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Thailand Paper Companies, Thai Paper Manufacturers


Thailand has several large paper manufacturers of general paper products like copier paper, wrapping paper and paper  packaging materials. In addition there are thousands of small manufacturers and village community projects that churn out thousands of paper handicrafts made from paper like umbrellas, fans, lamps & a lanterns as well as handcrafted paper. There are also hundreds of Thai trading companies who concentrate either entirely or partially on paper and stationery products.

Paper has been a traditional Thai handicraft with skills probably being handed down from the Thai - Chinese ancestors. Thailand's abundant forests provided the raw materials and local skills and artistic talent did the rest. Nowadays skills for pulp production and the mass production of paper products has been brought by mainly Scandinavian based companies.

The raw material for paper production is generally imported also. Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland as well as New Zealand make up the bulk of pulp that is imported into Thailand, made into paper products and the shipped back to the countries of origin.


Whether you are looking for plain paper by the container or small shipments of paper handicraft products Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your paper needs please email with your requests.

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Saa Paper Greeting Cards Mulberry Paper Sheets Saa Paper Fan
Handmade Paper Bags Saa Paper Lantern Photocopy Paper
Featured Thailand Paper Companies
AJB Corporation Limited Thailand Thai manufacturer of Gift Paper, Metallic Paper, OPP Wrap, Floral Wrap, Bow, Kraft Paper, Art Paper, Cosmetics, Soap And Personal Care Products
C & H Paper Box (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand manufacturer of Paper Packaging, Paper Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Packaging
Grace Greeting Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Printed Greeting Cards, Hand-made Cards, Wedding Cards, Wedding Invitations, Gift Boxes, Gift Bags and Gift Wrappings
I.J. SIAM CO.,LTD Thailand Thailand distributor of InkJet Materials, Color Laser Materials, Ink Cartridge, Ink Refill, Digital Printing, Graphic Design, Digital Imaging and Photography, Copying Services, Sign & Display, LCD Backlight Panel, Slim Light Box, Slim Motion Display and Plexus Display Systems
R.A. Design Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Artificial Flowers, Hand Wrapped Saa Paper Flowers, Artificial Plants, Artificial Fruits & Artificial Vegetables
Thai Cane Paper Public Co., Ltd Thailand Thai Cane Paper Public Co., Ltd is one of the largest kraft paper manufacturers in Thailand. We produce several grades of kraft paper and corrugated board packaging products. Kraft Paper Corrugated Board Manufacturer
Thai Cardboard Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Cardboard Packaging, Cardboard Boxes.

Following you will find lists of paper products and companies involved in the paper business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a paper company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

a4-copy paper manufacturer
acial tissues
address books
adult incontinence products
airmail envelopes
announcement cards
art paper
artificial flower made from sa paper
artificial flowers made from paper
artificial flower-sa paper
artificial parchment flowers
artificial plants
benjarong note pad
biodegradable disposable tableware
blank notecards
blister card
block print
bobbins (paper)
bond & copier papers
bond paper
book arts papers
booklet envelopes
bookmark paper
boxed stationery
bromide pape
business mailing envelopes
calligraphy papers
carbon paper
carbonless copying paper products
carbonless paper
cards and envelopes
carton box
carton boxes
carton inner boxes
christmas items
christmas note pad
christmas ornament (paper)
christmas paper craft
christmas paper craft for kid
cigarette paper
coated paper rice
coated papers
coating papers
coffee painting on handmade mulbery paper
commercial printing papers
computer form
computer forms
computer paper
computer printing paper
construction paper christmas craft
construction paper craft
converting papers
copying paper
core paper
corrugated boxes
corrugated cartons
corrugated paper
corrugated paper box
corrugated paperboard
