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A.C.E. Insurance Limited - Property and Business Interruption Risks; Export Products Liability, Public Liability, Directors and Officers and Professional Indemnity Risks; Marine Cargo and Marine Risk Management Services; Personal Accident

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A.C.E. Insurance Limited is a leading global multinational insurance company in Thailand and financial service company operating in over 200 offices in 50 countries worldwide. ACE Group has been in business since 1972 and has over US$37 billion in assets with a financial strength rating of A+ from Standard & Poors and AM Best.
ACE Insurance Limited has been operating for over 60 years (formerly as CIGNA Insurance Asia Pacific) and is a branch of ACE Asia Pacific in Australia. We are a leading Property & Casualty and Accident & Health insurance  and reinsurance.


Accident & Health Insurance
We provide 24 hour accidental worldwide coverage for individual personal accident & group personal accident risks.
Accidental Death
Accidental Dismemberment
Accidental Permanent Total Disability
Accidental Medical Expense Coverage (as an option)
We offer the additional high accident insurance benefit for your employee at low premium rates through automatic deduction from payroll.
We provide daily compensation benefit for your income when you undergo for any medical treatment in the hospital, and benefit will be doubled when the case is incurred abroad.
We provide living benefit coverage for any critical disease which the lump sum benefit would be paid upon the diagnosis and confirmation of the disease.
We provide comprehensive individual and group travel insurance for domestic or international business or leisure travel.
Leisure Travel Insurance Plan
Accidental Death
Accidental Dismemberment
Medical Expense for accident injury or illness
Related emergency travel expenses
Loss or damage to personal property
Loss of money (including traveler's check & credit card)
Replacement expenses

ACE global service
We provide property protection for loss or damage of physical assets and business interruption risks.
Broad policy coverage & conditions
Capacity to accept risk values to US$ 500 million (Baht 20 billion) per risk
Ability to write local / global policies
Market Specialization
Clients with risk management philosophy

Office buildings
Financial institutions
Electronics Manufacturing

Erection "All Risks"
We provide cover for "all risks" of physical loss or damage not otherwise excluded for property, which is undergoing construction / erection.
Cover for Advanced Loss Of Profits (ALOP)
In-house risk management support
Global experience in underwriting - ACE is regarded worldwide as a leader in this field
Market Specialization
Coal fired power stations
Gas Turbine power stations
Machinery Breakdown
We provide cover for physical loss or damage to machinery whilst in operation. Cover can be extended to cover loss of profits or additional increased costs of working.
Features & Benefits
Business interruption coverage
Cover for goods in cold storage

Thai Exporters and Freight Forwarders
We provide worldwide cargo coverage for physical loss or damage caused to insured goods whilst being transported by land, sea, air or post. Coverage can be extended to include Marine Advanced Loss Of Profits (ALOP)
Worldwide marine risk management service and overseas
Capacity to accept risk values up to US$ 100 million
Highly experienced marine claim personnel in Thailand
Policy flexibility to meet clients precise needs
On-site insurance certificate issuance
Market Specialization
Dry Bulk Cargo
Technology/ Computer products
Project Cargo
Plant & Machinery

Golden Export is a dedicated marine cargo and products liability program designed to meet the needs of Thai clients who are exporting their products overseas. Worldwide coverage (including USA and Canada) including products recall expenses can be provided. In addition clients have access to our green light recall program and free risk management services.

SME Business Protection Plus is combined "all risks" property, business interruption and public liability insurance program designed to meet the needs of SME (small & medium sized business enterprises). The policy offers broad policy coverage at highly competitive premium terms and provides a very competitive yet comprehensive coverage to small business owners.

Any professional person working for a fee can now be sued in Thailand for any act, error or omission as a result of their professional negligence.

ACE can provide you with the peace of mind in Thailand under our Professional Indemnity Plan. Coverage is arranged on a "claims made" basis and can include libel and slander based on local and worldwide jurisdiction.

In your capacity as a Director or Officer of a Public or Private company in Thailand you can now be sued for acts of mismanagement or breach of duty by Shareholders, Investors, Employees, Regulatory Authorities and Competitors.

Today as a result of the economic downturn in Thailand and the region, claims for mismanagement are being made against Directors and Officers of leading Thai and multi-national corporations. The costs of defending claims is substantial and could financially ruin you.

ACE Elite provides you with a comprehensive yet affordable insurance solution which allows you peACE of mind in the event you are sued for mismanagement. ACE will defend and settle any claims that are made against you and coverage can be extended to include outside directorships and foreign subsidiaries.

