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Thai Motorcycle Accessories companies, Thailand Motorcycle Parts companies, Thai Motorcycle Parts manufacturers

Thailand produces a limited amount of motorcycle accessories for it's own domestic use, the majority is shipped abroad. Thailand is a nation of motorcycle users. Honda and Yamaha dominate the market. Suzuki was a major player but lost the race a long time ago.

There is a small market for imported machines but the import duties are high and usually only high end, high price models are on display in the better areas of Bangkok. BMW's are quite popular especially with expats eager to get around or get through the dreadful traffic jams. A friend of mine owns a new Triumph Bonneville, lucky sod. I make do with my Honda smile. Maybe one day I can get to own a super new Honda Phantom all 250c of brute power!

The motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessory industry is also thriving. Thais don't usually go for custom bike jobs although a number of choppers can be seen trying to get through the traffic. Bikes even high power bikes are not allowed on the expressway system and long range touring is not a healthy option in the oppressive heat and uneducated car and truck drivers make this a short and dangerous hobby.


Exports of motorcycle parts & accessories is big business. There are many trading companies involved in this business. However if you have large and regular orders for bike parts then the right motorcycle parts manufacturer can be found. Parts such as: Alarms, Batteries & Chargers, Biker Apparel, Body Parts, Chains & Sprockets, Chrome & Custom Dress Up, Cleaners & Polishes, Covers, Electrical Systems, Engine Parts & Filters, Exhaust, Floorboards, Pegs & Kickstands, Grips, Levers, Leather Covers, Handlebars & Accessories, Helmet Accessories, Helmets, Horns & Gauges, License Plate Frames & Fasteners, Lights, Mirrors, Bars And Rests, Bodywork, Braking, Chains And Sprockets, Clothing And Helmets, Custom Exhausts, Lubricants, Luggage, Seats, Security, Spares, Tubular, Tuning, Tyres, Saddlebags, Storage Bags & Trunks, Seating, Tires & Wheels, Tools & Garage Equipment, Windshields, Fairings, Deflectors.

  • Motorcycle Apparel
  • Motorcycle Tires
  • Fairings & Panels
  • Lighting & Electrical Equipment
  • Motorcycle Helmets
  • Performance Accessories
  • Mufflers & Exhausts
  • Saddlebags & Luggage
  • Sissy Bars & Pipes
  • Brakes & Suspension Parts

Bangkok Companies has the most comprehensive contact database of Thai Motorcycle Accessories companies, Thailand Motorcycle Accessories companies and foreign owned Motorcycle Accessories companies in Thailand.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your motorcycle accessory needs please email with your requests.

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Featured Thailand Motorcycle Accessory Manufacturers
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle clutches and Assembly of Auto Parts and Automobile Clutches

Here are some of the high quality Motorcycle parts that can be sourced from Thailand Motorcycle manufacturers. If you want to source your motorcycle parts please contact

