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Thailand Beverage Companies, Thai Beverage Manufacturers


Thailand has hundreds of drinks and beverage products for export eg: Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Beverages, Health Drinks, Fruit Drinks & Fruit Juices, Water

When I first came to Thailand many years ago of course my first drink had to be the local beer. My first taste of Thai beer was not so impressive. Coming as I do Yorkshire the birthplace of the finest real ales in the world after Theakstones, Tetleys and Samuel Smith's and Newcastle Brown (Ok not Yorkshire but close) Singha beer was somewhat of a disappointment. I think my attention must have been diverted by some Thai bar girl who poured the ice cold beer down my parched throat, mopped my sweaty brow and whispered "I luv you handsum man in my ear"

It was the next morning that I was to experience the amazing re-vitalizing effects of Lipo, a Thai energy drink. I think it was Heineken that introduced that famous phrase 'Reaches parts that other beers cannot reach' well Lipo is a small bottle of liquid Viagra. It not only 'Reaches parts that other beers cannot reach' but makes them stand to attention too!!


Energy drinks used to receive a bad press in Thailand. They were blamed for causing many deaths. Truck drivers doing the long haul into Bangkok from the North of Thailand would down a few bottles of Lipo or Krathing Daeng to keep them awake. These beverages worked, until the caffeine effect wore off and the driver promptly fell asleep at the wheel resulting in a 20 ton driverless lethal object.

A few years ago I was approached by an astute Thai businessman who thought that this 'Thai beverage' would sell well in the west. I  tried to persuade him that exporting beverages like this was a non starter. There was no way that western governments would allow the import of such powerful potions.

This was not to be my best business decision. I am a motor racing fan. I love to settle on the sofa with an ice cold beer and watch the Grand Prix. This season has seen the demise of a famous team, Ferrari' and the upsurge of the Red Bull racing team. Red Bull - energy drink - from Thailand. Ah well if only I had kept my trap shut and kept my opinions to myself.

The original Thai formula of Krating Daeng ("Red Bull" in Thai language) has been energizing people for generations. It was developed by  T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd. in Bangkok Thailand where it is still manufactured.

"In energy drinks, new players such as Champ Thai Co Ltds Ranger X are being drawn into the competition and existing players such as TC Pharmaceuticals Red Bull are investing heavily in marketing strategies to grow their consumer base or to remain competitive and maintain their respective shares" - Report Soft Drinks in Thailand

Looking to source Thai beverages or Thai Energy Drinks like Red Bull, Krating Daeng, M-150 or Lipo - then send me an email with your requirements

  • Soft Drinks
  • Energy Drinks - Sports Drinks
  • Alcoholic Beverages - Thai Wine & Beer
  • Health Drinks
  • Fruit Drinks & Fruit Juices
  • Water



Red Bull - Thai Energy Drink Lactasoy - Soy Milk Thai Fruit Drinks
Shark Energy Drink M-150 Red Bull - Krathing Daeng
X Zone Energy Drink Carabao Energy Drink Lipovatin (My Favourite)
Coffee Grinder Coffee Coffee Machine
Featured Thailand Beverage Companies
A.B. FOOD & BEVERAGES (THAILAND) LTD. Thailand Manufactures and markets food and beverage products including Ovaltine, Nutritional Beverages and Twining's tea.
F&B Food Service (Thailand) Ltd.  Thailand A foreign owned company in Thailand offering Fresh food, aged beef, Dry goods, Beverages, Cleaning materials, Paper goods, Specialist imported product lines, In-house Master Butcher and Temperature controlled delivery.
S.B.V. Intertrade Co., Ltd Thailand A Thailand manufacturer and exporter of Thai coffee beans, green coffee beans, roasted coffee
VPP PROGRESSIVE LTD Thailand Importers and distributors of Arabica Coffee, Robusta Coffee Coffee Grinders, Coffee Machines, Coffee Dispensers, Gourmet Coffee and Syrups
Featured Company
Nirvana Foods and Commerce International Co., Ltd.
Nirvana Food started in 1949, over 50 years we are is a one of Thailand's top Thai Food product
manufacturer. Nirvana is a manufacturer of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages including coffee, tea, and herbal energy drinks. We are proud to introduce Pure Flavor Enlightenment, our heavenly line of thirst quenching energy drinks, luscious coffee and tea beverage, delicious Thai sauces, food products,
delectable sweets & preserved fruits. The Highest Level of Well-Being, our collection of herbs, vitamins &
balms is masterfully blended form the best Thailand's herbal resources.
Nirvana Food has made a serious commitment to utilize the best of Thailand's resources in our fine
products. The company's physical presence in the country ensures that the most authentic and select of
ingredients are used. We are not merely an exporter, but a true company of Thailand with decades of
manufacturing experience in the Thai and international food industry. Our extensive research and
development processes assure that each of our products is of unsurpassed quality. Our innovative,
western-influenced marketing strategies combined with our presence and experience in the United States make for a seamless integration into the world market. We take great pride in the knowledge that our cost efficient manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, strict quality control, and top personnel are World Class standards. The company is both GMP and HACCP certified.
Contact: Mr. Surachai Wattanaporn

