
dangle earrings with kidney wires
dangle fish hook earrings
david star silver ring
december rings
designer bracelets
designer chokers
designer earrings
designer necklaces
designer pendants
designer rings
designer silver jewelry
designer toe ring
diamond cut snake chain
diamond cut snake style chain
discount sterling silver jewelry
dog bracelets
dog rings
dollar sign money clip
dolphin body jewelry
dolphin bracelets
dolphin necklaces
dolphin rings
dolphin sterling silver ring
dome post earring
dome rings
double curb charm bracelet
double knot silver ring
dragon rings
dragonfly body jewelry
dragonfly bracelets
dragonfly jewelry
dragonfly necklaces
dragonfly rings
drop cz earrings
drop silver earrings
eagle necklaces
eagle rings
ear cuffs jewelry
earring with color stone
earring with created diamond
earring with gem stone
easter egg charm
edgeband sterling silver ring
elephant bracelets
elephant jewelry
elephant necklaces
elephant rings
enamel charms
enamel scroll design pendant
endless hoop earrings
endless wire hoop earrings
engravable round cufflinks
entwined circle dangle earrings
facet band 925 silver ring
faceted bead chains
fairy bracelets
fancy link bracelet
fancy necklaces
feather necklaces
feather rings
february rings
figaro link adjustable anklet
figaro necklace
filigree band silver ring
filigree edge circle charm
filigree edged heart charm
flattened rope toe ring
flip-flop sandal charm
flower design earrings
flower sterling silver ring
flowers body jewelry
flowers bracelets
flowers necklaces
flowers rings
food necklaces
footprints toe ring
four leaf clover body jewelry
four leaf clover rings
french wire dangle earrings
fresh water pearl bracelet
fresh water pearls bracelets
fresh water pearls necklaces
freshwater pearl necklace
friend rings
frog bracelets
frog charm
frog rings
gangster jewelry
garnet & sterling silver chokers
garnet silver jewelry
gecko body jewelry
gecko bracelets
gecko necklaces
gecko rings
gem silver earrings
gemstone bracelets
gemstone necklaces
gemstone rings
gemstone silver earring
gemstones jewelry
genuine onyx cufflink
gold over silver zigzag design bracelet
gold plated box chain anklet
golf ball and tee cufflink
greek key sterling silver ring
greek toe ring
green quartz silver jewelry
groomsmen's jewelry
groove hoop earrings
halloween charms
halloween rings
hammered cuff bangle bracelet
hammered dangle earrings
hammered panther link bracelet
handcrafted silver jewelry
heart body jewelry
heart bracelets
heart charm bracelet
heart necklaces
heart rings
heart sterling silver ring
herringbone style bracelet
hexagon silver ring
high heel sandal charm
high polish money clip
high polish silver bracelets
high polish silver rings
hollow marina bracelet
hoop silver earring
horse bracelets
horse jewelry
horse necklaces
horse rings
horseshoe body jewelry
horseshoe necklaces
horseshoe rings
huggie tube hoop earrings
hugs and kisses bracelets
hugs and kisses necklaces
hummingbird bracelets
hummingbird charm
hummingbird jewelry
hummingbird rings
id bracelets
indian rings
iolite silver jewelry
italian bead chains
italian bead lariat necklace
january rings
j-hoop post back earrings
july rings
june rings
key chains
kite shaped dangle earrings
knot bracelets
knot necklaces
knot rings
ladybug bracelets
ladybug necklaces
ladybug rings
lapis silver jewelry
lavender & white cz pendant
lazer star charms
leaf charm bracelet
leafs bracelets
leafs rings
link bracelet
link bracelet with open flower charms
link bracelets
liquid silver
liquid silver necklaces
lobster claw
love body jewelry
love bracelets
love rings
made in italy
manatee charm
marcasite bracelets
marcasite elephant charm
marcasite jewelry rings
marcasite necklaces
marcasite pearl chandelier earrings
marcasite rings
marcasite twist toe ring
march rings
mariner link gents necklace
mariner pave link bracelet
mariner pave link necklace
marquise dangle earrings
marquise gem earrings
may rings
medical id bracelets
memory wrap bracelet
men's accessories
men's bracelets
men's cuff links
men's jewelry
men's necklaces
men's pendants
men's rings
mens silver and leather bracelets.
