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Thailand Canning Companies produce thousands of tons of canned food, canned seafood, caned fruit and canned beverage products every day. The major portion of this production finds it's way onto the the decks of container ships destines for ports around the world.

A recent report said "The number of can manufacturers for food is decreasing, and increasing raw material prices, delivery times and demands for high order volumes force producers to look for alternatives. In recent years a number of flexible packaging solutions are also available to the producers of “canned” products; retort trays and retort pouches are increasingly used for fish products"

Well this maybe true on a global basis. However here in Thailand the can manufacturers are having a tough time keeping up with the demand from Thai canneries.

So if you are looking for canned goods, canned food or canned beverages then please email with your requests.


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Featured Thailand Canning Companies    Featured Thailand Can Companies

B. N. H. Canning Co., Ltd.
B. N. H. Canning Co., Ltd. Was established in 1987 as a leading producer and exporter of canned fruits
and vegetables. We offer a broad range of top-quality canned fruit and vegetable products including sweet
kernel corn, cream style corn, baby corn, bamboo shoot, water chestnut, green pea, oyster mushroom,
bean sprout, mixed vegetables, red kidney bean and tropical fruit cocktail among others. We market our
products under the brand "BNH" and welcome production under our buyer's labels too. At B. N. H.
Canning, we guarantee that only the best raw materials are selected for processing. In the production
process, our factory is fully equipped with sophisticated technology operated by our skillful staff. We
implement meticulous quality control from the first stage through to the final packaging process to ensure
the consistency of our top-quality products. Currently, our products have been warmly welcomed
worldwide, especially in the Korean market where our canned sweet corn is very popular. We export 100
percent of our output to the global market including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and Australia. B. N. H. Canning Co., Ltd. Has already achieved the certifications of ISO 9002 total quality
management from SGS, HACCP from FDA, Thailand and won The Honorable First Prize Winner Award
from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in the National Agricultural Fair in 1998, certifying that our products are of high quality and excellent hygiene.
Products: Sweet kernel corn, baby corn, bean sprouts

C. K. K. Global Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd. One of the manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products from Thailand I. E. Rice, sugar, preserved vegetables, dried fruits, fresh fruits & vegetables, herbal plants and canned food to worldwide. The company is run by a group of young energetic professionals with sufficient experience more than 10 years to fulfill the needs of customers with highest satisfaction. Our prime aim is to ensure the quality product and timely shipment with best possible services. Customers satisfaction is of the most important motto of our staff. In the meantime, we also would like to offer the consolidation service for Thai products in the container. We noticed that Thai Foodstuff is the fast-moving product in your market, as we normally ship a lot of containers of Thai Foodstuff Products to Australia, Pacific Island, Hungary, Denmark, Iceland, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and USA.
Products: Canned Sweet Kernel Corn, Canned Pineapple, Jasmine Rice, Canned Fruits and Vegetables

First Canned Food(Thai) Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1988, First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd. Is a manufacturer and exporter of canned food, fully
committed to high-quality production. The company takes pride in the fact that it has been granted
promotional privileges by the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). With over ten years' experience in food
exporting, First Canned Food strongly focuses on controls and consistent product development to comply
with international standards and the requirements of its customers. The company's main products of
coconut, aloe vera, fruit and vegetables are mainly supplied to international markets such as Taiwan,
Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the U. S. A. First Canned Food (Thai) Co., Ltd. Has a
production capacity of around 200 containers per year for export overseas. The company generates annual
revenues of around US$300,000. The company engages some 90 workers including 10 QA staff, and
utilizes the latest technology available in the food industry today.
Products: Canned food

Hatyai Canning Co Ltd
We are a food canner located in southern Thailand, our main products being canned sardines/mackerel,
canned toddy palm (also known as sea coconut), and some health beverages, such as Chinese herbal tea, garcinia cambogia juice, bittergourd beverage etc. We are also expanding our operations to produce
canned tuna in the near future. We have obtained gmp, haccp, halal approval, and EU number, testimony of our strong work ethic.
Products: Canned sardines/mackerel, canned toddy palm, fruit beverages

We are the exporter from Thailand:
Products such as: Chunk tuna in brine, Chunk tuna in vegetable oil, Flake tuna in brine, Flake tuna in
vegetable oil, Sardines in tomato sauce, Sardines in tomato sauce with chilli, Mackerel in tomato sauce,
Mackerel in tomato sauce with chilli, Canned coconut milk, Canned pineapple standard slice/pieces,
Canned fruit cocktail in light syrup, Canned lychee in syrup, Rambutan in syrup, Longan in syrup

Khaoyai Tropical Fruits Canning Co.,Co.,Ltd
Our factory is a brand-new one, just established freshly on the vast area in the prachubkirikhan province( 3
hours driving from bangkok) to export the canned pineapple, canned tropical fruit cocktail and aseptic
pineapple juice concentrate 60 brix/65brix to the worldwide markets. Our factory is located right in the mid
-area of the pineapple plantations. We are writing you today in order to find an opportunity to establish a
mutual business transaction with your esteemed company for developing markets together. Please advise
us of your inquiry for our immediate sending of competitive proposal.
Products: Canned pineapple, tropical fruit cocktail, aseptic pineapple

Oversea Canning Co.,ltd
Manufacturer of Canned Tuna, made to order with health certificate from fishery department of Thailand,
passing the standard of European food grade. Capacity is upto 200 containers per month. Order can be
discussed on specification and packaging is on demand with sample.
Products: Canned tuna

Pineapple Canning Equipment Co.
Thai company specializing in design and fabrication of pineapple processing equipment - for peeling,
coring, slicing, and canning - from small-scale manual units, up to automated turn-key systems.