Srisupphaluck Orchid Co., Ltd.
The company specializes in the manufacture of cashews and cashew related products. Our highlight
product is cashew juice which is the attempt of our thorough research in processing cashew fruit into juice. Srisupphaluck is committed to providing the best value to customers and develops new products to suit tastes and preferences in international markets. We are now expanding our market to USA. The company operates under HALAL quality standards.
Contact: Ms. Supphaluck Suhirunyawanich

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Following you will find lists of beverage products and companies involved in the beverage business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an beverage company or simply supply a database of these beverage companies then please email

15% Orange Juice Drink
Alovera In Apple Juice
Alovera In Grape Juice
Andaman Fresh
Apple Juice
Artificial Juice
Australian Wine
Beverage Company
Beverage Concentrates
Beverage Distributor
Beverage Drink
Beverage Equipment
Beverage Manufacturer
Beverage Mixes
Beverage Wholesaler
Beverages Energy Drink
Bird's Nest Beverage
Black Coffee
Black Label
Black Tea
Bontae Mix
Boost Energy Drink
Bottled Water
Bull Drink Energy
Caffeine Drink
Canned Coconut Juice
Canned Coconut Milk
Canned Drinks
Canned Energy Drink
Canned Milk Flavoured Drink
Carabao Energy Drink
Carabao In Cans
Carbonate Energy Drink
Carbonated Soft Drink Brands
Catering Coffee
Chin Shin Oolong Tea
Chivas Regal
Chocolate Flavored Soymilk
Chocolate Malt Beverage
Coca Cola
Coca-Cola Light
Coconut Based Drink
Coconut Jel In Apple Juice
Coconut Jel In Grape Juice
Coconut Juice
Coffee Pods
Coffee Products
Cola Thong
Commando Bear 2000
Concentrated Bird's Nest
Cordials & Drink Mixes
Corn Milk
Decaf Coffee
Doi Tung Jin Xuan Green Oolong Tea
Doi Tung Jin Xuan Oolong Tea
Doi Tung Ruan Zhi Oolong Tea
Drink Energy Wholesale
Drink Manufacturer In Thailand
Emu Energy Drink
Energy Drink
Energy Drink Carabao Brand Beverages
Energy Drink Industry
Energy Drink Plus Vitamin C
Energy Drinks
Energy Sports Drink
Food Drinks
Fresh Coffee
Fresh Milk
Frozen Carbonated Beverage
Fruit Drink
Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice Concentrates
Fruit Juices
Fruity Flavors Carbonated Soft Drinks
Ginseng Oolong Tea
Golden Falcon Energy Drink
Grape Juice
Green Oolong Tea
Green Tea
Green Tea Beverage
Ground Coffee
Hana Mulberry Green Tea
Health Drink
Health Drink Food
Health Food Drink
Herbal Aroma Tea
