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I am often in a dilemma when it comes down to choosing the names for categories. Do I use the American English words candy & candies or the real English words sweets?

As a Brit sweets must be the obvious choice. As a businessman I will go for candy & candies as I think most buyers of confectionery products will be searching the net for these words.

Thailand is a great place to source your confectionery products. Thai manufacturers have developed novel lines of sweet products and snack foods based on the local fresh products like pineapple, durian, mango and coconut.

So if you have arrived here with the search words 'sweet' or 'sweets' then my apologies please click here and go to this page for a complete listing of sweet candy products and manufacturers of these products here in Thailand: Thailand Candy Companies, Thai Candy Manufacturers




Coffee Candy Hard Boiled Fruit Candy Durian Chips
. .
Corn Milk Candy Soft Tamarind Candy Fruit Jelly Candy
Lollipops Chewing Gum Fruit Jellies
. Featured Thailand Sweets Companies
URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Snack foods, candies, candy, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, Tivoli, Lousanne, X.O., Dynamite, Roller Coaster, Gourmet Popcorn

3m Food Product
We are 3m food product the agent of ruamkead Co., ltd.
We tried to come up with a distinctive recipe which produces seedless tamarind that still keeps its
original flavor and nutrition. It is just like natural tamarind, only easier to eat and more delicious.
Thus was born jeedjard chewy tamarind full of sweet tamarind flavor, so chewy and tasty you can't
resist eating just one more. The shell shuan shim brand pretty much tells you how hygienic and
delicious it is. Jeedjard chewy tamarind is made from natural ingredients only so it is full of healthy
minerals and free from gelatin and added preservatives. Jeedjard chewy tamarind is produced in
ruamkead company's factory with gmp, halal and FDA standards.
Products: Sell chewy tamarind gum & candy, snacks & dried fruit, halal traditional snacks

Bangkok Gateway Co., Ltd.
Company name: Bangkok gateway co. Ltd. Established: June 2004 Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Business type: Exporter Brand: Tasty
Company overview: Bangkok gateway co. Ltd. Is based in Thailand and a member of the department
of Thailand export promotion. We are an experienced exporter of a variety of flavored Thai desserts
and Thai food products under our own brand tasty and for other brands. Our dried/dehydrated fruit
products include dried/dehydrated durian of various sizes, dried longan, sweet banana, sweet
tamarind, jackfruit chips and many more. Thai dessert products include crispy rolls, macaroons of
various flavors at your choices. Canned Vegetable are also available such as sweet kernel corn,
bean sprouts, young whole baby corns, etc. We offer high quality Instant Thai Food such as green
curry, tom yum goong, massaman curry, red curry, chicken tom yom, chicken curry, fish in green
curry, etc. Thai Paste such as green curry paste, red curry paste, Panang curry paste, etc. We are
not compromising in term of quality. Therefore, our products are made of only high quality raw
materials. They have been carefully selected exclusively from reliable sources and processed with
full awareness of food safety in conformity to related food standards. We offer you the best quality of
products in reasonable prices with our assurance of quality consistency. In our website you will
obtain more information about our company and product details. Please let us know if any of our
product catches your interest and if you would like to have our product catalogue or any samples for
your considerations. We highly hope that we can establish long-term business relationship with you
in the very near future with our full commitments of services and quality assurance. I remain at your
entire disposal if you may need any further information about our company or any other information
else that we could provide you.
Products: Dried fried durian, jackfruit chips, crispy banana, crispy mango, sweet tamarind,
dehydrated longan, Thai cookies, canned vegetable, Instant Thai food, Canned Thai food and Thai

