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Thailand Banks, Thailand Credit Companies, Thailand Finance Companies

Quite amazing that financial companies in Thailand and institutions keep bouncing back after all the setbacks, financial crises and scandals that have plagued this region in recent years.. Obviously money talks and the people who are talking and driving the economy of Thailand have their money safely deposited in the bank.


The Stock exchange of Thailand is thriving and more and more private and corporate investors are trying their hand at the money game. A booming business is opening up to take care of these fledgling investors, offering financial advice at a handsome fee.


These new semi affluent middle classes with their new found disposable incomes are looking to dispose of them in a careful, controlled and calculated way. Banks and financial institutions are offering a full range of financial products from home loans and car loans to investment portfolio planning and life assurance.


More and more companies are opting to list on the Stock Exchange. This procedure is not always straightforward. A recent listing application has twice been delayed. The reason - public demonstrations mainly by Buddhist civil organizations.


There remit to thwart the attempts of Thailand's largest brewer to go public. "Public morals are at risk" they cry. Just a few streets away the nations morals are openly on display in the girlie bars of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. A new member of parliament runs the largest chain of massage parlours in Thailand. On the top of this financial corruption, kickbacks and tax evasion is a national scourge. Thailand has a long way to go before it can rank itself on par with the financial kingpins of Southeast Asia like Singapore and Hong Kong.


On the corporate level companies are seeking solutions to their financial problems. Nowadays instead of filing for bankruptcy refinancing is sought. There are financial companies and financial consultants adept at bringing companies back from the brink and back into profitability.


New companies and old are seeking strategic partners or looking for venture capital to fund their new products or capital purchases. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a farang who had a bright idea of buying land on Koh Samui and seeking venture capital to finance the purchase and development. Good luck to him - a tough market and with land prices amongst the highest in the Kingdom of Thailand I think a very risky proposition.


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Featured Thailand Banks, Thailand Credit Companies, Thailand Finance Companies
DEG - German Investment & Development Company Thailand German company offering Financial Consulting, Foreign Investment, Project Financing, Loans, Equity, Guarantees, Industry, Infrastructure and Risk Management Services.
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd Thailand American Company in Thailand operating financial services businesses auto financing, Auto Leasing; credit cards and personal loan services; and customer installment financing
I.P.M. Asset Management Ltd  Thailand A Foreign Owned, Thailand Based provider of financial services such as: Bridging Finance, Offshore Investment, Refinance, Expansion Capital, Mergers, Acquisitions, Leasing, Factoring, Personal Investment, Corporate Investment, Offshore Companies, Offshore Mutual Funds Trading Programs, New Project Finance

Below you will find some of the products and services offered by banks, credit companies and financial institutions here in Thailand  If you want Bangkok Companies to point you in the right direction or simply supply a list of these Thailand companies then please contact with your requests

Active Bank Market Risk
 Advice In Sales, Mergers And Acquisitions
 Advisory Services
 Asset Management
 Atm Machines
 Atm Money Transfers
 Atm Payments
 Auto Financing
 Auto Lease
 Auto Maintenance Lease
 Automobile And Equipment Leasing
 Banking & Capital Markets
 Banking & Finance
 Banking Financial
 Banking Services
 Bank-Risk Management
 Bill Payments
 Bookkeeping Service
 Bridging Capital
 Brokerage On Trading Of Securities
 Brokerage Service
 Brokerage Unit Trust Management
 Brokering Operations
 Business Recovery Services
