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Thailand Ceramics Companies, Thai Ceramics Manufacturers

Thailand ceramics are known worldwide for high quality and exotic designs. At the low end of the market ceramics and pottery items like tableware, spa burners and flower pot sand plant pots are known for their cheap price and exported by the container load on a daily basis.


Thailand is a wonderful place to source fine ceramics and industrial ceramic products. At university I took a course about ceramics in Thailand. I immersed myself in the library trying to get a handle on the Thai historical periods, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya etc.


It was during the lectures however that I became really interested in this art form. The enthusiasm shown by the lecturer, the beautiful photographs of precious ceramic vases and urns and over all the story of Sisatchanali and it's long history of providing royal ceramic ware and ceramic products for the Thai nobility.


A Huge Collection of Chinese Ceramic Vases and Statues for Sale

A prominent member of the Thai-Chinese community in Thailand has amassed over the years a massive collection of authentic Chinese Ceramics.

This collection of Chinese Ceramics for sale.

The items can be purchased as single items, most vases come in matched pairs. Or we are open for offers for the whole collection


Fine examples of Celadon and Benjarong pottery now adorn the display shelves of museums  Thai homes and Thai company boardrooms. It always amazes a Thai managing director when I can point to a particular fine piece of pottery, give the approximate date of manufacture and the probable site of the kiln that made it. Usually I don't have the slightest idea but it sounds impressive.


The manufacture of Thai ceramics by factories, potteries and individual artisans is a tribute to this strong artistic heritage. Royal projects, Hi-so business people and nowadays individual communities under the sponsorship of the 'One Tambon - One Product' scheme turn out fine pieces of pottery in many different forms.


Ceramic tableware, ceramic miniatures and exquisite ceramic ornaments amongst the list. You can find a more complete list below.

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  • Ceramic Tableware
  • Ceramic Miniatures
  • Industrial Ceramics
  • Ceramic Tiles & mosaics
  • Ceramic Sanitaryware
  • Ceramic Ornaments
  • Antique Ceramics
  • Celadon Pottery
  • Benjarong Ceramics
  • Ceramic Laboratory Equipment


In a completely different but not totally unconnected sector are industrial ceramic products produced mainly for the electrical and electronics industries. This production of ceramic components fuels the appetite of Japanese, Thai and Taiwanese electrical goods manufacturers. Not quite up to Benjarong standard but never the less playing just as an important roll in the Thai economy as the beautiful ceramic vases that adorn the shelves of department stores in Bangkok and no doubt the showcases of international art galleries around the world. 

More about Thailand Pottery and ceramics on this page: Thailand Pottery Companies, Thai Pottery Manufacturers

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Featured Thailand Ceramics Companies
A-Z Consultant & Corporation (Thailand) Co, Ltd. Thailand Thai handicrafts, Ceramics, Sa paper, Sugar palm, Bamboo, Decorative frame, Furniture and Teak wood, Decorative Products: Ceramic, Fabrics
A.P.K. Dawkoo (1988) Co, Ltd. Thailand Thailand building materials manufacturer of Clay Bricks, Sukhothai Clay Tiles, Chinese roof tiles, Terra Cotta Tiles
B.K.K. Terassa Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Suppliers of Tile Flooring, Floor Tiles, Building Materials, Construction Materials
E-PAT DESIGN LTD.,PART. Thailand They have a beautiful range of Thai handicrafts, sandstone sculptures, ceramics, wood handicrafts, glassware, souvenirs. bamboo handicrafts, Flower from rubber tree and Thai Silk
Eastern Concepts Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Woodenware, Candelabra, Candlesticks, Hurricane Lamps, Wood Carvings, Bronze Cutlery, Terra Cotta Ceramics, Decorative Items, Brass Tableware and Bronzeware
P & A Collection Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of fine Thai handicrafts, Flamework glass, ceramic miniatures, artificial flowers, beautiful and natural looking Thai silk flower arrangements.

