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Thailand Battery Companies, Thai Battery Manufacturers


Thailand has many battery companies that manufacture battery products for the domestic Thai market as well as for export. These products include Automotive batteries, dry cell batteries and re-chargeable batteries

Our main page that goes in to depth about the Thai battery market can be found here: Thailand Batteries Companies, Thai Batteries Manufacturers

Lithium Rechargeable Batteries
These batteries are super light, have high voltage and energy levels, and demonstrate a low self-discharge rate. They are often used in the latest devices such as cell phones, notebook computers.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries
Their voltage remains stable during use, making them ideal for radio controlled devices and others requiring power. They can be recharged and used over and over again, making them very economical.

Automotive Batteries
These batteries are used as the power supply for vehicles. They have a long life, are lightweight, conserve resources and help improve fuel economy.

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
These batteries offer high capacity, high power and rapid charging. They are widely used in MD players, back up power supply systems for information bases, and hybrid electric vehicles etc.

Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries
Widely used as main power supplies for devices requiring high capacity and also for backup purposes.

Alkaline Battery is designed for most demanding devices like Toys, PDA's, Electric Games, Radio, flashlight and Remote Control, MiniDisc players and camcorders and work best with digital camera. Packed with even more active ingredients and reformulated to improve flow of electrons. Batteries deliver more fuel, more efficiency, and more power. Devices run longer and work better.

Super Alkaline
Super Alkaline battery is the Maximum capacity that can be derived from a single use battery. They can readily start up high drain devices with dynamic instantaneous power, and deliver a stable current for many hours. With its long lasting power, excellent shelf life, it is ideal for most of the high powered operated devices: CD player, Toys, PDA's, Electric Games, Radio, flashing and Remote Control.

Bangkok Companies has experience sourcing the following products: Automotive Batteries, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, Battery Chargers, Alkaline Batteries, Battery Components, Car Batteries, Mobile Phone Batteries, Calculator Batteries, Laptop Notebook Batteries, Electric Bikes, Clock Batteries, PDA Batteries, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Alarms, Digital Camera Batteries, Electronic Toys, Watch Batteries.

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Automotive Batteries Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Motorcycle Batteries
Battery Chargers Alkaline Batteries Battery Components
Car Batteries Mobile Phone Batteries Calculator Batteries
Laptop Notebook Batteries Electric Bike Clock Batteries
PDA Batteries Electronic Equipment Electronic Alarms
Digital Camera Batteries Electronic Toys Watch Batteries
Featured Thailand Battery Companies
NEC TOKIN (THAILAND) CO LTD Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Tantalum capacitor, Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, Polymer Capacitor, Permanent magnet, Ferrite core, Electromagnet, EMI countermeasure parts, Noise suppression sheets, Proadlizer, Miniature Relays, Piezoelectric devices, Thermal Sensors, Reed switch, 3D Motion Sensor

You will find lists of battery products and companies involved in the battery business in Thailand here: Thailand Batteries Companies, Thai Batteries Manufacturers

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