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Thailand Pet Food Companies, Thai Pet Food Manufacturers


Thailand Pet Food Companies
, Thai Pet Food Manufacturers and Pet Food Wholesalers produce and export a wide variety of processed foods for pets. Dog food, cat food, fish food or even iguana food, I am sure that there is a Thai manufacturer who makes what you need.

Pet Food Supplies
The pet products market in Thailand was estimated to be worth around $120 million in 2003 and is expected to grow at least 15 percent for the next few years. Recent trends in Thailand point to pets becoming an increasingly valued member of the Thai family.

More and more people consider owning pets as a way of helping them overcome stress. The newfound status for pets means pet products are big business. Thai consumers will seek the best quality goods to take care of their beloved animals.

There are nearly 600 outlets in Bangkok, selling food, accessories and cages, for dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters and other animals, as well as magazines about them. Dogs are the most popular pets in Thailand.

According to trade source, the pet food market represents approximately 75 percent of the pet products. Sales of pet food were about $90 million in 2003, while accessories and personal-care products achieved $30 million in sales. The premium pet food category and accessories markets are expected to grow only 8 percent in 2004 due to delays in the registration process at the Livestock Department (The bird flu crisis is draining human resources from the Livestock Department.

It was reported that pet food importers had to wait for half a year in 2004 to get import licenses from the department). However, local sources expect the situation will normalize this year and the market for premium pet products will grow by an average of 15 percent for the next few years. Pet lovers are looking at how to improve the quality of life for their pets and are willing to pay for higher-quality food and accessories.
Thailand Market Profile -- U.S. Commercial Service Thailand

Pet Food and Pet Care Products in the Thailand
The Pet Food and Pet Care Products in Thailand report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - be they new product developments, packaging innovations, economic/lifestyle influences, distribution or pricing issues. Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change.

Preference for dogs and cats as pets result in dog and cat food leading In 2005, pet food and pet care products in Thailand grew by a robust 13%, in current value terms. The strong performance is largely attributed to dog and cat food which put in a stellar performance of more than 14% current value growth over 2004. Dog and cat food fared well in 2005 for two primary reasons.

First, dogs and cats continue to be the preferred pet types among Thais as they are more companionable pets. Second, with rising sophistication on the part of pet owners as well as a quickening pace of life, more dog and cat owners are switching from feeding their pets with non-prepared food to prepared food.

With less time on their hands as the pace of life picks up and a greater understanding of the health benefits of feeding their pets prepared food, dog and cat owners are contributing to dog and cat food sales by choosing to feed their pets with such food instead.

Other pet food growth in line with increase in other pet population
Growth of other pet food was moderate at 5% each in current value as well as volume terms. This growth was in line with the increase in other pet population. While other pets are not as popular compared to dogs and cats, birds and fish in particular are relatively well-received among Thais as pets as well. Birds are favoured for their beauty, gentle nature and their birdsong. Fishes, on the other hand, are kept as pets for their beauty. Some sources commented that some fish owners actually find it therapeutic to look at their pet fish in their aquariums after a long and hectic day.

Pet care products continue to cater to niche consumer groups
Pet care products similarly posted a modest growth of 5% in current value terms. Sales base of pet care products remain small in Thailand as these are still considered to be unnecessary by majority of pet owners. That said, there are niche groups of pet owners who seek out pet care products for their pets. To cater to these pet owners, manufacturers of pet care products do focus on designing and launching innovative, fashionable products for pet lovers. The result has been positive. Dog and cat owners, particularly young women, are extremely interested in such luxurious products.

Effem Foods remains top dog although Nestle Purina gains slightly
In 2004, bulk of pet food and pet care products sales continue to fall within the hands of three key players, namely Effem Foods (Thailand) Co Ltd, Nestle Purina PetCare Co and Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. Despite suffering a slight setback in March-June 2004 as a result of the fungi scandal surrounding its Pedigree brand, Effem Foods (Thailand) Co Ltd managed to control the damage through effective communication efforts to assure pet owners. As a result, Effem Foods (Thailand) Co Ltd continued to lead pet food and pet care products sales in Thailand in 2004. That said, the company did not escape fully unscathed from the fungi scandal as Nestle Purina PetCare Co managed to wrest some share from the former in 2004.

