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Thailand Industrial Machinery & Equipment Companies, Thai Industrial Machinery & Equipment Companies Manufacturers


Thailand is a good place for sourcing and selling Industrial machinery & Equipment such as: Handling Equipment, Packing Machines, Textile Machinery, Bottling Machines, Automation, Robotics, Measuring Instruments, Vacuum Pressure Cookers, Industrial Machinery, Plastics Machinery, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Printing Presses, Laboratory Instruments & Equipment, Canning Machinery


Industrial Machinery & Equipment - Product List

It is safe to say that Industry in Thailand right now is dependant on imported foreign machinery and equipment. Yes there are many companies who manufacturer this industrial equipment for domestic use and for export but the majority of machines are still imported


I have done business recently with several companies who import equipment from abroad. For example packaging machinery imported from Germany and Italy, coffee machines and specialist electrical and electronic equipment for environmental monitoring.


The new airport is set to open soon (hopefully). There has been a very publicized scandal involving the import of baggage x-ray equipment imported at (so it is said) highly inflated prices. It is not for me to repeat these acquisitions, suffice to show the extent and importance of the importation of industrial machinery and various technical equipment to Thailand's industrial and commercial sector.



There are of course many manufacturers of industrial equipment who are taking care of certain niche markets. One such factory I visited has a fine range of commercial laundry equipment. There products are packed ready for shipping. The labels I noticed were Dubai, Bahrain and various other customers mainly hotels and commercial laundries in Australia and Europe.


If you are looking to form a business partnership with one of these specialist importers and distributors of industrial equipment then Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your Industrial machinery needs please email with your requests