Following you will find lists of the products and product types offered by ceramic companies and ceramic manufacturers in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to source the ceramic products for you or simply supply a list of these ceramic companies then please email


 Animal Watering Pot
 Antique Cooking Pots Benjarong
 Antique Pottery
 Aromatic Terracotta Burner
 Art Pottery
 Artificial Birds
 Artificial Clay Flowers
 Artificial Flower
 Bahmi Bowl
 Barbeque Plate
 Basket Motif
 Bath Accessories
 Bath Sets
 Bathroom Accessories
 Bathroom And Kitchen Related Products
 Bathroom Ceramic Tile
 Bathtubs & Shower Trays
 Bead Trimmings
 Beams & Rollers
 Beer Mug
 Beer Stein
 Benjarong Pottery
 Beverage Jugs
 Bird Feeder
 Bisque Ceramic
 Bon Bon Handle Dish
 Bone China
 Bonzi Pot
 Bow Shape Handled Bon Bon
 Bowls And Dishes
 Bread Plate
 Building Ceramic
 Candle Holder
 Ceramic And Glass Industries
 Ceramic And Pottery
 Ceramic Art
 Ceramic Bathroom Tile
 Ceramic Beads
 Ceramic Bearing
 Ceramic Bowl
 Ceramic Capacitor
 Ceramic Capacitors
 Ceramic Casual Tableware
 Ceramic Christmas Tree
 Ceramic Components & Materials
 Ceramic Composite
 Ceramic Container
 Ceramic Crafts
 Ceramic Decal
 Ceramic Decorating Materials
 Ceramic Dinnerware
 Ceramic Discriminators
 Ceramic Export Product
 Ceramic Fibers
 Ceramic Figure
 Ceramic Filter
 Ceramic Filters
 Ceramic Flat Hair Iron
 Ceramic Flat Iron
 Ceramic Floor Tile
 Ceramic Flooring
 Ceramic Flower Pot
 Ceramic Furnaces
 Ceramic Gift Items
 Ceramic Giftwares
 Ceramic Hair Iron
 Ceramic Hair Straightener
 Ceramic Hair Straighteners
 Ceramic Hair Straightner
 Ceramic Handle
 Ceramic Heater
 Ceramic Iron
 Ceramic Kilns
 Ceramic Kitchen Tile
 Ceramic Kitchenware
 Ceramic Magnet
 Ceramic Materials & Equipment
 Ceramic Miniatures
 Ceramic Mold
 Ceramic Mold Company
 Ceramic Mosaic Murals
 Ceramic Mosaic Tile
 Ceramic Mug
 Ceramic Mugs/Cups
 Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors
 Ceramic Picture Frame
 Ceramic Piggy Bank
 Ceramic Plate
 Ceramic Porcelain
 Ceramic Pot
 Ceramic Pots
 Ceramic Pottery
 Ceramic Pottery And Glass
 Ceramic Resonators
 Ceramic Sculpture
 Ceramic Stains
 Ceramic Supply
 Ceramic Table Accessories
 Ceramic Table Lamp
 Ceramic Tableware
 Ceramic Teapot
 Ceramic Tile Bathroom
 Ceramic Tile Countertops
 Ceramic Tile Distributor
 Ceramic Tile Floor
 Ceramic Tile Flooring
 Ceramic Tile Manufacturer
 Ceramic Tile Mural
 Ceramic Tile Saw
 Ceramic Tile Shower
 Ceramic Tile Tool
 Ceramic Vases
 Ceramic Wall Tile
 Ceramic Ware Pottery
 Ceramic Watch Bands
 Ceramic Water Filter

