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So what do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Here in Thailand these two foreign soda companies dominate the local soft drinks market. For me there is only one choice Coca Cola the taste of which I consider far superior to Pepsi Cola.

Years ago when I traveled extensively around Thailand by motorcycle I would use mind games to stave off the boredom and keep me awake. One of these games was 'spot the Coke/Pepsi advertisement' My grandfather taught me this game back in England when I was a little kid. He would sit me down on a wooden bench outside the pub and told to count all the red busses going by.

Periodically he would emerge and thrust a bottle of Orangina in one little hand and a bag of crisps in the other and I would proudly tell him how many red busses had passed the pub. I got good at this game and extended myself by mentally keeping a simultaneous separate count of all the red, green and blue busses going past.

It was years later that my mum told me why I spent my childhood sat outside the pubs of South Yorkshire.


Apparently my Grandfather had a problem with his legs - he couldn't walk past a pub. I told her I knew this because he always appeared a bit wobbly on his legs as I guided him on to the bus home.

So back to my Thailand mind game. I would ride along and keep count of the Coke Advertising and Pepsi Advertising. Pepsi always came out on top. Now I of course assumed this was due to a larger market share in bottles of Pepsi. However nowadays I realize it is more down to the advertising budget and strategy of the said soda company. Incidentally I have seen a BTS Sky Train decked out in Pepsi Logo but yet to see a Coke

Thailand is a hot country, no need to point that out. What does need to be pointed out is that to the vast majority of Thai people Soda drinks are a luxury. Unfortunately these drinks, because of their sugar content, become addictive. I know I was addicted to Coca Cola many years ago. Apart from rotting my teeth I also put on a great deal of weight. Fat kid - fat adult. Of course we can not blame the soda companies after all it is a personal choice as to when and how much to consume.

It is maybe then praiseworthy to consider that these companies have bowed to consumer demand to develop and market a whole range of more 'healthier' drinks. Diet drinks are old hat 'Diet Coke' ' Diet Pepsi' never could drink either of these products.

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Domestic sales total 11.6 million baht a day and business is expanding steadily despite the recession. For many Thai consumers and retailers, Coca-Cola is indeed the Real Thing. Thailand contributes one percent of the beverage empire's sales worldwide and is among its top twenty sources of revenue in country terms.


Green Spot (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
These imported beverages will quench your thirst for higher profits
If you are looking for an exporter of soybean milk or other non-carbonated beverages, look no further. Green Spot Co. Has been one of Thailand s leading beverage producers since opening its doors in 1954 and is aggressively seeking to expand into foreign markets. Our two main products are soybean milk and Green Spot, our signature brand of non-carbonated orange soda. Having achieved ISO 9002 certification, as well as being the exclusive local producers of Gatorade beverages for the local, importers can be assured of the hygienic standards of our products as well as our commitment to quality.
Products/Services We Offer: Manufacturer, distributor, soybean milk, non-carbonated orange drink, sports drink branded


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