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At last a subject that is close to my heart, or my waistline. Candies, sweets, confectionery whatever you want to call it. I am not so much an expert on candy just a consummate candy consumer.

When I was a kid my Mom gave me the job of taking care of the Easter Eggs. We had a small corner shop mainly selling children's clothes bust twice a year we would stock up on goodies. Easter we had the chocolate eggs and Christmas the selection boxes crammed full of chocolate bars of every description. Late at night I would creep down to the shop, carefully peel back the silver paper, prize open the chocolate eggs and carefully remove the contents. Chocolate buttons, smarties, jelly beans you name it they were out of there.

Come Easter and the eggs were sold. The following week a constant stream of customers coming in to the shop complaining that their children, husbands, wives had opened the eggs only to find the contents empty. My Mom was a great detective. Why she thought to look under my bed and find all the empty wrappers I will never know.


It was nearly twenty years later before I tried my next venture with sweets. My first time as a kid resulted in a clipped ear. The second landed me in jail. To make some extra money when my kids were born I took on a part time job selling shellfish around the pubs and clubs of South Yorkshire. As an additional side line I bought candies wholesale and bagged them up in freezer bags. I was doing a roaring trade. The sweets were selling better than the shrimps...until. Until the official from the Weights and Measures department caught me.

I was taken to court for having in my possession, for sale, packages of jelly babies, liquorice allsorts, salted peanuts and assorted candies. Cost me much more than a clipped ear.

When I first came to Thailand you could not get chocolate for love nor money. Every time I left on a trip to Europe or even just over the border to Malaysia I would stock up on Mars Bars, Twixes etc. Nowadays there is a new phenomenon - the 7-eleven store. Any candy cravings can be quickly satisfied. At first most of this confectionery was imported but more and more they are being produced locally. Local candy brands are emerging too. Exotic fruits like durian, mangosteen and the common pineapple are staple flavourings. A product I tried at the last Bangkok Food Fair was tamarind candy - rather nice too.

I have had had two request recently for sourcing sweets for personal use. I don't nornmally waste time on small projects like this but well I gave it a go. Liquorice was the first. I have never before come accross ths in Thailand. My first stop was Villa supermarket in Pattaya. Lo and behold they had not just the standard liquorice but also strawberry Liquorice and a green variety too. ission accomplished and one of my cravings satisfied. Wine gums was the next request - still looking - any suggestions? and not those gummy jelly immitations but the real McCoy please.

As you can imagine I am quite wary of venturing into the sweets business again. However as a sourcing agent I must help my customers. So, do you need candy products? email me

Featured Thailand Sweets Companies

Coffee Candy Hard Boiled Fruit Candy Durian Chips
. .
Corn Milk Candy Soft Tamarind Candy Fruit Jelly Candy
Lollipops Chewing Gum Fruit Jellies
Featured Thailand Candy Companies
M & Co (Direct) Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Natural Fruit Tamarind Candies, Tamarind Fruit Candy, Natural Healthy Tamarind Candy Products
URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Snack foods, candies, candy, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, Tivoli, Lousanne, X.O., Dynamite, Roller Coaster, Gourmet Popcorn

Following you will find lists of candy products and companies involved in the candy business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a candy company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Apple Candy
Assorted Candy
Assorted Chocolate
Assorted Chocolates & Candy
Biscuits And Wafers
Black Lotte Chewing Gum
Bonn Cafe' Candy
Bubble Gum
Bulk Candy
Bulk Unwrapped Candy
Bulk Unwrapped Chocolate
Bulk Wrapped Candy
Butter Set Candy
B-Xite Candy
Candy Bars
Candy Jewelry
Candy Powder
Candy Sticks
Chewing Gum
Chewy Candy
Chips & Snacks
Chocolate Covered
Chocolate Products
Chocolate-Covered Dried Fruit
Classic Candies
Coconut Bar
Coffee Candy
Corn Snack
Cough Drops
Crispy Snack
Custom Label Candy
Dark Chocolate
Dino Cola-Fruity
Dried Fruit & Nuts
Dynamite Candy
Edible Insects
Fruit Flavour Drink Jelly Drink
Fruit Flavoured Candy
Fruit Gum
Fruit Snacks From Durian
Fruit Syrup
Fruity Candies
Fruity Snake
Gourmet Chocolates
Gum Arabic
Gummi Candy
Gummi Jelly
Gummy Candy
Hard Boiled Candy
Herb Cookies
Honey And Maplesugar Products
Ice Lollies
Japanese Snack Foods
Jelly Beans
Jelly Biscuits
Jelly Candy
Jelly Cup
Jelly Stick
Milk Chocolate
Milk Flavored Candies
Natural Fruit Candies
Natural Ginger Candy
Nuts & Chews
Passion Fruit
Peanut Candy
Roasted Coconut Chips
Snack Foods
Soft Candy
Soft Candy Gummy
Sour Candy
Sticker Pop
Sugar Free
Sugarfree Bulk Candy
Sugarfree Candy (Bags)
Sugarfree Candy Bars
Sugarfree Gum
Sweet Candy
Tamarind Candy
Tootsie Rolls
Tropical Fruit Flavors
Wrapped Candy

