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Thailand Insurance Companies, Thai Insurance Businesses

Insurance companies in Thailand or Insurance Brokers in Thailand, there are a number to choose from. Most offer similar products, however some are very specialized such as those providing cover for marine cargo insurance or goods in transit insurance, both of these essential services when you think about Thailand's export driven economy.


There is a growing trend amongst Thailand insurance companies - to join forces with foreign insurance companies. This has resulted in a much more aggressive marketplace with the major insurance companies amassing thousands of small insurance agents to sell their insurance policies locally to their neighbours and workmates.

Thailand Insurance companies are using every marketing tool to gain entry into this fast growing market. With a rapidly growing potential customer base amongst the new middle class that is coming to maybe not dominate Thai, read Bangkok, society. A middle class with an eye to the future and surplus cash to save and invest in their and their families futures.

I new feature I came across recently was workplace sales. An insurance company negotiates a favorable position with a large company. Gains entry to the workplace and sells directly to the employees. This has many advantages to the insurance company and the target company. Reduced expenditure on advertising and a captive workforce. The target company also benefits by offloading it's responsibilities to the insurance company in terms of reduced premiums and personnel costs.

Another market to be considered is the consumer himself. With a new car and a new house motor insurance, house insurance and a comprehensive health and medical insurance is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

More and more Thais are able to travel abroad. Travel insurance is a natural spin-off.
A large expat community is serviced by privately sourced insurance policies or through a company insurance scheme financed by the employers. 


Looking for insurance cover in Thailand?

Looking fo House Insurance, Marine Risk Insurance, Auto Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Freight Transit Insurance, Travel Insurance, Burglary Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Holiday Insurance, Life Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance or Healthcare Insurance then contact me I know just the right person to help


House Insurance Marine Risk Insurance Auto Insurance
. .
Public Liability Insurance Freight Transit Insurance Travel Insurance
Burglary Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Holiday Insurance
Life Insurance Commercial Property Insurance Healthcare Insurance
Featured Thailand Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers
A.C.E. Insurance Limited Thailand Property and Business Interruption Risks; Export Products Liability, Public Liability, Directors and Officers and Professional Indemnity Risks; Marine Cargo and Marine Risk Management Services; Personal Accident
Accette Insurance Brokers Co.,Ltd. Thailand Property Insurance, Liability Insurance, employee benefits, automobile, marine cargo, Contractor all risks, engineering, personal lines, worldwide travel, Specially of Jewelry Block and exhibition insurance
Q.B.E. Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Australian Company in Thailand Providing Property Insurance, General Accident Insurance, Machinery Insurance, Construction Insurance, Motor Insurance, Disability Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Marine Insurance, Liability Insurance, Professional Risks Insurance, Trade Credit Insurance
Thai Cardif Life Assurance Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Cardiff Life Assurance is part of the Thai Life Group which is Thailand's largest life insurance company

Following is a list of some of the Thailand insurance companies, Thailand insurance brokers and Thailand insurance agents and the insurance products and insurance services that they provide. If you wish Bangkok Companies to help you find the right insurance company for you or your business then please write to

Group Insurance, Individual, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, General Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Insurance Broker, Life Insurance, Personal Accident, Critical Illness, Healthcare Insurance, Household Goods, Residential, Fire Investigation, Life Accounts, Marine Cargo, Marine Risk Management Services, Credit Life, Housing Loans, Payroll Life, Supplementary Contracts, Provident, Terrorism Insurance, Non-Life Business, Insurance Brokerage, Insurance Underwriting, Automobile, Fire, Reinsurance, Risk Management, Life Assurance, Transportation, Motor Insurance, Liability Insurance, Fund Management, Insurance Brokers, Reinsurance Broker, Insurance For Factory, Insurance Services, Asset Management, Extended Cover, Burglary, Loss Of Renting Fees, Public Liability, Property Damage, Marine Insurance, Fire Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, All Risks Insurance, Machinery Insurance, Workmen's Compensation Insurance, Whole, Endowment, Advanced Loss Of Profit, All Risks, Boiler Insurance, Burglary Insurance, Business Interruption Or Loss Of Profit, Comprehensive Insurance, Third Party Motor Insurance, Compulsory Motor Insurance, Computer All Risks, Contractor's And Erection All Risks, Directors And Officers Insurance, Exhibition And Conference Insurance, Fire And Allied Perils, Industrial All Risks, Inland Transit, Integrated Transit Liability Insurance, Machinery Breakdown, Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Mobile Phones, Plant All Risks, Products Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Robbery Insurance