Potential for growth remains
Pet food and pet care products in Thailand is predicted to grow by 9% in constant value CAGR over the forecast period. Growth is likely to take place largely on the back of pet owners switching from prepared to non-prepared food for dogs and cats. That said, performance of pet food and pet care products in terms of constant value CAGRs is slightly slower in the forecast period relative to the review period. This is due to the anticipation that rising competition will result in prices dipping slightly over the forecast period.
Bharat Book Bureau

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Fresh Pet Food Dog Food In Pouches Pet Feeding Bowls
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Featured Thailand Pet Food Companies
ASA Bangkok Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Canned Food Products such as Canned Fruit, Coconut Products, Rambutan, Lychee, Longan, Canned Fruit Juices, Pineapple, Seafood, Pet Food, and Canned seafood products like Canned Sardine and Canned Tuna.
G.C.F. Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand exporter of Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Dried Foods, Dehydrated Foods, Pet Foods, Dried Fruits
I.S.A. CO, LTD. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Canned Pet Food, Canned Tuna Green Curry, Canned Rice and Instant Jasmine rice.
O & P Intertrade Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai exporters of foods and canned foods, canned pineapples, canned Thai seasonal fruits, fruit juices, canned young corn, canned sweet whole kernel corn, bean sprout, and mixed vegetables. For fish, we handle canned tuna, canned sardines and canned tuna pet foods

C. S. G. Co., Ltd.
Business type: International trading company affiliated with charoen pokphand (c. P. ) group of companies. Business activities : Export oriented: Chilled / frozen pork, fresh hen's egg, hatching egg & day-old-chick, frozen liquid egg, sausage & ham, frozen processed chicken, frozen chicken & duck parts, fragrant rice, fishmeal, pigeon corn, feed meal, pet foods / snack Exporting countries: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, United kingdom, Vietnam
Products: Dog Snack, Cat Food, Dog Chew

Chayanee Corporation Co., Ltd.
The Company is the sole agent of premium grade dog food under the brand "VCareU". More than 10 years experience of dog breeder. Our team who makes research and do recipe are dog lovers. VCareU natural premium grade pet food, provide your dogs excellent nutrition. Dogs eat VCareU are healthy and organs are resilient to nutritional insult.
Products: Pet food, premium grade dog food, dog food

Everspring Industry Limited
Everspring Industry Limited is located in Chonburi Province about one and a half hours drive from Bangkok. We manufacture dog and cat treats as well as market dry dog food and cat food including canned dog and cat food. In addition our company is a representative of a qualified Halal human food manufacturer. We are currently supply our customers worldwide.
Products: Pet Food, Human Food, Pet Treats

Founder Achievement Award
Founder achievement award was found in 2000 has experience in pet food and pet products supply
Strong supply chain and research and development of many items of product
Products: Dry and wet canned pet food

I. S. A. Value Co., Ltd.
We are one of leading companies in exporting canned tuna which have total 4 factories in Thailand consists of 2 plants of I. S. A. value Co., ltd. And 2 plants of unicord public Limited with the exported capacity around 7000-8000 fcls / year. We are able to produce many kinds of products such canned tuna in oil / brine, canned tuna value added, canned pet food, and tuna pouch which our products have been exported through many countries around the world.
Products: Canned Tuna

Nutrix Public Company Limited
NUTRIX Public Company Limited. Thailand is Manufacturer and Exporter of pet food and fish food to world wide clients. Our company has been a professional producer of dry pet food for more than a decade and has been supplying the world community with the most reliable pet food and also supporting customer's private brand(OEM) base on customer's specification. We are able to produce pet food products in accordance with the nutrient requirements. With the highest quality of raw material found both domestically and overseas then applying the proper formulation. You can visit our web site for more detail information. We hope to deal a good business with you in the very near future.
Products: Pet food such as dog food, cat food

Perfect Companion Co.,Ltd
We would like to introduce ourselves as Perfect Companion, Co.Ltd. based in Bangkok Thailand. We are an affiliate of Chareon Pokphand Group of Companies (C.P.), which is the leading Multinational Corporation in Agricultural Industry. Perfect Companion Co.,Ltd. is taking care of Pet Business for the group, both in Thailand market and oversea markets. Our production facilities is of Pet Food with the monthly production capacity of 3,000 tons.
We have been the first to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification in Thailand Pet Food industry. Production protocols according to AAFCO and HACCP are adhering to in the daily routines.
Products: Dog Food, Dog Snack, Cat Food, Fish Food, Small Animals Food, Rabbit Food, mouse Food, Bird Food

S. I. P. Siam Inter Pacific Co., Ltd.
We were established in 1992 to deal with international trade. Our main products are pet foods, Thai Rice and Agricultural products. Please contact our export agent for quality products suit to your need with reasonable prices.
Products: Thai Rice And Agricultural Commodities, Pet Foods

Sanco Foods (Thailand) Ltd.
We are export of animal feed, pet foods, and vegetable fats & oils. We are currently exporting those products to Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia. We can also supply Palm Fatty Acid for soap manufacturers.
Products: Pet Foods, Animal Feed ingredients, Vegetable oils and fats

