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Thailand is a great place for sourcing all types of shoe products such as: Ladies Footwear, Mens Footwear, Childrens Footwear, Leather Shoes, Sports Shoes, Leather Footwear, Sports Footwear

In 2000, there were about 400 producers of footwear (information as of October 2, 2000, excluding defunct plants and group 1 plants, derived from Department of Industrial Works, the Ministry of Industry). Of this total, 64% were producers of shoes, 24% shoe parts and 12% shoes and shoe parts. Classified by size, most of them were small- and medium-sized producers, comprising small-sized producers (capital of less than Bt. 10 million) 59%, medium-sized producers (capital of between Bt. 10 million and Bt. 50 million) 26%, and large-sized producers (capital of over Bt. 50 million) 15%. Most of them are located in Bangkok and its vicinity

Source: Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry

Our main expertise is in the sourcing and export of bridal shoes However we do have contacts in most areas of footwear production. So if you are looking for any footwear from military boots to beach sandals, from flip flops to fine crocodile leather shoes Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your footwear, shoes and boots please email with your requests.

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Childrens Shoes Flip Flops Shoe Components
Childrens Boots Military Army Boots Bridal Shoes
Sports Shoes Ballet Shoes Sports Sandals
Featured Thai Shoe Manufacturers
Flyhigh International Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Disposable Slippers, Spa Slippers and Biodegradable Footwear.
S.C. FOOTWEAR MATERIALS CO., LTD Thailand Shoe parts, EVA Foam Sheet, Innersoles, Phylon Sole, sport shoes, Fashion Slippers

Following you will find lists of shoe products and companies involved in the shoe business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a shoe company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

