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Thailand Agricultural Equipment Companies, Thai Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers


With the help of foreign and
Thailand Agricultural Machinery Companies Thailand has developed it's own range of agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment to suit the special needs and pockets of it's mainly agrarian population.

Rice production is the foremost user of this equipment. Planting machinery, Rice threshers, tractors and walking ploughs and nowadays machines that help with the cultivation, caring and harvesting of other crops such as fruit, rubber and cassava.

Culture Shock: Thailand by Robert Cooper - A book I read cover to cover and back again before my first trip to Thailand. How to Wai someone. Do not point your feet at people. Do not stroke somebody's head and always always respect The King.

What I was not prepared for was poverty shock. Yes Pattaya was much as expected and more. Bangkok was a traffic nightmare. It was up country where I was in shock. My first trip to Thailand and within days I was in a small agricultural village near Udon Thani in the Northeast of Thailand.


There was no TV. Probably a good idea as there was no electricity either. But it was the children that shocked me. They were well fed, Had a big broad Thai smile, but they had no shoes. They had no school bags. But that did not matter either. The nearest school was 20 kilometers away and the villagers couldn't afford the bus fare to send the kids to school.

The only means of transport, apart from a bicycle, was the mechanical buffalo. A two wheeled tractor (see picture below) that took the workers to the rice fields at dawn and carried them home again at dusk. Of course it was used in the rice paddies for ploughing and carrying the sheaves of rice back to the village for threshing. There was only one mechanical buffalo in the village and one threshing machine that serviced four or five villages.

Development has come quickly to this the poorest part of Thailand. I paid a visit to my first village last year. Electricity has arrived. Every house has a color TV and the mechanical buffalo has been replaced by a real agricultural tractor. There is only one tractor in the village. However now it seams every household can afford to feed it's own mechanical buffalo. Oh and the children still don't have any shoes. It doesn't matter they built a new school in the centre of the village. The kids sit there in the school, no shoes, big smiles on their brown faces as they play on the internet. Strange how things change.

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Farm Machinery
  • Pumps
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Diesel Engines And Petrol Engines
  • Spare Parts, Replacement Parts
  • Animal Feeding Equipment
  • Insecticides & Pesticides

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Featured Thailand Agricultural Machinery Companies
B.D. Agriculture (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand An importer and distributor of Agricultural Equipment, Poultry Housing Systems, Poultry Feeding Systems, Cage systems, Poultry growing, Breeder management, Environment control, Pig Feeding systems, Pig Housing systems

Featured Company
P.T. Prayot Tractors Co., Ltd.
P.T. Prayot manufactures tractor components. The firm supplies top tractor makers including John Deere. What differentiates our product from others is that our tractor uses Pelaton as its base, which could plow deeper and better than other tractors. In addition, the structure of tractor allows within itself the composition or change to 5 or 6 dishes. Its quality is also assured by our 100% thorough inspection in every production process. Presently we supply 100% to local market.
Contact : Mr. Prayot Atthathorn

Prae Ratanachai Co., Ltd.
Prae Ratanachai has two primary business functions including:
1). Dealer of agricultural products such as fertilizers, pesticides, farming equipment, vegetable seeds and Nutrients.
2). Operator of agricultural drying process factory for the dry servicing of corn, longan fruit, tobacco, chili,
and rice.
We mainly supply to local and neighboring countries like Laos and Vietnam.
Contact: Mr. Pachara Laoaraya

Rice Engineering Supply Co., Ltd.
Rice Engineering Supply Co., Ltd or "RES" is well recognized by our trademark "RISE". The company was established in 1982. We have a large engineering team of staff to research, design, manufacture, service and consult on all post harvested processes, particularly Paddy Rice.
During the past 20 years, "RES" has placed great emphasis on research and development gaining technical expertise for modern rice machinery. We learned the know-how in drying and preservation, by using the Fluidized Bed Dryer that has high efficiency in the rapid drying of paddy within 3 min. reducing the moisture content by 10%. Paddy dried by the Fluidize Bed dryer has a longer in storage life.
“RES” is very proud to be involved in the Thai Rice exports. As we feel our acquired technology has helped Thailand to be the leading rice export country. Our products are well known both domestically and internationally and have exported the full range of our products to many countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Zimbabwe, USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia.
“RES” is ISO9001:2000 certified and also has received prestigious awards such as Prime Minister Exporting Award in 1998 from Prime Minister of Thailand, Invention and Innovation Award for the combination of Fluidized bed Dryer and Husk Furnace from National Research Council of Thailand in 2001 and the American International Quality Export
Award etc.
Contact : Pornchai Tantivirasut

