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Thailand Sanitary Ware Companies, Thai Sanitary Ware Manufacturers


Thailand is a great place to source Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Fittings of all types such as: Bathroom Suites, Toilets, Showers, Baths, Bathroom Accessories, Basins, Bidets, Whirlpools & Jacuzzis.

Some of the largest sanitary ware companies in the world have factories here in Thailand. With raw material and labour costs so low it is not difficult to understand. Toilets, baths, bidets basins float away from the ports of Thailand by the boatload every day. This is perhaps the reason why it is so difficult to find a western style flush toilet in any shopping mall or department store in Bangkok when you really need one.

You can forget about public conveniences - there aren't any. Well that is a slightly wrong. There are a whole heap of public toilets. They look like a cross between Dr. Who's tardis except when you get inside they look smaller than they look from the outside. This is probably because the local street vendors have found the perfect convenient place to store their equipment and supplies between shifts.

Thais use a squat toilet which is totally impractical for an 18 stone westerner. Bathtubs, jacuzzis and whirlpools are reserved for the rich to use in their expensive western style suburban homes. Of course they can be rented by the hour in the countless massage parlours. They are automatic too. You don't need to turn on the water, scrub your own back or rinse off the tide marks. Life is tough in 'The land of smiles'


You may think I have a fixation with toilets and bathrooms - well it runs in the family check out my connection with The Crapper and you will realize why.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your Sanitary Ware and Bathroom Fittings please email with your requests

For Bathroom Fittings please see this page: Thailand Bathroom Fittings Companies, Thai Bathroom Fittings Manufacturers

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Featured Thailand Sanitary Ware Companies
Haco Group (1991) Co.,Ltd Thailand Importer and Distributor of Sanitary fittings, Bathroom Furnishings, Ceramic Tiles, Shower Cubicles, Toilet Accessories, Bath Accessories and Plumbing Fixtures

Following you will find lists of sanitary ware products and companies involved in the sanitary ware business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a sanitary ware company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