Ceramics For Toilets
 Ceramics Wares
 Cheese Plate
 China Pottery
 Chip And Dip Bowl
 Chopstick Stand
 Clay-Tile Manufacturer
 Coffee Cups
 Coffee Mug
 Coffee Pot
 Coffee Pots & Sets
 Colors Glazes
 Condiment Container Sets
 Condiment Dish
 Cookie Jar
 Cotton Jar
 Craft And Decorative Items
 Cream Pitcher
 Cup & Saucer Sets
 Cups Saucers
 Decorated Tableware
 Decorative Ceramic Tile
 Decorative Item-Ceramic
 Dinner Plate
 Divided Dish
 Dolomite Candle Pot
 Earthen Ware
 Earthen Ware Articles
 Egg Cup
 Embossed Bowl
 Fashion Jewelry Made Of Clay
 Fine Handicrafts
 Fish Platter
 Floor Tiles
 Floral Basket
 Flower Baskets
 Flower Pot
 Flower Pots
 Fruit Basket
 Garden Accessories
 Garden Accessory
 Garden Pottery
 Garment Bead Materials
 Gift Item-Ceramic
 Gift Items
 Glazed Tiles
 Gravy Bowl
 Guest Cup
 Hand Painted Ceramics
 Hand Painted Stone Ware
 Hand-Made Giftware Ceramics
 Handpainted Ceramics
 Heart Box
 Heart Glass Box
 Heart Ornament
 Heart Shape Box
 Heart Shape Openwork Plate
 Hexagonal Coffee Set
 Home Decorative
 Home Decorative Pottery
 Hotel Supply
 Ice Cream Bowl
 Jam Set
 Japanese Set
 Jar Containers
 Jewelry Beads
 Jewelry Boxes
 Kiln Fashion Tableware
 Lamp And Vase
 Leaf Shape Compartment Tray
 Lotion Bottle
 Lotus Bowl
 Magnet Tile
 Marionettes And Puppets
 Meat Platter
 Miang Tray
 Miniature-Ceramic Picture
 Mixing Bowl
 Mosaic Tiles
 Natural Terra Cotta
 Oil Bunner & Incense
 Olive Dish
 Openwork Bread Basket
 Openwork Dish
 Openwork Hanging Plate
 Openwork Plate
 Openwork Scrolled Bon Bon
 Ornamental Ceramic Articles
 Oval Basket
 Oval Cotton Jar
 Oval Dish.
 Oval Glass Box
 Oval Plate
 Oval Tray
 Over Compartment Tray
 Oyster Plate
 Painting Ceramic Tile
 Palm Plate
 Peanut Dish
 Photo Frame
 Photo Frames
 Picture Frame
 Piezoelectric Ceramics
 Piezoelectric/Ceramic Buzzers
 Piggy Bank
 Piggy Banks
 Pillbox Square
 Pistachio Dish