A.C.E. Insurance Limited,
A.E.A. International (Thailand) Ltd.
A.E.A. International Sos
A.M.L.C. Assurance Co,Ltd.
A.X.A. Insurance Public Co,Ltd
Accette Insurance Brokers Co.,Ltd.
Advance Adjusting Legal & Services
Advance Assurance Co,Ltd.
Advance Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Advance Mlc Assurance Co,Ltd
Aetna International Inc
Aetna Osotspa Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Aioi Insurance Co Ltd,
Alexander Forbes Wattana Co,Ltd.
Allianz C.P. Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Allianz Group, The
American International Assurance Co,Ltd.
Aon Group Thailand
Apex Health Insurance Co,Ltd.
Asia International Insurance Co Ltd,
Asian Reinsurance Corporation,
Asia-Pacific Risk Consultants ( Th ) Limited,
Asset Assurance Brokerage Co.,Ltd.
Assets Insurance Co Ltd
Associated Broker & Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Aviva Insurance (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Ayudhaya Cmg Life Assurance Pcl
Ayudhya Allianz C.P. Life Pcl,
Ayudhya Insurance Public Co Ltd
Bangkok Chayoratn Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Dusit Medical Service Public Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Enterprise & Trading Ltd,
Bangkok First Investment & Trust Public Company
Bangkok Insurance Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Metropolitan Brokers Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Siam Risks Management,
Bangkok Thonburi Insurance Co Ltd
Bangkok Union Insurance Public Co,Ltd.
Bupa Blue Cross
Bupa Health Insurance (Thailand) Ltd.
C & P Quality Products Ltd.,Part. (The)
C.G.N.U. Insurance (Thai) Co Ltd,
C.G.U. Insurance (Thai) Co Ltd.
C.S.M. Ltd,
Cathay Finance & Securities Pcl
Central Development Co,Ltd.
Charan Insurance (Public) Co,Ltd
Charoen Pokphand Insurance Company Limited
Chawla & Associates (Thailand)Limited,
China Insurance Co (Siam) Ltd
China Southwest Airlines (Bangkok Office)
Chindech & Associate Co,Ltd.
Chiyoda Fire (Bangkok) Ltd.
Chubb Insurance Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Cigna Insurance Asia Pacific Ltd/Cigna Thai Co Ltd
Cologne Re Consultants (Thailand) Ltd,The
Commercial Insurance Company Limited
Commercial Union Assurance Co (Thailand) Ltd,
Comtek International Co.,Ltd.
Conoco (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Coolman Corporation Ltd.
Cranbrook International,
Crawford Thg (Thailand) Ltd.,
Cunningham International (Thailand) Ltd
D.F.I. Consulting (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
D.M. Intercommunication Co,Ltd.
Daido Kogyo (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Deves Insurance Public Company Limited,The
Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited,The
Disaster Insurance Association
Docuxpert Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Dynamic Eastern Brokers Ltd.
E.G. Construction Co,Ltd
E.N. Associates Co,Ltd.
East Meets West Travel
Ekawit Co,Ltd.
Erawan Insurance Co Ltd,
Euro-Center (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Everest Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Express (Thai) Co.,Ltd.
Fire Engineering Services Co Ltd,
Four Winds International Moving Ltd,
Fuji Fire & Marine Insurance Co,
General Accident Insurance Co (Thailand) Ltd
General Insurance Association,
General Insurance Brokers Co,Ltd.
Generali Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Generali Life Assurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Guardian Insurance (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
H.R. Silvine Electronics (Thailand) Ltd.
Health Benefit Consultants Co. Ltd.
Hsbc Securities (Thailand) Ltd
Hsbc Thailand,
Hutter & Dhira,
I & E Trading Co,Ltd.
I.J.B. Trading Co Ltd
Indara Insurance Plc.
Independent Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Infonet Thailand,
Ing Life Limited,
Insurance One Limited,
Inter Asian Brokers Co,Ltd.
Interlife John Hancock Assurance Plc.
International Assurance Co Ltd,
Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited
Jardine Matheson (Thailand) Ltd.
Johnson + Higgins Pb Co,Ltd.
K.S.C. Commercial Internet Co,Ltd.
K.Y.H. Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Kamol Sukosol Insurance Co Ltd
Kasikorn Factoring Co.,Ltd.
Kawasaki-Dowa Agency Ltd.
Khoomkhao Insurance Public Company Limited
Kings Brokers Co,Ltd.
Krungthai Axa Life Insurance Co Ltd,
Krungthai Axa Life Insurance Co,Ltd.
Krungthai Panich Insurance Co,Ltd.
Kurnai Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Kurnia Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
L.C. Broker Co.,Ltd.
L.P. Land And Housing Development
Liberty Insurance Co Ltd
Life Assurance Company,
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance
M.B.T.S. Broking Services Co,Ltd.
M.C. Brokers Co,Ltd.
M.C. Brokers Co.,Ltd.
Marsh Pb Co,Ltd
Mercantile Services Co,Ltd.
Millea Life Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Mingtai Fire & Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Mitsui Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd,
Muang Thai Fortis Holdings


