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DEG - German Investment & Development Company has been engaged in Thailand since 1968 and has financed more than 30 projects there. The current portfolio amounts to about EUR 100 million for 18 projects.

As one of the core states of the ASEAN international community and as a gateway to the neighbouring countries of Indochina, Thailand is an interesting investment location for foreign investors with attractive future prospects. After the difficult years of the Asian crisis, Thailand is returning to a growth path. Its political stability and good basic economic data offer investors the secure climate they need.

Prospective investors can obtain detailed advice in the DEG representative office in Bangkok on all forms of long-term finance provided by the KfW group. The office also provides information on the Public-Private Partnership programme. Foreign investors in particular can benefit from the DEG representative office's network; the office works with such institutions as the Thai-German Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Investment.

Major target group of DEG
Since it was founded in 1962, one of the DEG's main tasks has been to support German companies carrying out their business abroad. DEG offers German companies investing in developing and emerging market countries the support of investment managers with long-term experience in this special field of business.

Example of DEG's commitment
DEG accompanies enterprise from Asia
One exceptional success story revolves around the development of the Indorama Group, DEG has been co-financing over several years. The company, which specializes in fiber and yarn production, started out as a small family business, a medium-sized spinning mill in Indonesia. Today, it operates from bases in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Lithuania.

Financial Products
DEG specializes in long-term finance for its private investment partners. DEG finances startups as well as extension and modernization investments. To do this, we support all kinds of long-term inter-company cooperation, particularly with German and European enterprises. Our products mirror the broad spectrum of possibilities at our disposal.

Our financial products include:
Equity capital
Equity participation in the project usually about 5-25%
Variable arrangement of the risk components
In certain cases, voting rights and seat on the board of directors of the company
Clearly defined exit strategies
Mezzanine finance
Project-specific arrangement
Risk-oriented yield
Subordinated security
Conversion rights
Long-term loans

Currency: euros or US dollars
Term: usually between four and ten years
Interest rate: fixed or variable; market oriented according to project and country risks
Collateral security: as fixed assets in the country of investment; project-specific arrangement
max. 25 million EUR

Mobilization of long-term loans or bonds in local currency
Reduced exchange-rate risk via loan repayment in local currency
Risk sharing with local bank

Project Support
DEG offers its partners more than just capital: It supports investment projects with consultancy services and practical measures to ensure success, in every project phase - also when things get difficult.

Assistance in project design
We hold intensive discussions with our partners on all aspects of the project, settle any open questions and help find solutions to problems that might stand in the way of successful implementation. To do this, we draw on extensive country, industry and project know-how. If necessary, we also warn against an investment - if major preconditions are not met or the risks appear higher than warranted.
Together with our partners we find out the right debt-equity ratio, design the finance mix - possibly arranging additional financial contributions as well.

Ongoing support
To secure long-term success, we keep up a continuous dialogue with our partners on the progress of the project enterprise throughout the whole project. This is based on an agreed reporting procedure.
Through membership of the supervisory board as part of its equity stake, DEG can exert influence on basic business policy.
As part of the German development cooperation, DEG, member of KfW Bankengruppe (KfW banking group), has access to local government agencies and authorities. As a political facilitator it can liaise many different contacts for partners to facilitate project implementation.

Risk Management
Many investments in developing and transition countries entail risks that are difficult for investors to assess. By helping to manage risks, DEG also helps make the most of business opportunities.
Thanks to our sound country know-how and decades of experience in handling exceptional investment risks in our partner countries, we are able to take these risks. We also get involved where commercial banks would not venture due to their very cautious risk assessment.
We help our partners to cope with risks in an intelligent and professional way and take on responsibility ourselves instead of abandoning the project approach. This also holds for the recent crises in many partner countries.
To identify the risks connected with a foreign investment, DEG has developed a risk management system to make a check and assessment of different factors:

Situation in the investment country
National economic development, political stability, general legal conditions, protection of foreign capital investments, transfer of capital and earnings, etc.

Prospects of the project enterprise
Sales, procurement, production, technology, market, management/organization, personnel, site, finance, cost structure, earning power, environmental viability, social standards, legal affairs, etc.

Project partners
Quality of available technical know-how, industry experience, financial situation and personnel resources of partners, risk spread amongst partners, contractual obligations of partners, possible conflicting interests etc.

Services: Financial Consulting, Foreign Investment, Project Financing, Loans, Equity, Guarantees, Industry, Infrastructure, Risk Management

Categories: Credit & Finance, Financial Consultants, Business Consultants, Foreign, Farlang, German, German-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Herbert Jaeger Country Director Thailand

DEG - German Investment & Development Company
25/F, Unit 2503, Empire Tower 1905
195 South Sathorn Rd.,
Telephone: 02 670-0558-9
Fax: 02 670-0465
email address:
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