 Capital And Finance
 Capital Market
 Card Services
 Cash Management
 Cheque And Draft Service
 Chips Payment System Traffic
 Commercial Banking Services And Products
 Commercial Loans
 Consumer Banking
 Consumer Loans
 Corporate & Commercial
 Corporate Banking
 Corporate Banking Services
 Corporate Budgeting
 Corporate Card Service
 Corporate Channel
 Corporate Credit
 Corporate Finance
 Corporate Governance
 Corporate Recovery
 Corporate Restructuring
 Credit And Debit Card Services
 Credit Card
 Credit Card Business
 Credit Card Industry
 Credit Card Services
 Credit Cards Service
 Credit Protection Insurance
 Credit Sales For Motor Vehicles
 Crisis Management
 Current Accounts
 Custodial Services
 Customer Installment Financing
 Debt Restructuring Business Management Service
 Development Loans
 Direct Investment
 Dispute Analysis & Investigations
 Dispute Resolution & Litigation
 Distressed Loans
 Electronic Banking
 Electronic Banking Services
 Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
 Equipment Leasing & Hire Purchase
 Equity Brokerage
 Finance & Accounting Operations
 Finance & Securities
 Finance And Securities
 Finance Houses And Securities
 Finance Organization Strategy
 Financial Advisory
 Financial And Credit Card Services
 Financial And Strategic Investment Advice
 Financial Consultant
 Financial Data
 Financial Planning
 Financial Restructuring
 Financial Risk Management
 Financial Services
 Financial Services Businesses
 Fixed Deposits
 Foreign Currency
 Foreign Currency Loans
 Foreign Currency Service
 Foreign Exchange
 Foreign Securities
 Forfaiting Brokers
 Full Banking Services.
 Fund Management
 Fund Transfer
 High Value Transfers
 Hire Purchase
 Hire Purchase And Leasing
  Home Loans For Non-Residents
 Housing Loans
 Hr Services
 Import And Export Finance
 Income Tax Payments
 Insolvency Management

 Internal Audit
 International Financial Reporting Standards
 Notes & Drafts
 International Trade & Credit
 International Trade Center
 Internet & Finance Opportunities
 Internet Banking
 Investment Advisory Services
 Investment Banking
 Investment Consultants
 Investment Management
 Investment Portfolios For Pension Funds
 Lease Financing
 Leasing And Hire-Purchase.
 Leasing Company
 Legal Services
 Legal, Financial & Investment Advisory
 Lending Services
 Letter Of Credit
 Licensed Bankers
 Life Assurance
 Local And Foreign Currencies
 Merchant Banking
 Merchant Credit Card Service
 Mergers & Acquisitions
 Mobile Phone Banking
 Mortgage Loans
 Mutual Fund
 Mutual Fund Management Financial Services Provider
 Mutual Funds
 Offshore Banking Services
 Off-Shore Debt And Equity
 Operational Effectiveness
 Payment Services
 Performance Improvement
 Personal / Home Loan
 Personal Lending
 Personal Loan
 Personal Loan Services
 Personal Loans
 Phone Banking
 Project Analysis And Development
 Project Analysis And Feasibility Studies
 Project Loans
 Property Fund
 Provident Funds Management
 Public Service Audit & Advisory
 Recovery Audit Services
 Retail Banking
 Retail Commercial Sales Unit
 Retail Loans
 Revenue Management
 Risk Management (Market Risk)
 Safe Custody & Mutual Fund
 Saving / Investment
 Savings Accounts
 Savings And Investment
 Securities Brokerage
 Securities Brokerage And Trading Services
 Securities Business
 Securities Dealing
 Securities Houses
 Securities Trading
 Security & Technology Solutions
 Security Brokers
 Self-Service Banking
 Sending Funds Abroad
 Services Channel
 Short And Medium-Term Credits
 Strategic And Financial Advisory Services
 Strategic Business Planning
 Strategic Consulting
 Systems & Process Assurance
 Tax Outsourcing Services
 Tax Risk Management
 Tax Services
 Tax Structuring
 Trade Finance
 Trade Volume
 Trading And Exchange Capabilities
 Trading Of Securities
 Transaction Accounts
 Transactions Services
 Transfer Pricing
 Transfer Of Funds
 Travelers Cheques
 Treasury And Derivatives Services
 Treasury Services
 Treasury/Risk Management
 Underwriting And Corporate Financial Services
 Underwriting Service
 Utility Payments
 Valuation & Strategy
 Value And Performance Management
 Venture Capital
 Wholesale Banking
 Working Capital
 World Trade Management


 A.I.G. Card (Thailand) Company Limited
 A.I.G. Finance (Thailand) Public Company Limited
 A.J.F. Global Convertible Bond Fund
 A.K.C. Enterprise Ltd.