Berli Jucker Foods Ltd.
Berli Jucker Foods Ltd. is a subsidiary of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited, one of the leading
Thai companies in the field of production, marketing and distribution of four principal business areas
comprising consumer products, imaging products, technical products and packaging products.
Berli Jucker Foods was established in 1982 under the company name of Siam Snack Co., Ltd.
which is a joint venture between Berli Jucker Co., Ltd. and Pepsi Co., Inc., USA to produce snack
food. The company has a registered capital of US$7.1 million. At present, the company has made
total investments of US$10.2 million and engages a workforce of 287 employees, including 19
engineers and 18 Quality Assurance staff. Our main products, playing an important role in the
worldwide export market, are Potato Chips "Tasto" Brand, Caramel Coated Yam Chips "Party"
Brand, Crispy Snacks Coated with Chocolate "Campus" Brand, and Rice Cracker "Dozo" Brand.
With over twenty years of experience in snack foods, Berli Jucker Foods has forged strong business
relationships with international companies such as Yukee Food Co., Ltd. (H.K), CanAsia Traders
Inc. (Philippines), and Lao Asia Trading Co., Ltd. In addition, the company can guarantee the best-
quality products and hygiene as its manufacturing process has reached the ISO 9002 and HACCP
standards. The company is certified ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP by UKAS (United Kingdom
Accreditation Services) and SGS respectively. In addition, all products comply to Halal procedures
as certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand.
Products: Potato Chips, Caramel Coated Yam, Chips, Crispy, Snack Coated with Chocolate

Boonsawat Snack And Sweets Co., Ltd.
We are sweets manufacture in Thailand. Main products are snack and sweets made from fruits.
Example: -Durian chips, Durian cake, Durian powder, Durian stick, -Dried anchovy or sea food and
made to order for your project or under your brand. -Banana chips, Mango candy, Cashew nut
cookies, Flossy with pork -Nice to made for OEM and bulk pack. We got the certificate the OTOP
products 5star(best) about durian products 3 years 2003-2005 for 3 products. Our policy: Sell the
good products in fair price and make customer to be satisfied first.
Products: Durian chip, banana chip, Preserve fruits, sea food, dried anchovy, Snacks, Confectionery
& Candy

Chang Sin Seng Factory
Chang sin seng factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand. We are a manufacturer of tamarind candy
and has successfully operated for more than a decade. Our product is made from natural ingredients
and is suitable for everybody.
Products: Tamarind candy

First Superfood Company Limited
We're the one big company recognized in the world candy business in Thailand more than 25 years..
We produce a lot of high quality candy, more type and tidy in low prices exported to many country.
Our factory compound with: Production teams with skillful. Developer department intend to create a
good taste candy. Quality control department check all lots of product. We have Reference by
medicine and food organization in Thailand.
Products: Candy toy, plastic toy

Under the General Group, there are:
1. General Candy Co., Ltd who is in a candy business for over 30 years. We have candy, lollipop,
licorice, and gum line of productions. We manufacture a brand call "Hartbeat".
2. General Care Product Co., Ltd, a personal care manufacturing. We manufacturing a complete line
of personal care products.
3. General Candy Distributor Co., Ltd, a distributor who imports food/beverage/detergent/softener
liquid to be distributed in Thailand market.
Products: Sugar free candy, lollipop, licorice, gum, hair care, facial care, body care, oral care,
cosmetics, fragrances, spa products

Jintana Food Co.
Jintana food is a leading gummy maker from Thailand. We are an expert in making a high quality
novelty gummies candy. We welcome all oem business, we used to do an oem with nestle under
allen's star and with mar's corporation under starburst brand.
Products: Gummy candy, novelty gummy, made to order gummy

Jsb Candy Co., Ltd.
Jsb candy Co., Ltd. Was established since 1997 in 1000 square meters of land in Bangkok. The
products are developed from the first generation's business "lollipops" which are made for about 30
years to be hard boiled candy fruit flavors candy with attractive packaging in different shapes of
candy: Rectangular shape, oval shape and heart shape. The manufacturing process is made with
high-technology machines, the goods are distributed to all over the parts of Thailand and neighbor
countries. Now we would like to expand its to overseas market worldwide. We provide and distribute
the goods under the policy "customer satisfaction is # 1". So we are proud and prompt to serve
customers with high quality products and with the short lead time production will make customers
satisfy. The candy will be 2 years of shelf life in the metalite wrappers and are packed in the plastic
bag before putting in the carton that can make the candy are longer life.
Products: Candy, Hard boil candy