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Featured Thailand Industrial Equipment Companies
A & S THAI WORKS CO, LTD Thailand Processing plants for fishmeal, meat and bone meal and animal feed. Fishmeal Plants, Containerized Plants, Rotadisc Drier, Meat and Bone Driers, Cookers, Extruder Press, Continuous Feather Hydrolyzer.
A.L.K. PRECISION WORK CO, LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Precision Metal Parts, Synthetic Diamond Cutting Tools, Shop Floor Gauges, Milling Cutters, Machine Tools
A-Foss (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand Industrial Machinery & Equipment, wear parts, tools and machines for production equipment
A.T.E. Maskati Co,  Ltd Thailand Pallet Stretch Wrapper , Packaging Machines, Fresh Ginger and Tamarind
A Brothers Co., Ltd Thailand Thai company specialized in overhead crane systems, monorails, hoist, end carriages and many types of part in crane systems. We work to design, engineer, fabrication, installation and service maintenance
ABB Limited Thailand Distributor of Engineering Supplies, Electrical Power Machinery, Switchgear Equipment For Distributing Electricity. Suppliers of motors, drives, boilers, furnaces, industrial power plants, industrial robotics and related products. Activities Produce and services include: gas turbine and combines cycle power plants, utility steam power plants, hydro and nuclear power plants and environmental system.
Acme Co, Ltd. Thailand An Importer and distributor of Pumps, Plumbing Pumps, Packaged Cooling Towers, Field-Erected Cooling Towers, Motors and Generators, Enclosed Switches and Circuit Breakers
B-TAC Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd. Thailand Pneumatic Equipment, Hydraulic Equipment, Air Preparation Equipment, Air Filters, Air Lubricators, Actuators, Miniature Cylinders, Compact Cylinders, Profile Cylinders, Tie - Rod Cylinders, Electric Linear Actuators, Angular Grippers,  Special Valves, Flow Control Valves, Pressure Switches, High Pressure Hydraulic Switches, Low Pressure Pneumatic Switches, Pumps, Solenoid and Pilot Operated Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Relief Valves, Reducing Valves, Sequence Valves, Unloading Valves, Counter Balancing Valves
City Steel PCL Public Co., Ltd Thailand Thai manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Automotive parts, Automotive Accessories, Storage System and Material Handling Equipment.
Daifuku (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Factory automation systems, conveyor systems, overhead monorail systems, automatic warehouse systems, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), trolley conveyor, racking systems and automatic storage retrieval systems.
F.A. Tech Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Dealer and Distributor of dealer of Mitsubishi Factory Automation in Thailand including MMI and SCADA Software. Our products include Mitsubishi brand Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Inverters, Servo, CNC, Graphic Operation Terminals (GOT)
F.A.G. (Thailand) Co.Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand Importer and distribution of ball and roller bearings manufactured by the FAG Group in Germany.
Fagor Home Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  Thailand Supplier of Commercial Laundry Equipment and Dry Cleaning Equipment, Industrial Machinery & Equipment
Fame Tech Co., Ltd. Thailand Australian Manufacturer of Dock Levelers, Scissor Lift Tables, Tailgate Loaders, Tankers, Pinions Gear, Worm Gears and  Worm Plates.
Hanano (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Die Release Agent, Plunger Lubricants, Chemical Products, Re-Heating Furnaces, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Natural Oils, Greases, Lubricating Products, Forging And Die-Casting Furnaces.
I.C. Tools Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Rubber Stamps Manufacturer, Rubber Molds Manufacturer
K&N Thailand Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems, Water Filters, Water Filter Elements & Spare parts for Water Filters
K & P F.A. Center Co.,Ltd Thailand Measuring Equipment, Thermometers, Motor Gear, Motor Vibrators, Motors, Taper Bushes, Pulleys, Screw Conveyors, Loose proof Fastener Systems, Concrete Mixers, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor, Butterfly Valves, Touch Screens, Signal Lights, Signal Phones, Plc, Eocr, Terminal Blocks, Interface Terminals, Plc Direct, Encoder, Proximity Switches, Switch Power Supply, Rotary Encoder , Servos, Digital Temperature Controllers, Digital Load Cells, Loadcells, Weight Scales, Weight Scales, Loadcell, Indicators, Truck Scales, Packing Scale Machines, Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants
K & Z Corporation Co.,Ltd Thailand Italian Company in Thailand supplying Colour Preparation Machinery, Printing Screens Preparation Equipment, Table Printing Machinery for Flat and Rotary Screens, Printing Machinery Ancillary Equipment, Steam Ageing Machinery, Polymerizing Machinery, Continuous Washing Ranges for After Printing
K. Dee Charoen Trading Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Company Trading in Abrasives & Abrasive Tools, Metal Cutting Equipment, Concrete Cutting Equipment, Stone Cutting Equipment
M. Paishan Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Automatic Semi Steam Boilers, Laundry Tables, Steam Irons
Thai Carbide Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Tungsten Carbide, Carbide tools and Carbide Saws
U & T Motor Works Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thai distributor of Forklifts, Forklift Parts and Material Handling Equipment
Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Fasteners, Plastification Systems, Melt processing equipment, Bimetallic barrels, High-performance screws, Non-return valves, screw tips, barrel end caps, nozzles, Liquid additive system, Melt pumps, Screen Changers, Shut-off Nozzles, Chillers, Cleaning Ovens, Pelletizers and  Temperature controllers
Featured Company
Amnuayyon Engineering Co., Ltd.
The company was established in 1982. We produce made-to-order machines and toolings. The
company has a lathe factory that could produce many items like knot, gear, etc. Its manufacturing
machine uses semi-automation system
Contact: Dr.Jitkasem Ngarmnil

C.L. Asia Technology Co., Ltd.
C.L. Asia Technology offers services in the areas of design and development, manufacturing services,
packaging of machine parts, jig-fixtures for machines, and food or beverage packaging. We use CNC
technology to assemble, install product quality and export to overseas like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia. In a very near future, we will apply in our production process, high-precision (micro) technology that will add better value to our produce. Our main customers are in the industries of
machinery, parts, and agriculture in the sector of packaging machine.
Contact: Mr. Pornkit Lorchittikul

Delmax Machinery Co., Ltd.
The company designs and manufactures bottling lines for rinsing, filling, capping, labeling, and cartoning machines. Delmax has a proud track record of over 14 years, employs more than 200 experienced engineers and skilled technicians. The company adhere to precision quality to meet the international standard. Please find more and updated information in the company's website.
Contact: Mr. Opas Chariyakul

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Following you will find lists of industrial machinery & equipment and companies involved in the equipment supplies business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a list of industrial machinery companies then please email