 A.L.M. (Thailand) Company Limited.
 A.T.M. Cycle Co.Ltd.
 Abn Amro Asia Securities Public Company Limited
 Abn-Amro Bank N.V
 Acap Advisory Public Company Limited.
 Access Capital (Thailand) Ltd.
 Ackalucktai Credit Co.Ltd.
 Adkinson Securities Public Company Limited
 Advanced Manufacturing Leasing Co.Ltd.
 Advisory Plus Co., Ltd.
 Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand) Public Company
 Allianz Group, The
 Allies Investment
 American Express (Thai) Co, Ltd.
 Antony Investment Co.Ltd.
 ANZ Grindlays Bank
 Aozora Bank Ltd.
 Arabian-Thai International Co.Ltd.
 Asahi Bank Ltd
 Asco Training Institute
 Asia Capital Alliance Company Limited
 Asia Credit Estate & Finance Co.Ltd.
 Asia Credit Foncier Co.Ltd.
 Asia Credit Ltd.
 Asia Credit Public Company Limited.
 Asia Financial Syndicate Pcl
 Asia Resources Ltd.
 Asia Securities Trading Pcl
 Asia Sermkij Co.Ltd.
 Asian Capital Advisers Limited
 Asian Trade & Leasing Co.Ltd.
 Asset Management Corporation
 Asset Plus Securities Company Limited
 Asset Pro Management Company Limited
 Association Of Finance Companies
 Association Of Investment Management Companies
 Association Of Securities Companies
 Augo (Thailand) Limited
 Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.
 Ayudhaya Card Co., Ltd.
 Ayudhaya Investment And Trust Co.Ltd.
 Ayudhya Securities Company Limited (Ays)
 B.A. Finance And Securities (Thailand) Ltd.
 B.B.L. Asset Management Co, Ltd.
 B.C.C. Finance And Securities Ltd.
 B.F.I.T. Securities Co., Ltd.
 B.O.A. Leasing Co., Ltd.
 B.S.L. Leasing Co., Ltd.
 B.T. Securities Company Limited
 B.T.M. Finance & Securities (Thailand) Ltd
 B.T.M. Leasing (Thailand) Co, Ltd
 B.Z.W. Securities
 Bangkok Asset Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Bank Of Commerce Pcl
 Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
 Bangkok Capital Alliance Co, Ltd.
 Bangkok Capital Venture Co, Ltd
 Bangkok Central Leasing Co, Ltd.
 Bangkok Commercial Asset Management Co, Ltd.
 Bangkok Credit Ltd.
 Bangkok Finance Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok First Investment & Trust Public Company
 Bangkok First Tokai Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Friendship Construction Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Grand Pacific Lease (Public) Co, Ltd.
 Bangkok Investment Pcl
 Bangkok Investment Service Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Leasing Co., Ltd
 Bangkok Metropolitan Bank Pcl
 Bangkok Metropolitan Trust Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Nomura International Securities Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Sakol Credit Co.Ltd.
 Bangkok Sakura Leasing Co, Ltd.
 Bangkok Tokyo Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 Bank Brussels Lambert
 Bank For Agriculture And Agricultural Cooperatives
 Bank Of America (Asia) Ltd.
 Bank Of America , National Association
 Bank Of Asia
 Bank Of Asia For Industry And Commercial Ltd.
 Bank Of Asia Ltd, The
 Bank Of Ayudhya Public Co, Ltd. (Head Office)
 Bank Of California Na
 Bank Of China, The
 Bank Of Fukuoka Ltd, The
 Bank Of Indochina
 Bank Of Korea
 Bank Of New York
 Bank Of New York Bangkok I.B.F, The
 Bank Of Nova Scotia, The
 Bank Of Thailand
 Bank Of Tokyo- Mitsubishi, Ltd, The
 Bank Of Yokohama Ltd, The
 Bank Yamakuchi Ltd.