Herbal Drink
Herbal Drink Tea
Herbal Medicine
Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea Drink
Herbal Winery
Herbalife Energy Drink
High Mountain Oolongs Tea
Hot Beverage
Hygienic Drinks
Iced Coffice
Instant Cereal Beverage
Instant Coffee
Isotonic Beverage
Japanese Green Tea
Jasmine Tea
Kathing Daeng
Kratingdang Energy Drink
Lactasoy Soymilk
Lemon Carbonated Soft Drinks
Lemon Drinks
Lemon Soft Drinks
Liquor And Beer
Mae Salong Ginseng Oolong Tea
Mae Salong Jasmine Green Oolong Tea
Malt Beverage
Mango Carbonated Soft Drinks
Mango Drinks
Mango Soft Drinks
Master Blend
Melon Carbonated Soft Drinks
Melon Drinks
Melon Soft Drinks
Milk & Milk Products
Mineral Water
Mitsushita Energy Drink
Mixed Coffee
Mixed Fruit Drink
Mulberry Tea With Grape
Mulberry Tea With Grape Seed Extract
Natural Energy Drink
Natural Green Tea
Natural Mineral Water
Natural Soymilk
Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Non-Carbonated Energy Drink
Non-Carbonated Energy Drink From Thailand
Non-Carbonated Orange Juice
Thailand Assam Green Tea
Oem Energy Drink
Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea Mixed With Ginseng
Orange Drink
Orange Juice
Orange Soft Drinks
Organic Coffee
Ovaltine Cacao Milk
Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Beverage
Pepsi Max
Perrier Vittel
Phuket Cider
Pineapple Juice
Ponsor Electrolyte Beverage
Private Label Energy Drink
Protein Supplement Beverage
Ranong Mulberry Green Tea
Raw Milk
Rc' Cola
Red Bull
Red Bull Energy Drink
Red Label
Remy Martin
Retail Coffee
Roast And Ground Coffee
Roasted Thai Coffee
Sakola Water
Share Holder :
Shark Cool Bite Enegy Drink
Shark Energy Drink
Shark Energy Drink Manufacturer
Shark Fin
Single Origin Coffee
Soda Water
Soft Drink Health
Soft Drinks
Soybean Milk
Sport Drink
Sports Drinks
Spring Water
Sprinkle Bottled Drinking Water
Spy Wine Cooler
Sweetened Condensed Non-Dairy Milk
Syrups For Coca-Cola
Tamarind Juice
Tea Drinks
Thai Green Tea
Thai Mountain Tea
Thailand Energy Drink Exporters
Thailand Energy Drink Factories
Thailand Energy Drink Factory
Thailand Energy Drink Manufacturers
Thailand Energy Drink Oem
Thailand Energy Drink Suppliers
The Famous Grouse
Thea Kuan Imm Tea
Tonic Drinks
Tonic Food Drink
Tropical Fruit Flavor Drink
Tropical Refreshing Drink
Twining's Tea
Uht Milk
Volcano Energy Drink
White Gourd Drink
Whole-Bean Coffee
Wirun Green Tea
Wrangyer Beverage
Wrangyer Energy Drink
Xcite Drink
Yogurt Drink
Young Rice Milk
Zone Brand Energy Drink