cotton fiber paper
craft card and paper
craft paper
craft paper box
craft paper lantern
craft paper mache
craft paper making
craft paper punch
craft paper supplier
craft paper supply
craft paper wallpaper
craft recipe paper
custom paper models
decorative item paper
desk calendar
display boxes
disposable diapers
drawing & printmaking papers
drawing paper
embroidered paper
envelopes & letter pads
envelopes and letter papers
environmentally friendly recycled paper
exclusive design paper
facial tissue
facial tissues
fancy paper
fancy papers for advertising or printed media
fax paper
feminine napkins
floral paper
floral wra
foil-lined envelopes
folding boxes
folding christmas tree ornament
food packaging
food wraps
fun design paper
gift boxes
gift certificates
gift paper
gift wrap
greeting cards
halloween paper craft
hand made paper
hand made paper journal
hand made paper stationary
handmade greeting cards
handmade journals notebooks
handmade mulberry papers
handmade mulberry papers products
handmade paper
hand-made paper
handmade paper products
handmade printing stationery from sa paper
handmade scrapbook paper
handwrapped artificial flowers
hanging calendar
heavy duty corrugated boxes
holiday design paper
holiday invitation sets
holiday note sets
holy paper
home & office papers
hospital paper products disposable
importer of wall covering
importers of paper
industrial papers
ink jet paper
ink jet papers
inkjet paper
invitation envelope mulberry
japanese origami papers
japanese paper
kid paper craft
kraft paper
kraft paper bag
kraft paper board
kraft paper label
kraft paper roll
kraft paper shopping bag
kraft paper tape
kraft papers
kraft wrapping paper
lace paper
lamps with shades made from mulberry paper
laser & ink jet papers
laser ink jet compatible
letter sets
lokta paper
mailing labels
manufacturer of printing of paper
manufacturer of pulp mould products
manufacturing of corrugated carton
marbled paper
medium paper
memo/note pads
metallic paper
mulberry (saa) paper handicrafts
mulberry (saa) paper product
mulberry (saa) paper sheets
mulberry envelope
mulberry invitation envelope
mulberry paper
mulberry paper (saa) boxes
mulberry paper (saa) lamps
mulberry paper artificial birds
mulberry paper bags
mulberry paper boxes
mulberry paper flowers handwrapped
mulberry paper gift bags
mulberry paper gift boxes
mulberry paper greeting cards
mulberry paper jewelry boxes
mulberry paper journals
mulberry paper lampshade
mulberry paper manufacturers
mulberry paper notebooks
mulberry paper photo albums
mulberry paper photo frames
mulberry paper products
mulberry paper storage boxes
mullbery paper manufacturer
name card
one-time carbon paper
opp wrap
origami paper craft
packaging papers for consumer goods
painting papers
paper (blueprint)
paper art craft
paper artificial flowers
paper bag
paper bag craft
paper bags
paper blinds
paper board
paper boards
paper boxes
paper christmas craft
paper christmas craft for kid
paper clip craft
paper cloth
paper coating
paper collage
paper cores
paper craft
paper craft 2c origami
paper craft for kid
paper craft magazine
paper craft origami
paper craft punches
paper craft supply
paper crafts
paper cups
paper cutting craft
paper decorative
paper doll craft
paper envelopes
paper fans
paper filter
paper flower craft
paper flowers
paper folding craft
paper garbage bags
paper grocery bags
paper hand fans
paper in rolls
paper kraft
paper laminate
paper lantern
paper mache
paper mache craft
paper mache craft box
paper mache recipe craft
paper mache stack box for craft
paper manufacturers in thailand
paper manufacturing
paper masking tape
paper mill
paper model toys
paper mulberry
paper napkins
paper pallets
paper plate craft
paper plates
paper products
paper pulp made with banana tree
paper retail carrier bags
paper rice stick
paper rolls
paper stick
paper towel
paper towels
paper toys
paper tube
paper tubes
paper twist craft
paper yard bags
papermaking kits
papier mache hand wrapped
parchment papers
photo album
photo albums
photocopy paper
photographic paper
pineapple leaf paper
plain paper
printable paper craft
printed card board paper box
printed matter
printing and paper form
printing and writing papers
printing paper
publication papers
pulp products
pure kraft paper
recycled organic paper
recycled paper
repair & restoration papers
ribbed kraft paper
rice paper
roll paper
sa paper notebook
sa paper photo album
sa paper products.