 Bankers Trust Company
 Bankthai Public Co, Ltd. (Head Office)
 Bankthai Public Company Limited
 Banque Francaise Du Commerce Exterieur
 Banque Indosuez
 Banque National De Paris
 Banque Nationale De Paris (Bnp)
 Banque Paribas
 Banythadthong Co.Ltd.
 Bara Development Finance & Securites Co.Ltd.
 Bara Sumi-Thai Leasing Co, Ltd.
 Baran Finance & Securities Pcl
 Barclays Bank Plc
 Bayerische Landesbank Girozentrale
 Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd.
 Biarritz Investment Far East
 Bnp Paribas
 Bnp Prime Peregrine Securities (Thailand) Ltd.
 Boa Asset Management Company Limited
 Book Club Finance & Securities Public Company
 Bridging Consultants Limited
 Brussels Lambert Ltd.
 Bualuang Securities Company Limited
 Business And Financial Service Group
 C.J. Morgan Company Limited
 C.L.S.A. Securities (Thailand) Limited (Clsa)
 C.M.I.C. Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 C.O.V. Leasing Co.Ltd.
 C.S.L. Energy Advisory Group
 C.T. Cr. Co.Ltd.
 Caisse National De Credit Agricole
 Capital Development Finance Co.Ltd.
 Capital Nomura Securities Public Company Limited
 Capital Securities Pcl
 Cathay Asset Management Company Limited
 Cathay Finance & Securities Pcl
 Cathay Trust Co.Ltd.
 Cazenove Asia Limited Bangkok Representative Offic
 Central Credit Information Services Co, Ltd.
 Centro Bank
 Cetelem (Thailand) Ltd
 Chanroenkij Group Co.Ltd.
 Chao Phaya Finance And Securities Co. Ltd.
 Chao Phaya Financial And Trust Co.Ltd.
 Chao Thai Securities Co.Ltd.
 Chaophaya Finance And Security Co.Ltd.
 Charoenkrung Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 Chartered Credit Co.Ltd.
 Chartered F.A. Company Limited
 Chartphaibool Finance Co.Ltd.
 Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A, The
 Chemical Bank
 Chiangmai Trust Co.Ltd.
 China Systems
 Chinatrust Commercial Bank
 Chinthe Services Ltd
 Churchill Pryce Capital (Asia) Limited
 Citibank, N.A.
 Citibank, N.A., Bangkok Branch
 Citicapital Ltd. (Citicorp Group)
 Citicorp Finance And Securities (Thailand) Co. Ltd
 Citicorp Leasing (Thailand) Ltd
 Citicorp Securities (Thailand) Ltd
 Commercial Development Credit Foncier
 Commercial Share Co.Ltd.
 Commercial Software Services Co, Ltd.
 Commercial Trust Co.Ltd.
 Commerzbank Ag
 Commonwealth Development Corporation
 Continental Finance Co.Ltd.
 Corestates Bank, N.A. (Representative Office)
 Corporate Performance Advisors Limited
 Cosmo Development Co.Ltd.
 Country Finance And Security Co. Ltd.
 Cranbrook International
 Credit Agricole Indosuez Bank Ltd.
 Credit Commercial De France
 Credit Foncier Ch. Amornphan Co.Ltd.
 Credit Foncier English Premruethai Co.Ltd.
 Credit Foncier Marco Co.Ltd.
 Credit Foncier Muangthai Co.Ltd.
 Credit Foncier Unico Housing Ltd.
 Credit Lyonnais B.I.B.F.
 Credit Lyonnais Bangkok I.B.F
 Credit Lyonnais Securities (Asia) Ltd
 Credit Suisse First Boston Securities (Thailand) L
 Crocker National Bank
 Crosby Capital Markets (Thailand) Ltd.
 Crown Credit Co.Ltd.
