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Thailand Dog Food Companies, Thai Dog Food Manufacturers


Thailand Dog Food Companies, Thai Dog Food Manufacturers have hit a bonanza. My contacts tell me that with the recent scare regarding pet food in America they have received many replacement orders and are working at full capacity.

The pet food business in Thailand is well established and the factories although at full capacity now are adding extra production lines and will be able to cope with new orders soon. It may be worthwhile considering doing business with a trading company who specializes in pet products to save wasting time looking for a manufacturer who can service your orders at this time.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your dog food  needs please email with your requests.




Dog Food in Pouches Knotted Rawhide Chews Dog Bowls
Gourmet Dog Food Rawhide Shoes Munchy Chew Sticks
Liver Bone Snacks Natural Premium Grade Dog Food Dog Biscuits
Dried Chicken Breast Canned Dog Food Dry Dog Food
Featured Thailand Dog Food Companies
ASA Bangkok Limited Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Canned Food Products such as Canned Fruit, Coconut Products, Rambutan, Lychee, Longan, Fruit Juices, Pineapple, Seafood, Pet Food, and seafood products like Canned Sardine and Canned Tuna.

Chayanee Corporation Co., Ltd.
The Company is the sole agent of premium grade dog food under the brand "VCareU". More than 10 years experience of dog breeder. Our team who makes research and do recipe are dog lovers. VCareU natural premium grade pet food, provide your dogs excellent nutrition. Dogs eat VCareU are healthy and organs are resilient to nutritional insult.
Products: Pet food, premium grade dog food, dog food

Chichimaru Pet Products
Chichi Pet Products company produces and distributes pet products mainly dog chews and toys. Our products are manufactured in a highly hygienic factory to ensure the hygiene of foodstuffs at all stages of the production process, from primary production up to and including sale to the final consumer. Dogs and dog owners love our products.
Products: Dog Chew, Dog Snack, Dog Food

Everspring Industry Limited
Everspring Industry Limited is located in Chonburi Province about one and a half hours drive from Bangkok. We manufacture dog and cat treats as well as market dry dog food and cat food including canned dog and cat food. In addition our company is a representative of a qualified Halal human food manufacturer. We are currently supply our customers worldwide.
Products: Pet Food, Pet Treats

Perfect Companion Co.,Ltd
We would like to introduce ourselves as Perfect Companion, Co.Ltd. based in Bangkok Thailand. We are an affiliate of Chareon Pokphand Group of Companies (C.P.), which is a leading Multinational Corporation in the Thailand Agricultural Industry. Perfect Companion Co.,Ltd. is taking care of Pet Business for the group, both in Thailand market and oversea markets. Our production facilities is of Pet Food with the monthly production capacity of 3,000 tons. We have been the first to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification in Thailand Pet Food industry. Production protocols according to AAFCO and HACCP are adhering to in the daily routines.
Products: Dog Food, Dog Snack, Cat Food, Fish Food, Small Animals Food, Rabbit Food, Mouse Food Bird Food

Pet's Today
We started up our business as a Dog lover not a business person. We used to own and run a number one best selling pet magazine in Thailand named "Sunak lae Satliang" meaning of "Dogs and Pets". We were publishing the magazine for 20 years. Now we terminated the magazine business but to focus in Pet's food business. Our manufacturing partner is specialized in Dog food and Cat food. Our products are proven to be tasty and nutritious. Pets just really love it. We know it because we have a retail front store as well. Products: Dog's Food And Cat's Food, Pet Products, Aquatic Products, Canned Dog Food

Petech Inter Group Co., Ltd.
Support by: Small and medium enterprise development bank of Thailand (smebank) and Thailand board of investment (boi) main products are dry dog food and dry cat food. In order to further expand our business and increase category of our products to better meet the needs of our customers.
1. Dry dog food, cat food, rabbit food, koi feed, catfish feed, tiger food, ferret food.
2. Our brand name are pbt and country, private brand name are gusmate, dogkin, catkin, art, f1 and shipmate. "We are OEM. Dog & cat food, aquatic feed and private brand. "
Products: Private brand dog food & cat food, OEM, dog food, cat food and aquatic feed.

Siam Fauna Co., Ltd.
We are a trading company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We are specialize for all kinds of pet products and pet foods.
Products: Dog Food, Freshwater Fish Exporter, Pet Products Supplies

World Synergy Trading Co.,ltd
We are manufacturer and exporter of dog & cat treat in Thailand since 1985. We are focusing on research and development to create the best dog and cat treat that dog will sure love it. We have plenty items for dog and cat products for you to choose such as dog biscuit, dog treat, rawhide dog chew, dog food, cat treat, cat food, cat toy, nail scratching board.
Products: Dog treat, cat treat, dog toy, chew toy, dog & cat toy, dog & cat treat, edible bone, dog food, cat food, dog & cat food.

