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Thailand rice manufacturers
, growers, rice mills and rice exporters have literally made this country what it is. In Thailand Rice is not only the staple diet of the Thai people it is also the staple export product of this mainly agricultural society.


Many varieties of rice are grown in Thailand some of the popular types are: Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai White Rice, Glutinous Rice, Japanese Rice, Parboiled Rice and Brown Rice. Some of these rice varieties are used domestically and others grown primarily for export

Although Thailand is still classed as a developing country, amongst it's neigbhours like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar it is certainly the most prosperous.

This has been the case for hundreds of years. This is in no small part probably mainly due to the country's ability to be self sufficient in food production. Not only this but also have a surplus production capacity that can be traded for goods that have developed a steady historical development.


Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice
Also called Fragrant Rice, Scented Rice, Aromatic Rice. Jasmine rice is a high fiber grain containing Vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, Carbohydrates, Protein, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous. Jasmine rice has famous reputation in appearance, texture and aroma
Thai White Rice
Thai white rice can be grown throughout Thailand. But the best crop is cultivated in the central of Thailand. This is the most consumed rice in the world. The grain after cooked is light and fluffy.
Glutinous Rice
Also called "Thai sweet rice" or "Thai Sticky Rice". It has a medium to long kernel, which silky smooth of pure white color with soft and sticky texture. The best glutinous rice id from the northern part of Thailand.
Japanese Rice
Japanese Rice is 100% SASANISHIKI variety, which has been produced in the north of Thailand. All processes from plating, harvesting, milling and packing have been strictly controlled to ensure its hygienic, freshness and tasteful.
Parboiled Rice
Parboiled Rice is produced by process of soaking, pressure streaming and drying the paddy before milling. The rice is light yellow or amber color. This process has preserved its natural vitamins and minerals.
Brown Rice
Also called unpolished rice. Only the outer hull has been removed and left the bran layer. The coating of brown rice contains vitamins and minerals, which makes it notorious. Brown rice takes a little long time to cook. The texture is slightly sticky with delicious nutty flavor

if you are looking to source rice from Thailand then here at Bangkok Companies we have close contacts with rice mills, rice manufacturers and rice trading companies. Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your rice  needs please email with your requests.

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Organic Fragrant Rice Jasmine Rice Thai Hom Mali Rice
Glutinous Rice (Sticky Rice) Rice Flour Rice Noodles
Japanese Food Thai Rice Dishes Rice Snacks
Rice Cultivation Rice Mills Rice Cooker
Rice Threshing Machine Rice Production Equipment Rice Field Equipment
Instant Canned Rice    
Featured Thailand Rice Companies
C & A Products Co.,Ltd. Thailand A major manufacturer and Thailand exporter of  Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai White Rice, Glutinous Rice, Japanese Rice, Parboiled Rice and Brown Rice
G. Premjee Co Ltd  Thailand A Major Thai Trading company of products such as Soft Gelatin Capsules, Health Food Supplements, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Jewellery, Hospital Goods, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Coffee, Beans, Seeds, Canned Fish, Canned Fruits-Pineapple, Minerals, Rubber and Fertilizers.
I.S.A. CO, LTD. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Canned Pet Food, Canned Tuna Green Curry, Canned Rice and Instant Jasmine rice.
Featured Company
C.A.S. Intertrade Co., Ltd.
C.A.S. is a manufacturer and distributor of organic rice. C.A.S. Intertrade is the trader of Thai White Rice, Jasmine Rice and Handicraft under the umbrella of King Power International Group Co., Ltd. C.A.S. Intertrade is an exclusive trader authorized by the Co-operative Promotion Department of Thailand to manage and supply the Amway's Jasmine Rice from ten Co-operatives all over the country to Amway(Thailand) Co., Ltd. C.A.S. Intertrade is GMP and HACCP certified.In addition, the company produces OTOP decorative gifts (OTOP is by wood, blanket, greeting card and Thai silk.
Contact: Ms. Sirima Techapattaraporn

If you would like to contact this company or have your Company featured here then please email

Following you will find lists of rice products from companies involved in the rice business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a rice company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Brown Rice
Brown Rice Cereal
Cargo Rice
Ceramic Rice Bowls
Cooked Brown Jasmine Rice Ready To Eat
Cooked Rice
Crispy Rice Cracker
Duck Chinese Gravy With Rice
Electric Rice Cooker
Finely Milled White Raw Rice
Fragrant Thai Jasmine
Fried Brown Jasmine Rice With Cereals
Frozen Ready-To-Eat Thai Food
Gluten Free Rice Flour
Glutinous Rice Flour
Herbal Organic Jasmine Rice
Hok Seng Rice Flour
Husk Charcoal
Instant Noodles
IInstant Rice Noodle Pad Thai
Instant Thai Jasmine Rice
Instant Yellow Rice
Jar Rice Cooker
Jasmin Rice
Jasmine Rice Noodle
Jasmine Rice Ready To Eat
Khao Hom Mali
Long Grain Rice
Mango And Sticky Rice
Nutritious Brown Jasmine Rice
Organic Brown Rice Scrub
Organic Jasmine Rice
Organic Thai Jasmine Rice
Parboil Rice
Parboiled Rice
Polish Rice
Polished Rice
Popped Rice Cracker With Pork Floss
Premium Quality Rice For Export
Pure Thai Hom Mali Rice
Red Brown Rice
Refined Rice Bran Oil
Rice Bags
Rice Bowls
Rice Bran Oil
Rice Cracker
Rice Cracker Snack
Rice Crackers
Rice Flake
Rice Huller
Rice Husk Ash
Rice Mill And Starch Maker In Thailand S
Rice Milling
Rice Noodle
Rice Noodle Stick
Rice Paper
Rice Polishing And Packing
Rice Powder
Rice Stick
Rice Vermicelli
Rice Vermicelli Noodle
Rubber Rice Rollers
Seasoning Thai Rice With Herb & Tom Yum Spices
Shrimp Fried Rice
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice Cooking Equipment
Stir Fried Sauce Noodle
Sweet Rice Flour
Sweet Rice Powder
Thai Broken Rice
Thai Brown Rice
Thai Dishes In Microwavable Tray
Thai Herbals Jasmine Rice
Thai Hom Mali Rice 100% Grade A
Thai Jasmine Fragrant Rice
Thai Jasmine Rice
Thai Long Grain Rice
Thai Long Grain White Rice
Thai Organic Jasmine Rice
Thai Parboiled Long Grain Rice
Thai Red Cargo Rice
Thai Rice Body Scrub
Thai Rice Exporter
Thai Rice Flour
Thai Rice Miller And Exporter
Thai Rice Starch
Thai Sweet Rice
Thai White Glutinous Rice
Thai White Rice
Thai White Rice Broken 25 %
Thailand Hommali Fragrant Jasmine Rice
Thai's Rice Exporter
White Rice Broken A1


If you are looking to source or sell rice products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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