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Thailand Brass Companies, Thai Brass Manufacturers - Industrial


Thai Brass Manufacturers are a popular request. There are two types of requests - Thailand Industrial Brass & Bronze manufacturers and Thailand manufacturers of decorative brass and bronze products.

Bangkok Companies is often asked to source brass products such as: Brass And Bronze Valves, Brass Bar, Brass Casting, Brass Rod, Brass Wire, Bronze Fitting, Bronze Valve Bodies, Bronze Threaded Fittings, Coils And Pipes, Faucets, Forged Brass Nuts

If you are looking to source brass and bronze items for industrial or construction use then please send me an email;

For a full listing of Brass & Bronze products and the companies in Thailand in this business please see: Thailand Bronze Companies, Thai Bronze Manufacturers


Featured Thailand Brass Company Profiles - Industrial

Featured Thailand Brass Company Profiles - Decorative

  Industrial Bronze and Brass  
Brass Rods Brass Faucets Brass Wire
Hot Forging Parts Brass Components Brass Fittings Brass Sand Casting
Brass Door Knob Forged Brass Gate Valve Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Brass Fitting, Hydraulic Fitting
Brass Wall Lamp Brass Door Hardware Automotive Brass Parts
.   .
Featured Thailand Brass Company Profiles - Industrial

A.K.H. Industries
Manufacturer of Brasssheets, Copper sheets, White metal sheets, Copper wires, Brass ingots, Copper ingots, High-leaded Gunmetals [Red- Brasses], Low-leaded Gunmetals [Red-Brasses] Etc.

Chavin Metal Products Co. Ltd.
Chavin Metal Products Co. Ltd. : Cold and Hot Rolled Sheets, and Coils. Electro Galvanized Sheets. Aluminum and Stainless Steel Sheets, and Coil. Copper, Brass and Spring Steel.

Metal Castings (Steel and Iron) and Metal Works
Metal Castings and Metal Works from steel, iron, stainless-steel, aluminium, brass to bronze. Machining parts, sheet metal works, wear parts, spare parts, machinery parts. Accept any size of orders.

Nsl Brass(Thailand) Co.,ltd.
Our company is a leading manufacturer of brass wire, brass rods and brass forging parts in Thailand since 1964. We serve various industries such as sanitary, automotive, hardware, electronics, etc. Our main clients are global well-known manufacturers. Our product ranges are machining grade, hot forging grade, and cold stamping grade. We also act as OEM manufacturer upon request.
Products: Brass rod, brass wire, brass strip. Machined brass hot forging parts

NSL Industry co.,ltd
Our facility of production which mainly can be divined in to 2 types, raw material and hot forging product. For raw-material including to brass rod(round, square, hexagon and profile bar) from the size of 2mm till 50mm(By next year the range will be more larger) Also for hot forging brass which covering gas valve, sanitary fitting, air conditioning parts and many more even including or excluding machining. Our entire hot forging products was made by 4 State-of-the-art hot forging machine from Mecolpress Also our company was producing Brass ingot and brass sheet to serve the market, which mainly supply to Grohe, Toto, American Standard and Paini.
Our Company was confidential to hold more than 35% of market in brass product. Which represents us to become neither no.1 nor 2 leading company in Thailand. At present we were having 3 companies, which run under the same management. Our capacity for production was 1000 tons/month. With in next year we will have capacity up to 1500-2000 tons/month.
Products: Brass Rod in variety of shape, Brass Ingot for sanitary fitting, hot forging brass + machining base on knowledge of over 40 years experience and state-of-art-machine MECOLPRESS hot foring machine.

With over 30 years in Business we are one of the most experienced and reputated Foundry and Manufacturer and Exporter in Thailand for the following:
-Die Casting of Aluminium, Brass and Zink for Furnitures, Water- or Gasmeters, Automotive Industry, custom made parts, etc.
-Sand Casting of Brass and Aluminium
-Stamping of Brassparts
-Casting of Furniture accessories like Knobs and Hinges made of Brass, Zink, Aluminium
-Decorative items like Fountains, Sculptures etc made of Brass. With over 1600 different Designs we are one of the largest Manufacturer in the World.
-CNC Milled special Screws and parts of Brass and Stainless Steel
-Custom made Designs are welcomed. Also smaller quantities accepted.
Products: Die casting, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Zink, Knobs, Sculpture, Fountain, Automotive, Watermeter, CNC, Sand casting, Stamping, Forging, Molde, Decorative, Furniture,

P.C. Takashima Co. Ltd.
P.C. Takashima : Service Valves, Cylinders for Refrigerant, Filter Dryers and Receivers, Orifice Accurators, Accumulators, Check Valves, Brass Fittings, Mufflers.

