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Thailand Plastic Box Companies, Thai Plastic Box Manufacturers


Plastic boxes
are manufactured in Thailand for domestic use and for export. In fact Thailand plastic box companies produce a large proportion of plastic boxes and plastic packaging that are used in South East Asia.

These are just a few of the categories of plastic box that are available: Optical Disc & cassette jewel boxes, Display boxes and presentation boxes, Lunch boxes, Plastic Packaging Boxes, Household storage containers, Plastic Gift boxes, Tool boxes.

For a list of the major players in the plastic box industry in Thailand please see: Thailand Plastic Boxes Companies, Thai Plastic Boxes Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a product sourcing company. We can help you find a reliable and trustworthy Thai plastic box manufacturer. We can help you to negotiate a good deal and oversee the production, quality control and shipping of your goods. If you require any information on this sector please email with your requests.

  • Optical Disc & cassette jewel boxes
  • Display & presentation boxes
  • Lunch boxes
  • Plastic Packaging Boxes
  • Household storage containers
  • Plastic Gift boxes
  • Tool boxes

Cooler Box Plastic Stacking Storage Boxes Wheeled Cooler
Plastic Tool Boxes CD Jewel Cases Kitchen Storage boxes
Microwave Containers Stacking Household Storage Plastic Containers
Re-sealable Food Boxes Acrylic Jewelry Boxes Plastic Rubbish Bin
Software Cases Computer Boxes Wheeled Storage Bins
Truck Tool Boxes Plastic Food Packaging Plastic Display Cabinets
Blister Boxes Cosmetic Packaging Blister Packaging
Featured Thai Plastic Box Manufacturers
Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd. Thailand Thailand Plastic Packaging Manufacturer of Drinking Cups, Tray Sets, Disposable Polystyrene Plates, Ice Cream Containers, Yoghurt Pots and Lunch Boxes.

