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C & A Products Co.,Ltd. is a group of companies who focus in fruit & food business. The company was established since 1992, starting from the supplier of coconut products. Currently there are four businesses units under this umbrella. Their units categorized by products for export including coconut, pineapple and rice. Another unit focuses on Thailand domestic market.

Coconut: The beginning of our story.
Originally from the producer and exporter of coconut products including desiccated coconut, canned and pasteurize coconut milk and juice, under A-Tip and buyer's brands. The factory is located in Ratchaburi province, where about 100 km from Bangkok to south-west. By highlighting on R&D, we are the first Thai producer who can supply coconut milk in aseptic bag to the world. This has strengthened our image as one of the leader in this factory.

Pineapple : The new choice of quality pineapple and tropical fruits. C&A Products now proudly introduce our Pineapple Business. The factory is also located in Ratchaburi province, The new area of pineapple, about 10 km from the coconut factory. The factory has been designed for maximum capacity of 120,0000 tons of fruit intake annually. All equipments have been installed to facilitate the production of canned pineapple for all can size, pouch packed and aseptic pineapple juice concentrate. We can also serve tropical fruit mixed and Nata de Coco upon client request. Together with these first-hand and world class standard equipments, we have gather skillful staff to implant quality system and ensure the product's freshness, hygiene and sanitation from the very beginning at plantation to the hand of consumer.

Rice : The completeness of fruit & food supplier to the world. Rice business has been merge under the name of "C&A Ricemill Co.,Ltd.". Our team has been in rice business for more than 10 years with the product under the brand "King Elephant", "Lady Buddha" and "Lucky Buddha". We are now ready for export to the world. Our main products are "Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice", "Thai White Rice", "Glutinous Rice" and "Japanese Rice".



Coconut Products

Canned Coconut Milk Coconut Juice, Coconut Cream Block in paper box, Coconut Milk Powder in paper box, Coconut Milk in Aseptic bag, Canned Coconut Juice with pulp, Canned Roasted Coconut Juice, Frozen Coconut Juice with Meat in plastic cup


Pineapple Products

Pineapple Slices, Pineapple Chunks, Pineapple Tidbit, Pineapple Pieces, Pineapple Dices, Crushed Pineapple, Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Aseptic Pineapple Crushed & Tidbits



Canned Tamarind Drink, Canned Soya Bean Drink, Canned Grass Jelly Drink, Canned Penny Wort Leaves Drink, Canned Mango Drink, Canned Sugar Cane Drink, Canned Mix fruit Drink, Canned Pina Colada Drink, Canned Lychee Drink, Glass Bottle Coconut Juice, Glass Bottle Penny Wort Leaves Drink, Glass Bottle Lime Juice for Cooking, UHT Coconut Juice, UHT Coconut Milk, UHT Mix fruit Juice, UHT Pina Colada, UHT Lychee Juice, UHT Mango Juice


Rice Products
Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali Rice
Also called Fragrant Rice, Scented Rice, Aromatic Rice. Jasmine rice is a high fiber grain containing Vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, Carbohydrates, Protein, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous. Jasmine rice has famous reputation in appearance, texture and aroma
Thai White Rice
Thai white rice can be grown throughout Thailand. But the best crop is cultivated in the central of Thailand. This is the most consumed rice in the world. The grain after cooked is light and fluffy.
Glutinous Rice
Also called "Thai sweet rice" or "Thai Sticky Rice". It has a medium to long kernel, which silky smooth of pure white color with soft and sticky texture. The best glutinous rice id from the northern part of Thailand.
Japanese Rice
Japanese Rice is 100% SASANISHIKI variety, which has been produced in the north of Thailand. All processes from plating, harvesting, milling and packing have been strictly controlled to ensure its hygienic, freshness and tasteful.
Parboiled Rice
Parboiled Rice is produced by process of soaking, pressure streaming and drying the paddy before milling. The rice is light yellow or amber color. This process has preserved its natural vitamins and minerals.
Brown Rice
Also called unpolished rice. Only the outer hull has been removed and left the bran layer. The coating of brown rice contains vitamins and minerals, which makes it notorious. Brown rice takes a little long time to cook. The texture is slightly sticky with delicious nutty flavor


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Contact: Worawat Chinpinkyo Managing Director      


C & A Products Co.,Ltd.


36/4/1 Soi Wanta,

Ngamwongwan Rd.,





Telephone: 02 952-7025-8

Fax: 02 591-3252

email address:


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