Air Cleaner Cover
Air Cleaners
All Balls Bearings
Alloy Front Bumper
Alloy Grab Rail
Alloy Nerf Bars
Aluminum Handguards
Atv Computer
Atv Dashboard
Atv Exhaust System
Atv Halogen Trail Lights
Atv Silencer
Audio Systems
Auxiliary Atv Lights
Back Rest Plate
Backrest Bag
Barrel Bag
Battery Box Cover
Belt-Chain Guard
Bike Accessories
Body Parts
Bolt-On Slip-On Exhaust
Boulevard Tail Lights
Brake & Clutch Levers
Brake Caliper Cap
Brake Light Kit
Brake Line Fittings
Brake Pads & Shoes
Brake Parts
Brake Reservoir Cover
Brake Rod
Brake-Clutch Levers
Brakes & Rotors
Bucket Seat With Pillion Pad
Bucket Solo Seat
Bullet Spotlight
Bullet Spotlight Bulb
Cam Covers
Cam Covers - Hardware
Cam Shafts
Cam Tools
Camshaft Seals - Bearings - Cam Shims
Carb - Repair Tools
Carbon Fibre Oval Exhaust
Carbon Number Plate Bracket
Carbon Steel Handle Bar
Carburetor Tools
Carburetors & Air Cleaners
Carburetors & Intake
Carburetors And Air Cleaners
Cartridge Revalve Kit
Case Covers
Cast Iron Valve Guides
Chain Breakers
Chain Repair Tools
Chassis Skid Plate
Chrome Air Cleaner Cover
Chrome Bag Rails
Chrome Billet Air Cleaner Insert
Chrome Covers
Chrome Hardware
Chromed Handlebar Clamp Smooth
Chromed Handlebar Clamp Swept
Chromed Handlebar Clamps Fluted
Chromed Handlebar Clamps Scalloped
Chromed Saddlebag Supports
Classic Hats
Classic Saddlebag
Cleaners & Polish
Cleaning Supplies
Clear Licence Lens
Clip Ons
Clutch Basket
Clutch Baskets
Clutch Cables - Harley
Clutch Cables - Magnum
Clutch Kit
Clutch Tools
Cobra Gas Tank Guard
Cobra Lightbar
Coil Mounts - Covers
Complete Exhaust
Compression Tools
Connecting Rod - Wrist Pin Tools
Connecting Rods
Coolant Filler Assembly
Courier Saddlebag
Crank Pins - Rollers
Crankcase Tools
Cylinder Kit
Cylinder Tools
Dash And Speedo
Dashes - Accessories
Decal Set
Delrin Frame Sliders
Detachable Saddlebags
Dirt Bike Gasket Kit
Disc Lock
Drive Shaft Cover
Driveline, Chains & Belts
Drive-Shaft Bolts Cover
Dual Rate Spring
Engine Valves
Evaporator Pant
Exhaust - Dirt Bikes
Exhaust & Muffler
Exhaust And Mufflers
Exhaust Mufflers
Exhaust System
Exhaust-Seal-Bearing Tools
Factory Parts
Fairing Bracket
Fairing Brackets
Fatbar Handlebars
Fender Rail Extender
Fenders & Body Parts
Filters And Pumps
Float Air Shox
Flywheel Pullers
Foot Controls
Forged Piston Kit
Fork Bags
Forks & Front Ends
Forks And Front End
Forward Controls
Frame Sliders
Frames, Shocks And Swingarms
Freedom Seat
Freestyle Bag
Freeway Bars
Front Brake Pads
Front Forks Springs
Front Lowering Kit
Front Shock
Front Shock Kawasaki Basic Triple Rate
Front Shocks
Fuel Containers
Fuel Filters
Fuel Systems
Full Exhaust (Titanium)
Fuses - Terminals - Connectors
Gas Caps
Gas Tank Front Mount Cover
Gas Tanks
Gaskets & Seals
Gauge Mounts And Accessories
Gear Bag
Generator Parts
Grab Rail Bar
Handle Bar Bag
Handlebar Bags
Handlebar End Sliders
Handlebar Risers
Hardparts - Machine
Harley Motorcycle Air Filters
Head Bolt - Bolt Covers
Headlight Visors
Heads - Hardware
Heavy Duty Chain
Helment Bag
Helmet Bag
Hi Performance Pistons
High Performance Chain
Highway Bars
Hiway Bars
Horn Cover
Hot Set Up Kits
Ignition And Clutch Cover
Ignition Switches - Covers
Ignition Tools
Inner Clutch Hub-Pressure Plate Kit
Inner Hub
Instrument Lighting
Insulator Pant
Kick Start
Knee Sliders
Lamp Kit
Large Gear Bag
Leather Jacket
Leather Suit
Levers & Cables
Licence Plate Frames
License Plate Frames - Plate Bracket
License Plates
Lifter Blocks - Covers - Hardware
Lights & Bulbs
Loading Ramps
Low Boy Exhaust System
Low Boy Muffler
Lubricants & Fluids
Luggage Racks
Manifold Adapter
Mechanical Ignition
Mini Gauges And Mounts
Mini Sissy Bar
Motocross Cartridge Kit
Motorcycle Accessories
Motorcycle Air Filter Elements
Motorcycle Air Filters
Motorcycle Apparel
Motorcycle Baffles
Motorcycle Batteries
Motorcycle Battery
Motorcycle Battery Analyzers
Motorcycle Battery Boxes
Motorcycle Battery Chargers
Motorcycle Battery Jumper Cables
Motorcycle Battery Testers
Motorcycle Bearings
Motorcycle Bike Kits
Motorcycle Bike Packs
Motorcycle Brake Line Fittings
Motorcycle Brake Pads
Motorcycle Brake Parts
Motorcycle Brake-Clutch Levers
Motorcycle Brakes
Motorcycle Bulbs
Motorcycle Cables
Motorcycle Calipers
Motorcycle Chain Guard
Motorcycle Clutch Kits
Motorcycle Clutch Springs
Motorcycle Cover
Motorcycle Covers
Motorcycle Custom Lighting
Motorcycle Cylinders
Motorcycle D-Flectors
Motorcycle Engine Oils
Motorcycle Exhaust - Choppers
Motorcycle Exhaust - Dresser
Motorcycle Exhaust - Dyna
Motorcycle Exhaust - Fxr
Motorcycle Exhaust - Softail
Motorcycle Exhaust - Sportster
Motorcycle Fenders
Motorcycle Floorboards
Motorcycle Foot Controls
Motorcycle Footpegs
Motorcycle Fork Bags
Motorcycle Forward Controls
Motorcycle Frames
Motorcycle Frames - Components
Motorcycle Frames - Softail
Motorcycle Frames - Wide
Motorcycle Fuel Filters
Motorcycle Full Systems
Motorcycle Gas Tanks
Motorcycle Gears
Motorcycle Grips
Motorcycle Handlebar Clamps