A.B. Food & Beverages (Thailand) Ltd.
A.S.A. Trading Co., Ltd
A.V.I. International Co, Ltd.
Abes Group Pte Ltd.
Afflypharm Co, Ltd.
Ajinomoto Betagro Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Ajinomoto Calpis Beverage (Thailand) Co, Ltd
Akesaovaros Co, Ltd.
Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine (Thailand) Ltd.
Ambrose Wine Ltd.
Aramwech Bhasaj Co, Ltd.
Asia Nexus Co., Ltd.
Asia Vivat Ltd, Part.
Asian Beverage Co., Ltd.
Asian Seafoods Coldstorage Public Co, Ltd.
B.B. Development Co., Ltd.
Bancafe (Thailand) Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Fine Wine Company Limited
Bangkok Herb Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Juice
Bangkok Patana Winery Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok T.M. Beverage Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Tm Beverage Co Ltd
Bangkokbeer And Beverages Co.,Ltd
Besta International Co, Ltd.
Bhamupat And Co, Ltd.
Bhanupat & Co., Ltd.
Bio Natural Beverage Co., Ltd.
Biotik Co, Ltd.
Bireley's California Orange (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Black Canyon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Black Forest Trading Co, Ltd.
Blue Food Product Co.,Ltd.
Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd
Boon Rawd Trading International Co., Ltd.
Boonchusiripanyo Co.,Ltd.
Boonrawd Asia Beverage Co.,Ltd
Boonrawd Asia Co, Ltd.
Boonrawd Brewery Co, Ltd.
Boonsong Karnsura Co., Ltd.
Brilliant Multitrade Co, Ltd.
Buahema Ginseng Leaf Tea
Buri Nam Polamai
C & A Products Co, Ltd.
C.P.K. Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
C.V.S. Syndicate Co, Ltd.
C.Y. Boss Food Co., Ltd.
Cal Intertrade Co, Ltd
Caldbeck Macgregor (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Carabao Tawandang Co.,Ltd
Carlsberg Brewery (Thailand ) Co, Ltd.
Central Industrial Supply Co, Ltd.
Chabaa Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Chaipoonsab Co., Ltd.
Champ Thai Inter Beverage Co., Ltd.
Charles Martin Co, Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Feedmill Co, Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Group Co, Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Industry Co, Ltd.
Charoen Watana Co, Ltd.
Cheer (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chemical Specialties Corporation Ltd.
Chiangmai Frozen Food Public Company Limited Thail
Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Co, Ltd.
Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd
Coca-Cola Services (Asia) Limited
Cofe Co., Ltd.
Coffee Bean Roasting Co.,Ltd.
Coffee Beanery Co, Ltd
Coffee Sales Co Ltd
Co-Op Food Thailand Co, Ltd.
Cosmo Liquor Co.Ltd.
Crown Cap & Can
Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Dee Jay Farm Co, Ltd.
Delicatessen Co., Ltd.
Dharaniphipat Co, Ltd.
Diamon Lounge
Do Food Co, Ltd.
Dragon Louis International Co, Ltd.
Dusit Thani, The
Dutch Mill Co, Ltd.
East Asiatic (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Th
Ecolab Ltd.
Enigma Process Technologies Co., Ltd.
Erawan Foods Co, Ltd.
Eurofashion/Eurofood Ltd
Ever Top International Co.,Ltd.
Extra Beverage Industries Co. Ltd.
F & B Food Service (Thailand) Ltd.
Far East Home Made Co., Ltd.
First Siam Products Co.,Ltd
Flower Food Ltd, Part.
Food And Drinks Public Co, Ltd.
Food Sanitary Promotion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Foodcom (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Friendship Co, Ltd.
Fusion Beverage Co.,Ltd.
G.E.A. (Sea) Pte Ltd.
Ganong Co, Ltd.
Garden Green Produce Co,. Ltd.
