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Muay Thai Equipment , Thai Boxing Equipment


Bangkok Companies has set up a special department that is dedicated to the sourcing of the best quality Muay Thai boxing products and more important - at the best prices. We have Thai Boxing Gloves, Boxing Bags, Protective Gear, Muay Thai Boxing Shorts and much much more.

To begin with we can offer you two main lines of kickboxing products:

  • Thai boxing equipment customized with your own logo and design, outsourced to local manufacturers (the same ones who produce for TWINS and other brands)
  • Muay Thai equipment from the major brands (TWINS, FAIRTEX) or from other manufacturers such as THAISMAI, SBS, FBT, WINDY, KING, NATIONMAN.
Some of the boxing gear is probably available from your martial arts wholesaler back home. With Bangkok Companies help you can buy direct from the factory at cheaper prices. Let me know exactly what you are looking for and we will source them negotiate a good price and arrange packing and shipping.

We are sorry that we cannot process requests for individual items. We suggest that you contact your local Muay Thai boxing wholesaler or retailer.

Thailand is the home of Muay Thai - Thai boxing or Thai kickboxing as it is commonly known. Martial arts officiados say that Thai boxing is one of the toughest of the noble arts. The sport has become tremendously popular around the world. Muay Thai gyms and training camps can be found in many cities in The States and Europe.


Tourists who come to Thailand seem to be fascinated by the Thai boxing matches organized often as attractions at restaurants and bar complexes in the Tourist areas of Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. These three round matches are a major crowd puller. However controversy has recently been voiced in the Thai and international press about 'special' Thai boxing bouts involving female boxers who were not suitably attired slogging it out for the enjoyment and titillation of the tourist onlookers.

I must admit that years ago when I lived for a while in Pattaya I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Thai girl boxing matches. In the bouts I watched I never saw the girls dressed inappropriately. There were however special feature matches where the girls fought blindfolded. Bells attached to the boxing gloves enabled the fighters to locate their intended targets. However often the more punches seemed to land on the referee than the competitors

The home of 'Muay Thai' is Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, a small rather dilapidated sporting structure at the southern end of Lumpinee park. Situated just south of the expensive business and embassy district of Wittayu Road (Wireless Road) the stadium attracts rich Thai spectators as well as the lower classes who throng here from the local slum areas of Klong Toey.

If you are looking to source sports equipment from Thailand then email with your requests.