mens silver and leather chokers
mens silver bracelets
mens silver crusifixs
mens silver earrings
men's silver earrings
mens silver necklaces
mens silver pendants
mens silver rings
men's silver rings
mesh & bead adjustable bracelet
military bracelets
misc rings
money clip with dollar sign
moon & star toe ring
moon and star bracelets
moon and star charm bracelet
moon and star rings
moon body jewelry
moon necklaces
moon rings
moonstone & silver pendant necklaces
moonstone bracelets
moonstone earrings
moonstone jewelry
moonstone necklaces
moonstone rings
moonstone silver jewelry
mother bracelets
multi-color jewelry earrings
multi-color stones
multi-gem silver jewelry
multi-gemstone silver jewelry
music body jewelry
music rings
nautical rings
navel rings
necklaces in silver
noah's ark bracelets
november rings
o necklace bracelets
o necklace necklaces
october rings
omega flex bangle bracelet
omega necklace
omega necklaces
onyx bead chandelier earrings
onyx cuff links
opals jewelry necklaces
open braid toe ring
open shank toe ring
oval & round cufflink
oval charm toggle bracelet
oval link adjustable bracelet
oxidized curb rope
oxidized sterling chains
panther pebble band
peace body jewelry
peace necklaces
peace silver ring
peanuts characters bracelets
peanuts characters rings
peanuts charm bracelet
pear-cut jewelry
pearl rings
pearl silver jewelry
pendant chain
pendant color stone
pendant genuine gem stone
pendant necklaces
pendants - angels
pendants - animals
pendants - children
peridot silver jewelry
petal earrings
pig bracelets
pink bead cz chandelier earrings
pink crystal earring
pink cz pendant
pink drop earring
pink mussel bracelets
pink mussel necklaces
pink mussel rings
pink resin ring
pink rings
plain band toe ring
polished bamboo style bracelet
polished cuff bracelet
pure silver in bead slide
purse bracelets
purse charm
purse necklaces
puzzle rings
religious bracelets
religious rings
rhodium plated sterling silver
ribbon brooch
ring with color stone
ring with created diamond
ring with genuine gem
rolo link bracelet
rope chain with tassle lariat
rose quartz silver jewelry
round post earrings
round toe ring
saddleback hoop earrings
sale jewelry sets
san marco earrings
scroll toe ring
scrolled spoon tip ring
seahorse charm
september rings
serpentine style chain
set 925 silver jewelry
shark charm
shell earrings
shell inlay bracelet
shell jewelry
shell silver jewelry
shells bracelets
shells rings
shoe body jewelry
shoe bracelets
silk cord necklace
silver & enamel childs ring
silver 925 eternity ring
silver 925 precious ring
silver acrylic bellying
silver adjustable rings
silver agate jewelry
silver amazonite minerals jewelry
silver and amber jewelry
silver anklets
silver antique bangle
silver antique models
silver antique necklace
silver antique ring
silver aragonite jewelry
silver aventurine jewelry
silver ball link chain
silver ball link chains
silver bands
silver bangle jewelry
silver bar & bead link bracelet
silver bead and mesh bracelet
silver belly ring
silver bellying
silver black opal earring
silver black opal necklace
silver blue crystal bangle
silver blue crystal pendant
silver blue topaz earring
silver body jewelry
silver body piercing jewelry
silver bracelet jewelry
silver bracelets
silver bracelets toggle clasp
silver brooches
silver calcite jewelry
silver cameos jewelry
silver carnelian jewelry
silver chains jewelry
silver chalcedony
silver chandelier jewelry
silver charms - dolphins
silver christmas pendants
silver chryscolla jewelry
silver citrine jewelry
silver coin style charm bracelet
silver color stone earring
silver crystal jewelry
silver cubic zirconia
silver cultured freshwater pearls
silver dangle fish hook earrings
silver diamond cut bracelet
silver diamond link chain
silver diamonds jewelry
silver diopside jewelry
silver dove charm
silver emerald ring
silver emeralds jewelry
silver engagement ring!!