German Engineering & Machinery Co, Ltd.
Giffarine Skyline Laboratory & Health Care
Great Food (Dehydration) Co, Ltd.
Green Country Packing Co.,Ltd.
Green Diamond Co, Ltd.
Green Spot (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Green Zone Consumer (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Grobest Corp. Ltd.
Haad Thip Public Company Limited
Herbal' Friend
Heritage Snack And Beverages Limited
Hilton International
Hok Lok Shew Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Hoong Seng Kee Industry Co, Ltd.
I.P.Trading Co, Ltd.
I.S.O. Solution Co., Ltd.
Ideal Food And Beverage Co.,Ltd.
Imperial Queen's Park Hotel
In Beat
Incon Industry Consult Co, Ltd.
Indra Regent
Industrial Enterprises Co, Ltd.
Intentia Thailand
International Marketing Ltd.
International Products (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Interthai Export Product Co., Ltd.
Intouchtanagorn Ltd.
Italthai Food & Beverage Group
J.W. Marriott Hotel
Jitsupa Co.,Ltd.
K.L. Cold Storage Co, Ltd.
K2 Company Limited
Kankee Namtaothong Co, Ltd.
Kanom Sakol Co, Ltd.
Kenmin Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Khao Shong Industry 1979 Co, Ltd
Khaokor Agro-Industry Co Ltd.
King Coffee Co.,Ltd.
Kingfisher Group Co, Ltd.
Kingfisher Holdings Limited
Kloster (Thailand)
Korn Thai Co, Ltd.
Kovic Kate (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Krungsiam Beverage Co.,Ltd
Kulyakorn Foods & Beverage
L.G.V. Engineering Co., Ltd.
L.P. Feeds Tech (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Lactasoy Company Limited.
Laem Thong Corporation Ltd.
Laemthong Food Industries Co, Ltd
Laemthong Rice Co, Ltd.
Lee Feed Mill Public Co, Ltd.
Let Me Co.,Ltd
Lor Lohathai Metal Co, Ltd.
Lucky Food (Thai) Co, Ltd.
Lucky Union Foods Co, Ltd.
M.A. Corporation Co, Ltd.
M.V.P. Farm Co, Ltd.
  Machasub Production Co,.Ltd
Madam Marketting Co, Ltd.
Mae-Ruay Snack Food Factory Co, Ltd.
Malee Sampran Factory Public Co, Ltd.
Maleebangkok Co.,Ltd
Matsuri International Lp
May Ao Co, Ltd.
Mckey Food Services (Thailand) Ltd.
Mechanical & Food Process Engineering Co, Ltd.
Merchant Court Hotel At Le Concorde, Bangkok
Mingkwan Group
Minor Food Group Plc
Mitsumpun Tread Co.,Ltd
Monty & Totco Co, Ltd.
Mulberry Green Co, Ltd
Mulberry Green Tea Ltd, Part.
N.B. Value Link Co., Ltd.
N.E. Health Foods Co.,Ltd.
Nam Sing Marine Products Co.,Ltd.
Natruja Co.,Ltd.
Nawapol Industry Co., Ltd.
Nekta (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Neptune Food & Beverage Co.,Ltd
Nestle Dairy (Thailand) Ltd.
Nestle Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd
Nichea Co., Ltd.
Nithi Venture Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.
Novartis (Mpl) Limited
Nutraco (Thailang) Co., Ltd.
Nutrition House Co., Ltd.
Ok Beverages Asia Co.,Ltd.
Ong-Ew-Kee Co.,Ltd.
Orawan Laser Skin Center
O'reillys Irish Pub
Oriental Siam (1978) Co., Ltd.
Osotspa Co., Ltd.
P. Green Herb Co., Ltd.
P.F. Food And Beverage Ltd.,Part.
P.T.K. Management & Marketing Co., Ltd.
Pacific City Club
Pan Asia (1981) Co., Ltd.
Parmalat (Thailand) Limited
Peace Canning (1958) Co., Ltd., The
Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Perfect Engineering & Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Perithai Co., Ltd.
Pernod Ricard Sea
Perrier Vittel Thailand Ltd.
Pet Co.,Ltd., The
Philip Morris (Thailand) Ltd
Platani Resort & Spa
Premier Marketing Co., Ltd.
Prodigy Co.,Ltd.
Q. Plus Concept Co.,Ltd
Quality Coffee Products Ltd.
R.S. Cannery Co., Ltd.
R.T. Beauty Care Co.,Ltd.
Rabbit Tea (Ong Lee Chun) Co.,Ltd.
Rattanapornchai Co., Ltd