Following you will find lists of plastic box products available from companies involved in the plastic box business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a plastic box company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Abs Cd Case
Acrylic Boxes
Acrylic Gift Box
Acrylic Gift Boxes
Acrylic Silk-Screen Tissue Box
Acrylic Trophy And Award Display
Airproof Microwave Safe Boxes
Airproof Safe Boxes
Airtight And Waterproof Microwave Containers
Airtight Rectangular Storage Box
Anti-Static Plastic Boxes
Bangle Watch Box
Bear-Shaped Lunch Box
Bedroom Storage Box
Bedroom Storage Box With Flip-Top Cover
Black Double Dvd Cases
Black Dvd Case
Black Pvc Tool Case
Blister Trays
Calcium-Plastic Box
Car Roof Box
Cd Boxes
Cd Jewel Boxes
Cd Storage Box Made Of Abs
Cd Storage System
Chocolate Tray
Clamshell Blister Packaging
Clear Plastic Boxes
Clear Plastic Packaging
Clear Pvc Box
Clear Pvc Packaging
Closet Storage Box
Closet Storage Box Set
Colored Cd Jewel Boxes
Colored Plastic Watch Presentation Box
Cool Boxes
Cosmetics Boxes
Customized Gift Boxes
Cylinder Box
Disc & Cassette Jewel Boxes
Display & Presentation Gift Boxes
Disposable Sandwich Boxes
Divided Lunch Cooler Bag
Document Boxes
Double Watch Presentation Box
Drawer Organizer Box
Durable Toy Box
Dvd Box Shrink Wrap Pack
Dvd Case
Electric Tool Box
Environment-Friendly Microwave-Safe Container
Expandable Tool Tray
Exqusite Watch Presentation Box
Eyeglasses Cases
File Storage Box
Fishing Box
Fishing Tackle Boxes
Fishing Tool Box
Flashlight Tool Box
Floppy Disc Cases
Flower Shape Pill Box
Foldable Storage Box
Foldaway Storage Box
Folding Dvd Box
Food Boxes
Food Carton
Food Containers
Food Packaging Boxes
Food Packaging Plastic Box
Frosted Cd Box
Frosted Mini Disc Box
Frosted Pvc Folding Box
Gift Boxes
Glasses Cases
Glide-Out Cd Storage Boxes
Hanger Box
Hdpe Fishery Crate
Hdpe Multipurpose Crate
Heart Shape Box
Heart-Shaped Display Box
Heart-Shaped Plastic Ring Box
High Impact Boxes
Household Plastic Products
Household Storage Box
Household Storage Containers
Injection Plastic Box
Jewelry Presentation Box
Kitchen Storage & Organization Food Packaging Plastics
Lamp Packaging
Lunch Box Set
Lunch Box With Clear Plastic Window
Lunch Boxes
Medical Box
Medicine Boxes
Microwavable Sandwich Boxes
Microwave Container
Microwave Fresh-Keeping Boxes
Microwave Oven Boxes
Microwave Oven Cookware
Microwave Oven Fresh Keeping Boxes
Microwave Safe Container
Microwave-Safe Container
Mini Cd Case With Clear Lid
Mint Boxes
Mobile Organizer Box
Multifunctional Mobile Storage Carts
Multi-Purpose Craft Box
Necklace Box
Neoprene Car Decorative Pouch
Offset Printed Folding Boxes
Optical Disc Storage Boxes
Organizer Box With Combination Drawers
Oval Organizer Gift Boxes
Oval Storage Box
Packaging Boxes
Packaging Tubes
Pencil Box
Pencil Cases
Pesticide Carton
Pet Boxes
Pet Printed Cases
Pill Boxes
Plastic Baskets For Storage
Plastic Blister Packing
Plastic Box Moulds.
Plastic Cartons
Plastic Containers
Plastic Corrugated Box
Plastic Food Containers
Plastic Food Storage Container
Plastic Handy Box
Plastic Injection Pen Cases
Plastic Jewelry Boxes
Plastic Media Storage Boxes
Plastic Multifunction Boxes
Plastic Organizer Box With Cover
Plastic Packaging Boxes
Plastic Pencil Cases
Plastic Pendant Box
Plastic Pillow Box
Plastic Rectangle Lunch Box
Plastic Remote Controller Box
Plastic Serving Trays
Plastic Shirt Boxes
Plastic Storage Battery Box
Plastic Storage Woven Baskets
Plastic Tool Box
Plastic Tools Case
Plastic Watch Box
Plastic Watch Presentation Box
Portable Tool Basket
Portable Underbed Roller Box
Pp Box
Pp Gift Box
Pp Lunch Boxes
Pp Lunch Boxfeatures
Pp Organizing Chest
Pp Pen Box
Pp Pencil Cases
Pp Super-Thin Black Cd Box
Printed Pp Folded Boxes
Protective Presentation Pouch
Pvc And Nylon Pouch
Pvc Box For Packing Cosmetics
Pvc Box For Packing Toys
Pvc Box Set
Pvc Boxes
Pvc Boxes For Gift Packing
Pvc Color Boxes
Pvc Gift Box
Pvc Leather Tool Box
Pvc Pencil Bag
Pvc Tool Case
Rectangular Gift Boxes
Ring Presentation Boxes
Rolling Organizer Box With Cover
Rolling Storage Unit
Round Food Containers Set
Round Storage Containers
Round Watch Presentation Box
Salad Boxes
Single Clear Cd Boxes
Single Dvd Case With Clear Lid
Slim Black Pp Dvd Case
Slim Clear Cd Jewel Case
Small Plastic Boxes
Smart Tool Storage Boxes With Rotative Trays
Snack Box
Snack Boxes
Soap Boxes
Soft Crease Folding Box
Sound Box Plastic Casing
Square Container Set
Square Flip-Up Box For Watch Presentation
Square Storage Box
Square Storage Box Made Of Pvc
Stackable Container With Lid
Stackable Drawer Box
Stacking Storage Bin
Storage Box
Storage Box Set
Storage Container Set
Storage Containers
Storage System
Sushi Trays
Thermoformed Food Containers
Tool Boxes/Cases
Tool Case With Removable Storage Trays
Translucent Triple Dvd Case
Transparent Acrylic Gift Bottle
Transparent Cd Case
Transparent Earrings Box
Transparent Folding Boxes
Transparent Optical Disc Storage Box
Transparent Plastic Pen Box
Transparent Presentation Gift Case
Transparent Ring Box
Transparent Watch Case
Trays For Food
Trinklet Jewelry Boxes
Trunk Organizer
Turnover Boxes
Under-The-Bed Storage Box
Vegetable & Salad Container
Vegetable Carton
Wall-Mounted Storage Bins
Watch Presentation Box
Watch Presentation Boxes
Watch Presentation Cases
Waterproof Boxes
Waterproof Containers
Water-Resistant Storage Boxes
White Dvd Box For Double Disks


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