silver fancy link graduated necklace
silver figaro marina chain
silver fluorite jewelry
silver foxtail chain
silver garnet jewelry
silver gecko charm
silver gemstone jewelry
silver genuine opal necklace
silver genuine opal pendant
silver genuine opal ring
silver gift boxes
silver golf gifts
silver hair clips
silver hair ties
silver handcrafted glass beads jewelry
silver heart and dolphin charm
silver heavy bracelet
silver heavy chains
silver hematite jewelry
silver herringbone necklace
silver hoop earrings
silver initials pendant
silver iolite jewelry
silver italian box chains
silver italian rope chains
silver italian snake chains
silver jade bracelets
silver jade earrings
silver jade necklaces
silver jade pendants
silver jade rings
silver jewelry bangles
silver jewelry bracelets
silver jewelry charms
silver jewelry collection
silver labradorite jewelry
silver lapis lazuli earrings
silver lapis lazuli jewelry
silver lapis lazuli pendants
silver large curb link gents bracelet
silver latch back earrings
silver link chains
silver love charms love
silver love knot rings
silver malachite bracelets
silver malachite jewelry
silver marcasite jewelry
silver macasite pendants
silver marcasite pins
silver marquise dangle earrings
silver moonstone jewelry
silver moonstone rings
silver mother of pearl jewelry
silver mother of pearl necklaces
silver multi-color stones jewelry
silver navel rings
silver necklace/chain
silver omega bracelet
silver onyx earrings
silver onyx jewelry
silver opal bracelet
silver opal earring
silver opals jewelry
silver open heart
silver oval signet ring
silver pendant cameo
silver pendant genuine gem
silver pendants
silver peridot jewelry
silver petersite jewelry
silver pink bonanza rings
silver pink crystal pendant
silver pink crystal ring
silver platinum jewelry
silver posts
silver purse charm
silver puzzle ring
silver quartz jewelry
silver quartz rings
silver real garnet ring
silver rectangle design bracelet
silver rhodium-plated chains
silver rhodonite jewelry
silver rings new design
silver rope bracelet
silver rope chain
silver ruby emerald bracelet
silver ruby jewelry
silver saddle ring
silver sapphires jewelry
silver sapphires pendants
silver square hoop earrings
silver square wheat and rope bracelet
silver straight barbell
silver tanzanite jewelry
silver textured necklace
silver thumb rings
silver tigers eye
silver tigers eye bracelets
silver tigers eye rings
silver toe rings
silver topaz jewelry
silver tourmaline jewelry
silver turquoise anklets
silver turquoise bracelets
silver turquoise earrings
silver turquoise necklaces
silver turquoise pendants
silver turquoise rings
silver turquoise toe rings
silver twisted box chain
silver twisted magic chain
silver twisted serpentine racelet
silver twisted serpentine chain
silver wedding promise bands
silver wedding promise rings
silver wide cuff bracelet
silver with blue topaz pendant
silver with marcasite jewelry
silver womens ring jewelry
silver zigzag design bracelet
silver zodiac necklace
singapore chain
smoky topaz jewelry
snake anklet
snake chain designs
snake style bracelet
snoopy charm bracelet
soccer ball cufflink
sodalite jewelry
soft bangle bracelet
solitaire toe ring
southwest bracelets
southwest rings
spin rings
spinner rings
spiral springy silver ring
spiritual body jewelry
spiritual necklaces
spiritual rings
spoon rings
square cufflinks
square italian hoop earrings
square snake chain
square snake chain anklet
stack bangle
star body jewelry
star bracelets
star charm silver rings
star charms
star necklaces
star rings
star sterling silver ring
starfish bracelets
