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Thailand Adventure Tour Companies, Thai Adventure Tour Businesses


Thailand Adventure Tour companies
are offering a wide range of Eco tourism holidays such as: Sea Kayaking, Elephant Riding, Water Rafting, Jungle Trekking and Mountain Biking tours.

I have my own serious doubts that many of these companies are altruistically driven rather than financially driven but that's their business not mine. Just be aware that many locals, although they will make some money from these "Green Dreams" will suffer in the long term as they become just another bunch of monkeys in the western zoo tour mentality.

Traveling to Thailand for a simple holiday by the beach or touring the wonderful historical and cultural sights can be an adventure tour in itself without climbing on the top of a belligerent elephant to trundle through a mosquito infested forest. As you can probably tell elephants are not my favorite animals and elephant riding not at the top of my 'must do' list

Alternatively strap a long piece of elastic to your ankle and throw yourself from a high place like a crane. Some people call Bungee jumping fun.


Just watching the Thai people drive in Bangkok should show you that the word 'safety' does not exist in the Thai language. I watched some Bungee jumping on Jomtien beach once. I was drawn to the crowd that had gathered and saw a young lady dangling from a long piece of elastic attached to a crane. She was dangling head down a couple of meters from the sand. Then I noticed why there was such a crowd. she was wearing a thin boob tube type top. Unfortunately for her the boob tube was not round her boobs but round her neck. They must have left her there for a good ten minutes.

When I first came to Thailand in the 1980's I hired a car and made my own adventure tour by driving a few hundred kilometers to the Northeast of Thailand. In those days road signs were mostly in Thai. I could not read Thai. Asking for directions was a non starter. Lots of smiles but the locals could not speak English and of course I could not speak Thai.

Of course there are many specialist tour companies nowadays. They can organize bus tours in Thailand, Bike tours in Thailand even elephant tours. Adventure tours are something else. An adventure tour in Thailand consists of the following is much more than fun in a rubber raft it is hoping the rubber raft survives the river as well as you.



White Water Rafting Sea Kayaking Elephant Riding
. .
Diving Holidays Mountain Bike Tours Jungle Trekking
Golf Holidays Eco-Tourism Parasailing
Natural Park Camping Trips Thailand Culture Sailing

Featured Thailand Adventure Tour Companies

RBB Recreational Bangkok Biking are specialists in operating recreational Cycling Tours in Bangkok and Bicycle Tours in Chiang Mai. As our name suggests, recreation combined with the highest levels of safety standards, are the top priorities. So our groups are never larger than 8 participants, meaning that you can enjoy a safer and more personal service. Anyone who can ride a bicycle may join our excursions. In addition to a delightful tour experience, there is no better way to touch, smell and see the real Thai way of life. Our tours will certainly enrich your stay in Thailand; with memories and smiles that will last a life-time.

British Acorn Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Travel company providing Eco-tours, adventure holidays, diving, mountain treks, river rafting, elephant treks, jungle walks, offshore islands, rafting, sea canoeing, animal safaris, bird-watching and Golfing Tours.
GPS Resources Company Limited Thailand Thailand Online Travel Agent providing Thailand Tours, Cambodia Tours, Myanmar Tours, Vietnam Tours, Culture, History, Golf Holidays, Incentive, Nature Treks and Wildlife Safari Packages.

Because organized adventure holidays are a new scene in Thailand we are at present adding these companies to our database  If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an adventure tour company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Adventure tours offered by Thai adventure and eco-tour companies

Adventure cycling
Bamboo rafting
Bike tours
Boat trips on the River Kwai
Canoeing around the tropical islands
Canoeing in mangrove swamps 
Elephant ride
Elephant riding
Hilltribe trekking
Jungle trekking
Mountain Bike Tracks
Mountain biking vacations
Natural Park Camping Holidays
Paddling Tours
Parasailing, Paragliding
Rock climbing
Sea Kayaking
Snorkelling on coral reefs 
Walking Tours
Wildlife tours


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