 Crystal Finance
 D.B.S. Bank Pibf
 D.B.S. Thai Danu Bank Public Company Limited
 D.B.S. Vickers Securities Company Limited
 D.E.G.-German Investment And Development Company
 D.G. Bank Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank Ag
 D.K.B. Leasing (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
 D.S. Prudential Management Company Limited
 D.Z. Thailand Ltd.
 Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd. (Bidf), The
 Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank,Ltd, The
 Daiwa Bank Ltd, The
 Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd.
 Deutsche Bank Ag
 Deutsche Bank Company
 Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank Ag (Dg Bank)
 Development Bank Of Singapore (Dbs), The
 Devonshire Capital Ltd.
 Dhana Nakorn Finance & Securities Public Company
 Dhana Siam Finance And Securities Company Limited
 Dhanasin Credit And Investment Ltd.
 Dharmniti And Truth Limited
 Diegi Kang Ngiew Bank Co, Ltd.
 Diners Club (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
 Double Impact Limited
 Dresdner Bank Ag
 Dresdner Bank Ag, Bibf Branch
 Dresdner Bank Ag.
 Dynamic Eastern Finance (1991) Pcl
 Eastern Finance Securities Co.Ltd.
 Ekachart Fianance And Securities Pcl
 Equinox I.C Enterprise Co, Ltd.
 Erawan Trust Co.Ltd.
 Excar (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
 Ex-Car Charoenkit Co.Ltd.
 Excelsior Enterprise Co.Ltd.
 Export-Import Bank Of Japan
 Export-Import Bank Of Thailand
 Express (Thai) Co., Ltd.
 Express Credit Co.Ltd.
 Far East Allied Development Co.Ltd.
 Far East Securities Company Limited
 Federal Corporation Ltd.
 Ferrier Hodgson Ltd.
 Fieldstone Private Capital Group (Asia) Ltd
 Finance One Co, Ltd.
 Finance One Public Co Ltd
 Financial Fund Corporation Ltd.
 Financial Institutions Development Fund
 Financial Sector Restructuring Authority
 Finansa Limited
 Finansa Securities Company Limited
 Finansa Thai Ltd.
 Finanthai Co Ltd
 First Asia Securities Pcl
 First Bangkok City Bank Pcl
 First City Investment Pcl
 First Interstate Bank Of California
 First Siam Financial Corp.Ltd.
 First Trust Co.Ltd.
 First Trust Finance Co.Ltd
 First Union National Bank
 Foreign Bank's Association, The
 Fortis Bank Bibf
 Forward Credit & Investment Co.Ltd.
 Four Seasons Bank Ltd.
 Fuji Bank Ltd.
 Fuji Finance & Securities Co, Thai
 Fuji Mercantile Co Ltd
 G.C.N. Finance Pcl
 G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd.
 G.E. Capital Auto Lease Public Co Ltd
 Ge Asia Finance Public Company Limited
 General Credit Foncier Co.Ltd.
 General Finance & Securities Pcl
 Generale Bank
 Global Financial Solutions
 Global Investments (Far East) Ltd
 Global Thai Finance And Securities Co, Ltd.
 Globlex Securities Company Limited
 Goldhill Property Corp.Ltd.
 Goldman Sachs (Asia) Llc
 Government Housing Bank
 Government Savings Bank
 Grand Trust And Securities Co.Ltd.
 H & Q (Thailand) Ltd
 H.H.L. Employee Benefits Ltd.
 Habib Bank Ltd.
 Hi-Way Co.Ltd.
 Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
 Hsbc Capital Thailand Ltd
 Hsbc Investment Bank Asia Limited
 Hsbc Securities (Thailand) Ltd
 Hsbc Thailand
 I.B. Securities Company Limited
 I.B.O.I. Co.Ltd.
 I.F.C.T. Advisory Company Limited


I.F.C.T. Finance & Securities Co.Ltd
 I.P.M. Asset Management Ltd
 I.S.T. Trust Co.Ltd.