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Machinery & Equipment Companies
accounting and invoicing machines
adjustable pressure releasing strainers
advanced diagnostic medical equipment
aeration system for wastewater treatment
agitation & mixing machinery
agriculture machinery
agriculture tools
air cleaning & purifying equipment
air cleaning devices
air compressor
air compressors
air conditioner equipment
air conditioner plastic & parts
air distribution
air knocker
air line equipment
air pollution control equipment
air pollution control industry
air pollution control system
air-brush, art equipment and supplies
airport suction-sweeper trucks
analyzers electrical components
abrasive wheels
asphalt plant
attaching machines
automatic filling and packaging machine
auto lathes
automated dispensing equipment
automatic feeder
automatic hydraulic and pneumatic equipment
automatic lathe centerless grinder
automatic loader
automatic measurement and feeding unit for powdered materials
automatic warehouse systems
automobile service equipment
automotive welding assembly machine
aviation refueling equipment
backplane cards
bag making, sewing and closing machines
bag-cutting machines
baggage conveyors
baggage handling systems
baggage inspection (x-ray) equipment
bagging system
ball and roller bearings
band sawing machines
barcode equipment
barudan embroidery machine
beams & rollers
belt filter press and accessories
bench & floor drill press
bending machines
binding machines
blow molding machine
blowers & blower systems
boiler and burner control
boilers desalinization equipment
box coder
building automation and control
button-making machines
cable cutters
cad software for manufacturing
can machine
canning and can-making equipment
capacitor-processing machines
cargo tractors
carpenter tools
carrier tape embossing machines
cash registers
cast metal machine parts
casting machines
casting machines for jewelry
caterpillar excavator
cement & concrete truck mixer construction machinery
ceramic furnaces and machinery
ceramic-making machines
chains & chain fittings
check and banknote machines
chemical dosing and control stations
chemical filter
chemical pump
chemical tank
chlorine dioxide generators
circuit breakers
circular knitting machine
circular knitting machines
clamps & vices
clean air systems
cleaning and disposal equipment
cleanroom & laboratory furniture
clean room equipments
cnc drill machine
cnc machine
cnc machines
cnc milling and lathe
cnc wire-cut machine
cnc, robot
cnc/nc systems
coding & marking and packaging systems
coffee machines
coffee machines from
coffee roaster
coil-winding machines
coin & banknote counters
coin counter machine
coin sorting
coin testing machines
cold storage
cold-laminator machine
combine harvester
commercial condensing unit
commercial food service equipment
commercial laundry
commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment
commercial ovens
commercial testing & inspection services
compact disc shredders
compressed air equipment from
compressed air treatment equipment
compressing machines
computer factory machinery
concrete cutter
concrete mixing machines
concrete vibrator
condenser coil
condenser cooler
confectionery making accessories
construction equipment
construction equipment parts & attachments
construction machine
construction machine tools
construction machinery & equipment
contract assembly
control cabinet for automation
control instruments
control knobs & counting dials
control panel
control valve
controls & instrumentation
converting machines
conveying systems
conveyor & automation
conveyor belts
conveyor machines
conveyor system
conveyors systems & monorail systems
cooling equipment for industrial process cooling
copier machines
cord knitting machine
counting and wrapping machines
counting machine
crawler crane
crochet machines
cupola furnace
custom automation assembly equipment
custom cabinets
cutting machine
cutting machine hack sawing machine
cutting tools
cylinder boring machine
cylinder for packaging printing
cylinder honing machine
cylindrical grinders
dc motor
deburring tools
deck oven
dehumidifying equipment
deposit cleaner for injection mould
diamond tools
diaphragm metering pump
diesel and natural gas engines and turbines
diesel engines
diesel forklift
digital voice recorders
din standard normalized end suction pumps
discharge and treatment systems for compressed air systems
disco motors
dishwashing machines
dispensing & transfer pumps
disposal equipment
dredging equipment
drill bits
drilling machine
drilling tools
dry cleaning equipment
dryers & ironers
drying equipment
drying machine
ductile cast iron and plastic pipes for waterworks
dust extraction system
dyeing & bleaching machines
dyes & pigments
ear piercing equipment
earth-moving equipment
earthmoving, construction, and materials-handling equipment
edm wire cut service
electric centrifugal water pumps
electric chain hoist
electric discharge machine
electric fork lift truck
electric motors
electric portable hand tools
electric power controller
electric water pump & water heater
electric welding & cutting machine
electric welding machine
electric welding machines
electric wire rope hoist
electrical appliances
electrical discharge machines
electrical motors and generators