A & K Foods Co, Ltd.
Adams (Thailand) Ltd.
B.J. & M. Co, Ltd.
Bak Brothers Ltd Part
Balloon Confectionery Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Berli Jucker Public Co, Ltd.
Big One Products Co, Ltd.
Blue Ocean International Co., Ltd.
Boonprasert Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
Boonsawat Snack And Sweets Co.,Ltd.
C.S.C. Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Capital Glucose Co, Ltd.
Chavanaphat Co, Ltd.
Chocolate Creative Products Co, Ltd.
Chuwatanadej Ltd Part
D.T.C. Industries Public Co, Ltd.
Delicup Co., Ltd.
E.F. Fem Foods (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Eastern Sugar Co Ltd
Enburg Food Thai Co., Ltd.
Enlighten Co, Ltd.
European Food Public Co, Ltd.
Excell Overseas Co Ltd
Fait Corporation Co Ltd
First Confectionery Co, Ltd
Friendship Co, Ltd.
G. Premjee Co Ltd
Gallothai Co Ltd
Ganong Co, Ltd.
General Candy Co, Ltd.
Great Union Food Industries Co, Ltd.
Holmather Earth Ltd.,Part.
Imperial General Foods Industry Co, Ltd.
International Laboratories Corp, Ltd.
J.S.B. Candy Co.,Ltd.
Jang Charoen Preserved Food Co.,Ltd.
Jintana Food Co, Ltd.
Jitsupa Co.,Ltd.
Jumbo Trading Co Ltd
Jutakeo Co Ltd
K.S.L. Export Trading Co
Kaew Sae Yee Shop
Kaket Phol Sugar Co Ltd
Khian Heng Rop
Khow Yong Hong Shop
Kiar Thai Intermolassess Co Ltd
Kim Eiam Seng Shop
Kim Heng Food Products Co, Ltd.
Korach Industry Co Ltd
Kuang Peng Ltd Part
L.D.C. International Co Ltd
Laemthong Food Industries Co, Ltd
Lai Lai International
Laor Chanurai Ofc
Long In Sae Lee Ofc
M & Co (Direct) Co, Ltd.
M & Co (Thailand ) Co, Ltd.
M.S. Group Co, Ltd.
Mass Marketing Co, Ltd.
Meng Cheng Candy Factory Co, Ltd.
Millimed Co., Ltd.
Mitmai Candy Factory Ltd.,Part.
Monty & Totco Co, Ltd.
Mrs. Flowers Co., Ltd.
N.P.A.C. Cofforatich Co Ltd
Nakornphet Sugar Co Ltd
Nam Ngai Hong Industry Co.,Ltd.
Nash Holdings Co Ltd
Nestle Trading (Thailand) Co Ltd
Ni Uerattanapong Ofc
Nutcandy House Co., Ltd.
Osotspa Co., Ltd.
P. Sang Udom Trading Co Ltd
Pairy Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Paitool Romphosaipaisan Ofc
Paragon Import Export Co., Ltd.
Pattamavan Co., Ltd.
Poki (Thailand) Co Ltd
Prairie Marketing Limited
Pravit Vichitsapphayakron Ofc
Primary World Intertrade Ltd Part
Richie Confectionery Co Ltd
Rubia Industries Lrd.
S.N.N.P. Intertrade Co Ltd
Saha Pathanapibul Public Co., Ltd.
Siam Daily Food Co Ltd
Siam Food Co Ltd
Siam Foods Industries Co., Ltd.
Siam Lucky Co Ltd
Siam Pal & Candy Co., Ltd.
Siam Sugar Export Corp Ltd
Siam Unitools Co., Ltd.
Siam Worakit Food Import Export
Speedway Transport Co., Ltd.
Sunrise Food Co Ltd
Super Top Food Co Ltd
Suwat Engineering Co Ltd
Sweet Thai Confectionery Co.,Ltd.
T.P. Sweet Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Tai Huat Shop
Tamaka Sugar Industry Co Ltd
Tanatavee Co.,Ltd.
Tang Hiang Seng Shop
Tang Kim Huat Shop
Tang Lieng Seng Shop
Tang Long Chian
Tang Peng Huat Shop
Tang Teck Heng Rop
Tasty Confectionery Ltd Part
Taveephol Product Co., Ltd
Teck Heng Shop
Thai Bb Fruits Co Ltd
Thai Confection Industry Co.,Ltd
Thai Glico Co.,Ltd.
Thai Lotte Co., Ltd.
Thai Mee Co., Ltd.
Thai Saeng Groceries
Theera Maketing
U.R.C. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Udomchai Shop
Ueng Teng Hong Shop
Ui Hua Shop
United Dairy Foods Co Ltd
United Foods Public Co., Ltd.
Urc (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Victory International Co Ltd
Wareethaveesub Co Ltd
Warner Lambert
Wiwit Import-Export Company Limited
World Impex A&A Ltd Part
Yong Lee Huat Shop
Yong Ngiab Shop

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