sa paper stationery
saa paper
saa paper bags
saa paper boxes
saa paper gift bags
saa paper greeting cards
saa paper journals
saa paper notebooks
saa paper photo albums
saa paper photo frames
saa paper products
saa papers
sand paper
security papers
shopping bags
shopping craft paper
silk paper
silkscreen paper
skeleton leaves paper
solid colors paper
stamp albums
stardream paper
stationery envelopes
stationery products
stationery sets
sticker label
surface decoration
table napkins
textured paper
tiolet paper roll craft
tissue paper
tissue paper craft
toilet pape
toilet paper
toilet paper roll craft
toilet paper tube craft
toilet roll
toilet tissue
toilet tissues
transfer paper
transform paper
translucent vellum envelopes
tree free paper
unique handmade products
vase note pad
vellum paper
veneer paper
wall covering
wallpapers manufacturers
wallpapers wholesale
waste paper
wedding invitation paper
wholesale handmade paper

a.a. nuphila
a.a. paper & stationery co.,ltd.
a.a. pulp mill 2 co., ltd.
a.j.b. corporation limited
a.p.p. pattana engineering co., ltd.
a.r. salehbhai co., ltd.
a.r.product ltd.,part.
a.s.l. flowers co, ltd.
abix corporation co, ltd.
absolute import-export co, ltd.
acme printing co, LTD.
acon plus trading co.,ltd
advance agro public co, ltd.
advance paper co, ltd.
alcott & co., ltd.
alex wallpaper co, ltd.
aluta european press ltd.
antalis (thailand) co.,ltd.
apron system co.,ltd.
arena exports co, ltd.
art & gift product co, ltd.
art fun (1999) co, ltd.
asia carbon industry co.,ltd.
asia kraft paper co, ltd.
asia paper bag co, ltd
asia recycling co, ltd.
asia times newspaper
asian monomer co, ltd.
asian paper co, ltd.
at models co.,ltd.
attempt intertrade lp
avery dennison (thailand) ltd.
b & b solimec co, ltd.
b.b. group travel co, ltd.
b.n.f. corporation co., ltd.
b.t.f. international co ltd
baan muang printing
bag and paper box ltd., part.
bang pa-in paper mill industry co., ltd.
bangbon industry co., ltd.
bangko corporation ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok corp, ltd.
bangkok envelope industry co., ltd.
bangkok florist centre co, ltd.
bangkok paper case industry co., ltd.
bangkok photo supplies co., ltd.
bangkok polybulk co, ltd.
bangkok post Newspaper
bangkok shuho co, ltd.
bangkok shuho newspaper
bangkok wall paper co, ltd.
banglane paper mill co, ltd.
banyong engineering ltd, part.
beiersdorf-intanin co., ltd.
berli jucker cellox limited
billion gifts of nature ltd.
billion products trading co, ltd.
blue & white 1989 ltd, part.
bluewave e-trade
brighton co, ltd.
buathong paper bag co., ltd.
burapa flowers ltd., part
business day Newspaper
business paper co.,ltd.
bzb intertrade co.,ltd.
c & h paper box (thailand) co., ltd
c.n.g. machinery ltd, part.
c.p.c. decal co, ltd.
c.v. industry co., ltd.
c.v.p. (thailand) co., ltd.
candyco thai international co ltd
capital paper manufacturers co., ltd.
cellox paper company co, ltd.
center containers co, ltd.
centillion group products co., ltd.
central paper industry public co, ltd.
charoen aksorn paper co., ltd.
chatphet wattana co., ltd.
chin fu international co., ltd.
ching mei paper co., ltd.
chonburi paper co., ltd.
chutima (1992) co., ltd.
classic crafts corp, ltd.
classic paper co., ltd.
coating paper industries co, ltd.
comcraft co, ltd.
computer paper products co., ltd.
connector asia co, ltd.
cotco ncr papers co., ltd.
creation machinery international co. ltd.
creative packing co, ltd
creatus corporation limited
cyklop signode packaging corporation (thailand)
d.d. nature craft co., ltd.
d.m.t. container co, ltd
daiichi jitsugyo (thailand) co ltd
daily news
data products toppan forms ltd.
dazzili co.,ltd
dd nature craft co.,ltd.
de ster-thai airline products co, ltd.
deco thai
decor interprint ltd, part.
denfah kranpimp (thailand) co., ltd.