electrical switchboard
electromechanical equipment
electron beam technology
electronic check writers
electronic control system
electronic fluid-dispensing machines
electronic industry mold-making services
electronic production machinery & equipment
electroplating machines
electrostatic paint spray system
embroidery machines
engine reconditioning equipment
engineering support services
engraving/marking machines
environmental engineering
equipment and accessories for turnkey projects
equipment for distributing electricity
equipment for energy technology,
equipment for powder system
equipment for the electronic industry
equipment for the metal industry
equipment for wheat flour mill, maize mills, rice mills, feed mills
equipment to brew espresso and cappuccino
espresso machine
excavation support and protection
expansion joints
extruding and printing machines for the plastics industry
extrusion press line
eyelet punching machine
fabricated metal products
fabrication of machining parts
factory automation
factory automation equipments
factory automation machine.
farming machinery & equipment
fax & copier equipment supplies
fax machines
feed mill equipment & supplies
filling machinery
filter water machine
filtering materials
finishing products
fire fighting trucks
fire pumps
fish feed extruder
flapper valves
flat knitting machine
flexographic & offset printing machines
flow & control valves
fluid waste treatment and disposal equipment
fluorescent monitor
folding crane
food & beverage equipment
food & beverage machinery
food & beverage processing equipment
food cutters tools and machines for chefs and butchers
food delivery carts and conveyors
food processing and packaging machines
food processing machinery
food service equipment
foods processing machinery
foot ware machine
forged parts
forgery detector
forter machine
four post lift
furnaces for laboratory
furniture equipment
garbage trucks
garment cutting machine and related equipment
garment steamers/steam presses
gas & water meters
gas appliances
gas cokers
gas engines
gasoline dispensing pump
gear box
gear motors
gearbox for aerater
gears & shafts
geosynthetic products
glass-working machines
glove knitting machine
grain dryer
grinding& cutting wheels
hammer machine
hand pallet trucks
hand truck
hand trucks
hand-held alloy analyzers
handheld inspection/task lamps
handling and storage equipment
hand trucks & high-lift trucks
hanger type cleaning system
hardware industry measuring & inspection tools
hardware industry mold-making services
hardware industry packaging & printing materials
heat exchanger for air conditioner
heat transfer/applique sealing machines
heat treatment
heat-generation equipment
heating boilers and accessories
heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment
heavy & light industrial machinery
heavy duty customized vehicles and trucks
heavy electrical equipment
heavy industrial equipment
hermetic compressor
high-precision tools
high-pressure cleaning systems
high-pressure plunger pumps
high-speed mixer
hi-technology electronic products
hoists and cranes
hood and ventilation equipment
hot car washer
hot foil printer
hot melt applicator
hot-stamping machines
hss grinding
hydraulic & electric jacks
hydraulic and pneumatic
hydraulic equipment
hydraulic equipments and accessories.
hydraulic excavators
hydraulic garage jack
hydraulic press
hydraulic pump & cylinder
hydraulic truck crane
ice cube machine
ice machines
ice making equipment & machines
importer and distributor of industry valve, pipe, fitting &  equipment, control valve and pneumatic val
industrial & machine bearings
industrial & machine bushings
industrial & machine hoses
industrial & machine radiators
industrial & marine pumps
industrial & petroleum sorbents
industrial air cleaners/ionizers
industrial and process equipment
industrial and textile machinery
industrial automation systems
industrial brushes
industrial cable assemblies
industrial caster wheels & rollers
industrial chemicals
industrial coding and marking machines
industrial compressors
industrial computers
industrial duty motors
industrial electronic scales
industrial equipment
industrial exhaust fans
industrial fan
industrial filtering equipment
industrial heating equipment
industrial hid light fixtures
industrial ink jet printer
industrial inspection zoom tubes
industrial laundry equipment
industrial lubricants
industrial monitors
industrial planer blades
industrial printing equipment
industrial roller chains
industrial sewing machines
industrial spraying booths
industrial tapes
industrial testing & inspection services
industrial thermometers
industrial timers
industrial tweezers & tongs
industrial utility storage carts & trolleys
industrial vacuum cleaning equipment
industrial ventilation control systems
industrial water purification systems
injection machine
injection molding
injection molding machine
injection moulding
inkjet printers, laser
in-line belt cleaning machines
inspection line for auto assembly plant
instant noodle machine
instrument and plastic piping system
internal coating machine
ipc chassis
ipc point-of-sale keyboards
iron & steel foundry
jig & fixture
jig & fixtures for hard-drive and ic assembly plants
jig boring & milling machine
jig saw blade
jigs & fixtures
jigs and fixtures