International SOS Service (SOS) for ACE Emergency Card

We provide 24-hour, 7 days a week, Alarm Center (SOS) with a multi-lingual Customer Service Executive to take care and provide immediate information and medical assistance for ACE Accident & Health policyholders travelling in Thailand on: -

Medical Service provider Referral
The name, address, telephone number, hospitals, clinics, dentists and dental clinics.
Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation
The provision of air and/or surface transportation, medical care during transportation, communications and all usual ancillary services required to move the member to the nearest hospital in Thailand where the appropriate medical care is available.
Arrangement of Emergency Medical Repatriation
The return of the insured to the Place of Residence within Thailand following the member's Emergency Medical Evacuation. The provision of appropriate communication and linguistic capabilities, mobile medical equipment and mobile escort crew can be arranged.
Dispatch of Medicine
When medically necessary and whenever possible, we will dispatch essential medicine which is not available locally. The delivery of such medicine commodities will be subject to the laws and regulations applicable locally for importation or delivery of such products.

70% of all marine cargo losses are preventable through effective risk management.

The ultimate cost of cargo losses is not limited to the value of the goods lost or damaged. The financial cost of the claims is usually greatly inflated when expense factors such as time, resource allocation, disbursements and etc. are included.

Often the damage cannot be accurately expressed in financial terms alone since loss of customer confidence and even loss of repeat orders can follow as a direct consequence.

A fundamental part of ACE's Cargo Risk Management program is to undertake a review of our customer's cargo operations, free of charge. This allows the identification of cargo risk elements specific to your operation, and further identification and agreement of positive viable actions which can be taken to reduce preventable losses and improve the marine and transit risk.

Our local and regional team of Master Mariners is available to work closely with you and your intermediaries on specific items such as :

Site visits to review packing of goods, including trailers and containers.
Review of methods of transport, routes, forwarders, and carriers used.
Review cargo-handling procedures, condition of carriers.
Storage and warehouse procedures/security.
Education sessions for warehouse staff in packing.
Seminars for shipping, sales and warehouse staff in Marine Risk Management.
Contributions to in-house publications on all elements of transportation and Marine Risk Management.
Free advice to member companies on trade routes, new market conditions and etc.
We use our ACE worldwide network to provide information on the various stages of your cargo's journey, such as port conditions, handling and warehouse issues and transportation trends.

ACE has named its Property Loss Control Program the AAA Program. This is a value added service unique to ACE which had been designed specifically to help our customers protect their assets and profit earning ability.

ACE's AAA Program is a review of 21 fire safety areas that cover management controls and equipment. Ratings range from A to AAA, (with AAA highest), and are used to measure performance in each of the areas. The action necessary to upgrade to the AAA standard is clearly detailed in our AAA report.

Builds fire safety awareness : ACE's AAA grading is an ideal mechanism to increase awareness of fire safety and loss prevention issues. This easy-to-understand scoring system makes abstract concepts of loss prevention actionable.

Helps Risk Managers establish priorities : The AAA grading system scores performance by both individual category and by individual facility. Sub-standard results stand out immediately allowing risk managers to set priorities for corrective action according to objective data and assists risk managers in allocating budgets and operational resources.

Induces competition, improves performance : The AAA grading system makes safety rankings easy to publicise. It stimulates internal competition and thus improves loss prevention performance.

Furnishes a comparative ranking : Consistency in evaluating the same 21 performance categories on all facilities worldwide allows direct comparison of one facility with another, from country to country, division to division, worldwide.

Helps allocate premium : Consistency in evaluating the same 21 performance categories in all facilities worldwide provides risk managers with an objective basis on which to allocate insurance premium or captive credits.

Identifies common problem areas : Risk managers can easily identify problem areas that cross divisional lines or geographic boundaries and therefore require remedial loss prevention initiatives at all our customers locations worldwide.

Performance Measurement
Documentation of Fire Safety Rules and Procedures.
Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment.
Fire Protection Equipment Impairment Procedures.
Fire Protection Equipment Training.
Smoking Controls.
"Hot Work"/ Cutting and Welding Controls.
Fire Safety Housekeeping Standards.
Self-Inspection of Fire Hazards and Protection Equipment.
Water Supplies for Fire Fighting Purposes.
Fire Brigade Facilities.
Automatic Fire Sprinklers.
Automatic Fire Detection Systems.
Fire Hydrant System.
Fire Hose Reels.
Portable Fire Extinguishers.
Watchman Service/ Security.
Contingency Planning.
Fire Cut Off.
Special Hazard Management/ Protection.
Electrical Installation Inspections.

Provides the following services: Property and Business Interruption Risks; Export Products Liability, Public Liability, Directors and Officers and Professional Indemnity Risks; Marine Cargo and Marine Risk Management Services; Personal Accident


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Contact: Somaphan Pattamachit           


A.C.E. Insurance Limited



14/F Alma Link Building,,

25 Chidlom Road,

Lumpini, Pathumwan





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