diamon lounge
diamond power services s.e.a. ltd
distri-thai ltd
dollasu intertrade co.,ltd.
dow corning (thailand) ltd.
dow jones distribution co.(asia), inc.
e. hing printing press co, ltd
eastern industrial co, ltd, the
eastern printing public co, ltd.
econ news newspaper
ekachai paper co.,ltd
ekachai pvc co., ltd.
ekarach paper industry co., ltd
ekkawin sathirapattanakiat co.,ltd.
engelhard chemcat (thailand) co, ltd.
eppe asia international co, ltd.
erawan marketing co, ltd.
erawan products co, ltd.
euro thai interfurnit co., ltd.
extreme systems co, ltd.
f & b food service (thailand) ltd.
fancy paper co, ltd.
far eastern corporation co, ltd.
fiedler international gmbh
files paper import & export co.,ltd
filthai co, ltd.
first world import & export co, ltd.
floral land intertrade co., ltd.
florapassion co ltd
fortune decor co, ltd.
franco-pacific (thailand) co, ltd.
freeplus co, ltd.
fuji photo film (thailand)
fun export co., ltd
future flora co, ltd.
general computer co, ltd.
general product co, ltd.
gift export co.,ltd.
global chemical co, ltd.
global resource limited
golden gate medical
goldengate import-export ltd, part.
golf course membership center co, ltd.
goodrich wallcoverings & carpets co, ltd.
graphic scan and print
graphline ltd. part
great union food industries co, ltd.
greater million intertrade ltd., part
g-tech products co.,ltd.
h.q. group co, ltd
halla pulp and paper (thailand) co, ltd.
haruhara co., ltd.
harvar intertrade co, ltd.
heauta international co., ltd.
hepta engineering co, ltd.
hiang seng fibrecontainer co, ltd.
high grade co., ltd.
hi-tech paper co, ltd
home thoughts (thailand) ltd.,
hora paper-pack industry co, ltd.
huat tai paper co, ltd.
i.j. siam co.,ltd.
ida 3d limited
idea crafts co., ltd.
ideas and beyond international ltd.
ihand co ltd
imex link trading co., ltd.
industry union paper tube co, ltd
ink on paper co, ltd.
intentia thailand
inter fibre container co, ltd
interlink resource
international converting center co, ltd.
international development & associations co,
international herald tribune (thailand) ltd.
international printing industries.,ltd
j.o. import-export co, ltd.
j.t.n. container ltd., part.
jatupan paper co, ltd.
jitramas trading co, ltd.
jittiphan paper case co, ltd
k. spear label co, ltd.
k.m. packaging co, ltd
k.n.m. commercial ltd.
k.p. eternity co ltd
k.s. green co ltd
k.v.m. paper co, ltd.
k+z corporation ltd.
kaew fah industry ltd, part
kaithong co, ltd.
keyman international co., ltd.
khao sod co, ltd.
khoo khaeng
kimberley clark thailand ltd
kinbel special wire co., ltd.
klongkradart wongsawang co, ltd
kokusai keiso (thailand) co, ltd.
kongpreecha co.,ltd.
koo kaeng newspaper
kotobudi co.,ltd.
kowsupamonkol export co, ltd.
kradad thai
krishna mongkol co, ltd
krungthep turakij
kwang long machinery co, ltd.
l & s shibacon (thailand) co., ltd
l and s flowers co.,ltd.
l.l.h. printing and packaging co, ltd.
laclemence publishings
lee paper industrial co., ltd.
lemon grass
little star publishing
louis paper group co., ltd.
love starches (thailand) limited
lovely art flowers co,.ltd.
lynn' place co, ltd.
m.d.i. homeproduct industry co, ltd.
m.p. particle board co., ltd.
m.t.e. ltd.
m.v.s. trading ltd, part.
mae fah luang foundation
mahachai kraft paper co, ltd.
master idea co.,ltd.
matichon public company limited
matt productions co., ltd.
maxite network co., ltd.
maxrich co, ltd.
meifu paper, ltd.
meta custom co.,ltd
metso paper (thailand) co., ltd. limited partnership
monopoly design ltd
mullis capital corporation (thailand) co., ltd.