knitting machines
label-making machines
laboratory equipment
lace-making machines
laminating machines
lathe machine tools
lathe machines
laundry dryers
laundry machine for industry
lead-wire-cutting machines
leather preparation machines
lighting panel
linear systems & components
liquid purification and separation technology
lock, hex & machine screw nuts
lubricating tools & equipment
machine brushes
machine chucks
machine condition monitoring equipments
machine couplings & fittings
machine filters
machine fittings & accessories
machine for aluminium container
machine for canning
machine for manufacturing cold draw pipe sheet
machine gaskets
machine gears
machine oil seals
machine parts
machine pump parts
machine saw blades
machine tool
machine tool casting parts
machine tools
machine tools & tooling
machine-blow moulding
machined metal parts
machinery & equipment
machinery & equipment panel displays
machinery & equipment temperature/process controllers
machinery and equipment
machinery and equipment for the food, beverage and brewing industries
machinery and instruments for all oil refining and petrochemical plants
machinery auctions disposals
machinery business
machinery chemical
machinery fabrication
machinery for garment
machinery for liquid processing of foods
machinery for making aluminium containers
machinery for printing, dyeing and finishing of textile fabrics
machinery for the plastic industry.
machinery installation
machinery part for plastic
machinery parts
machinery repair
machinery repair for the paper industry
machinery, equipment for jewelry manufacturers
machines for sewing garment and leather
machines for special industries
machining & tools cutting for automobile industries
magnifier lamps
manufacturer of hydraulic pumps for power steering systems
marine engine and equipment
material handling
material handling and storage system conveyor
material handling equipment
material handling system
measurement and control instrumentation
measurement and control instrumentation air cleaning devices
measuring and industrial instruments
measuring equipment
meat & bone saws
meat slicers
mechanical car parking system
mechanical engineering
mechanical restoration and retrofit
mechanical seals
mechanical weighing scales
medical instruments
metal sheet
metal surface & form grinding machines
metal surface finishing equipment
metal working machine tools
metal-sawing machines
metalworking machinery
micro lens automatic label printing machine
micro-motors (armature and rotor)
mid sole cleaning
milling machines
mincersice-cream making machines
mini loader
mining equipment & machinery
miter box saws
mobile and hydraulic cranes
mobile crane
mold-making machines
monogramming machines
motor grader
motors and generators
mould and die
mould cleaning systems
multipole connectors
nct punching machines
nitriding system
noodle dryer
nut/bolt/screw-making machines
office & industrial furniture
off road truck
open pit mine equipment
optical inspection machines
optical-fiber polishing machines/accessories
oven (baking ovens, drying ovens, curing ovens)
ovens & ranges
ozone generators
package machinery
packaging lines and machines for food and non food products
packaging machine
packaging machinery
packaging machinery & equipment
packaging machinery.
packaging machines
packing machinery
pad-printing machines
painting booths
painting equipment
pallet stretch wrapper
palletizing, load securing machines
panel meters
paper cutters/trimmers
paper shredders
paper-box printers
parker pneumatic
parts for motor grader
pasta machines
permanent magnets
pet blow molding
petroleum dispensing pumps
petroleum equipment
pharmaceutical machinery
pharmaceuticals machine
pinions gear, warm gear, worm plate and spare parts
planer blades
planned maintenance services
plants and equipment for the food processing
plastic bag making machine
plastic cutting machines
plastic extrusion machines
plastic injection mold for automobile industry.
plastic injection molding machine.
plastic injection system
plastic machinery
plastic manufacturing & processing machinery
plastic processing & handling machines
plastic processing machines rationalizing machines
plastic products machine
plastic resin loader system
plastic tools
plastic-injection/blow-molding machines
plate compactor
platform lifts
plating equipment & supplies
plug gauges
plumbing pumps
pneumatic and hydraulic equipments
pneumatic auxiliary components
pneumatic components
pneumatic conveyor
pneumatic equipment
pneumatic equipment components
pneumatic industrial automation products
pneumatic parts
pneumatic valves.
polyurethane foam equipment
port handling equipment
portable/mobile processing plant
powder handling system
power cylinders
power electrical equipment
power generation equipment
power meters
power miter saws & bench top cut-off machines
power press machine
power sprayer
power staplers
power switches
power tools
power transmission chains & belts
power transmission line equipments
power transmission product
power transmitting components
power transmitting equipment
power transmitting machinery
power-tube cleaning equipment
precise instrument
precision air conditioning
precision laminating
precision machined parts fabrication & welding
precision machining metal parts