Muang Thai Insurance Co,Ltd.
Muang Thai Life Assurance Co,Ltd.
Multi Risk Consultants (Thailand) Ltd.,
Munkhong Broker Co,Ltd.
Munkong Broker Co.,Ltd.
N.S.I. Health Care,
N.Y.K. Logistic ( Thailand ) Co.,Ltd.
N.Y.K. Shipping Service (Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
N.Y.K. Transport Service (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nam Seng Insurance Pcl,
Nam Seng Insurance Public Company Limited,
Narai International Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Narula Insurance Broker Co.,Ltd.
National Finance Public Co.,Ltd.
National Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Nava Leasing Public Company Limited,
Navakij Insurance Public Company Limited,
Navy Consultant Co Ltd,
Neoplus Co.,Ltd
New Hampshire Insurance Co,
New Hampshire Insurance Company,
New India Assurance Co Ltd,
Nippon Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd,The
Nissan Fire & Marine Ins Co Ltd,
Nsi Health Care - Nam Seng Insurance Pcl,
Ocean Advisory Co.,Ltd.
Ocean Group,
Ocean Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Office Of The Accounting And Law,
P.A.P. New World Insurance Brokers (Thailand) Limi,
P.K. Inter Consultants Co.,Ltd
P.T.T. Public Company Limited,
Pacific Consulting & Development Co.,Ltd.
Paiboon Insurance Co. Ltd.,
Pentafour Software (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Phatra Insurance Public Company Limited,
Pipat Insurance Co Ltd,
Pornpat Life Assurance Co.,Ltd
Precious House Co.,Ltd.
Premier Brokerage Co.,Ltd.
Primanetwork Co.,Ltd.
Professional Laboratory Management Corp Co.,Ltd
Prompibarn Co.,Ltd.
Prudential Tslife Assurance Public Co.,Ltd
Q.B.E. Insurance (Thailand) Company Limited,
R.M. Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Rajchpruck Project Foundation,
Reuters Software (Thailand) Limited.,
Rim Pae Rayong Hotel Co.,Ltd. (Sales Office)
Roj-Anant Consultant Co.,Ltd
Royal And Sun Alliance Insurance (Thailand) Ltd.,
Royal Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Royaltainer Corporation Ltd.,
S.D.S. (Thailand) Co Ltd,
S.N. International Co.,Ltd.
S.R. Brokers Co.,Ltd.
Safety Centre Co.,Ltd.
Safety Insurance Public Co.,Ltd.
Saha Life Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Sapcharoen Broker Co.,Ltd.
Scrutiny Enterprises Co.,Ltd.
Siam City Insurance Public Co Ltd,
Siam Commercial Life Assurance Public Co Ltd,
Siam Commercial New York Life Insurance Pcl.,
Siam Cosmos Services Co.,Ltd
Siam Infotel Co.,Ltd.
Siam Life Insurance Co Ltd,
Siam Premier International Law Office,
Siam Samsung Life Insurance Co Ltd,
Siam Surety Co.,Ltd
Siam Thanya Rice Trading Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tmi Insurance Broker Co.,Ltd.
Siam Travel Service Co Ltd,