n.c.g. marketing ltd. co., ltd.
n.p.v. co., ltd.
naewna newspaper
nakornpat packing limited partnership
nalco chemical (thailand) co ltd
name industry (1991) co., ltd.
namphaya ltd part
nan mee co.,ltd.
nana marketing co., ltd.
narada international co.,ltd.
narai superbag co.,ltd
nation., the
natural look co ltd
nature's touch co., ltd.
neo pulp & paper co.,ltd.
new paisan printing press ltd., part.
newell (thailand) limited
newstoday co., ltd.
ngam maitree paper box ltd.
nippon hi-pack (thailand) co., ltd.
nonttanee international paper co.,ltd.
norske skog (thailand) co., ltd.
northeastern printing & packaging co., ltd.
nu concept co., ltd.
ocean dragon carton industry co., ltd.
ocean paper
offshore fish and chips
oji papaer (thailand) ltd.
overseas courier service co., ltd.
p. prachume co., ltd.
p.g.m. record co ltd
p.m.c. cards (thailand) co.
p.r. box co.,ltd.
p.s. paper co., ltd.
paboonma co., ltd.
pacific paper box co.,ltd
packaging innovation co., ltd.
pan asia paper (thailand) co.,ltd.
panjapol paper industry co., ltd.
paper and forms co., ltd.
paper box
paper commercial center co.,ltd
paper land
paper point co.,ltd.
paper thai enterprise co.,ltd.
perm poon patana industry co., ltd.
persoft co., ltd.
phatarakij trading co.,ltd.
phoenix pulp & paper public co., ltd.
phongwarin printing co., ltd.
photo imex co.,ltd.
polyart co.,ltd.
polytechnology co., ltd.
porn chai paper tube co.,ltd
post publishing public co., ltd.
precious associate ltd., part
prima collective (thailand) co., ltd.
prinda jewelry co., ltd.
printing solution co.,ltd.
pros lampshade co., ltd.
r.a. design co.,ltd.
r.g.b. pre-print processing co., ltd.
r.s. foods tech [thailand] co., ltd.
rayong paper industries co., ltd.
reams and rolls co.,ltd.,
rong jiann international co., ltd.
roxy paper co., ltd.
ruangpetch paper inter ltd., p.
s & d industries co.,ltd
s & w printing ltd., part.
s sahatara (thailand) co.,ltd.
s.c. stationery industry co.,ltd.
s.c.t. co., ltd.
s.n.access co.,ltd.
s.p. bulk pack co., ltd.
s.v. paper carton co.,ltd
sacha intertrade co.,ltd.
saeng inter laminate co.,ltd
saengpong paper box co.,ltd.
saha chok packaging co.,ltd
sahamit machinery public company limited
sahamit paper industries co., ltd.
saha-union public co.,ltd.(bangchan branch)
sajja garment
sanyo paper co., ltd.
sarnit packaging co.,ltd.
sarnti green pack co.,ltd.
sarnti packaging co.,ltd
sawarintr ltd., part.
seethong 555 co.,ltd
shinothai paper co., ltd.
shioma products
siam armstrong co., ltd.
siam cement public co.,ltd.
siam jp company limited
siam kraft industry co., ltd.
siam machinery and equipment co.,ltd.
siam marubeni international co ltd
siam modified starch co., ltd.
siam northern paper co., ltd.
siam paper co ltd
siam paper converting co., ltd.
siam paper manufacturing co., ltd.
siam phomprathan co., ltd
siam plants and flower manufacturers co.,ltd.
siam post
siam printing and packaging co., ltd.
siam products design co.,ltd.
siam promprathan co., ltd.
siam pulp and paper public co., ltd.
siam traders
siamoenix paper co., ltd.
siamphomprathan co.,ltd.
sin thai paper industrial co., ltd.
sincere standard co.,ltd.
sing pao ltd
sino vest enterprises ltd.
sirichai press
siripat international co.,ltd
sirivatana interprint public co., ltd.
soft plan (thailand) co.,ltd
solveig limited
somthai group co., ltd.
soon hua seng rice co., ltd.
sorb engineering co., ltd.
south china printing (thailand) co., ltd.
