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Thailand Scandinavian Companies
, Thai Scandinavian Manufacturers represent a small but noticeable sector of the foreign owned companies in Thailand. Each of the Scandinavian countries are represented individually in Thailand by their own trade associations, Chambers of Commerce and of course their respective embassies and consulates. Links to these sectors and resources can be found below.

In recent months I have been following closely the property market in Thailand. In particular the growth, or lack of it, in the number of new property projects in Pattaya and Jomtien. The following is part of an article about Thai Estate Scandinavian Company who has ongoing property projects in Phuket, Hua Hin and Pattaya. The article sums up clearly the plusses and the pitfalls of foreign companies operating in Thailand.

Scandinavians in recent years have been active investors in Thai property, but lately the big players have become very hesitant about large-scale commitments, says Mr Lang. Individual Scandinavians are still buying but are shying away from anything costing more than seven to eight million baht.

The flow of Scandinavian property investment in Thailand started from Sweden and later spread to Denmark and Norway.


Earlier people of these countries generally bought resort properties in Spain and France but over the past three to four years, aside from Thailand, they have snapped up real estate in Turkey and Bulgaria but investment to the former has now dropped off.

However, he noted that Thai-developed projects might not fly with Scandinavian buyers given differences in cultures and tastes. ''The problem, if we can say so, is that Thai people cannot sell to Scandinavian people and Thai people don't understand the way Scandinavian people think _ we don't want big walls, we don't want a project that looks like a prison.''  Read the full article Scandinavian property development in Thailand.

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