Sinudom Agriculture Products Limited
Sinudom is a manufacturer of chitin and chitosan made from shrimp and crab bones. It is used in the
food/agricultural industry as well as the cosmetics industry. Chitin and Chitosan are supplementary food that keeps our body balance by maximizing the use of our main nutrition. Chitin and Chitosan help strengthen our body and create body immune system, reduce cholesterol and fat, increase bipidus bacteria, which is very useful in our intestine, improve the conditions in stomach and intestine. Our product quality is certified by Asian Institute of Technology and King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. Presently our supply is mainly for local market, however, we have high caliber of export and seek joint venture to increase our manufacturing capacity.
Contact: Mr. Prapard Sinudom

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Adiko Engineering And Consultant (1984) Co,Ltd.
Agri-Mechanics Co Ltd
Agritech Engineering Co. Ltd
Astraco Asia Trading (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Ayutthaya Tractor Factory,
Bangkhae Tractor (1981) Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Komatsu Industries Co,Ltd.
Bangna Steel Works Ltd,Part.
Bermad (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Bruno Pump Industry (Thai) Co. Ltd.
C.R. Tractor Co Ltd,
Charoen Pokphand Engineering Co. Ltd.
Charoenphol Motor (1989) Udon Co. Ltd.
Chillington Tool (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Chonburi Muangthong Co.,Ltd
Cosmonoki Thai International Co. Ltd.
Dan-Tech Co. Ltd.
Deestone Ltd.
Delta Vet Co Co Ltd,
F.E. Zuellig (Bangkok) Ltd. - Industrial Division.
Farm Tractor Co.,Ltd.
Global En Tech Co.,Ltd.
Heng Nguan Seng Factory
Hydraulic Tractor Ltd,P.
I.S.C. Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Inter Kankaset Co. Ltd.
J.R. Electric Co. Ltd.
Jakpetch Tractor Co. Ltd.
Jor Charoenchai Tractor
Kamol Industry Co,Ltd.
Kaset Pattana Industry
Kaset Phattana Industry Co. Ltd.
Kasetphand Industry Co.,Ltd.
Kasetphattana Chachoengsao Factory
Kor Rungruang
Kow Tick Long Tractor Co,Ltd.
Kunasin Machinery
Laksi Tractor Ltd,P.
Lim Chieng Seng Ltd.
Mhi-Pornchai Machinery Co. Ltd.
Min Sen Machinery Co,Ltd.
Muileng Industry Ltd.
Nattawong Tractor Co.,Ltd.
Pathum Wan Tractor,
Pisith Tractor Ltd.,Part.
Plusone Industrial Corp Ltd
Prayot Tractor
Prontepphiphatpaisan Co.,Ltd.
Raja Machinery Co. Ltd.
Rice Engineering Supply Co. Ltd.
Roediger (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Ruang Thong Machinery Ltd.
Samakkee Lohakij Ltd.
Satake (Thailand) Co. Ltd.,
Siam Kubota Industry Co. Ltd.
Siam Pulleys Industry Co.,Ltd.
Sinheng Sawankaloke Co Ltd,
Sinsab Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Syngenta Crop Protection Limited
T.J.C. Chemical Co.,Ltd.
T.K.S. Intergroup Co. Ltd.
Talaythong Factory Co.,Ltd.
Techthai Integrated Horticulture Limited
Thai Agency Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Thai Agricultural Machinery
Thai Fertilizer And Agricultural Marketing Association
Thai Heng Kan Chang Rae Kan Raw Ltd.,Part.
Thai Interpattana Co. Ltd.
Thai Seng Yont,
Thanutai Aquatic Farming Equipment
Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) C0.,Ltd.
Track Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Trang Agricultural Development Co.,Ltd.
Uni-Tai (Thai) International Co.,Ltd.
V.C.P. Tractor Co.,Ltd.
World Tractor (1996) Co Ltd,
Yanmar S.P. Co.,Ltd.


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