south east packaging industry co.,ltd
south east paper industry co., ltd.
southeast paper factory co.,ltd.
southeast polichem
spenco co., ltd.
stora enso (thailand) co., ltd.
suksawad slitting center co., ltd.
sumit furniture co., ltd.
sunpaper co.,ltd.
sunshine paper tube ltd., part.
supatr tanagorn paper mill co., ltd.
super j. international co., ltd.
suraboon co., ltd.
suroj co., ltd.
suttipant (thonburi) ltd., part.
t. paper industrial co.,ltd.
t.k.s. enterprises plc.
t.k.s. tools & trading co ltd
t.n. pulp industry co., ltd
t.p.s. technology print & supplier ltd.
t.s. paper tube ltd., part.
t.v.p. intertrade
takahashi korat (1995) co., ltd
team tec worldwide public company limited
tech chan sheng industry co.,ltd
technology supply co.,ltd.
telcom journal co., ltd.
ten paper bag & box co., ltd
tenma paper mills (thailand) co., ltd.
tep patana paper mill co.,ltd.
terinex siam co., ltd.
thai adhesive tapes co.,ltd.
thai asia packaging & paper co.,ltd.
thai cane paper public co., ltd
thai cardboard co., ltd.
thai carton industry co.,ltd
thai chemical paper co., ltd.
thai chester paper co.,ltd.
thai chi hon enterprise co., ltd
thai chori co., ltd.
thai development paper co., ltd.
thai envelop mfg. co.,ltd
thai fibre containers co.,ltd.
thai fibre drum industry co.,ltd
thai handicrafts export center co., ltd.
thai hygienic products co.,ltd.
thai kobashi co ltd
thai kraft paper industry co., ltd.
thai mitsui specialty chemicals co.,ltd.
thai ocean printing co., ltd.
thai packaging & printing public co., ltd.
thai paper co., ltd.
thai paper mill co., ltd.
thai product co., ltd.
thai pulp and paper industry association
thai pulp paper industry co., ltd.
thai showa paxs co., ltd.
thai smile network co., ltd.
thai sone dee co., ltd.,
thai standard merchandise co.,ltd
thai sulphites and chemicals co., ltd.
thai textube & package co.,ltd
thai udom singchai ltd.,part.
thai union paper industry co., ltd.
thai union paper public co., ltd.
thai united awa paper co., ltd.
thai wall paper co., ltd.
thairath newpspaper
thaisky engineering group (bangkok) co., ltd.
thanangkoon press col.,ltd
thanaparn paper co., ltd.
thanapat intertrade co.,ltd.
thanaphat intertrade
thanatarn paper co.,ltd.
thano production co., ltd
thansettakij business newspaper
tien heng co., ltd
toa sankyo industries ltd, thai
top great enterprise co., ltd.
toyo thai corp ltd (ttcl)
triple tree co.,ltd.
tri-wall (thailand) ltd.
tuntex (thailand) public co., ltd.
tuntex petrochemicals (thailand) plc
u.c.k. company limited
u.d. silkscreen ltd.
u-life newspaper
umb iterface co.,ltd
union & honshu international ltd.
union art industry co.,ltd.
union blueprint co., ltd.
union carbide thailand ltd
union carton industry co., ltd.
union paper and packing co., ltd.
union paper cartons co.,ltd.
united paper co.,ltd
unitpack(1989) co.,ltd
usetco co., ltd
v. sang thai paper factory co., ltd.
v.k. supply co., ltd.
v.s.k. machinery co., ltd.
v.s.s. industrial co., ltd.
valmet technology (thailand) co.,ltd.
value business co.,ltd.
vanacharoen co.,ltd.
veritas enterprises ltd
vichuda co. ltd.,
vira cute intercorporation co.,ltd.
wang kanai paper co., ltd.
wanna pong paper carton co.,ltd.
wattachak daily
white paper co., ltd.
wide spread recruitment co., ltd.
winer paper co.,ltd
world fax paper co.,ltd
world polykraft co.,ltd.
yenwa (thailand) limited
yoadjarust intertrade co., ltd.
zaina international group co. ltd
zenith enterprise co., ltd.

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