 Indosuez W.I.Carr Securities (Thailand) Limited
 Industrial Bank Of Japan, Ltd, The
 Industrial Finance Corporation Of Thailand
 Industrial Finance Group
 Industrial Investment Corp.Ltd.
 Ing Bank N.V, Thailand
 Ing Baring Securities (Thailand) Limited (Ing Bari
 Ing Mutual Funds Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
 Intel Vision Securities Company Limited
 Inter Credit And Trust Co.Ltd.
 International Assets Co.Ltd.
 International Commercial Bank Of China, The
 International Trust & Finance Co.Ltd.
 Investor Club Association
 J.F. Thanakom Finance Co.Ltd.
 J.P. Morgan Chase & Co
 J.P. Morgan Securities Asia Pte. Limited
 J.P. Rooney & Associates Group
 Jaic Asia Holdings Pte Ltd
 Japan Asia Investment Co.Ltd.
 Jardine Fleming Thanakom Securities Limited
 Jirasak Motor Ltd.Part.
 Jomthien Credit Leasing Co.Ltd
 K.G.I. Securities One Public Company Limited (S-On
 Kaelai Service Ltd.Part.
 Kamol Sukosol Investment And Trust Co.Ltd.
 Kasikorn Factoring Co., Ltd.
 Kasikornbank Public Company Limited
 Kesit Finance & Securities Co.Ltd.
 Kiatnakin Finance Public Company Limited
 Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Limited (Kimeng)
 Kingsmere Group (International) Co.Ltd.
 Klongtoey Investment Co.Ltd.
 Kongtun Kehakij Co.Ltd.
 Korea Exchange Bank
 Kredietbank N.V, Bangkok Representative Office
 Kreditanstalt Fuer Wiederaufbau, Regional Office B
 Krung Thai Asset Management Company Limited
 Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited
 Krung Thai Finance And Securities Pcl
 Krung Thai Ibj Leasing Co Ltd
 Krungsriayudhya Card Co., Ltd.
 Krungthai Card Public Company Limited
 Krungthai Thanakit Public Company Limited
 Krungthep Finance & Securities Pcl
 Krungthon Trust & Finance Co.Ltd.
 Krungthong Share Co.Ltd.
 Kulworasreth Investment Co.Ltd.
 Kyowa Bank Ltd, The
 L.M. Investment Management Ltd
 L.P.N. Credit Foncier Co.Ltd.
 Laem Thong Bank Pcl
 Lamthong Finance Co.Ltd.
 Lehman Brothers (Thailand) Ltd.
 Lend Lease Projects (Thailand) Ltd
 Lila Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 Loice Bank
 Lone Star Asia-Pacific Investments, Ltd
 Long-Term Credit Bank Of Japan Ltd.
 Lumpini Transport Ltd.Part.
 M.B.F.L. (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
 M.B.M.G. International Inc
 M.B.T. Factoring Co.Ltd.
 Maha Sup Thawee Credit & Investment
 Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company
 Mastercard International
 Meeraya Enterprise Co.Ltd. 222/42
 Mercantile Bank Ltd.
 Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities Company Limited (M
 Merrill Lynch Phatra Securities Pcl
 Metro Credit Investment Co.Ltd.
 Metropolis Trust And Securities Co.Ltd. (Sitca)
 Metropolitan Credit Securities Co.Ltd.
 Metropolitan Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 Metropolitan Investment And Trust Ltd.
 Mezra (Asia) Ltd
 Midland Bank Plc
 Midland Merchant Finance Ltd.
 Million Group Co.Ltd.
 Misubishi Trust And Banking Corporation, The
 Mithai Europartners Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 Mitsubishi Bank Ltd, The
 Mitsui Thaiyo Kobe Bank Ltd.
 Moneyline Telerate (Thailand) Limited
 Montri International Co.Ltd.
 Morgan Grenfell Securities (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
 Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
 Muang Thong Trust Co.Ltd.
 Multi-Commercial Co.Ltd.
 Multi-Credit Corporation Of Thailand Pcl (M.C.C.)
 Mutual Fund Public Co, Ltd.