 Porcelain Doll
 Porcelain Dolls
 Porcelain Enamelled Cookware
 Porcelain Insulators
 Porcelain Kitchen Witch
 Porcelain Products
 Porcelain Tableware
 Pot Dolls
 Pot With Cover
 Potpourri Box
 Pottery And Ceramics
 Pottery Barn Coupon
 Pottery Barn Outlet
 Pottery Benjarong
 Pottery Ceramic
 Pottery Picture
 Pottery Wheel
 Punch Bowl
 Punch Cup
 Rectanglar Box
 Religious Articles
 Round Box
 Round Coffee Set
 Round Glass Box
 Round Mint Box
 Round Open Handle Cookie Tray
 Round Pomander
 Salad Plate
 Sand Stone Candle Holder
 Sand Stone Gardenware
 Sanitary Ware
 Sanitaryware Products
 Sauce Bowl
 Self Watering Pot Item
 Serving Bowl On Pedestal
 Shell Mosaic Tiles
 Sherry Cup
 Soap Dish
 Soup Bowl
 Soup Dish
 Soya Bottle
 Spaghetti Keeper
 Square Bon Bon
 Square Plate
 Stoneware Ceramic
 Stoneware Pottery
 Stoneware Products
 Stoneware Sets
 Storage Bottles
 Sugar & Creamer Sets
 Sugar Bowl
 Sugar Pot
 Table Top Accessories
 Tagine Clay Cooker
 Tagine Terra Cotta Cooking Vessel
 Tea Pot
 Tea Pots & Sets
 Terra Cotta
 Terra Cotta Bath Set
 Terra Cotta Bird Feeder
 Terra Cotta Bottle
 Terra Cotta Bowl
 Terra Cotta Bowl.
 Terra Cotta Box
 Terra Cotta Candle Holder
 Terra Cotta Coaster
 Terra Cotta Cup
 Terra Cotta Dish And Plate
 Terra Cotta Flower Pot
 Terra Cotta Fountain
 Terra Cotta Fruit Bowl
 Terra Cotta Gardenware
 Terra Cotta Kitchen Witch Set
 Terra Cotta Kitchenware
 Terra Cotta Mug
 Terra Cotta Pot
 Terra Cotta Pot With Cactus
 Terra Cotta Pot With Cactus Lid
 Terra Cotta Pot With Wax Candle
 Terra Cotta Rectangular Pot
 Terra Cotta Shortbread Mold
 Terra Cotta Sleeping Pig
 Terra Cotta Tableware
 Terra Cotta Warmer Pot
 Terra Cotta Wine Cooler
 Terracotta Candle Pot
 Thai Ceramics
 Thai Handicraft
 Thai Pottery
 Thai Sauce Bowl
 Thailand Ceramic
 Thailand Culture Products
 Thailand Pottery
 Toast Rack
 Tooth Brush Holder
 Toothpick Holder
 Trinket Boxes
 Two-Tone Bakeware
 Vitreous China Sanitary Ware
 Wall Tiles
 Wall Tiles. Floor Tiles.
 Warmer Pot
 Water Goblet
 Water Pitcher
 Watering Pints
 Whirlpools & Saunas
 Wholesale Ceramics
 Wine Bottle
 X'mas Ornament