Prosico(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
We are the agent of world leading manufacturer and importer of non-ferrour metal including aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and other special alloys in various forms/types. Our market is mainly in Thailand.
Products: Non ferrous metal, copper, brass, aluminium

Ramsay Trading Co., Ltd
Ramsay trading is a company which brings together the supply base of China with the demand base of the western world. We have years of expertise in sourcing various products in China and are open to virtually any request. We are based in Thailand and we have sales and customer service representatives in United stated and England. We are currently supplying seamless brass tubing to customers in the United States, injection moulded plastic parts to customers in Australia and Thailand and welding consumables to customers in United States and Japan. We have qualified people who perform sourcing and negotiate best prices. They also provide quality control support, where necessary, and arrange shipping.
Products: Seamless brass tubing, plastic moulded parts, polyethylene film, welding consumables

Siam Nihon Castmat Co.,Ltd.
We are major ferro-alloys and non-ferrous base metal distribution in Thailand,and big one Copper ingot,Brass ingot, Al ingot Manufacturer. we are most famous raw material supply for all foundry industrial in Thailand.
Products: Copper Ingot, Al ingot, Brass ingot, Ferro alloy, Non-Ferrous Base metal, Ferroalloy & Products, Metallurgy Supplies, Mineral & Metals Agents, Mining and Metallurgy Projects.

Smk fitting established on 1983, to be manufactured of brass fitting parts In wide variety of industries, which ranging from: Furniture, Waterworks, Air condition, Sanitary ware, Pneumatic, Gas, Agriculture, And hydraulic. We also manufacture as per buyers requirement. Our utmost 20 years milestones, was guaranteed the expertise of free Cutting, machining and forging.

Most of our materials are dealing with the exact dimension as well as Precision in order to fit in our client's product. Especially, most of them Are the safety- related products, for examples, gas and air conditioning. Nowadays, smk fitting handle more than 100 number of accounts currently, Meanwhile the absolute satisfaction of customer is our goal. According to Our substantial growth in the volumes and accounts.

Smk fitting has continuously developed its technical as well as production Process. We have employed all the hi-tech and up to date machines, Incorporate with the r&d team, whereby the experienced staff, are all the Function keys that handle the absolutely completed production profile. Recently, we extend some of ourselves brand product, smk fitting is gaining Good response in the market. Generally, our routine procedure is begun with The refinement raw materials from the creditability supplier, manufactured Under the qualified machine, controlled by the experienced engineering Staff, finally testified with the quality control. In fact, smk fitting assured you that both OEM and smk brand are perfectly Performed the perfect fit in to all the brass fitting profile, or said Precision, quality and duration is the character of smk fitting.
Products: Brass fitting, Industrial Supplies Agents, Industrial Supplies Projects, Valves, Air-Compressing & Air-Separation.

Taco (international) Ltd., P
We produce:
Brass fitting, Ball valve, Gate valve, Angle valve, hydraulic fitting, Sanitaryware, Brass Mixers.
Our main Market
Middle East
Products: Brass fitting, Ball valve, Gate valve, Angle valve, hydraulic fitting, Sanitaryware, Brass Mixers

Tai Peng Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
TP Valve has its 37-year experience as a qualified producer and distributor of brass valve fitting. "Tai Peng Valve Limited Partnership" started as a manufacture of valve and accessory equipment applicable to pipeline system, both residential and industrial. The company was originally located on Bang Khuntien, Bangkok, Thailand. Presently, TP Valve is having a significant turn of international extension.
Products: Brass ball valve, brass hose bib cock, brass bib cock, brass gate valve, brass check valve forging and casting.

Tc Metal Industry
We use casting as raw material and use Co2 Method, No Bake, Dry Sand, Green Sand & Shell molding method for casting.
Products: We manufacture castings for sophisticated machinery manufacturers such as cnc machines, body for milling machines and lathe machines using: Gray Iron Castings, Metal Castings, Ductile Iron casting (SG Iron), Stainless Steel Casting, Brass and Bronze casting and Aluminums Casting

Thailoha Foundry
Thailoha foundry's found in 1982, for brass sand casting and aluminum sand casting by order. Meets the standards ANSI/ASTM, bs, din, nf, jis, gb4)
All kinds of valve parts, fittings, mechanical parts, alloy castings available.
We can produce according to customers' drawings, materials, and samples.
High quality and competitive price
OEM service available upon request
"Thailoha" foundry, found in 1976. We are specialized in the manufacture of aluminum, brass&bronze castings of large and small parts to specification. We special in copper base alloy castings, LEADED RED BRASS, TIN BRONZE, LEADER TIN BRONZE HIGH STRENGTH YELLOW BRASS, ALUMINIUM BREONZE, ALUMINUM ALLOY, GRAY CAST IRON(FC), DUCTILE CAST IRON (FCD ). We supply casting part to various engineering industries, sugar mill, rock crushing mill, food machinery, water pump, etc. We always ensure that only high grade raw materials be used.
Products: Sell brass sand casting and aluminum sand casting.

The Quality Copper Materials Co., Ltd.
The Quality Copper Materials Co. Ltd. Is Trading scrap company which is buying scrap inside Thailand and exporter through the worldwide.
We are buying scrap and exporter concentrate through Philipiines, China, India and so on.
Type of scrap:
1. Copper scrap: Copper Tube, Copper Wire, Enamel Wire
2. Brass scrap: Brass wire, Brass turning, Brass scrap.
3. Aluminum scrap: Aluminum Flake& Foils, Aluminum Turning.
4. Cable scrap
5. P. V. C. Scrap
Products: Copper and Brass scrap

Tozen (Thailand)
Thailand's manufacturer and supplier of Rubber, Stainless Steel, Teflon Flexible and Expansion Joint, Fabric Expansion Joint Spring Vibration Isolator, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Y-Strainer, etc.


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