 N & T Group Co.Ltd.
 N.M.B. Bank
 Nakorn Thai Investment Co.Ltd.
 Nakornthai Investment Co.Ltd.
 Nakornthon Bank Pcl
 Nam Thai Credit Investment Co.Ltd.
 Natexis Bank
 National Australia Bank
 National Bank Of Kuwait Sak
 National Finance Co.Ltd.
 National Finance Public Co., Ltd.
 National Securities Company Limited
 Nava Capital Holdings Limited
 Nava Finance & Secuities Pcl
 Nava Leasing Public Company Limited
 Nava Vickers Ballas Securities Co Ltd
 Navakij Credit Co.Ltd.
 Navakij Insurance Public Company Limited
 Nawarat, Williams & Co., Ltd.
 Ngernmankong Kehakarn Co.Ltd.
 Nikko Securities Co Ltd, The
 Nippon Credit Bank Ltd, The
 Nithipat Capital Pcl
 Niyom Thanakit Investment Co.Ltd.
 Nongchok Agriculture Cooperative
 O.C.B.C. Bank
 Ocean Securities Co.,Ltd., The
 Office Of Securities And Stock Market Controlling
 One Asset Management Co., Ltd.
 Orchid Asset Advisors Ltd.
 Orient Trust Co.Ltd.
 Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation (Ocbc)
 Overseas Bullion International Trading Co., Ltd.
 Overseas Union Bank Limited
 P.C.C. Processing Group Co., Ltd.
 P.L.P. Auditing Office
 Pacific Finance And Securities Ltd.
 Pacific Siam Strategic Consulting Co Ltd
 Paisal Credit Co.Ltd.
 Pakkred Agricultural Cooperative Ltd.
 Parapatana Trust Co.Ltd.
 Patana Listing Co.Ltd.
 Patanasin Finance & Securities Co.Ltd.
 Patcharakere Motors Co.Ltd.
 People Trust Ltd.
 Permsinsap Co.Ltd.
 Phaholyoting Credit (Bangkok) Co.Ltd.
 Phatra Leasing Public Company Limited
 Phatra Securities Company Limited
 Phatra Thanakit Pcl
 Philadelphia National Bank
 Phillip Securities
 Phillips Securities
 Phornprapa Co.Ltd.
 Phornprapha Trust Co.Ltd.
 Plaza Credit & Investment Co.Ltd.
 Pongpaibool Co.Ltd.
 Poonpipat Finance & Securities Pcl
 Prachachon Credit Co.Ltd.
 Premier Enterprise Public Company Limited
 Premier Finance And Securities Co.Ltd.
 President Business & Fund Co.Ltd.
 Primus Leasing Co.,Ltd.
 Private School Saving Corporation
 Professional Alliance Group Limited (Pag)
 Profit Recovery Group, The
 Progressive Finance Co.Ltd.
 Q.C. Leasing Co.Ltd.
 R.H.B. Bank Berhad
 Rabobank Nederland
 Radanasin Bank
 Radanatun Finance Plc
 Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited
 Royal Bank Of Canada, The
 Ruam Thai Development Trust Co.Ltd.
 Ruamkuer Pattarakij Co.Ltd.
 Ruamthai Paxcility Co.Ltd.
 Ruamthun Industry Co.Ltd.
 Rungroj Enterprise Co.Ltd.
 S.B. Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd
 S.C.B. Securities Company Limited (Scbs)
 S.C.F. Finance And Securities Pcl
 S.G. Asia Credit Public Co.,Ltd.
 S.P. Greater Ltd.Part.
 Saeng Thai Co.Ltd.
 Saha Asia Finance & Securities Co.Ltd.
 Sahamitr Realty And Investment Co.Ltd.
 Sahapetch Panich Co.Ltd.
 Sahapol Business Finance Co.Ltd.
 Sahasin Finance Co.Ltd.
 Sahasubya Credeit Foncier Co.Ltd.
 Sahaviriya Trust Co.Ltd.