Following you will find lists of pet food products available from companies involved in the pet food business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a pet food company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Bleached Rawhide Knotted Bone
Canned Fish For Cats
Canned Fish For Dogs
Canned Fish For Pets
Canned Mackerel For Cats
Canned Mackerel For Dogs
Canned Mackerel For Pets
Canned Pet Food
Canned Pet Food For Cats
Canned Pet Food For Dogs
Canned Sardines For Cats
Canned Sardines For Dogs
Canned Sardines For Pets
Canned Tuna For Cats
Canned Tuna For Dogs
Canned Tuna For Pets
Cat Biscuits
Cat Food
Ceramic Pet Bowls
Cheap Cat Food
Cheap Dog Food
Cheap Pet Food
Chicken Breast Cat Food
Chicken Breast Dog Food
Chicken Breast Pet Food
Chicken Cat Food
Chicken Fillet Jerky
Chicken Liver Cat Food
Chicken Liver Dog Food
Chicken Liver Pet Food
Chicken Sausage
Chicken Strip
Christmas Dog Crackers
Christmas Dog Snacks
Cowheel Stick Twined With Chicken Strips
Crunchy Stick Dog Treats
Custom Cat Food
Custom Dog Food
Custom Pet Food
Cuttle Fish Bones
Cuttlefish Bones
Denta Bone
Desiccated Mealworm
Dietary Supplement For Dogs
Dietary Supplement For Pets
Discount Cat Food
Discount Dog Food
Discount Pet Food
Discus Fish Food
Discus Food
Dog Biscuits
Dog Chews
Dog Snacks
Dog Sticks
Dried Cat Food
Dried Chicken Breast Meat
Dried Dog Food
Dried Locusts
Dried Mealworm
Dried Pet Food
Dried Pig Ear
Dry Cat Food
Dry Chicken Fillet For Dog
Dry Dog Food
Dry Pet Food
Fish Food
Flexible Soft Treats
Gourmet Cat Food
Gourmet Flavour Cat Food
Greaves Meal
Green Bone
Green Dental Stick
Green Rawhide Dog Bone
Healthy Cat Food
Healthy Dog Food
Healthy Pet Food
High Calcium Cat Food
High Calcium Dog Food
High Calcium Pet Food
High Fiber Cat Food
High Fiber Dog Food
High Fiber Pet Food
High Vitamin Cat Food
High Vitamin Dog Food
High Vitamin Pet Food
Insect Jelly
Kitten Food
Munchy Stick
Munchy Sticks
Natural Pet Seaweed
Natural Pork-Hide Pressed Bone
Online Cat Food
Online Dog Food
Online Pet Food
Pet Biscuits
Pet Food
Pet Food Ball
Pet Food Dog Biscuits
Pet Food For Birds
Pet Food For Cats
Pet Food For Dogs
Pet Food For Reptiles
Pet Food Milky Biscuits
Pet Food Vegetable Biscuits
Pet Foods
Pet Health Care Biscuit
Pet Snacks
Pork Knotted Bones
Pork Twisted Sticks
Premium Cat Food
Premium Dog Food
Premium Grade Cat Food
Premium Grade Dog Food
Premium Grade Pet Food
Premium Natural Grade Cat Food
Premium Natural Grade Dog Food
Premium Pet Food
Puppy Food
Rabbit Feed
Rabbit Food
Rawhide Ball
Rawhide Chews
Rawhide Chips Dog Chews
Rawhide Shoes
Rawhide Twisted Sticks
Sayuri Fish Feed
Sea Fish Cat Food
Smoky Pork Hide Twist
Smoky Pork hide And Flavored Twist
Snacks For Cats
Snacks For Dogs
Snacks For Pets
Soy Protein Cat Food
Soy Protein Dog Food
Soy Protein Pet Food
Thai Cat Food Exporter
Thai Cat Food Factory
Thai Cat Food Manufacturer
Thai Cat Food Wholesaler
Thai Dog Food Exporter
Thai Dog Food Factory
Thai Dog Food Manufacturer
Thai Dog Food Wholesaler
Thai Pet Food Exporter
Thai Pet Food Factory
Thai Pet Food Manufacturer
Thai Pet Food Wholesaler
Thailand Cat Food Exporter
Thailand Cat Food Factory
Thailand Cat Food Manufacturer
Thailand Cat Food Wholesaler
Thailand Dog Food Exporter
Thailand Dog Food Factory
Thailand Dog Food Manufacturer
Thailand Dog Food Wholesaler
Thailand Pet Food Exporter
Thailand Pet Food Factory
Thailand Pet Food Manufacturer
Thailand Pet Food Wholesaler
Treats For Pets
Tuna Cat Food
Vegetable Cat Food
Vegetable Dog Food
Vegetable Pet Food
Vegetarian Cat Food
Vegetarian Dog Food
Vegetarian Pet Food
Wet Cat Food
Wet Dog Food
Wet Pet Food
Wholesale Cat Food
Wholesale Dog Food
Wholesale Pet Food


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