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The Brass & Bronze business in Thailand can be divided into two main sectors. Brass & Bronze products for industrial and construction use and decorative brass & bronze products destined to adorn houses and gardens of Thai homes and western homes alike.

I must admit a certain affection for this product as made in both sectors. I hail from a small industrial the in the north of England. My grandfather and uncle all worked in "Gummers" the local brass factory. Their primary products were industrial and domestic brass items from brass taps to brass pipes and umpteen objects that I never learned the name of but were regularly brought home as 'rejects' and dutifully sold off to the scrapman on a saturday morning. I was taught at school how to cast, forge and cut up bronze and brass plate. Never did master the art of brass threading however but I do remember with pride the brass cribbage board I presented to my grandad on his 60th birthday.

Of course the brass foundry closed down as did the glass works, the gas works, and eventually the coal mines. Production going abroad first to eastern Europe and then to the far east.


Most of the brass products that I am asked to source have some function in the plumbing business or as replacement parts in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Always getting requests for weird and wonderful Bronze statues and Bronze Figures. Never could figure out why a moldy green object stuck in the middle of the lawn draws so much affection but the customer is always right. Got an email from California the other day with pictures of a bronze merman. Well I have seen many a mermaid in my time but a gay version is

Antique looking bronze pieces can be found all over Bangkok. There are many shops close to the tourist areas in Silom and Bangrak. Some of the larger shops, foundries and objects d'art can be found scattered amongst the nurseries and garden centres around the western ring road in Bangbon and Bankhuntien.

A new trend I have come across lately is for statues and figurines in a distinctly modern style. I brought home a rather fetching statue of a scantily clad lady. It was on display for only two hours. The wife came home and decided a more suitable place for this fine piece of Bronze sculpture was on top of the wardrobe. Well I thought it was a good idea........

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Modern Brass Statues Antique Brass Statues Brass Buddhas
Bronze Horse Statue Garden Brass Figurines Garden Bronze Statues
Bronze Buddha Figures Bronze Thai Chiang Saen Style Buddha Bronze Cutlery
  Industrial Bronze and Brass  
Brass Rods Brass Faucets Brass Wire
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Featured Thailand Bronze & Brass Manufacturers

Underneath is a list of some of the Brass & Bronze companies that manufacture here in Thailand. Also listed are just a few of the brass and bronze products they make. If you would like Bangkok Companies to help you

source these products in Thailand please contact


American Classics, Animal Statue, Animal Classical, Antique Look, Bear Figurine, Bird Figurine, Brass Alarm Clock, Brass And Bronze Valves, Brass Animal Figures, Brass Antiques, Brass Artifacts, Brass Bar, Brass Bells, Brass Bowls, Brass Candle Stand, Brass Casting, Brass Casket Handles, Brass Castle Sculptures, Brass Chandeliers, Brass Christmas Decorations, Brass Coaster, Brass Coffin Handles, Brass Crafts, Brass Cuff Rings, Brass Decorative, Brass European Figures, Brass Fireplace Fronts, Brass Fireplace Hearths, Brass Flower Vase, Brass Furniture, Brass Garden Accessories, Brass Garden Lanterns, Brass Garden Planters, Brass Gift Boxes, Brass God Statues, Brass Gramophones, Brass Handicrafts, Brass Heads, Brass Key Chains, Brass Lamp, Brass Lamp Bases, Brass Lamp Shades, Brass Lanterns, Brass Letters, Brass Magnifying Glasses, Brass Napkin Ring, Brass Paper Cutter, Brass Photo Frame, Brass Planters, Brass Pots, Brass Religious God Statues, Brass Rod, Brass Tableware, Brass Telephones, Brass Telescope, Brass Tubs, Brass Vases, Brass Wares, Brass Water Pot, Brass Wind Chimes, Brass Wire, Brassware, Bronze & Fiber Sculpture, Bronze And Antiquity Figurines, Bronze And Brass Reproduction Statues, Bronze And Stainless Steel Cutlery, Bronze Art Work, Bronze Brass Garden Accessories, Bronze Cutlery, Bronze Decorative Items, Bronze Dinnerware, Bronze Exporter, Bronze Fitting, Bronze Flatware, Bronze Furniture, Bronze God Figures, Bronze Ingot, Bronze Planters, Bronze Plaques, Bronze Religious God Statues, Bronze Sculpture, Bronze Sculptures, Bronze Statues, Bronze Valve Bodies, Bronze-Brass Garden Accessories, Bronzeware, Buddha Statues, Busts, Candleholders, Cast Bronze, Cast Bronze Threaded Fittings, Cat Figurine, Chess Boards, Classical Statues, Coils And Pipes, Curtain Rods, Cutlery, Decorative Copper Fountains, Decorative Items & Furniture, Decorative Item-Bronze, Deer Figurine, Dog Figurine, Dolphin Figurine, Door Knockers, Door Stoppers, Door Handles, Door Hinges, Eagle Sculpture, Elephant Figurine, European Figures, Faucets, Figures, Forged Brass Nuts, Fountains, Fruit Bowl, Ganesha, Garden Statues, Garden Statues Of Hindu Gods, Giraffe Figurine,  Hand Cast Brass Items, Hindu Statues, Home Decorative Items, Horse Bronze, Horse Figurine, Lamps & Candlesticks, Lamps Base, Latches, Lion Figurine, Metal Animal Figures, Oriental Statues, Picture Frames, Photo Frames, Planters & Urns, Pots, Sculpture Bronze Figure, Sculptures, Sukothai Bronze Sculptures, Table Bases, Tables, Tableware, Tableware Made Of Bronze & Stainless, Taps, Thai Bronzeware, Turtle Figurine, Mixer Taps, Urns & Planters, Valve Bonnets, Vase, Western Statues, Wildlife Figurine


