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Thailand Plastic Machinery Companies, Thai Plastics Machinery  Manufacturers


Thailand Plastic Machinery Companies service a very significant sector of Thai industry - Plastics manufacturing. Thai Plastics Companies produce a wide range of products from plastic toys to plastic bags, boxes, containers and plastic component parts for many other industrial sectors such as computers, automotive and packaging.

In the past much of this machinery was imported. Nowadays there are home grown Thai enterprises competing alongside the international companies.

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Featured Thailand Plastic Machinery Companies
F & C Enterprises Co.,Ltd Thailand Foreign owned company in Thailand specializing in Plastic Film Manufacturing Machines, Shrink Wrap Machines, Plastic Machines
Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Fasteners, Plastification Systems, Melt processing equipment, Bimetallic barrels, High-performance screws, Non-return valves, screw tips, barrel end caps, nozzles, Liquid additive system, Melt pumps, Screen Changers, Shut-off Nozzles, Chillers, Cleaning Ovens, Pelletizers and  Temperature controllers.

Advanced Technology Machinery Co. Ltd.
Advanced Technology Machinery Co. Ltd. Is based at NONTHABURI, Vicinity of Bangkok, THAILAND.
We assemble PE and PET Machines for small scale production of plastic bottles. These machines are suitable for family installation. We also supply freezer to make frozen drink for beers and soft drinks. Our market target is based on South-East Asian Region.
Products: PE Machines, PET Machines, Freezer, Plastic Beverage Processing Machinery, Plastic Machinery

Bangkok Brightex Co. Ltd.
Our company is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We are specializing in Food industry, Food packaging machinery, Packaging and packaging material, Food ingredients, Plastic raw material, Turn-key solution for food project, gifts and other promotion items.
Products: Beverage Processing Machinery, packaging machinery

CSS Metrology Co., Ltd.
Our company is located in Thailand. We have a high performance work team. We are an expertise in a plastic products and parts. And now we expand our new business categories to enter in a global markets such as the multifunction air conditioning, which is a unique item with a high technology from holland.
Products: Multifunction air conditioner, furniture, plastic machinery

Hitech CNC Machinery Co., Ltd
Hitech CNC Machinery is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The company found in 1988 joint venture between Thais and Singaporean. We focus on Machinery Sales, Engineering, and Support Services in Plastic and Web Converting Industries.
Products: Sheet Extrusion, Die Coating, Screen Changer, Plastic Machinery, Plastic Packaging Machinery

Krit Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Auto champ manufacturing Co., Ltd. Was established in 1980, as the leader of vertically integrated manufacturer of plastic machinery
Products: Plastic machinery

Ruthipong Recycle
Ruthipong recycle is a small family run business. We have been an excellent metal and plastic scrap supplier for many companies in Thailand. Our policy is to work as direct and honest as we can.
Products: Plastic Recycling machinery, plastics products

Thaimanee Craft Co., Ltd.
Thaimanee industry produces injection molding and blow molding for plastics. Thaimanee started to produce injection in (1983s) has operated for 20 years now. Our company aims for quality development to equal other countries plastic molding such as Japan, American and many countries in Europe. Mr. Preecha inmanee director and highest executive's of thaimanee industry said that "at present high technology is necessary for producing injection molding because it helps which is complicated become easy. On the other hand it will rapidly analyze many problems and it is good if personal can increase their knowledge, capacity and individual development all the time".
Products: Plastic machinery, mould, promotion gifts

Tys Engineering Co., Ltd.
Tys engineering is a machine manufacturer to produce vacuum forming machine, thermoforming machine, food tray filling and sealing machine for the worldwide market. Tys engineering has continuously developed special technologies in close cooperation with their business partners and with that has succeeded to build easy operated machinery to manufacture cost-effective packaging articles ranging in small size over technical articles and automotive plastic accessory. Answering market demands, tys engineering did as well develop their range of large continuously operated thermo forming machines in the size covering food and packaging industries, technical and automotive articles as well as car accessory.
Products: Vacuum forming machine, thermoforming machine, food tray filling and sealing machine Packaging Machinery

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