Motorcycle Handlebar Controls
Motorcycle Handlebar Risers
Motorcycle Handlebars
Motorcycle Headlights
Motorcycle Heatshields
Motorcycle Helmet Bag
Motorcycle Helmet Locks
Motorcycle Helmets
Motorcycle Ignition Switches
Motorcycle Levers
Motorcycle Leverss
Motorcycle License Plate Frames
Motorcycle Lights
Motorcycle Luggage
Motorcycle Luggage Rack
Motorcycle Marker Lights
Motorcycle Max Pax
Motorcycle Mirrors
Motorcycle Muffler Packing
Motorcycle Oil Filter
Motorcycle Oil Filters
Motorcycle Oil Line Kits
Motorcycle Oil Lines
Motorcycle Oil-Fuel Hoses
Motorcycle Parts
Motorcycle Parts - Softail
Motorcycle Perches
Motorcycle Pistons
Motorcycle Plug Wire Kits
Motorcycle Pushrods
Motorcycle Replacement Beams
Motorcycle Rotors
Motorcycle Saddlebag Liner
Motorcycle Saddlebag Rails
Motorcycle Saddlebags
Motorcycle Saddlebags Nylon
Motorcycle Seats
Motorcycle Seats - Daytec
Motorcycle Shields
Motorcycle Shift Levers
Motorcycle Shift Linkage
Motorcycle Shifter Parts
Motorcycle Shifter Rods
Motorcycle Shocks
Motorcycle Shocks - Cruisers
Motorcycle Shocks - Heavy Duty Cruisers
Motorcycle Side Stand
Motorcycle Signal Lights
Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bags
Motorcycle Sissy Bar Trunks
Motorcycle Speedometers
Motorcycle Spot Lamps
Motorcycle Springs
Motorcycle Sprockets
Motorcycle Tail - Seat Bag
Motorcycle Tail Lamps
Motorcycle Tank Bag Nylon
Motorcycle Tank Bags
Motorcycle Tank Kit
Motorcycle Throttle Assemblies
Motorcycle Throttle Cables
Motorcycle Tire Tubes
Motorcycle Tires
Motorcycle Tires - Dual Purpose
Motorcycle Tires - Enduro
Motorcycle Tires - Hard Terrain
Motorcycle Tires - Mx - Hard Terrain
Motorcycle Tires - Mx - Soft Terrain
Motorcycle Tires - Mx Intermediate - Hard Terrain
Motorcycle Tires - Race
Motorcycle Tires - Scooter
Motorcycle Tires - Sport Touring
Motorcycle Tires - Touring
Motorcycle Tool Bags
Motorcycle Tool Pouches
Motorcycle Trailers
Motorcycle Transmission
Motorcycle Turn Signals
Motorcycle Turn Signals - Lenses
Motorcycle Twin Cam
Motorcycle Utility Bags
Motorcycle Valve Springs
Motorcycle Wheel Seals
Motorcycle Windscreen
Motorcycle Windshield Bags
Motorcycle Windshield Pouch
Motorcycle Windshields
Motorcycle Windshields - Hardware
Motorycle Saddlebags
Mounting Brackets
Mx Triple Clamps
Narrow Fork Bags
Oem Replacement Motorcycle Air Filters
Off Road Handlebars
Off-Road Motorcycle Air Filters
Offset Front Sprocket
Oil Cap
Oil Filler Cap
Oil Filter Cover
Oil Pump Hardware
Oil Pumps - Covers
Oil Tanks
O-Ring Chain
Performance Damper
Pinion Gears
Piston - Cam Gear Tools
Piston - Cam Tools
Plate Kit
Platinmun Pipe
Point Covers
Power - Reeds
Powerline Muffler
Precision Swngarm Slider
Pressure Plates
Primary Belt Drive Parts
Primary Drive
Primary Tools
Pro-Lite Brake Rotors
Pulleys - Spacers
Quick Release Saddlebag
Race Bike Stands
Racing A-Arms
Racing Replica Suit
Rear Brake Reservoir
Rear Cylinder Cover
Rear Luggage Rack
Rear Sets
Rear Shock
Rear Suspension Link Protector
Repair Kits
Replacement Instruments
Replacement Specialty Switches
Replacement Spotlight
Road & Track Forks
Road Racing Series Chain
Rocker Arms
Rocker Box Covers - Accessories
Rocker Tools
Round Screw-On Reservoir Cap
Saddle Bags
Saddlebag Systems
Saddlebag Top Rails
Saddlebags & Luggage
Seals - Shims
Seats & Saddlebags
Shift Linkage
Shock Absorbers
Short Sissy Bar
Sissy Bar Bags
Sissy Bar Luggage Rack
Sissy Bar Pad
Slant Saddlebag
Slick Footpegs
Slider Pucks
Slip-On Exhaust (Carbon)
Slip-On Exhaust (Titanium)
Spark Arrestor
Spark Plug Cover
Spark Plug Tools
Specialty Chain
Speedometer Cables - Harley
Spoke - Wrench
Sport Bike Accessories
Sport Bike Supplies
Sprocket Covers - Drive Pulleys
Sprocket Shaft Tools
Square Bolt-On Fluid Reservoir Cap
Stainless Steel Header
Standard Chain
Stands - Torque Plates
Starter Jackshafts - Clutches
Starter Motors
Starter Parts
Starters And Batteries
Steel Braided Lines
Steel Exhaust
Steering Tools
Street Gloves
Super Sport Cartidge Kits
Suspension Tools
Swing Arms
Swingarm Spools
Tachs & Instruments
Tank Panels
Tappet Tools
Tech Motorcycle Computer
Textile Jacket
T-Handle Tools
Throttle Assemblies
Throw-Over Saddlebags
Tiedowns - Securing Devices
Tire Gauges
Tire Irons
Tire Repair Tools
Tires - Tubes
Tires & Tubes
Titanium Exhaust Hanger
Titanium Full Exhaust Systems
Tombstone Tail Lights
Tool Boxes
Tool Pouch
Tool Roll
Touring Lamp Kits
Track Stand Swingarm Spools
Transmission Tools
Transmissions, Clutches & Gears
Triple Clamp
Triple Trees
Turn Signals
Twin Aluminum Oval Exhaust
Twin Aluminum Round Exhaust
Twin Cam
Twin Cam Conversion Kits
Twinwall Handlebars
Universal Oval Motorcycle Air Filters
Valve - Timing Tools
Valve Guide Tools
Valve Guides
Valve Springs
Valve Springs - Collars
Valve Train
V-Flow Windscreen
Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof Pants
Wheel - Tire Tools
Wheel Chocks
Wind Deflector Cover
Windcsreen Screw Kits
Windsheild Bags
Wire Wrenches