Boxing Bags Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Shin Guards
Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Protective Headgear Boxing Pads
Tracksuits - Sweat suits Muay Thai Shorts Training Vests
Fitness and Gym Apparel Gym and Fitness Equipment Other Sports Equipment
Following you will find lists of Muay Thai Boxing equipment available from Thai sports equipment companies in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies help you source Thai boxing equipment or sports equipment of any kind then please email
Abdominal Protector
Ancient Classic Muay Thai Boran Boxing Set
Ankle Guard
Ankle Support
Ankle Supports
Arm Rings
Bag Gloves
Ball Bearing Jump Rope
Belly Pad
Belly Pad With Buckle
Belly Pad With Velcro
Belly Protector (Velcro)
Body Shield
Body Shield Curved
Boxing Accessories
Boxing Bag
Boxing Coat
Boxing Equipment
Boxing Gloves
Boxing Headguard
Boxing Liniment
Boxing Shoes
Boxing Shorts
Buckle Straps
Bulldog Shorts
Cage Fighting Gloves
Cardio Gloves
Chest & Rib Guards
Color Slide Pattern Shin Guards
Combat Sports Equipment
Contact Fighting Equipment
Cotton Ankle Braces
Counterpain Analgesic Balm
Counterpain Cool Analgesic Gel
Deluxe Body Protector
Dragon Pattern Shin Guards
Elbow Pads
Everlast Muay Thai Equipment
Everlast Muay Thai Leather Facesaver Headgear
Everlast Thai Heavy Bags
Fairtex Equipment
Fairtex Gym Bag
Fairtex Hand Wraps
Fighter Robe
Fitness Bra
Freestanding Bag
Full Closure Elastic
Groin Cup
Groin Protector
Hand Pad
Hand Wrap
Head Guard
Heavy Bags
Instep Guards
Kempo Gloves
Kick And Punch Pads
Kick Boots
Kick Boxing Gloves
Kick Boxing Pants
Kickboxing Equipment
Kickboxing Training Gloves
Kicking Pads
Kids Bag Gloves
Kids Shin Pads
Kids Sparring Vest
Kids Thai Shorts
Leather Facesaver Headgear
Leg Kick Pad
Leopard Brand Balm
Lumpinee Pattern Shin Guards
Lycra Shorts
Martial Art Equipments
Martial Arts Gloves
Mong Kong
Mouth Guard
Muai Thai Logo
Muay Thai Bags
Muay Thai Belly Pads
Muay Thai Books
Muay Thai Boran Set
Muay Thai Boxing Head Protection
Muay Thai Boxing Kick Pads
Muay Thai Boxing Shin Guards
Muay Thai Equipment
Muay Thai Equipments
Muay Thai Gear
Muay Thai Leather Shin-Instep Guards
Muay Thai Leather Sparring Gloves
Muay Thai Liniment
Muay Thai Men's Tops
Muay Thai Mongkol Black-Red
Muay Thai Mongkol Blue-Black
Muay Thai Mongkol Navy-Red
Muay Thai Mongkol Red-Blue
Muay Thai Pads
Muay Thai Pads (Leather)
Muay Thai Prajioud Black
Muay Thai Prajioud Blue
Muay Thai Prajioud Red
Muay Thai Professional Belly Pad
Muay Thai Professional Leather Facesaver Headgear
Muay Thai Professional Leather Square Punch Mitts
Muay Thai Shin-Instep Guards
Muay Thai Shorts
Muay Thai Synthetic Leather Shin-Instep Guards
Muay Thai Synthetic Leather Sparring Gloves
Muay Thai Women's Tops
Muaythai Equipement
Nationman Ankle Support
Nationman Elastic Bandage
Nationman Elbow Guards
Nationman Shin Guards
Nhb Gloves
Nylon Muay Thai Trunks
Onesongchai Herbal Oil
Pink Shorts
Plastic Heavy Ropes
Plastic Tube Jump Rope
Pro Punch Mitts
Pro Series Leg Kick Pad
Professional Fight Gloves
Leather Grappling Gloves
Professional Muay Thai Pads Synthetic Leather
Punching Bags
Raja Boxing Belly Protector
Raja Boxing Mouth Guard
Raja Boxing Puching Mitts
Raja Boxing Shin Guards
Raja Boxing Skipping Rope
Raja Boxing Speed Rope
Satin Thai Cornerman Vest
Satin Thai Trunks
Shin Guard
Shin Instep Protection
Shin Pads
Single Color Mongkol
Single Color Prajiat
Skull Shorts
Sparring Gloves
Sparring Vest
Speed Bags
Spider Web Pattern Shin Guards
Thai Boxing Equipment Store
Thai Boxing Gear
Thai Kickboxing Products
Thai Pads
Thai Style Groin Protector
Thai Trunks
Thai Twins Special Hand Wraps
Thaiboxing Equipment
Thaismai Ankle Support
Thaismai Groin Protector
Thaismai Hand Pad
Thaismai Hand Pads
Thaismai Hand Wrap
Thaismai Head Protection
Thaismai Muay Thai Mongkol
Thaismai Muaythai Prajioud
Thaismai Muaythai Prajioud (Arm Bands)
Thaismai Muaythai Prajioud Arm Bands
Thaismai Shin Guards
Thai-Style Heavy Bags
Tiger Balm
Tiger Pattern Shin Guards
Tiger Shorts
Traditional Muay Thai Clothing
Traditional Muay Thai Mongkol
Traditional Muaythai Prajioud Arm Bands
Training Gloves
Training Pads
Twins Equipment
Twins Hand Wraps
Twins Muay Thai Shorts
Twins Special Ankle Support
Twins Special Body Protector
Twins Special Body Protector Training
Twins Special Flame Shin Guards
Twins Special Groin Protector
Twins Special Hand Pad
Twins Special Hand Wraps
Twins Special Head Protection
Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
Twins Special Punching Mitts
Two Color Mongkol
Uppercut Box
Vinyl Footgear
Windy Groin Protector
Windy Hand Pad
Windy Hand Wraps
Windy Head Protection
Windy Mouth Guard


If you are looking to source sports equipment products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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