 3 N Industries Co,Ltd.
 Acon Plus Trading Co.,Ltd
 Active Ceramic Center Group Co,Ltd.
 Ad-Ex (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Agape Living Co.,Ltd.
 Alaw Industrial Co,Ltd.
 All Thai Pottery & Gardening Co,Ltd.
 Amarin Ceramics Corp.,Ltd.
 Amazing International Co,Ltd.
 Anchor Trading Co,Ltd.
 Andaman Dreams Corporation Ltd.,
 Angkarb Bonsai Nursery & Potteries,
 Ardema Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Aree Philuk Co.,Ltd.
 Arista Co.,Ltd.
 Armin Systems Limited,
 Art & Gift Product Co,Ltd.
 Art And Craft Ceramics Ltd.,Part.
 Art And Steel Co.,Ltd.
 Art Of Living Co,Ltd.
 Art Way Co,Ltd.
 Artima Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Artomax Inter-Trading Co.,Ltd.
 Asia Merchandise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Asia Potteries Bangkok Co,Ltd.
 Asian Group Of Companies,
 Asian Insulators Public Company Limited,
 Aurax Co,Ltd.
 A-Z Consultant & Corporation (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 B & F Int'l (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 B.C.T. Handicrafts Co Ltd,
 B.K.K. International Ltd Part,
 B.N.I. Products (1993) Co,Ltd.
 B.S.S. Impex Co,Ltd.
 Bangkok Clay Industry Co,Ltd.
 Bangkok Companies,
 Bangkok Corp,Ltd.
 Bangkok Tile Co,Ltd.
 Bantai Crystal Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Bee And Bud Craft Co Ltd,
 Bel Vedere Co.,Ltd.
 Bisque Co,Ltd.
 Bloombiz Co,Ltd.
 Boo-In Ceramics (Thailand) Ltd,P.
 Boon Boom Ceramics Design Co Ltd,
 Boongthavorn Ceramich Ltd,Part.
 Boonsin Ceramic Co,Ltd.
 Boonthavorn Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Brandish Living Co,Ltd.
 Brickwall Associates Co.,Ltd.
 Bright Time Intertrade Ltd,Part.
 Buranachan Ceramic Factory Ltd.,Part
 C.H. Kositpipat Co Ltd,
 C.R.C. International Co.,Ltd.
 Carasu Co.,Ltd.
 Casday (Thailand) Corporation Ltd.,
 Cazzini Co Ltd,
 Cement Thai Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
 Central Ceramics (Thailand) Co Ltd,
 Central Ceramics International Ltd,
 Ceraglobe Company Limited,
 Ceramic International Co.,Ltd
 Ceramic Simplicity (Thailand) Ltd. Part,
 Ceramic Specialties,
 Ceramic Tile Product Co.,Ltd.
 Ceramic Ware Co Ltd,
 Ceramica Co.,Ltd.
 Ceramiche Co.,Ltd.
 Ceramics R Us Co,Ltd.
 Ceramics Worldwide Co,Ltd.
 Ceratech Co.,Ltd.
 Chaimongkol Floor Tile Ltd,P.
 Chalong (2002) Co,Ltd.
 Chang Jia Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Chatvibool Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Chengteh Chinaware (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Chetphat Ltd.,Part.
 Clays & Minerals (Thailand) Ltd.,
 Combine Merchandise Co.,Ltd.
 Comcraft Co,Ltd.
 Compound Clay Co,Ltd.
 Confab Co,Ltd.
 Connell Bros Co (Thailand) Ltd,
 Cosma Company Limited,
 Cover Asia Co.,Ltd.
 Cowin Color Co.,Ltd.
 Creative Classic Collection Co,Ltd.
 Creative Information Technology Sytem,
 Crown Ceramics Co,Ltd.
 Crystal & Symphony Co Ltd,
 Cyres Business Solution Co,Ltd.
 D.I.A. Resibon (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 D.I.A. Resibon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
 Denchan Ceramic Industry Co.,Ltd.
 Domino Intertrade Ltd Part,
 Ducth Thai Trading Co.,Ltd.
 Dynasty Ceramic Co,Ltd.
 Dynasty Ceramic Public Co,Ltd.
 E.G.G. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
 Earth & Fire Co,Ltd.
 Eastern Chinaware Co,Ltd.
 Electro Ceramics (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Emerald Sea Co.,Ltd.
 Enlighten Co,Ltd.
 E-Pat Design Ltd.,Part.
 Excel Industrial Group Co,Ltd.
 Ferro Cerdec (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
 Fibercrete (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Fire Brick Factory Of Siam Ltd.,Part.
 First Music Thai Group Co.,Ltd.
 Foundation Of Silpacheep,
 G. Doulatram & Sons (Thailand) Ltd.,
 G.L. & R. Taps & Tiles Co.,Ltd.
 G.S. Ceramics Co.Ltd.,
 Glascera Co.,Ltd
 Gold Lip Creative Tiles Limited Partnership,
 Golden House Design Co,Ltd.
 Graph-Tex Studio Co.,Ltd.