A & P Siam Neo Co.,Ltd.
A.P. Honda Co,Ltd.
A.S.A. Motorcycle Part L.P.,
Able Progress Industry Co Ltd,
Advance Diecasting Service Co,Ltd.
Advance Venture Trading Co,Ltd
Ananchai-Kobe Battery Co,Ltd.
Aoyama Fastener (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ap Honda Co Ltd,
Art Piston (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Art-Serina Pision Co,Ltd.
Asahi Somboon Metals Co,Ltd.
Asian Autoparts Co,Ltd.
Asian Honda Motor Co,Ltd.
Atsumitec (Thailand) Co,Ltd
Auto Parts Industries Co,Ltd.
Automobile Inter-Trade Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Diecasting And Injection Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Metropolis Motor Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Seat Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Tools And Mold Co,Ltd.
Best Occasion Co,Ltd.
Blackjack Industrial Co,Ltd.
BMW (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
BMW Manufacturing (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.A.S.H. Autoparts Co,Ltd.
C.J.S. Import Export (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
C.M. Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
C.T. Industry Co,Ltd.
Cagiva Motors (Asia-Pacific) Co,Ltd.
Camel Industries Co,Ltd.
Century S.S. Im-Ex Co.,Ltd.
Chaiyoot Factory (1988) Co,Ltd.
Charoen Pattana Industry Co,Ltd.
Charoen Suk Industrial Ltd,Part.
Chatchawal Engineering Ltd,Part.
Cheng Shing Daiva Co,Ltd.
Cheow Chan Industry (1989) Co,Ltd.
Cherry Serina Co,Ltd.
C-Parts Industry Co,Ltd.
Decho Mould & Die-Casting Co,Ltd.
Dee Rubber Co,Ltd.
Eason Paint Products Co,Ltd.
Electric Vehicles (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Enkei Thai Co,Ltd.
F.C.C. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
First Overseas Business Co Ltd,
German Bead Wire Industries (Thailand) Ltd.,
German-Thai Boiler Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
Glory Kawasaki Motor Co,Ltd.
Honda M.C. Racing Co.,Ltd.
Huluco Trading Co.,Ltd.
Hwa Fong Rubber (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
I.T.O. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
International Forging Co,Ltd.
International Golden Tyre Co,Ltd
International Vehicles Co,Ltd.
J.M.T. Sunny Battery (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Jaral Industrial Development Ltd,Part.
John Daniel Inter-Trading Co,Ltd.
John Griffiths (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
K.C. Supply Co,Ltd.
K.K. Spare Part Co,Ltd.