Regency Brandy Thai
Remy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Riche Monde (Bangkok) Ltd.
Richie & Rich Asian Drink Co.,Ltd.
Ris Product
Royal Coffee Co., Ltd.
S & Sons Trading Co., Ltd.
S.H.C. International Co.,Ltd.
S.L.P. Inter-Marketing Ltd.
S.N. Beverage Co.,Ltd.
S.P.M. Foods & Beverages Co., Ltd.
S.T.C. Property Management Co., Ltd.
S.W.N. Intertrade
Saha Asia T Co.,Ltd.
Saha Chol Food Supplies Co., Ltd.
Saha Pathanapibul Public Co., Ltd.
Sakol Beverage Co., Ltd.
Sakorn Fishery Co., Ltd.
Santa Wine
Sapanan General Food Co., Ltd.
Sara Lee (Thailand) Ltd
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (Thailand) .,Ltd.
Sarolux (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Scotch Industrial (Thailandl) Co., Ltd.
Seagram (Thailand) Ltd
Serm Suk Public Company Limited
Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit
Shruff International Co., Ltd.
Siam 108 Primr Mover Co.,Ltd
Siam Algae Co., Ltd.
Siam Esteemed Product Co., Ltd.
Siam Fb Products Co.,Ltd.
Siam Food Services
Siam Heritage (Thailand) Co Ltd
Siam Legal Industry Co.,Ltd.
Siam Vasco Trading Company Limited
Siam Winery Co., Ltd.
Siamchai International Food Co., Ltd.
Singh Enterprise Ltd. Part.
Siritip Purifier Co., Ltd.
Somerco (Thailand) Ltd.
Sopexa Thailand
Specialty Beans (Thailand) Ltd.
Spenco Co., Ltd.
Srithai Food & Beverage Public Co Ltd
Stamina Co.,Ltd.
Sumsiew Tealeaf Co.,Ltd.
Sunshine Orange Juice Co.,Ltd.
Suprederm International Co.. Ltd.
Surapon Foods Public Co., Ltd.
Suree Pantai Oriental Food Ltd., Part.
Suwannaphoome Distillery Co., Ltd.
System Form Co.,Ltd.
T.A.S. Food Products Co., Ltd.
T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd
T.C. Union Foods Co., Ltd.
T.C.C. Cosmo Corporation Limited
T.F. International Co., Ltd
T.H. Pellet Co., Ltd
T.S.H. Products Co., Ltd.
Tana Food And Beverage Co., Ltd
Tanawin Corporation Research & Development Co.,
Tea Merchants Association
Ten's Union Co.,Ltd
Tetley’s Thailand
Tevee Production Limited Partnership
Thai Agri Foods Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Airways International Ltd Catering Department
Thai Axicon Co., Ltd.
Thai Central Drink Ltd., Part.
Thai Coffee Exporters Association
Thai Foods International Co., Ltd.
Thai Herbal Products Co.,Ltd.
Thai Jia Yun Juice Co.,Ltd.
Thai Juice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Thai Namtip Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Setfun Co., Ltd.
Thai Pure Drinks Ltd
Thai Sakaya Ltd., Part.
Thai Takara Co.,Ltd.
Thai Vegetable Oil Public Co., Ltd.
Thai Vet Feeds Co., Ltd.
Thai-Danish Milk Co., Ltd.
Thailand Fishery Cold Storage Public Co., Ltd.
Thepmahalarp Co.,Ltd.
Three Horses Tea Co.,Ltd
Tong Garden Co., Ltd.
Trading Plus Co Ltd
Tropical Canning (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
Tycoon Trading Ltd.
U.C.C. Ueshima Coffee (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Uey Po Kee Tea Store Co., Ltd.
Ultimate Beverage Product Co., Ltd.
United Kyoei Foods Co., Ltd.
United Winery And Distillery Co., Ltd.
Urban Saft Thailand
Usetco Co., Ltd
V. Excel Products Co.,Ltd.
V. Wide Co., Ltd.
V.S.N. Marketing Co., Ltd.
Vanichwathana(Bangkok)Co Ltd
Vara Food & Drink Co., Ltd.
V-Thai Food Products Co., Ltd
Wanalee Co., Ltd.
Wanna Pong Paper Carton Co.,Ltd.
Westin Banyan Tree
Wrangyer Beverage Co Ltd
Xongdur Thai Organic Food Co., Ltd
Yakult (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Yan Wal Yun Co., Ltd.
ฺฺBoonrawd Asia Beverage Co.,Ltd.

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