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Plastics from Bakelite to Nanotechnology

I am old enough to remember the pioneering days of plastics. Bakelite sticks in my mind. A solid, fragile plastic always brown and molded into some art-deco form to encase the valves and wires of a post war radio set.

"IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE that one can combine two unlikely substances like carbolic acid and formaldehyde to produce a beautiful and versatile substance such as phenolic resin or "Bakelite," a revolutionary, non-flammable, early plastic. "The material of a thousand uses," as it was called, made a splash in the 1920s, '30s and '40s.

Around the turn of the century, the Belgian born scientist Dr. Leo Baekeland, working as an independent chemist, came upon the compound quite by accident. Anyone familiar with the newspaper printing business is aware of the Velox used as a proof; that was his first discovery. Velox was invented in 1899 and is still in use today. After selling the rights to this product to Eastman Kodak for three quarters of a million dollars, he started developing a less flammable bowling alley floor shellac; bowling was becoming the latest rage in New York City. Dr. Baekeland soon realized that a resin that was both insoluable and infusible could have a much wider appeal when used as a molding compound. He obtained a patent and started the Bakelite Corporation around 1910" 

Now they are making Bakelite jewelry. What next?

Nylon, a fragile and precious commodity that fueled my Mom's business, she had a corner shop selling no end of stuff. Clothes, toys and of course Nylons. Nylon stockings in different lengths, different colours and derniers. I rued the day they introduced a new product. A new product made of some nylon fabric - tights. Wrist breakers we used to call them - but that's another story.

Pop - soda for our American friends came in glass bottles. Recycling was unheard of. Well the word recycling was not used. Cycling was important for my business though. I would cycle around my neighbourhood collecting used pop bottles and return them to the shop of origin. I got two or three pennies for each bottle. As a kid I was saddened the day they introduced plastic bottles. I was out of business at the tender age of nine.

I was reminded of this a few days ago when an American businessman contacted me. He was looking for plastic factories, any plastic companies. He explained that the factories had waste plastic material, scrap plastic, that he wanted to buy by the container load and ship out to be re-used in whatever venture he had in mind.

A chance to get even after my childhood business went bust. Glass recycling to plastic recycling and I don't have to cycle round the neighbourhood any more.

I am told that War was the prime motivator for the development of plastics. Stronger, lighter more durable materials to outfit our fighting forces. Never could imagine our troops dressed in Nylon stockings. However I am told that the best commandos and special forces wear Nylon tights to the chill out of the privates.

So is it the military that is still the prime mover or the consumer who demand better, more flexible and more durable plastic products. In my twilight years a new development is emerging - Nanotechnology. I am just learning about this so forgive me if I have the wrong idea. Micro machines made from plastic woven into fabrics that encase your body. Thinking, self replicating plastic micro robots. No more itching a flea in your pants. Oh sorry I got a robot in my pants!!!

Thailand Plastic Companies, Thai Plastics Manufacturers (Plastic Companies in Thailand)

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Following you will find lists of plastic products and companies involved in the plastic manufacturing business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a plastic company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
Plastics Products Plastics Companies in Thailand
Access control ID cards & tags
acrylic resin
Action figures
air bubble film
Anchor fasteners
Aquarium decorations
Architectural signage
artificial flower
artificial leather
automotive accessories
automotive plastic grill
Baby bottle-feeding products
baby feeding bottles
Baby rattles
Bag clips
bags on the roll
Bath toys
bathroom accessories
Battery clips
Battery-operated toys
Beach & poolside loungers
Bead trimmings
Bedroom & closet storage boxes
Beverage jugs
big bag
biodegradable disposable tableware
blood transfusion sets
blood tubing lines
blow molding
blow-molded bottles
bottle for food & beverage
bowl plastic
Buckets & wash tubs
bulk liners
Cable lugs
cassette jewel boxes
cd/dvd cases
children plastic shoes
christmas decorative
christmas trees
cigarette overwrapping
cloth hanger
clutch toys
coated fabric
computer cable
computer power strip
container liner
cosmetic bags
Costume brooches
Costume chokers
costume jewelry
deep freezer bags
diary cover
Display & presentation gift boxes
Disposable cigarette lighters
document folder
drinking straws
Drums, barrels & aerosol cans
engineering thermoplastics
expandable polystyrene
fashion bag
fishing products
flexible container
flexible plastic packaging
Flower pots
fluor polymer
Flying toys
foam sheet
food box
food packaging
Food packaging
food tray
Food wraps
fruit basket
garbage bags
garden decoration
Garment bead materials
Gift boxes
gift item
hair ornament
Hand fans
high density polyethylene
Indoor plastic resin furniture
Industrial & machine hoses
Industrial plastics/resins
Inflatable toys
injection moulding
Jar containers
jars injection molded
Jewelry beads
LCD plastic watches
Louvre & panel doors
luggage tags polymer
mirror cabinet
Mobile phone battery cases
motorcycle helmets
Musical & animated toys/dolls
nylon chip
nylon films
Nylon yarn
Optical disc storage boxes
outdoor furniture
Outdoor resin furniture
packaging bag
paper cups
patches & labels
pe or pp rope
Pencil cases
pet film product
petrochemical and plastic
Photo frames
plants & flowers
Plastic & paper retail carrier bags
plastic bag
plastic bags
plastic basket
plastic bottle drink
plastic buckle
plastic card
plastic case
plastic container 100 cc - 120 l
Plastic dinnerware
plastic dip coasting
plastic dip moulding
plastic disposable products
plastic doors
Plastic engineering parts
plastic extrusion
Plastic extrusion profiles & sections
plastic fastener
plastic film
plastic films
Plastic foam
plastic for electronic
plastic gratings
plastic household utensil
plastic injection molding
Plastic keyboards
plastic keychains
plastic kitchenware
Plastic magnets
plastic materials
plastic molds
Plastic mugs/cups/tumblers
plastic panel
Plastic parts
plastic parts for fans
Plastic parts OEM
plastic pen
plastic pipe
plastic pipes
plastic piping
plastic pouches
plastic resins
plastic sealing
Plastic sheets
plastic strappings
plastic tile
plastic toy
plastic tube
plastic wall clocks
Plastic watch straps
plastic zippers
Plastic-formed packaging products
plastics industry
plastics sheets
Play sets
Plumbing hoses & accessories
poly net
poly propylene bags
poly twine
polyester flake
polyester products
Polyester yarn
polyester zippers
polypropylene film
polypropylene plastic
Polyresin crafts
polyurethane elastomer
pp films
pvc compound
pvc film
pvc thermoforming pack
Quartz analog plastic watches
Radio-controlled toys
regid plastic packaging
rigid plastic packaging
safety belt
Serving food trays
shopping bag
shower screen
shrink bags
shrink labels
Shrink/stretch wrapping films
Sink strainers
sport bags
Sports toys
steering wheels
Storage bottles
synthetic-latex products
Textile packaging materials
toilet seat
Toilet seats
Tool boxes
Toy balls
Toy cars
Toy phones
Toy weapons
traps & drainage systems
travel bags
Watch presentation boxes
water tank
wrapping film

Plastics Companies in Thailand

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