aligator skin shoes
animal skin shoes
ankle bootees
ankle boots
anti-fire shoes
antistatic shoes
aqua shoes
army boots
army shoes
athletic footwear
athletic shoes
australian style sheepskin boots
baby crochet shoes
baby shoes
baby slippers
baby's shoes
ballet shoes
ballet slippers
basketball boots
basketball shoes
beach sandals
beach shoes
best selling sandals
birken slippers
bloch shoes
boat shoes
boys casual shoes
boy's hiking shoes
boy's sandal
buffalo leather boots
buffalo leather shoes
cabaret shoes
camouflage boots
canvas rubber sport shoes
canvas shoes
cashmere kid's shoes
casual shoe
casual shoes
character shoes
children's boots
children's casual shoes
children's eva shoes
children's pvc boots
children's shoes
children's slippers
children's sports shoes
chinese embroidered shoes
clarks shoes
classics shoes
climbing boots
climbing shoes
clown shoes
comfort shoes
court shoes
cricket shoes
crocodile leather
crocodile leather boots
crocodile leather shoes
dance sneakers
dancing shoes
designing and manufacturing of shoes
diabetic shoes
diving boots
diving shoes
down booties
down boots
down shoes
down slippers
dress shoes
embossed leather shoes
embroidered beach slippers
embroidered slippers
esd antistatic shoes
eva injection sandals
eva sandals
eva slippers
eva sport sandals
fashion sandals
fashion shoes
fashion shoes for children
fashion shoes for kids
fashion shoes for ladies
fashion shoes for men
fashionable boots
fireman boots
firemens boots
fireproof insulating shoes
fishing boots
fishing waders
flamenco shoes
flamenco shoes by sansha
flat mules
flip flops
football boots
football shoes
footwear manufacturer
footwear manufactures
formal shoes
garden boots
garden shoes
gardening boots
gardening shoes
girls party shoes
girl's sandals
girl's shoes
golf shoe
golf shoes
goodyear welted safety shoes
gum for footware
hand-made boots
handmade craft shoes
hand-made leather boots
hand-made leather shoes
handmade shoes
hand-made shoes
health shoes with magnetic inserts
heavy hiker boots
hemp sandals
herbal shoes
high-heel boots
high-heel sandals
high-heel shoes
hiker shoes
hiking boots
hiking shoes
hip wader & fishing boots
hospital shoes
ice skating boots
indoor shoes
indoor slippers
infant canvas shoes
infant shoes
injection shoes
jazz boot
jazz boots
jazz shoes
jelly shoes
jogging shoes
kid leather boots
kid leather shoes
kid sandals
kids roller shoes
kids shoes
kid's shoes
knitted jacquard shoes
lace-up boots
lace-up sandals
lace-up shoes
ladies beach slippers
ladies bootees
ladies casual shoes
ladies casual style
ladies' cotton shoes
ladies dress shoes
ladies footwear
ladies leather boots
ladies leather shoes
ladies sandals
ladies' shoe
ladies shoes
ladies' shoes
lady shoes
latin shoes
leather boots
leather kids shoes
leather men shoes
leather motorcycle racing boots
leather racing boots
leather sandals
leather shoes
leather shoes manufacturer
leather-upper shoes
low-heel boots
low-heel sandals
low-heel shoes
made to order boots
made to order sandals
made to order shoes
manufacturing footwear
marketing footwear
men sandals
men shoes
men's beach slippers
men's boots
men's casual shoes
men's cotton shoes
men's dress shoe
men's dress shoes
men's fashion shoes
men's leisure shoes
men's mocasins
men's pu leather shoes
men's safety shoe
men's sandals
mens shoes
men's shoes
men's sports shoes
military boots
military camouflage jungle boots
military jungle boots
mineworker boots
mining boots
modern fashion shoes
modern sandal
mountaineering boots
mountaineering shoes
neoprene boots
neoprene rain boots
new born shoes
nike athletic footwear
nike shoes
nurse shoes
nurses shoes
oem footwear
oem shoes
ostrich skin boots
ostrich skin shoes
party shoes
phylon sandals
phylon sport sandal
pig skin boots
pig skin leather boots
pig skin leather shoes
pig skin shoes
plastic boots
plastic sandals
plastic shoes
plush slippers
point shoes
pointe shoes
polished leather shoes
prewalker's shoes
professional soccer shoes
protective steel toe boots
protective steel toecap shoes
pu safety shoes
pu sandals
pu sole
pvc boot
pvc boots
pvc rain boots
pvc safety boots
pvc sandals
pvc slippers
racing boots
raquetball shoes
rattan slippers
ready-made shoes
reebok athletic footwear
roller shoes with retractable rollers
rubber boots
rubber rain boots
rubber shoes
running shoes
safety boots
safety rain boots
safety shoes
sample shoes
sandal footwear
sandal shoes
sandals shoes
school shoes
shoe heels manufacturer
shoe soles
shoe sourcing
shoe uppers
shoe wedge
shoes components
silk sandals
skate boots
skate shoe parts
skate shoes
skateboard shoes
slip-on boots
slip-on sandals
slip-on shoes
snake skin boots
snake skin shoes
sneaker shoes
snow board shoes
snow boarding footwear
snow boots
snowboard boots
soccer boots
specialties shoes
sport sandal
sport sandals
sport shoe
sport shoes
sports sandal
sports shoes
stranger fish skin boots
stranger fish skin shoes
suede boots
suede leather boots
suede shoes
summer shoes
table tennis shoes
teacher shoes
tennis shoes
thai sandals
timberland sport shoes
toweling slippers
tuxedo shoes
velour slippers
wading boots
walking shoes
waterproof boots
waterproof hiking shoes
waterproof neoprene beach shoes
waterproof shoes
wedding shoes
wellington boots
wellington rain boots
winter bootees
winter boots
winter shoes
woman's leather shoes
women shoes
women's casual shoes
women's fashion boots
women's shoes
women's slippers
women's sport sandals
wooden clogs
work boots
work shoes & boots
working shoes