Greater Million Intertrade Ltd.,Part
 Haco Group (1991) Co.,Ltd
 Hanetech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
 Hansa Industrial (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Hommer & Decor Co.,Ltd.
 Hwa Lang Ceramic Hardware Factory Co,Ltd.
 Idea Decor Co.,Ltd.
 Imex International Co.,Ltd.
 Inter Sanitary Ceramic Co,Ltd.
 International Masalin Ceramics Ltd.,
 International Terra Cotta (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Iris Fmg Ltd.,
 Iwatani International Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.,
 Jada (1969) Co,Ltd.
 Johnson Matthey Ceramics (Thailand) Ltd.,
 K.M. & A.A. Co,Ltd.
 Kanchan Ceramic,
 Karat Sanitaryware Public Co,Ltd.
 Kent Art China (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
 Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co,Ltd.
 Kera Tiles,
 Khien Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Kolob Intertrade Co,Ltd.
 Linear Force Venture,
 Lynn' Place Co,Ltd.
 Mae Fah Luang Foundation,
 Majestic Art Ltd,Part.
 Mega Campus Co.,Ltd.
 Modern Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
 Murata Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.,
 N.E.C. Tokin (Thailand) Co Ltd,
 Nalakarn Thai Handicraft Co.,Ltd.
 Nam Hai Charoen Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 New Light Thai Ceramic Co.Ltd.,
 Newlight Thaiceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Nichias Rungruang Co.,Ltd.
 O-Clay Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Olympic Thai Co.,Ltd.
 Oopsstuff Co.,Ltd.
 Oriental Ceratech Co.,Ltd.
 P & A Collection Co.,Ltd.
 P.C. Wyne Excel Fabric Group,
 P.M. Brass & Bronze Ltd.,Part.
 Paoka Industry Co.,Ltd.
 Paradorn Industry Co.,Ltd.
 Parawood Design Industries Co.,Ltd.
 Pat Republic Co.,Ltd.
 Patra Ceramic Public Co.,Ltd.
 Patra Porcelain Co.,Ltd.
 Perfect Library,
 Pinnacle Poise Co.,Ltd
 Piya Interior Fine Arts Co Ltd,
 Premier Aid Co.,Ltd.
 Prior Thai Co.,Ltd.
 Royal Porcelain Co Ltd,
 S.K.I. Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
 S.N. Ceramics Ltd.,Part.
 Sama International Co.,Ltd.
 San Pan Suay Co.,Ltd.
 Sanwa Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Shun Thai Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Art Marketing Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Cement (Kaeng Khoi) Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Cement Public Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Siam City Cement Public Co Ltd,
 Siam Empowerment Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Panuphan Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Refractory Industry Co.,
 Siam Tanadon,
 Siam T-Bros Co.,Ltd.
 Siamese Merchandise Co Ltd,
 Siamraj Marketing Co.,Ltd.
 Silverstone Poly Co.,Ltd.
 Simacharn Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
 Sosuco Ceramic Co.,Ltd
 Southeast Polichem,
 Sristones Co,Ltd
 Suttipant (Thonburi) Ltd.,Part.
 T.B.F. Tiles (Thailand) Co Ltd,
 T.S. Pottery Ltd.,
 Taiheiyo International(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Ceramic Lampang Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Ceramic Roof Tile Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Dhanabhand Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Hong Yi Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Interra Cotta Co Ltd,
 Thai Isekyu Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Namba Co.,Ltd
 Thai Pattana Ceramics Co.,Ltd
 Thai Porcelain Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Pottery Industry Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Thanapun Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Tile & Potiery Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Universal Import & Export,
 Thai Victa Co.,Ltd
 Thai Wall Tile Ltd.,Part
 Thai Yamasa China Co.,Ltd.
 Thaideals Dot Net Co.,Ltd.
 Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
 Thailand Tile & Potiery Co.,Ltd.
 Thai-Nichias Engineering Co.,Ltd.
 The Living Place Co.,Ltd.
 Thepnakorn Ceramic Ltd.,Part.
 Tile Top Industry Public Co.,Ltd.
 Tip Best Co Ltd,
 Tong Fong Ceramic Co.,Ltd.
 Tong Hai Ceramic (1998) Co.,Ltd.
 Top Line Collection Co.,Ltd.
 Triple 1 Intertrae,
 Triwiwat Industry Co.,Ltd.
 U.M.I. - Laufen Sanitaryware Co Ltd,
 Unique Arts,
 United Siam Overseas Ltd,
 Univentures Public Co.,Ltd.
 V.K. Ceramics Co.,Ltd.
 Wonder Group Co.,Ltd.
 Yamthai The Exporter,

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