Siam Unicorn Import Export Co., Ltd
We, Siam Unicorn are an exporter of a wide assortment of top quality sweet product from Thailand.
Our products are qualified by industrial standard and classified as high profile refreshment products.
With our hygienic manufacturing process and our good taste, our products therefore become popular
among customers under the brand "UNIBANA"
Our aim is to give more competitive offers to oversea customers and satisfy the need of our
customers, we therefore grant them with variety of refreshments that our customer can favorably
enjoy selecting our favorite light meals. You are kindly invited to work with SIAMUNICORN for any of
your enquiry. If you show initial interest towards mutual business, please provide us with a feedback
so we can send you a more detailed presentation of our company stating our intentions. Please use
either our e-mail or fax number presented at the bottom. Meanwhile please visit our website for initial
Products: Mixed fruit candies ; Made from variety of fresh fruit pulp, banana, pineapple and mango.
Dried Fruits ; Roasted banana roll, Dried mango and Dried pineapple. Toffy ; Traditional style toffees
made from fresh coconut milk or mixed with Tropical fruit. Snacks ; Thai crispy roll and Rice cracker

Thai B.B. Fruit Co., Ltd.
Thai B. B. Fruit Co. Ltd. Is a local Thai manufacturer and exporter of delicious snack foods. The
company's products include various flavors of lollipop, soft candies, hard candies, dried fruits, cocoa
and gums for children. To please our junior consumers, we also attach a plastic toy with some
products such as a top, a car, a glass ball, a propeller or a sticker. The company is very conscious
of the need for quality in both its product range and in its entire production process. All products are
produced by modern machineries and strictly controlled by our qualified staff. Most of our products
are distributed locally. Only 10% of our output is exported to the overseas market, mainly in Europe,
and Asia and the Middle Eastern countries such as Yemen and China. The company's main
customers include Varun International Co. Ltd. Rabex Export Co. Ltd. And Aryans&Aryans Co. Ltd.
The company's total annual revenues are approximately US$240,000. Thai B. B. Fruit Co. Ltd. Has
been producing candies since 1980. The company maintains operations and head office in Bangkok,
employing a total of 60 employees including seven quality assurance staff and three R&D. With
more than 10 years of experience in this business, the company's products are widely accepted by
many customers throughout the country and the world market.
Products: Lollipop, Hard Candies, Solf Candies, Dried Fruits, Milk cocoa flavored toffee, Cocoa world
pop, cocoa and milk flavored dessert ,fruits candy

Thaiaochi fruits Co., ltd. is Fruits product company use brand of ThaiAochi, it is famous in Asia
countries. have many kinds products of Thailand, Which is offer such as vacuum freeze dried fruits,
Dehydrated fruits, fresh fruits, fruits candy, fruits juice and snack food with very nice packing and
Nice taste of Thailand food. Our fruit's factory has certification of HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001, Halal ,
made all high quality product for you.
Products: Durian, jackfruit, banana, longan, mangosteen, mango, pineapple, rambutan, Fresh fruits,
fruits candy, fruits juice, and snack food

Think Thai Foods Co., Ltd.
Cha-Liang is the leading manufacturer and distributor of tamarind products, ready prepared fresh
tamarind, tamarind paste and tamarind candy. Our products are available in leading supermarkets in
Products: Tamarind, Confectionary, Fresh Vegetable

United Foods Public Co., Ltd.
We are manufacturer and exporter of confectionery products e. G. Candy, jelly, biscuit stick, wafer,
chocolate. Our company located at southern part of Bangkok. We are 32 years in business. Our
main market is Japan. We're one of major manufacturers in Thailand producing wide variety of
confectioneries e.g.. Candy, jelly, water jelly, wafer, snack, etc. Our company are looking for
exclusive agents in North America, Canada, Latin America, Caribbean countries, Bangladesh,
Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and South Pacific countries. With long term
experience in producing high quality confectioneries supplying both domestic and international
markets for over 30 years we can organize private labeled.
Products: Candy, jelly, wafer, Confectionery, candy, wafer, snack, lollipop, chewy candy, jelly, water
jelly, food, Thailand, OEM, private labeled, Thailand OEM, Thailand private labeled.

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Thailand Candy Companies, Thai Candy Manufacturers


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