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Thailand Environmental Consultant Companies, Thai Environmental Consultant Businesses


Thailand Environmental Consultant Companies
are looking at increased business as local Thai companies and foreign or multi national companies become 'Greener' It is sad however that there are several companies and organizations who set themselves up to be of "charitable status' primarily to make money on the back of environmental issues. I get regular newsletters from one such company who urge Thai companies to 'Plant a Tree' and save the planet. These environmental leaches are the lowest of the low type of tree huggers whose prime intent is not to save the planet but save their wallets.

The Thai public are acutely aware of the problems of pollution. Whether this be air pollution or water pollution the Thai newspapers and TV programs are full of stories raising these environmental issues.

Thailand as a nation comprises a population that is largely agricultural in nature. Most Thais know about their local environment and in the rural areas take steps to take care of their surroundings and take appropriate measures to mitigate the vagaries of the monsoon climate and sometimes poor soil conditions. I reckon that most of the problems don't lie with the simple farm folk but are propagated through mainly ignorance and a 'couldn't care less' attitude of the urban masses mainly in the big towns and cities and of course in the metropolis of Bangkok.


Nowadays it is seen to be politically correct to be eco friendly, reduce 'polluting' emissions and plant a few trees around the factory.

With the growing public environmental awareness there is an increasing recognition of the related need to improve producer responsibility. The continued environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources underlines the urgency for establishing environmental accountability, in combination with international and domestic legislation.

The business community of Thailand has begun to demonstrate a commitment towards environmental management with an increasing acceptance of environmental management as a sound business practice. Environmental responsibility is increasingly included in corporate mandates and action oriented approaches for environmental conservation are adopted.

Apart from helping to solve environmental challenges facing Thailand, these actions, such as waste reduction, improved energy efficiency and pollution prevention are also likely to give a competitive advantage to the business entity. This will help to strengthen their reputation as responsible corporate citizens in relation to environmental issues. It will also facilitate the proactive management of risks and potential liabilities.

The main objective of Business and Environment Program (BEP) of the Thailand Environment Institute is to promote leadership roles in environmental management among the business community. BEP encourages their active participation in solving Thailand's environmental challenge and promotes the adoption of sustainable practices which minimize the use of natural resources and prevents pollution, as well as the production of "green products" which have a minimal impact on the environment.
Thailand Environment Institute

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Environmental Instruments Maps & Cartography Environmental Equipment
. Featured Thailand Environmental Companies
A.W.T. International (Thailand) Limited  Thailand Water and waste water asset management, flow gauging, Environmental management services, environmental monitoring, Trade waste management, waste tracking systems, maintenance management, non-revenue water reduction
B.J.T. Water Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Environmental Consultants, Thailand Water Consultants. Providing service for a better environment. Member group of Thames Water International Providing Sanitation Systems, Sewer Systems
DC Asia Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Environmental Consulting services such as: Water production and treatment, planning of water supply and distribution networks, water network management, operation and maintenance, leak detection, water loss reduction and rehabilitation of networks, waste collection and sorting; composting, waste incineration, landfill construction, environmental technologies, flue gas cleaning, ground water remediation, reclamation of polluted areas, Engineering, Architectural And Technical Services
GIS DATA Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Environmental Consultants and Information Service providing GPS Ground Control Survey, Computer Mapping, Orthophotography, GIS Systems, Imagery Rectification, Image Scanning, Cartographic Production, Hydrographic Survey, Data Conversion and Cartographic Products.
N & DD International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand French Company in Thailand supplying Oceanography Equipment, Cartography Equipment, Meteorology Equipment, Oceanography Instruments, Cartography Instruments, Meteorology Instruments

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