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Fine examples of Thai Celadon and Thai Benjarong pottery now adorn the display shelves of museums  Thai homes and Thai company boardrooms. It always amazes a Thai managing director when I can point to a particular fine piece of pottery, give the approximate date of manufacture and the probable site of the kiln that made it. Usually I don't have the slightest idea but it sounds impressive.


The manufacture of Thai ceramics by factories, potteries and individual artisans is a tribute to this strong artistic heritage. Royal projects, Hi-so business people and nowadays individual communities under the sponsorship of the 'One Tambon - One Product' scheme turn out fine pieces of pottery in many different forms.



History of Thai Pottery
Handsome pots dating back more than 5,000 years have been found at Ban Chiang in northeastern Thailand, and the art of shaping and firing clay has continued to the present day. Simple earthenware vessels are still used for cooking and storage, while more sophisticated glazed pottery is also being produced by methods introduced from China 700 years ago.

The clay of Dan Kwian, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, is 
shaped and baked into vrious vessels of modern designs.
Almost every region of the country has its own traditional pottery. The North, for example, makes fine low-fired pots and water jugs, lightly glazed with terra cotta and oil to make them capable of holding liquids; by northern custom, one of these pots is placed outside most temples and private homes so that thirsty strangers homes so that thirsty strangers can stop and refresh themselves. Dark brown pottery in a wide variety of shapes, from flower pots to fanciful animals, is produced at kilns near the northeastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima and Ratchaburi, west of Bangkok, is noted for its beautifully decorated water storage jars, yellowish-green in colour and adorned with dragons and swirling floral motifs.

According to tradition, the art of making delicate, blue-green celadon began at the end of the 13th century, when King Ramkhamhaeng of Sukhothai brought 300 Chinese potters to his kingdom. Within a short time, the high-fired throughout Southeast Asia, all the way to the Philippines and Indonesia.

The celadon industry declined with Sukhothai but has been revived in recent years in the northern city of Chiang Mai. The technique is still the same as in ancient times, using a clear glaze made from feldspar, limestone, ash, and small amount of red clay. The wood used for firing the kilns comes from a small jungle tree that grows north of Chiang Mai, the ash of which is supposed to help impart the typical celadon colour. Several companies are now making the stoneware, which is becoming a noted Thai export once again.

With permission from : The National Identity Office, Office of the Prime Minister, Royal Thai government. (1995). Thailand in the 90s. Bangkok: Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited.
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Following you will find lists of pottery products and companies involved in the pottery business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a pottery company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email
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animals ceramics
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a trade power (thailand) ltd
alfresco (thailand) co ltd,
all thai POTTERY & GARDENING co ltd  
angkarb bonsai nursery potteries & co ltd.
art & gift product co ltd.
astral co ltd  
a-z consultant & corp (thailand) co.,Ltd.  
b s s impex co.,Ltd  
baan celadon ltd part.
bct handicrafts co ltd.
c.m. ceramics chiangmai co.,LTD.
c.r.c. international co.,Ltd.
celadon ceramic
chaipakdee industry co ltd  
chaliang ceramics
chengteh chinawear (thailand) co ltd.
chiang mai ceramics factory,
chiangmai colden export ltd.,PART.
chiangmai porclain co.,LTD.
chiangmai sungkalok
chour lampang earthenware co.,LTD.(KASALONG)
chovo handicraft ltd.,PART.
chuanlhong ceramic ltd.,PART.
clay Power
cm ceramics chiangmai (thailand) co ltd.
comcraft co ltd.
cosmo group public co ltd
creative classic collection co ltd.,
dd intertrade and handicraft co.,Ltd.
dee dee art co ltd  
dhaka handicraft ltd.,PART.
dhanabadee art ceramic co.,LTD.
diva siam intertrade co ltd.
domino intertrade ltd part limited
dragonfly art & craft co ltd,
enlighten co ltd.
fairsound international corp,
fancy ceramics ltd part.
forex co ltd.
fortune craft co.,Ltd.  
global vision house co ltd,
good girl co ltd.
grand ceramic co ltd.
hangdong arts  
hatano co ltd.
home ceramic handicraft
indra ceramic co ltd.
k.k. ceramic co.,LTD.
kacha handicrafts (thailand) co.,Ltd.  
karanya co.,Ltd.  
kasalong ceramics co.,Ltd.
keram thai co.,LTD.
keramos studio ltd.,PART.
ketsuda antique pot
khien ceramic co ltd.
king huat import export ltd part.
kittiroj ceramic factory
korat pottery co.,Ltd.  
kosatelcom co ltd  
krishnas asian arts co ltd  
kyd ceramic manufacturer co ltd.
laem chabang industry
lampang koon ceramic co ltd.,
lampang silaphanakorn co.,LTD.
magic mountain co ltd  
marquis co ltd
mastertech international co ltd
meelarp ceramic co ltd.,
meelarp ceramic ltd.,PART.
menglrai kilns r.o.p.
modern frame co ltd,
na nawa international ltd part.
nattawit co.,Ltd.  
nok's group  
oriental style products co ltd.
pan and peace enterprise co ltd.
paoka industry co ltd.,
paradorn industry co.,Ltd.  
pichai factory ltd.,PART.
pipatkorn co.,Ltd.
pottery house (doiy din dang pottery)
pottery world co ltd
poupee ceramics co ltd.
praphan ceramica co.,Ltd.  
pratheep export & import co.,Ltd.  
prempracha's collection co ltd.
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pun-ngam ceramic co.,LTD
purser trading co.,LTD.
quality ceramic co.,LTD.
r thai bronze makers co ltd.
rama ceramic ltd part.,
ratanakorn gift and ceramics co ltd.
s.p.p. ceramic co.,LTD.
saenchai ceramics co ltd.
saengchai ceramics co.,LTD.
sang arun ceramic co.,LTD.
sang utai ceramic factory
sankampaeng kilns (piankusol lp),
sankampaeng kilns (u piankusol) ltd part.
shin yeou art china co ltd.
siam celadon co.,LTD.
siam development supply ltd.,Part.  
siam household products (1979) co.,Ltd.  
siam malakarn ltd.,Part.  
siam mandalay company,Ltd.  
siam wicker co.,Ltd.
south ceramic industry co ltd.,
suthep karnthoranee ltd.,PART.
t.c. commercial co.,LTD.
t.k.k. ceramic co.,LTD.
t.w. ceramic co.,LTD.
thafra co.,Ltd.  
thai celadon co.,LTD.
thai ceramic co.,LTD.
thai ceramic lampang co.,LTD.
thai direct terracotta co ltd  
thai porcelain co.,LTD.
thai pottery industry co.,LTD
thai sing tropical plants nursery co ltd.
thaiworldwide co.,Ltd.
tharachat group co.,Ltd.  
the megatrends asia corp.
tmd co ltd.
top pro co ltd.
tw ceramics co ltd.
twoway ceramic co.,LTD.
umdang ceramics co ltd.
united siam overseas ltd.,Part.  
vertex inter corporation co ltd.
willingale trading ltd part.,
y development corperation co.,Ltd.  
yamthai the exporter.

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