2-tier plastic shower tray
acrylic and fiberglass shower tray
acrylic bathtub
acrylic bathtub with headrest
acrylic bathtub with lcd monitor
acrylic bathtub with metallic drainage
acrylic bathtubs
acrylic board bathtub with drain outlet
acrylic claw foot bathtub
acrylic claw-foot bathtub
acrylic corner bathtub
acrylic shower tray with stone-resin finish
acrylic tray
acrylic twin grip bath
armitage shanks bathroom suites
armitage shanks sanitary ware
basin pedestal
bathroom accessories
bathroom range
bathroom shower tray
bathroom suites
baths & accessories
bathtub made of acrylic
bathtub made of acrylic and fiberglass
bathtub made of high-gloss acrylic
bathtub with apron at three sides
bathtub with body-shaped backrest
bathtub with double-deck frame
bathtub with faucet and shower handle
bathtub with metal stand
bathtub with metallic drain
bathtub with metallic drainage
bathtub with thick pillow
bathtub with water inlet/outlet
bathtub with water temperature adjustment
bathtubs & shower trays
bathware and accessories
cast iron bathtub with gloss surface
ceramic basin
ceramic manufacturer
ceramic oval washbasin
ceramic rectangle washbasin
ceramic round washbasin
ceramic square washbasin
ceramic washbasin
ceramics for toilets
chrome-plated shower trays
circular bathtub
circular built-in bathtub
classical bathtub with metallic drainage
close-coupled flush valve cistern
close-coupled wc cistern
close-coupled wc pan
commercial sanitary ware
common bathtub
computer-controlled bathtub
computer-controlling bathtub with bottom light
concealed cisterns & accessories
corner bathtub
dahll absolute bathroom range
deep basin
diamond shape bathtub with air switch
diamond shape massage bathtub
disabled bathroom suites
discount bath shower screen range
discount bathroom suites
domestic sanitary ware
drinking fountains
european style bathtub with metal feet
fiberglass corner bathtub
floor mounted ceramic squat toilet
flush valve & squats
four piece sanitary wear packs
free standing bath
freestanding bathtub
freestanding bathtub with acrylic apron
freestanding bathtub with towel rail
front bath panel
glass basin
half circular bathtub
hexagonal bathtub
ideal standard bathroom suites
ideal standard sanitary ware
inset hand wash basins
luxury acrylic bath range
macerators & drainage systems
massage bathtub
massage bathtub for two person
massage bathtub in modern design
massage bathtub in round design
massage bathtub with air circulation control
massage bathtub with an outside rack
massage bathtub with apron
massage bathtub with auto-cycle water system
massage bathtub with bubble massage system
massage bathtub with computer control panel
massage bathtub with heating system
massage bathtub with marble board
massage bathtub with outside rack
massage bathtub with spa
massage bathtub with spa and pillow
massage bathtub with spa for two persons
massage bathtub with spa function
massage bathtub with tv set
massage bathtub with water pump
massage bathtub with wooden surrounding
massage tub
massage tub for two persons
massage tub in modern design
massage whirlpool bath tub
modern bathtub with metallic drainage
multi-function bathtub
nontoxic plastic infant bathtub
offset corner bath
oval built-in bathtub
oval freestanding bathtub
pail flush
paper holders
pedestal basin
pedestal squat
pedestal squat flush
period shape bath
plastic seats
plastic soft bathtub
rectangular bathtub
rectangular bathtub for two people
regular bathtub
round bathtub with metal stand
sanitary engineering
sanitary equipment
sanitary faucet
sanitary fittings
sanitary parts
sanitary systems
sanitary ware
sanitary ware bathtub made of acrylic with fiberglass
sanitary ware bathtub with molded-in seat
sanitary ware shower box
sanitaryware parts
sanitaryware products
shower box
shower cubicle
shower cubicles
shower enclosure made of tempered glass
shower enclosure with acrylic tray
shower enclosure with built-in seat
shower enclosure with metal and tempered-glass doors
shower enclosure with sliding tempered-glass door
shower enclosure with sliding tempered-glass doors
shower enclosure with tempered-glass doors
shower enclosures
shower panel with hot and cold water control
shower room
sink and drainer
sinks & basins
siphon jet one-piece toilet
siphonic jet one-piece toilet
soaking tub
soap holders
space saver bathroom range
spring bath tub with side drain holes
squat flush back inlet
squat flush tank
squat toilet
stainless steel basin
stainless steel serving bowls
stainless steel urinal
stainless steel wall mounted urinal
standard basin pedestal
standard bathroom suite
standard close-coupled wc pan
steam room
streamline bathtub
surf, shower functions
surface-polished bathtub
tank fittings and accessories
tempered glass shower enclosure
templed glass door
toilet accessories
toilets, bidets & urinals
towel rails
tradiational bathroom suite
twin grip bath
two piece toilet
two-person bathtub with wave massage function
twyford bathroom suites
twyford sanitary ware
universal corner bath panel
vitreous china plumbing fixtures
vitreous china sanitry ware
w.c. p-trap
w.c. s-trap
wall mounted bowls
wall mounted urinal
wall-hung pan.
wash basin
wash basins
wash troughs
washroom accessories
wastes & traps
water closet
water closets
wc pans
wc seat & cover
western style close-coupled toilet
whirl tub
white bathtub made of acrylic
winchester bath