Following you will find lists of dog food products that are available from companies involved in the pet food business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a dog food company or supply a database of these companies then please email

Banana Slice Twined With Chicken Breast
Barbecue Flavor Denta Bone
Beef Flavored Bones
Beef Liver Treats
Beef Sticks
Best Dog Foods
Best Quality Dog Food
Biscuits & Crackers
Bleached Rawhide With Chicken Knotted Bone
Bones For Dogs
Bovine Rawhide
Buffalo Tripe
Bull Sticks
Canned Dog Food
Canned Puppy Food
Chicken Breast
Chicken Fillet Jerky
Chicken Fillet Roll On Munchy-Stick
Chicken Fillets With Cowskin
Chicken Jerky
Chicken Link
Chicken Links
Chicken Liver
Chicken Meat
Chicken Meat Sausage
Chicken Meat Stick
Chicken Rounds
Chicken Sausage
Christmas Chew Toys
Christmas Dog Snacks
Christmas Dog Treats
Corn Gluten Meal
Crunchy Nugget
Crunchy Stick Dog Treats
Crunchy Sticks
Crushed Rawhide
Custom Dog Snacks
Custom Pet Snacks
Denta Bone
Diet Dog Food
Dietary Supplement For Dogs
Dog Biscuits
Dog Bones
Dog Bowls
Dog Chews
Dog Chewy Stick Treat
Dog Cookies
Dog Feeders
Dog Food Ball
Dog Food Bin
Dog Food Bowls
Dog Food Containers
Dog Food Dishes
Dog Food In Bags
Dog Food Recipes
Dog Food With Sweet Potato
Dog Health Care Biscuit
Dog Ice Cream
Dog Snacks
Dog Sticks
Dog Training Treats
Doggie Treat Jar
Dogs Supplement Diet
Double Color Knotted Bones
Double Color Knotted Bones Christmas Dog Crackers
Dried Buffalo Tripe
Dried Chew For Dogs
Dried Chicken Breast Meat
Dried Chicken Breast Slice
Dried Chicken Dog Food
Dried Chicken Fillet For Dog Food
Dried Dog Food.
Dried Dog Snacks
Dried Duck Inner Fillet Stripe
Dry Chicken Fillet For Dog
Dry Dog Food
Duck Jerky Chips
Expanded Rings
Flexible Soft Treats
Food Supplement For Pets
Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats
Freeze Dried Chicken Treats
Freeze Dried Treats
Fumigated Ham
Gourmet Beef Jerky
Gourmet Chicken Breasts
Gourmet Chicken Jerky Chips
Gourmet Chicken Soft Chips
Gourmet Dog Treats
Gourmet Duck Jerky
Gourmet Pork Jerky
Healthy Dog Food
Herbal Health Dog Food Supplement
Herbal Health Supplement
High-Energy Dog Food.
Human Grade Dog Food
Knotted Bone Dog Chews
Liver Treats
Manufacturers Of Dog Food In Thailand
Manufacturers Of Pet Food
Mint Flavor Denta Bone
Munching Rolls Dog Chews
Munchy Sausage
Natural Chews
Natural Cow Ears
Natural Dog Food
Natural Pet Seaweed
Natural Rawhide Twist
Natural Shin Bone
Organic Dog Buscuits
Organic Dog Food
Ostrich Meat Dog Food
Pet Beef Jerky
Pet Food Dog Biscuits
Pet Health Care Biscuit
Pet's Food
Pig Skin Knot Bones
Pork Hide
Premium Dog Food
Premium Grade Pet Food
Premium Natural Grade Dog Food
Pressed Bone Dog Chews
Puppy Biscuits & Treats
Puppy Food Canned
Puppy Food Dry
Puppy Foods
Puppy Products
Raw Hide Munchy Rolls
Rawhide Bones
Rawhide Chew Treats
Rawhide Chips
Rawhide Dog Bone Twined With Chicken Breast
Rawhide Dog Bones Chews
Rawhide Donuts
Rawhide Rolls
Rice Protein Concentrate
Round-Knot Bones
Safe Dog Food
Sandwich Bones
Seasoning Powder For Dog Food
Shrimp Twined With Chicken Breast Strip
Smoky Porkhide Twist
Soft Chicken Breast Fillets
Thailand Dog Food Manufacturers
Thailand Pet Food Manufacturers
Tie-Knot Bones
Training Treats
Treats & Snacks For Pets
Twisted Stick Dog Chews
Vegan Dog Food
Vegetable Biscuits
Vegetable Dog Biscuits
Vegetarian Chunks
Vegetarian Dog Biscuits
Vegetarian Dog Food
Veggie Dog Treats
Wet Dog Food
Xmas Chew Toys
Xmas Dog Snacks
Xmas Dog Treats


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