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Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd. - Plastic Packaging, Drinking Cups, Tray Sets, Disposable Polystyrene Plates, Ice Cream Containers, Yoghurt Pots, Lunch Boxes

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Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd. is a new member of the Eastern Polymer Group and will replace its previous name Thai Modern Plastic. The new name includes the word “Eastern” to reflect our new relationship to its mother group of companies the “Eastern Polymer Group”. The Eastern Polymer Group is a holding company with wide ranging interests in plastic, rubber, metal fabrication, adhesives, coatings and trading. We wanted to register a corporate name that would reflect our strong heritage, which is the market leadership of the Eastern Polymer Group. The name bears a lot of those values our products, brands, services and business approach stand for. New and improved machinery will ensure expansion of our new business. We are very happy to inform you that, apart from its top management, the entire company staff of Thai Modern Plastic was transferred to Eastern Polypack. Our proven team is even more determined now and in future to justify your belief that “we mean business”. Our focus will be our commitment to create value and satisfaction, and we ask you to watch us fulfill that promise.

Our factories use the High Technologies Fully Automatic In-Line Manufacturing Process used in Italy, Germany and the United States to produce disposable packaging of international standards. As a result of our high-level technology, professional and attentive team, and dedication to quality, we were granted ISO 9002 certification in 1996. In 1997 Eastern Polypack became the first Thermoformed Food Packaging Manufacturer in the world to be honored with ISO 14001 certification.

Drinking Cups
Our range of drinking cups is made from food-grade polystyrene and range in size from 2 Oz. to 22 Oz. The cups are available in a variety of colors, including clear, milky, white, or colored. They can be printed with your company logo or design using our unique food-grade UV ink. We also provide covers, which are made from PVC or OPS, and are available with or without a punching hole or cross mark.

Trays sets
Trays sets and compartmented trays, with or without covers, can we used as fresh or dried food containers. The trays are made from polypropylene or polystyrene and are available in various sizes and colors.

Disposable plates
Disposable polystyrene plates are available in three sizes: 6", 7" and 9". The plates are available in basic white and a variety of solid and pastel colors, including pink, light pink, red, blue, yellow, green, etc. We are also able to provide cutlery as part of a complete party set.

Ice Cream Containers
These cups come in various sizes and are suitable as ice cream or yoghurt containers. They are made from polystyrene, which can withstand temperatures from -20 to 80 degrees Celsius. The cups are available with U-Rim, which allows them to be covered with a lid, or Flat Rim, which allows them to be covered with a laminated aluminum foil sheet, to guarantee safety during transportation. Your company logo or design can be printed on the cups using a food-grade UV ink that lightens on the shelf. This is a unique feature of our product line.

Products: Plastic Packaging, Drinking Cups, Tray Sets, Disposable Polystyrene Plates, Ice Cream Containers, Yoghurt Pots, Lunch Boxes

Categories: Plastics, Plastic Packaging

Contact: Teerawat Vitoorapakorn

Eastern Polypack Co.,Ltd.
947/156 12 Bangna-Trad
Bangna, Bangna
Telephone: 02 7443 139-48
Fax: 02 361-8852-4
email address:
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