precision punch & die tooling
precision surface grinding machine
predictive and proactive maintenance
press & metal forging
press machines
pressure gauges
price computing scales
printer toner & toner cartridges
printing machinery & equipment
printing machines and equipment
printing machines and supplies
process control
process control and measuring instruments
processing lines and machinery for starch industries
production tool
programmable logic controller
pump and other rotating equipment
pumps, valves, and compressors
quality control equipment
quilting machines
rack oven
racking systems
reciprocating compressors
recycling machines
refrigerating equipment
refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors
refrigeration and air-conditioning parts and equipment
refrigeration condensing units
rental of construction equipment
rice packer
rice polisher
rice thresher
rice whitener
ring gauges
riveting machine
robots and automation system
roll forming machine
rotary eccentric screw pump
roto gravure printing cylinder
rough terrain crane
router bits
router machine
rubber conveyor belts
rubber fabrication & processing machines
safes & vaults
sandal making machine
sandblasting equipment & supplies
screen printing machinery
screen-printing machines
screw compressors
second hand textile machines
security printing services
semi-automatic strapping machine
semiconductor-processing machines
sewing machine needles
shearing machines
sheet metal & steel fabrication machines
sheet metal machinery
shoemaking machines
shot blasting machine.
shuttle embroidery machines
small liquid receiver & accumulator
smc blow moulding machines
smt machines
snap gauges
solar and wind energy equipment
solar heater system
soldering machines
solenoid control valves
solid waste handling equipment
spare part machinery
spart for industrial sewing machine
special application pumps
special purpose machines,
spool winding machine
spray booths
spraying-equipment & supplies
spring assembly
spring-making machines
stackers and tow trucks
stainless steel
stainless steel hospital utensils
stair lifts
stamping presses & laser cutting machines
steam and fluid control services
steam cleaner
steam equipments
steel & tungsten carbide tools
steel fabricated machinery
steel fabrication
steel fabrication and engineering
steel machining
steel pipe presses
steel roller
storage tanks
submersible pump
submersible pumps
surface finishing equipment
sugar machineries
supply and treatment pumps
supporting industrial machinery & equipment
surface finishing services
surimi making machines
surveyors' instruments
sweater & computer knitwear
switch gear components
switching power supplies
system equipment
table type cleaning machines
telescopic crane
telescopic hoist
telescoping boom
terminal crimping machines
testing and measuring instruments
testing/inspection services
textile & apparel machinery, supplies & services
textile cleaning guns
textile edge control devices
textile finishing machines
textile machinery such
textile processing machinery
textile spinning machines
textile trimmer & cutting machines
textile winding, reeling & spooling machines
textile working machinery, equipment & supplies
textile-folding machines
thermal insulation contractor
thermal transfer coder
timer clocks
toggle clamps
tool & die making
tool heads and wire brushes
tools and dies
tools and machines for production equipment
tractor implement
transfer equipment
transmission v-belts
treatment services for electronic food pasteurization
trolley conveyor
truck mounted articulated cranes
tubular poles
tumble blast cleaning systems
tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blades
turbine ventilators
turnkey accelerator equipment
ultrasonic cleaning equipment
ultrasonic cleaning machine
ultraviolet sterilizer
underground drilling machinery
uninterruptible power supplies
used construction equipments
used construction machines
used dental equipments
used industrial machine
used injection moulding machine
used textile machine
used/reconditioned machines
vacuum & air compressor plant
vacuum bottle packaging machine
vacuum ironing table
vacuum packing machines
vacuum pump set
vacuum trucks
vacuum-forming machines
valve actuator
vegetable slicers
vehicle emission & safety testing equipments
vehicle lifts
vehicle service equipment
vending machines
vertical machining units
vibrating motor
voice intercom systems
walking tractor
waste water treatment machine
waste water treatment plant
waste water treatment technology
water plants
water pumps
water purification equipment
water supply and treatment equipment
water treatment machine
weaving machines
weigh-bridge truck scales
weighing and packaging machinery
weighing system
welding and cutting
welding electrodes
welding electrodes/wires
welding machine
welding machines
welding robots
welding spare parts
wet scrubber
wheel loader
winding machine
wire making machines
wood working machinery
woodworking machinery & plants
woodworking machinery & toolings
woodworking machines
wool-scouring & carboning equipment
work-holding devices
workplace goggles & visors
workplace safety gloves
workplace safety helmets
workplace safety masks & respirators
worm gear reducer
zipper-making machines

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