agru (thailand) co,Ltd.
american standard sanitaryware (thailand)
aqua nishihara corp ltd
aqua tech engineering ltd.,Part
asahi-thai alloy co,Ltd.
b. grimm & co. p.o.p.
b.u.t. holding co,Ltd.
bangkok companies
beauty life (thailand) co,LTD.
best context supply ltd.,PART.
brewo trading corp,Ltd.
calpeda (thailand) co,Ltd.
central ceramics international ltd,
chokechai phan co,LTD.
chusin concrete co,LTD
concrete products & pipes co.,LTD.
connell bros co (thailand) ltd,
consultants of technology co,LTD.
cosmo products co.,Ltd
creation center co,Ltd.
cristina sanitary (thailand) co,Ltd.
d.p. ceramic co,LTD.
delta pump international co,Ltd.
designers bathware (asia) ltd.
duscholux (siam) ltd.,
e.m.u. (thailand) co,Ltd.
e.r.m. (thailand) co.,LTD.
eastern material and concrete co.,Ltd.
fiber tech international (thailand) co,Ltd
flymar co,Ltd.
grohe siam co,LTD.
haco group (1991) co.,Ltd
hepta engineering co,LTD.
hydro-sys development co.,Ltd.
inter sanitary ceramic co,LTD.
j.s.v. technical co,Ltd.
johnson diversey (thailand) ltd.
k.c. professional,
kao commercial (thailand) co,Ltd.
kao industrial (thailand) co.,Ltd.
karat faucet co.,LTD.
karat sanitaryware public co,LTD.
koenig co,Ltd.
kohler (thailand) public co.,LTD.
krieng kai concrete co.,Ltd.
kuen min enterprise co,LTD.
linn asia co.,Ltd.
m.r.d. ecc,
macro consultants co,LTD.
mahachai concrete co.,LTD.
major scientific product co.,Ltd.
n.l. production co.,LTD.
n.l. sanitary fittings co.,Ltd.
nam hai charoen ceramic co.,Ltd.
nana sanitaryware co.,Ltd.
nilfisk-advance co.,Ltd.
nina manufacture co.,Ltd.
noritake siam co.,LTD.
oleen co.,Ltd.
pacific mfg. co.,LTD.
pool & spa co.,LTD.
posh co.,LTD.
power line engineering public company limited
premier products co.,Ltd.
process engineering services co.,LTD.
pro-en group of companies
provincial supplies co.,Ltd.
pullthana technology & supply co.,LTD.
quality team consultant co.,LTD.
ratchada marble co ltd,
river engineering co.,LTD.
roediger (thailand) co.,Ltd.
s. electric city co.,Ltd.
s. maitri phan housing co.,LTD.
s. napa (thailand) co.,LTD.
s. thaisearee (2525) co.,Ltd.
s.s. integration co.,Ltd.
sahapie engineering co.,LTD.
sanita international co.,LTD.
sanitary boutique co.,Ltd.
sanitary engineering consultants co.,Ltd.
sanitary engineering supply lp.,
shiny star import export ltd.,PART
siam city cement public co ltd,
siam fuji ware (1998) co.,LTD
siam global house co.,Ltd.
siam pipe industry co.,Ltd.
siam sanitary fittings co.,LTD.
siam sanitary ware industry company limited
siam sanitaryware industry co.,LTD.
sintorn trading & engineering (1994) co.,Ltd.
soonthornkij sanitaryware co.,Ltd.
spenco co.,Ltd.
star sanitaryware co.,LTD.
star service and management co.,Ltd.
sunny sanitary supply co.,LTD.
synergy logistics corporation ltd.
thai ceramic industry co.,LTD.
thai kodama co.,LTD.
thai malleable iron & steel co.,Ltd.
thai napkins co.,LTD.
thai pipe industry co.,Ltd.
thai semcon co.,Ltd.
thai smart intertrade co.,LTD.
thai welltex international co.,LTD.
thai-german ceramic industry public co.,LTD.
thai-german products public co.,LTD.
thammasorn engineering co.,LTD.
thammathip sanitaryware ceramic co.,LTD.
tong hai ceramic (1998) co.,Ltd.
u.m.i. - laufen sanitaryware co ltd
umi-laufen sanitaryware
uni-charm (thailand ) co.,Ltd.
union prospers insurance co ltd,The
w.p.m. co.,Ltd.
watana bangkok ltd.,P.
webforge (thailand) ltd.
wooden world co.,LTD.

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