starfish charm bracelet
starfish necklaces
sterling silver baby rings
sterling silver 3-row bracelet
sterling silver amethyst
sterling silver and amber jewelry
sterling silver apatite jewelry
sterling silver aquamarine jewelry
sterling silver aventurine jewelry
sterling silver bar dangle earrings
sterling silver birthstones jewelry
sterling silver black onyx & marcasite ring
sterling silver blue resin ring
sterling silver bracelets
sterling silver buttons
sterling silver carnelian jewelry
sterling silver chains
sterling silver charm bracelet with dolphin
sterling silver charm bracelets
sterling silver charms crosses
sterling silver charms zodiac
sterling silver charoite jewelry
sterling silver chinese symbols
sterling silver cigar bands
sterling silver circle and bar dangle earrings
sterling silver citrine jewelry
sterling silver cleopatra necklace
sterling silver collars
sterling silver crucifixes
sterling silver crystal jewelr
sterling silver cubic zirconia
sterling silver cuff links
sterling silver cuffs
sterling silver cultured freshwater pearls
sterling silver dangle earrings
sterling silver decorative slide
sterling silver dolphin pin
sterling silver ear cuffs
sterling silver elephants
sterling silver fancy link bracelet
sterling silver fancy link graduated necklace
sterling silver figarucci necklace
sterling silver french link chains
sterling silver garnet jewelry
sterling silver heart chain
sterling silver heart link bracelet
sterling silver howlite jewelry
sterling silver jewelry
sterling silver jewelry chains
sterling silver jewelry earrings
sterling silver jewelry necklaces
sterling silver jewelry pendants
sterling silver jewelry rings
sterling silver key rings
sterling silver lockets
sterling silver lucky charms
sterling silver mariner link chain
sterling silver money clips
sterling silver moonstone
sterling silver mother of pearl
sterling silver multi-color bead stretch rings
sterling silver omega flex bangle bracelet
sterling silver opals
sterling silver pave necklace
sterling silver peridot
sterling silver pill boxes
sterling silver pins
sterling silver purity rings
sterling silver puzzle ring
sterling silver rattles for baby
sterling silver resin ring
sterling silver singapore chain
sterling silver stars
sterling silver tie bars
sterling silver white cz ring
sterling silver zodiac signs
stock hoop earrings
stretch bracelet
sun body jewelry
sun flower pendant
sun necklaces
sun rings
swirl gemstone silver jewelry
teardrop bracelets
teardrop necklaces
teardrop rings
tennis bracelets
threaded style earrings
threader earrings
three heart pendant
thumb rings
tigers eye earrings
tigers eye necklaces
tigers eye pendants
titanium bracelets
titanium rings
toggle bracelets
topaz - blue topaz jewelry
topaz jewelry
topaz necklaces
topaz pendants
tri-color heart link bracelet
trillion-cut silver jewelry
triple band silver ring
triple band toe ring
triple circle dangle earrings
triple rope chain
triplet silver rings
tubular sterling silver cuff links
turquoise and amethyst chandelier earrings
turtle body jewelry
turtle bracelets
turtle charm link bracelet
turtle necklaces
turtle rings
twelve days of christmas charm bracelet
twisted box chain
twisted dangle earrings
twisted necklace
unakite jewelry
v wire silver ring
victorian bracelets
victorian rings
virgin mary charm
wave threader earrings
wave toe ring
whale fluke charm
wide band silver ring
wide filigree band silver ring
wire hoop earrings
wizard rings
wolf bracelets
wolf necklaces
wolf rings
women's jewelry
yin yang toe ring
zodiac rings

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