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Again a dilemma do I use the American term 'soda' or the British English term 'Soft Drinks' The products are the same. The companies who produce these products are the same.

Thailand is a hot country, no need to point that out. What does need to be pointed out is that to the vast majority of Thai people Soft drinks are a luxury. Unfortunately these drinks, because of their sugar content, become addictive.

I know I was addicted to Coca Cola many years ago. Apart from rotting my teeth I also put on a great deal of weight. Fat kid - fat adult. Of course we can not blame the soft drinks companies after all it is a personal choice as to when and how much to consume.

It is maybe then praiseworthy to consider that these companies have bowed to consumer demand to develop and market a whole range of more 'healthier' drinks. Diet drinks are old hat 'Diet Coke' ' Diet Pepsi' never could drink either of these products.


Drinking yoghurts, fruit drinks, energy drinks a whole range of 'good for the body' beverages.

For a full list of soft drinks products and the companies that manufacturer, sell and trade in these products please see: Thailand Beverage Companies, Thai Beverage Manufacturers

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