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Thailand Korean Companies, Korean Manufacturers in Thailand


Korean Companies in Thailand
are active in many sectors mainly in manufacturing and travel related businesses. Korean manufacturers have set up factories producing a wide range of goods from plastics to electronics. Korean Tour companies in Bangkok cater for inbound tourists from Korea as well as outbound Thai and onward bound tourists and business travelers heading for Seoul and other destinations in Korea.

To create opportunity for research and business collaboration, BIOTEC, in conjunction with Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) and Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation (CBF), organized Thailand-Korea Scientific Symposium and B2B Meeting on 29 November 1 December 2006 at Thailand Science Park.

The theme of the scientific symposium on 29 November 2006 was biosensors and biochip. The event consisted of a series of presentations by experienced scientists from both Korea and Thailand.

On 30 November 2006, the focus turned to business collaboration. The program was attended by seven Korean companies and twelve Thai companies, namely BODITECH MED INC.; JENO BIOTECH INC.; Fineco Co., Ltd.; Proteogen, Inc.; Radiant co., Ltd.; LG Life Sciences Company; Asia Medical Agricultural Laboratory and Research Center Co.,Ltd.; Betagro Science Center Co.,Ltd.; Biogenomed Co.,Ltd.; BRIALAB Co.,Ltd.; Greater Pharma Manufacturing; Nanoasia Co.,Ltd.; Pechaboon Innovation Co.,Ltd.; Siam Life Science Co.,Ltd.; Zenimed (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.; Cybeles (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.; Sunolin Co., Ltd.; and Siam Interlab Co., Ltd.

BIOTEC has established formal collaboration with KRIBB since 2004. Since then, BIOTEC and KRIBB have organized two joint symposiums - one in Thailand in July 2004 and early this year in Korea.

Here you can find contact details and information about The Thai-Korean Chamber of Commerce, the Thai and Korean members of the chamber, their contact details and activities.

If you require any information on this sector please email with your requests.

. Featured Korean Companies in Thailand
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of PVC Cushion Sheet, PVC Floor Covering, PVC Tarpaulin, Sponge Flooring, PVC Fashion Tiles, PVC Coated Fabric, PVC Coated Mesh, PVC Placemat Mats and PVC Decorative Sheets.
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of Washing Machine, Food Service Equipment, Food Storage Equipment, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Equipment, Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment, Terminal Heating and Cooling Units

Following you will find lists of Korean companies involved in business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Korean company or simply supply a database of these Korean companies then please email

