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Thailand Can Companies, Thai Can Manufacturers


Thailand Can Companies
produce millions of cans per month for the domestic canning market. Some of these cans are exported to canneries in South East Asia and beyond.

Thai can manufacturers make a full range of cams such as: aluminium cans for beverages, metal cans for paint, adhesives and other products and tin cans for the food industry.

The number of can manufacturers for food is decreasing, and increasing raw material prices, delivery times and demands for high order volumes force producers to look for alternatives. In recent years a number of flexible packaging solutions are also available to the producers of “canned” products

The closure of cans is normally carried out using a seaming machine. This is a very efficient technology and seaming equipment with very high production capacities is available, and will rarely limit the production output of a canning factory. Furthermore, with the increased speed, increasingly advanced equipment has been developed, and the manufacturers often supply specifications for cans to be used, as well as recommend control procedures a.s.f.. For the closure of bottles and jars, a lid is normally twisted onto a rigid container, normally with a vacuum, to achieve a hermetic seal.


Canned fish especially canned tuna is one of the largest consumers of cans in Thailand. A  result of the globalization process is that the volume of canned seafood products exported abroad has tripled over the last 30 years. The export of canned tuna still constitutes a major share of the canned seafood export industry however an increasing volume of seafood is in the form of canned shrimp and canned prawns. The volume of these products are lower than tuna but the total value of the products are higher.

Canned beverages and canned drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola although popular here in Thailand still compete with the traditional delivery methods of glass bottles and more recently plastic packaging. Popular nowadays are energy drinks in cans such as Lipo (Lipovatin), Red Bull and Krathing Daeng. Traditionally they were packaged in small bottles. For the export market however consumers prefer canned energy drinks.

I recently came across references to an old hobby can collecting or more specifically beer can collections. Thailand does produce most varieties of beer in cans. However there are only a small number of breweries, so not so much choice. Pepsi and Coke produce special cans to commemorate sporting events like The World Cup or The Olympics. Maybe there is a new business here. Drinking the beer and cola and then posting off the empty "special edition" cans to beer can collectors around the world.

Bangkok Companies has close contacts with packaging companies who can produce cans of different types and materials. Interested in sourcing cans in Thailand or having your products canned by local manufacturers and canneries then please email with your requests.



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Red Bull in Cans Energy Drinks in Cans Carabao Energy Drink in Cans
Featured Thailand Can Companies     Featured Thailand Canning Companies

Alucon Public Co., Ltd.
We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of aluminium packaging including aluminium monobloc aerosol cans, aluminium collapsible tubes, aluminium rigid wall container, aluminium screw neck bottles and aluminium slug. We export to more than 30 countries around the world, USA, UK, Japan, Korea, UAE, south Africa, Canada, poland, Australia etc.
Products: Aluminium cans, aluminium tubes, rigid wall container, aluminium slug

New Can Co., Ltd.
Packaging is one of the main factors that attracts customers to a product. To increase your product's chances of sale, let new can handle your packaging needs. Established in 1983, new can co. Ltd. Is a manufacturer of metal packages and fancy cans. The company can make a variety of packages according to customer requirements and can also create an attractive design to match your product. With almost two decades of experience, new can has a great deal of expertise, and currently serves many well-known companies trust in us to provide their packaging solutions. Currently Thai Kansai paint, Nippon paint, s&p syndicated pcl. And Pepsi are among our larger clients, and we also serve several clients abroad.
Products: Fancy can, metal can, metal package, tin can, tin package

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