 Saitama Bank Ltd., The
 Sakol Finance Co.Ltd.
 Sakol Investment
 Sakura Bank,Ltd., The
 Salomon Brothers Asia Pacific Ltd
 Sampaeng Ruam Thun Co.Ltd.
 San Paolo Bank Di Torino Spa
 Sanwa Bank Ltd., The
 Sayam Bank Ltd.
 Scandinavian Leasing Public Company Limited
 Seamico Securities Public Co Ltd
 Seamico Securities Public Company Limited.
 Securities Analysts Association
 Securities And Exchange Commission, The
 Securities One Public Co.,Ltd.
 Security Analysts Association
 Security Pacific National Bank
 Seranee Holdings
 Shinhan Bank (Bangkok Representative Office)
 Siam A & C Co., Ltd.
 Siam City Bank Public Company Limited
 Siam City Factoring Public Co Ltd
 Siam City Securities Company Limited
 Siam City-Showa Leasing Public Co., Ltd.
 Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
 Siam General Factoring Public Company Limited
 Siam Industrial Credit Public Company Limited
 Siam Panich Leasing Public Company Limited
 Siam Sanwa Industrial Credit Plc, The
 Siamfn Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.
 Sicco Securities Public Company Limited (Sicsec)
 Sime Bank Bhd
 Singer Thailand Public Co.,Ltd
 Sinn Bualuang Public Co., Ltd.
 Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation
 Small Industry Finance Corporation
 Societe Generale (Bibf)
 Standard Chartered Bank
 Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Co.,Ltd.
 Stock Exchange Of Thailand, The
 Sumitomo Bank Ltd., The
 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
 Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co Ltd, The
 Syrus Securities Company Limited
 T.M. International Bank Ltd.
 Taiyo Kobe Bank Ltd., The
 Temenos Systems (Thailand) Co Ltd
 Thai Auto Sales Co., Ltd
 Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd.
 Thai Bankers Association
 Thai Bond Dealing Center
 Thai Capital Management Company Limited
 Thai Danu Bank Pcl, The
 Thai Farmer Bank Public Co., Ltd.
 Thai Farmers Bank, Pcl
 Thai Farmers Heller Factoring Company Limited
 Thai Farmers Research Center Co., Ltd
 Thai Investment & Securities Co Ltd
 Thai Investors Association
 Thai Military Bank Ltd., The
 Thai Nvdr Company Limited
 Thai Orix Leasing Co Ltd
 Thai Rating And Information Services
 Thai Sakura Finance And Securities Company
 Thai Smart Card Co., Ltd.
 Thai Summit
 Thai Thanakit Securities Company Limited (Tts)
 Thai Turakit Finance
 Thai Venture Capital Association
 Thai-Capital Finance Company Ltd.
 Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd
 Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited
 Thanachat Finance And Securities Co., Ltd.
 Thananant Finance & Securities Co., Ltd.
 Thitikorn Public Co.,Ltd.
 Tisco Finance Plc Co Ltd
 Tisco Securities Company Limited
 Tokai Bank Ltd., The
 Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Co Ltd
 Transpac Capital Pte. Ltd.
 Trinity Watthana Public Co., Ltd.
 U.B.S. Warburg Securities Co Ltd
 U.O.B. Radanasin Bank
 U.O.B. Securities (Thailand) Company Limited
 Union Asia Finance Public Company Limited
 Union Bank Of Bangkok Pcl, The
 Union Bank Of California
 United Malayan Banking Corp.
 United Overseas Bank
 United Securities Public Company Limited (Us)
 Univentures Public Co., Ltd.
 Visa International Ltd.
 Vnet Capital Co., Ltd
 Warburg Dillon Read Securities Company Limited
 Westdeutsche Landwsbank Girozentrale
 Westlb-Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale
 Westpac Banking Corporation
 Wing Wah Advisory (Thailand) Limited
 World Bank Resident Mission In Thailand, The
 World Bank, The
 Yamaguchi Bank Ltd,, The
 Yasuda Trust & Banking Co Ltd

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