 A.A. Art Co, Ltd.
 A.E. Brassware Co., Ltd.
 Akawat Import Export Co, Ltd.
 Almeta Company Limited
 Anan's Bronze Ltd, Part.
 Andaman Dreams Corporation Ltd.
 Art & Gift Product Co, Ltd.
 Art Antique Gallery
 Art Fun (1999) Co, Ltd.
 Art Of Living Co, Ltd.
 Artcraft Exports Ltd.
 Asajan Heritage Co.,Ltd.
 Asia Collection Co, Ltd.
 Asia Merchandise (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
 B.N.I. Products (1993) Co, Ltd.
 Bangkok Sanyo Spring Co., Ltd.
 Bangkok Specialty Products Ltd, Part
 Bronze Smith Co, Ltd.
 Bronzema Co., Ltd.
 Bronzesmith Co.,Ltd.
 C.P.S. Collection Co.,Ltd.
 Cazzini Co Ltd
 Chieng Heng Coliection Co., Ltd.
 Classic Art Collection Co Ltd
 D.K. Bronze Manufactory Co., Ltd.
 Dasan (Thailand)Co Ltd
 Dominion Trade Supply Co Ltd
 Duangthip Gift & Decor To Aesthetic Studio Co Ltd
 Fonderie Ocean Co Ltd
 House & Garden Arts Co, Ltd.
 House And Garden Arts
 Jada (1969) Co, Ltd.
 K.C. Lee Ltd Part
 K.H.L. Watana (Watanapanich) Co Ltd
 K.K.P. Bronze And Brass Co Ltd
 K.P. Eternity Co Ltd
 K.W. & Kul Ltd.
 Kaesorn Bronze Factory L.P.
 Keawratana Co., Ltd.
 Kinnaree Co, Ltd.
 Kitz (Thailand) Ltd.
 Klangsoi Co, Ltd
 Leela Art Production Co. Ltd.
 Lucky Direction Co.,Ltd


 Mano D Co., Ltd.
 Medlem Commercial Co.,Ltd.
 N.S.L. Industry Co., Ltd.
 National Furniture Ltd.,Part.
 New Life Sculpture Co.,Ltd.
 Num Seng Factory Co Ltd
 P.M. Brass & Bronze Ltd., Part.
 P.R. Thai Bronze Co Ltd
 P.R. Thai Bronze Co.,Ltd.
 Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited
 Patima Bronze Foundry
 Puttarungsri Phatima Ltd.,Part.
 R. Thai Bronze Makers Co Ltd
 Ripples International Ltd.
 Rong Lor Watanapanich (Khl Watana)
 S. Samran Thailand Co., Ltd.
 Santi Thai Art Co.,Ltd.
 Sheng Tai Brassware (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
 Siam Bronze And Thai Products Co.,Ltd
 Siam Fittings Co., Ltd.
 Siamtaksilp Co.,Ltd.
 Supoj Thai Bronze Trading Ltd., Part
 Supreno Co Ltd
 T.Y. Intercorp Co.,Ltd.
 Thai Aichi Co., Ltd.
 Thai Brass Wire Plate Co., Ltd.
 Thai Champion Valve Co.,Ltd.
 Thai E Art Dot Com Co., Ltd.
 Thaideals Dot Net Co., Ltd.
 Thapanin Co.,Ltd.
 Toho Yoshitake (Thailand) Co., Ltd
 Top Line Collection Co., Ltd.
 Toyo Valve (Thailand) Co Ltd
 Treasure Siam Co.,Ltd.
 Two-Tone Bronze Sculptures Co.,Ltd.
 Tyvin International Co., Ltd.
 Unique Oversea Supply Ltd.Part.
 V.C. Craft Co.,Ltd.
 V.S. Crafts Co.,Ltd.
 Vancom Co.,Ltd.
 Worakarn Bronze & Art Co Ltd
 Y.C.H. Yong Chiang Huad Ltd., Part.

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