K.P.N. Trading Co Ltd,
K.S.P. Industry Co.,Ltd.
Kallawis Auto Parts Industry Co Ltd,
Kawasaki Motors Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Kiata Diecasting Co,Ltd.
Koolight Motorcycle Battery Co,Ltd.
L.H. Associates Co,Ltd.
Leegate Intertrade Co,Ltd.
Lockite Co,Ltd.
M.S.C. Trade And Transport Co,Ltd.
Maenamkhong Karnkha Ltd.,Part.
Magnum Variety Co Ltd,
Mikuni (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Mitsiam Motors Co Ltd,
N.H.K. Precision Thailand Co Ltd,
N.V. Battery Ltd.,Part
Narong Industries Public Co Ltd,
New Somthai Motor Work Co.,Ltd.
Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ooh Alai Parts Center Ltd.,Part.
P.P.K. Trading Co.,Ltd.
P.S.G. Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pheeramas Limited Partnership,
Phoon Thong Industrial Co.,Ltd
R.K.Y. Rubber Factory Co.,Ltd
S & C Industry Co.,Ltd.
S.K. Rubber Part Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Suzuki Public Company Limited,
Saha Karnchang Co.,Ltd.
Shindengen (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Siam Electrical Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam Furukawa Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Gs Battery Co.,Ltd.
Siam Nc Battery Co Ltd,
Siam Rung Rueng Industries Co.,Ltd.
Siam Yahama Co.,Ltd.
Siamese Tyre Co.,Ltd.
Smile Family (Siam) Co.,Ltd.
Smilehand Co.,
T.P.S.C. Industry Co.,Ltd.
T.V.M. Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Arai Co Ltd,
Thai Asia Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cheer Powder Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Decal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Honda Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nikko Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steel Cable (Tsk) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Storage Battery Plc.,
Thai Suzuki Motor,
Thai United Plastic Industry Company Limited,
Thai Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.
Thitikorn Public Co.,Ltd.
Tiger Motorsales Co.,Ltd.
Tools One Co.,Ltd.
Toyo Roki (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Toyonaga (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Tungsiam Industry Co.,Ltd.
Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
V.N.P.Dairy Products Ltd.,
Vee Rubber International Co.,Ltd.
Vittoria Tyres (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Wire Master Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Yingdee Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Zin Siam Co.,Ltd.

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