Pranburi Pineapple Canning Co., Ltd.
We are a middle manufacturer established in 1989. Our main products are canned pineapple, aloe vera and fruit cocktail.
Products: Pineapple, canned pineapple

Psch Marketing Co., Ltd.
Thai food is known to be one of the world best cuisines. Spicy taste and its ingredients make thai dishes
different and unique. Not only delicious but thai foods are good for your health as they are mixed with many herbal ingredients. That's all the main reasons that lead thai foods to one of the tops. Namely, tom yam koong and green curry are now well-known to the world and you can find them in every thai restaurants. Without going out to the restaurant offers you a new choice of thai taste. Our products can be easily made by yourself at home or even ready-to-eat. Check out our products and enjoy your meal!
Products: Sale canned food: Namya kati, tai pla curry, chicken green curry.

S&L Can Products Co., Ltd.
S&L Can Products Co. Ltd. Is a manufacturer and exporter of canned sardines and mackerel. Our product
line include: Mackerel and sardines in tomato sauce, mackerel and sardines in tomato sauce with chili,
mackerel and sardines in natural oil and brine, and mackerel and sardines in vegetable oil. Currently, we
export around 80 percent of our output under both our brand name 'S&L' and private label for customers'
own brands to many countries in the global market. Our major export markets are Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. With state-of-the-art production technology, experienced management team and well-trained
workers, S&L's products have rapidly grown and the company is now one of the leading canned products
manufacturers and exporters in Thailand.With our factory located near the Gulf of Thailand, S&L Can
Products can guarantee that only the freshest possible raw materials are used. We employ the latest
technology in production and place a high degree of emphasis on quality in both our product range and our
entire production process. As a result of this dedication to the company's mission, we achieved numerous
awards including ISO 9002 awarded by QMI, HACCP issued by the Department of Fisheries, Thailand and
GMP for canned seafood products issued by the Food and Drug Administration, Thailand.We have a large
degree of flexibility to meet customers' requirements and needs. This enables us to successfully penetrate
the worldwide market under both our brand name 'S&L' and customers' brands. A private limited company,
S&L Can Products has been producing canned fish products since 1998. We employ a total of 60
employees including two engineers and 12 quality assurance staff. Currently, we have registered capital of
US$ 700,000 and generate total annual revenue of US$ 3.5 million.
Products: Mackerel or sardine in tomato sauce, mackerel or sardine in tomato sauce with chilli, mackerel
or sardine in natural oil and brine, mackerel or sardine in vegetable oil

Sutthiphong Engineering Co. Ltd.
Canning and Can-making equipment. Precision container press tooling. Seaming rolls and chucks. Tuna
and pineapple processing equipment. Angelus/Canco can seamers and spare parts.

Thai Pineapple Canning Industry Corp Ltd
It is a great pleasure for us to introduce to you Thai Pineapple Canning Industry Corporation Limited, a well
-established manufacturer and exporter of prepared pineapple products since 1962. Locating in the great
area of rich soil, our plantation delivers at best of genuine Thai pineapple, fed mainly to our integrating
process plants. With all good wills, strong and true, our staff put forth in best efforts with cares of full
voluntary on food safety to ensure our shipment completed great through consumption. Assessed and
verified under international standards of food laws, hygiene hazard/critical controls, including additional
requirements strengthening and fulfilling customers needs, our production line, all compliance and its
processed had been verified and found conforming to SGF/IRMA, TIS/ISO 9001:2000, AS/NZS ISO
9001:2000, and HACCP. We have so far been significantly certified of hygiene sanitary, committed to
customers satisfactory, and friendly to environment for the manufacture of: -Glass Jars Products,
-Canned Pineapple Products, and -Frozen/Aseptic Concentrated Pineapple Juice Packed in Bulk. As part
of global supply chains, our from-field-to-fork pineapple products have been labeled in all languages through the continents, distributed and shelved worldwide in significant retails, food marts, grocery stores, thus serve both industrial user and catering restaurants. In worldwide markets, THAIPINE is our brand
sequencing ready to consume pineapple products in various sizes, styles, and packing media. Particularly
our none GMO pineapple concentrated juice is an NFC single strength pineapple concentrated juice
profiles a great taste of all season refreshment drink, frozen/aseptic, exported in bulk, bin and drum.
In this regard, we welcome any of your inquiry to which we immediately response.
Products: Pineapple and NFC juice, Canned Pineapple, Frozen Concentrated Pineapple NFC Juice

Varin Food Machinery Co. Ltd.
Canning & Can making equipment. Precision container tooling. Seaming rolls & chucks. Engineering
support. Angelus, Canco, Varin models. 


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