2p2b1 Limited Partnership
Ace World International Co.,Ltd.
Add World International Co., Ltd.
Albatross Land Co., Ltd.
Alpha Carrier Express Co., Ltd.
Anytel Tour Co., Ltd.
Aphapim Co, Ltd.
Asadal Travel (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Asia Kangnam Co, Ltd.
Asia Tour System Co.,Ltd
Asian Reinsurance Corporation
Asiana Airlines (Bangkok Regional Office)
B. E. Land Tour & Trading Co., Ltd.
B.D. Straw Co., Ltd.
B.N.H. Canning Co, Ltd.
B.S.C. Teknik Co, Ltd
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Miracle Tour Co., Ltd.
Bank Of Korea
Bo Myung Travel Service Co, Ltd.
Bu Kwang Co.,Ltd.
Buynow Co, Ltd.
C.S.G. Co Ltd
C.T.W. Com. Co., Ltd.
Chok Dee Club International Co., Ltd.
Club Orange Co., Ltd.
Club Sawasdee Tour Co.,Ltd.
Cool Tour Co.,Ltd.
D.P.I. .Co.,Ltd.
Dae Young Packing & Printing Co.,Ltd.
Daeju International Co.,Ltd.
Daesung Engineering (Thai) Co Ltd
Daewoo Consumer Electronics (Thailand) Co Ltd
Daewoo Corporation
Daewoo Electronics Marketing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Daewoo Motor Sales Co Ltd, Thai
Daidomon Group Public Company Limited
Daidong Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Darani Mfg. Co, Ltd.
Dong Yang Magnet Wire (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Dongwha International Co.,Ltd.
Dream Thai Tour & Trading Co., Ltd.
Dream Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Embassy Of The Republic Of Korea
Encryption Solutions Ltd.
Ewha Express Travel Co.,Ltd.
Fenatex International Co., Ltd.
Futro Co.,Ltd.
G & G Korea Co., Ltd.
G.T.T. Golden Thai Tour Co., Ltd.
Gil Tour Co, Ltd.
Good Morning Travel
Hae Dream Tour Co.,Ltd.
Hahn's Korea Travel International Co
Halla Climate Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Han Bit Tour Korea-Thai Co.,Ltd
Han Tour & Trading Co., Ltd
Hana B & T Co., Ltd.
Hanbit Tour Korea - Thai Co.,Ltd.
Hansol Electronics (Thailand) Co Ltd
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd
Happy & Nice Travel Co.,Ltd.
Happy Echo Tour & Trade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hello Tour (Korea Co.,Ltd.)
Hermes Logistics Co Ltd
Hifi Hi-Tech Co, Ltd.
Hodory Tour Co.,Ltd.
Hwa Seung (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Hyun Dai Tour Co., Ltd.
Hyundai Corp
I. Thai International Co., Ltd.
International Food Technology Ltd.
International School Eastern Seaboard (Ise)
J.J. Add-One Tour Co., Ltd.
J.J. World Tour Co., Ltd.
Jang Won Bbq
Jo-Eun Tour Co., Ltd.
John Ebenezer Tour Co., Ltd.
John Griffiths (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Jun Thai World Tour Co., Ltd.
Jutha Maritime Public Company Limited
K.K. Sun Tour Co., Ltd.
K.N. Hitec
K.S. Eagle Tour (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
K.T. Resortel Group Co., Ltd.
Keeper Co., Ltd.
Keng Dom Tour Co., LTd.
Kepin-Thai Tour Co., Ltd.
King And I (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Korea & International Co.,Ltd.
Korea Exchange Bank
Korea House
Korea Media International Travel & Trading
Korea National Tourism Organization
Korea Thai Apac Co., Ltd.
Korea Tour Star Co.,Ltd.
Korean Airline Co, Ltd.
Korean Airline Co, Ltd. (Airport Office)
Korean Bbq Seoul Jib
Korean Trade Center, Bangkok
Koreana (Siam Square)
Koreana (Sukhumvit)
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
L.G. Industrial Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
L.G. International Corp
L.G. Mitr Electronics Co, Ltd.
Landpia Tour Co.,Ltd.
Lee Neo Korea Co, Ltd.
Logem Logistic Co., Ltd.
Lucky Union Foods Co, Ltd.
M.O.M. International Co., Ltd.
Magellan Corporation Limited
Mahaboon Corp., Ltd.
Mahajak International Electric Co, Ltd.
Mapics (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Matchplay Industry (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Maxon Systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Mega Group
Millennium Express Co.,Ltd.
Ming & Crowntour Co.,Ltd.
Mira Kim's Presentations
Mirae Electronic(Thailand)Co., Ltd.
Mirae Travel Co.,Ltd.
Na Na Club International Co.,Ltd.
Narai Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Nature Best Food Co., Ltd.
Nova Sound
Orient Air Reps Co., Ltd.
Oriental Korea World Tour Co., Ltd.
Oscar Intertrade Co Ltd
P & Y Toys (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
P.E.K. Engineering Co.,Ltd
P.S.M.T. Company Limited
Packman's International Corporation Limited
Par Green Tour Co,Ltd.
Parks Toy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Peony Fame Co., Ltd.
Polytex Industry Co.,Ltd
Pongchai Group Co., Ltd.
Public Photo & Advertising
Rainbow Club International Co., Ltd.
Rama Shoes Co.Ltd.
Rama Shoes Industry Ltd
Ratana Sagar Jewellery Co., Ltd.
Republic Of Korea (The Embassy Of The Republic Of
Rocket Thai Co Ltd
S.D.K. Eiwa (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
S.K. Global Co., Ltd.
S.M. Chang Tourland Co.,Ltd.
Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Safeland Cc Tv Co,.Ltd.
Saha Sehwa Co., Ltd.
Samdo (Thailahd) Co., Ltd.
Sammi Sound Tech (Thailand) Corporation Ltd.
Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Samsung Heavy Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Samwha (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sang - A Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd.
Scotch Industrial (Thailandl) Co., Ltd.
Se Han Travel & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sekyero Tour & Trading Co.,Ltd.
Seo Jin Tour Co., Ltd.
Sewon Co.,Ltd.
Shin Heung Co., Ltd
Shinwoo Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ko Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tire Cord Company Limited
Siam United Steel (1995) Co., Ltd., The
Smile Korea Co., Ltd
Spa-Land Tour & Trading Co., Ltd.
Ssang Yong (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Suk Chon Garden
Sun Star Tech Co Ltd
Sung-Jin Tour Co.,Ltd.
Super Karaoke Paradise
T.J. Golden Sky Travel Co., Ltd.
T.T.B. Thai Travel Bureau Ltd.
Thai Carriers Co., Ltd.
Thai Corporate Access Co., Ltd
Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Thai Shipping Agencies And Trading Co., Ltd.
Thai Top Express Co., Ltd.
Thai Tour 21' Co., Ltd.
Thai Wah Lg Chemical Co Ltd
Thai Yoo Han Co., Ltd.
Thai Young Travel Co.,Ltd.
Thai-Korean Footwear Co., Ltd.
Thai-Samsung Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tour Korea And Trading Co.,Ltd.
Tour Sing Co., Ltd.
United Cold Storage Co., Ltd.
V.A.S. Services Limited
V.T.M. Inttex Ltd.
Wide Tours Co.,Ltd.
World Crystal Tour And Trading Co.,Ltd.
World Forest Co., Ltd.
World Thai Travel Co., Ltd.
Yoo Jeong Tour Co.,Ltd
Young Ace Tour Co.,Ltd.
Zaina International Group Co. Ltd


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