Sinsup Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Smart Link Broker Co.,Ltd.
Sompo Japan Insurance (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Songserm Chemistry Industry Co.,Ltd.
South East Insurance Co Ltd,The
Sri Muang Insurance Co Ltd,The
Standard Chartered Nakornthon Bank Public Co.,Ltd.
Star Safety Co.,Ltd.
Staywell Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Stewart Engineers Ltd,
Suan Bua Co.,Ltd.
Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd,
Surin Insurance Agency Co.,Ltd.
Syler Group Co.,Ltd
Syn Mun Kong Insurance Public Co Ltd,
Synergy Logistics Corporation Ltd.,
T.C.T. International Insurance Broker Co.,Ltd
T.P. And Associates (1992) Co.,Ltd.
T.Q.M. Broker Co.,Ltd.
Temple Bar International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Cardif Life Assurance Co Ltd,
Thai Charoen Insurance Public Company Limited,
Thai Farmers Heller Factoring Company Limited,
Thai Farming Lines Co.,Ltd.
Thai Insurance Public Co Ltd, The
Thai Insurers Datanet Co.,Ltd.
Thai Life Assurance Association
Thai Life Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prasit Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai Prasit Nationwide,
Thai Reinsurance Plc.,
Thai Risk Control Co Ltd,
Thai Samuth Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai Setakij Insurance Public Co Ltd
Thai Star Surety Co.,Ltd.
Thai Thanakit Insurance Co. Ltd,
Thai Union Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thai Union Life Assurance Company Limited,
Thai United Insurance Co Ltd,The
Thai Zurich Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Insurance Institute,
Thailand Reinsurance Brokers Co Ltd,
Thailife Insurance Co.,Ltd.
Thaiprasit Nationwide Co;Ltd.,
Thaivivat Insurance Public Co Ltd,
Thasco Chemical Co Ltd.,
Thipaya Insurance Public Co.,Ltd.
Thitikorn Public Co.,Ltd.
Tmtg (Thailand) Ltd,
Tokio Marine & Fire Insurance Co Ltd,
Tokio Marine South East Servicing Co.,Ltd
Tokyo Marine South East Servicing Co.,Ltd.
Trafalger International Co.,Ltd.
Transport And Claim Consultants Co. Ltd,
Trocadero Time Co.,Ltd
U.I.C. Co.,Ltd.
Union Insurance Co Ltd,
Union Prospers Insurance Co Ltd,The
Union Sime Darby (Thailand) Limited,
United Colors Corporation Ltd.,
Universal Insurance Co Ltd,
Vega Inter Brokers Co.,Ltd.
Vickery & Worachai Ltd.,
Viriyah Insurance Co Ltd,The
Wealth Management System Ltd.,
William E. Connor (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Win & Vee Associated Co.,Ltd.
Yasuda Fire & Marine Insurance Ltd,The
Yasuda International Service Co.,Ltd.
Yip In Tsoi Co.,Ltd.
Zuellig Industrial F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok) Ltd.,
Zurich National Life Assurance Co.,Ltd.

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