action international co,Ltd.
advantage footwear co.,LTD.
alamode merchandise co,Ltd.
amity advance co,LTD.
asia rubber latex (1988) co,LTD.
b.s.b. international co,Ltd.
bangkok rubber public co.,LTD
bangkok rubber saharattana co.,LTD.
basini enterprise co,LTD.
bata manufacturing ltd,PART.
bata shoe of thailand public co,LTD
benagem trading co.,Ltd.
big star co,LTD
bordin footwear corporation co,LTD.
bossler co,LTD.
burapa footwear co,Ltd.
c.f.i. (siam) co,Ltd.
c.k. shoes co,LTD.
c.v.s. distributor co,LTD.
chainat rubber co,LTD.
chi-hong industrial co.,Ltd.
chu thai shoe industries co.,LTD.
city export co,Ltd.
city international co,LTD.
costa ltd.,PART.
danceman limited,
dapper general apparel co,LTD.
design sportshoes co.,Ltd.
dongsung nsc ltd.,
donphrom footware co.,LTD.
ecco (thailand) co,LTD.
elegance footwear industrial co.,Ltd.
estate footwear co,LTD.
euro-thai footwear co,LTD.
eutaca (thailand) co,LTD.
excellent rubber co.,LTD.
football thai factory sporting good co,LTD.
footwear tech 1530 co.,LTD.
footweartech 1530 co,LTD.
freewood international co.,Ltd.
gino exports limited,
grand siam footwear co,LTD.
hankha bangkok rubber co,LTD.
harrytex (thailand) co ltd,
hi-touch intertrade co,LTD.
homey (thailand) co.,Ltd.
hong chaw industrial ltd.,
hwa seung (thailand) co,LTD.
innovation footware co,LTD.
innovation footwear co.,LTD.
innovation nakornluang footwear co.,LTD.
international curity footwear co.,Ltd.
international footwear co,LTD.
international leather fashion co,LTD.
j & d enterprise (thailand) co,LTD.
jirawat plastic company limited,
jongsatit footwear co,Ltd.
kabinburi pan asia footwear co.,Ltd.
kiatburapa co. ltd,
lanna glory co.,Ltd.
lemaitre safety (thailand) co,LTD.
lin shing enterprise co,LTD.
lyn footwear co.,Ltd..
man shoes city co.,Ltd.
minor corporation public co,Ltd.
muang thong mahachai co,LTD.
muang thong rubber ltd.,Partnership
namco (thailand) co.,LTD.
nifty co.,LTD.
nike inc.,Liaison Office
northeastern printing & packaging co.,LTD.
oriental sports industrial co.,LTD.
p.d.g. (1992) co.,LTD.
p.s.r. footwear co.,Ltd.
pan asia footwear public co.,Ltd.
pan rayong co.,LTD.
pantech r& d co.,LTD.
performance rubber co.,LTD.
pornpormma footwear co.,LTD.
prem sawad ltd.,PART.
primacy industrial co.,LTD.
r.b.k. thailand inc.,
r.s.v. group co.,LTD.
rangsit footwear co.,Ltd.
regent street co.,LTD.
roongsilp industry ltd.,Part.
s.c. footwear industry co.,LTD.
s.c.s. sportswear co.,LTD.
s.i.f. co.,Ltd.
s.s. footwear co.,LTD.
s.s.k. footwear international co.,LTD.
saha union public co.,LTD.
sai-footwear co. ltd,
senso marketing co.,Ltd.
siam mohawk co.,Ltd.
somchai footwear co.,LTD.
summit footwear & seats,
sunny footwear (thailand) co.,LTD.
suphan footwear co.,Ltd.
tafong industrial co.,LTD.
taywin & podopedist co.,Ltd.
techno heel co.,Ltd.
thai international footwear ltd.,
thai sandal co.,LTD.
thai simon safety industries co ltd,
thaigem rubber mfg. co.,LTD.
thai-korean footwear co.,LTD.
thaitech footwear co.,LTD.
union footwear public co.,Ltd.
union footwear public company limited,
union yei jer industrial co.,LTD.
uni-sole co.,LTD.
upper class footwear co.,Ltd.
uthai bangkok rubber co.,LTD.
w.o.p. footwear industry co.,Ltd.
walker footwear co.,LTD.
wandee fiber co.,Ltd.
watana footwear co.,LTD.
wongwaiwatana industry ltd.,

If you are looking to source or sell shoe products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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