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Thailand Carbon Companies, Thai Carbon Manufacturers


Thailand Carbon manufacturers
produce the raw material in it's pure and variant forms mainly for domestic use in industrial processes to make products such as carbon black used in the production of tires, carbon steel and carbon fiber products.

These products are then generally available for export. I came across a new company , for example, last month that has set up high tech facilities on an industrial estate near Chonburi. They produce carbon fiber hulls for racing yachts, Not much call for expensive racing yachts here in Thailand. I am sure these boats are destined for the far off waters of the Mediterranean or The Caribbean.

Carbon steel is another raw material that is processed into finished products like engineering parts and especially boiler pipes and heating systems.

These are some of the carbon products that we have been asked to source recently: Carbon Black, Carbon Steel Golf Clubs, Carbon Steel Surgical Instruments, Carbon Fiber Watch Parts, Carbon Fiber Tubes, One Time Carbon Paper


Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet, Machines constructed with carbon steel, Activated Carbon Face Masks, Carbon Fiber Body Trim, Charcoal, Carbon Fibre Racing Parts

All these products are available for export. The only problem is locating the right company who produces the right product for you. Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your incense needs please email with your requests.

Many of these products and companies are duplicated as they also describe these products as graphite products so please take a look at Thailand Graphite Companies, Thai Graphite Manufacturers for more information.

Carbon Black Carbon Steel Golf Clubs Carbon Steel Surgical Instruments
Carbon Fiber Watch Parts Carbon Fiber Tubes One Time Carbon Paper
Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Machines constructed with carbon steel Activated Carbon Face Masks
Carbon Fiber Body Trim Charcoal Carbon racing Parts
Featured Thailand Carbon Companies
Thai Carbon & Graphite Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Carbon Seals, Carbon Brushes and Mechanical Carbon Powder for use in automotive and electrical industries.
Thai Carbon Black Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of furnace grade carbon black The major use of carbon black for production of automobile tires. Carbon black is a very fine powder, which is used in the rubber industry.
Thai Carbon Brush Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand carbon brush manufacturer for automobile parts, electrical tools and home appliances applications
Thai Carbon Product Co., Ltd. Thailand Manufacturer of Hard Grade and Soft Grade Carbon Black used in wiper ribbons, floor mats, engine mounts, and hoses for all types of vehicles

Asia Carbon Industry Co., Ltd.
Asia carbon industry co. Ltd. Was established in 1986 with a registered capital of 10 million baht. The company specializes in manufacturing one time carbon paper and duplicating ink, which are used in educational institutes, commercial companies, and the printing industry. For over a decade, the company has continuously developed its products to achieve optimum quality. As a result of this dedication, our products have been accepted as the industrial standard from the ministry of industry. In addition, we offer a wide array of products and provide made-to-order service to customers both in the domestic market and in foreign markets such as Japan and Pakistan.
Products: Duplicating ink, one time carbon paper, Printing and Writing Paper

Asia Fluoropolymer Co., Ltd.
We are PPTF Manufacturer in Thailand for several years.
TETRON is Asia Fluoropolymer's trade name of PTFE. TETRON is available either as a virgin material in semi-finished shapes or in special formulations to suit a customer need. TETRON... Application solutions custom engineering.
Products: We are manufacturer of TEFLON/PTFE Rods, Tubes and Sheets. PTFE filled compound as Virgin, Carbon, Bronze, Rulon

Carbon Image Co., Ltd
We are Thailand suppliers of water transfer printing, cubic printing, cubic coating, thin film,3D curve, machine & chemical, able to printing or coating on plastics ABS, PE, PU, PVC, metal, glass, wood, fiberglass, over 500 vein series, wood grain, marble, cartoon, have VCD step by step right, fiberglass, carbon cloth, cormat, epoxy resin, polyester resin, mono, silicone Kevlar, red, blue, yellow, silver, carbon yarn

Copy Rite Industrial Co., Ltd.
Copy Rite Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 as a manufacturer and exporter of carbon paper. Ever since our inception, we have supplied a full range of carbon papers to both local and international markets. The company's mission is to meet the increasingly stringent requirements in the stationery market, and to be a world leader in the manufacture of carbon paper. At Copy Rite Industrial Co., Ltd., we provide top-quality carbon paper to serve today's and tomorrow's stationery needs. Our present production capacity is over one million boxes per annum, of which around 50 percent is shipped to African, Southeast Asian, Middle East, and South Asia countries. We are active in the OEM business, and have produced over ten different brands with four types of carbon paper. We have our own technology, which originated from Germany. Stringent quality control is maintained at every stage of the production process by a team of qualified professionals. The company achieved the top standard for its products with the stamp of approval from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. Copy Rite Industrial Co., Ltd. generates total annual revenues of US$400,000 with a total investment of around US$67,000.
Products: carbon paper, carbon copy, stationery, office equipment, office supply, Carbon paper for handwriting, carbon paper for typewriter, carbon paper, double sided

Cosmos composite is manufacturer of made to order products from light weight structural composite materials. Designed to meet our customers' budget and performance requirement combined with our extensive knowledge of composite materials, cosmos composite customs build just about anything from prototype, model and series, even on a small quantity minimum order. Cosmos composite provides detailed design, high quality components, a first class service and competitive prices. We have 11 years experience in composite design, engineering and manufacturing at the highest level. With CAD/cam design and manufacturing equipments, we focus on technical parts, sporting goods and leisure equipments (golf caddy, kayak paddle, exhaust pipe, motorcycle parts) made from carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin using rtm and injection system.
Products: Golf, skiing product, carbon fiber, fiber carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass, resin, mold, mould, twill, laptop, weave, computer, tube, panel, backpack

Environment Sphere
- String Wound Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
- Spun Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
- Melt Blown Micro Diameter Polypropylene Fiber Filter Cartridge
- Super Melt Blown Polypropylene Filter Cartridge
- Micro Wynd Filter Cartridge
- Resin Bonded Cellulose Filter Cartridge
- Carbon Filter Cartridge
- Ceramic Filter Cartridge
- Bag Filter Cartridge
- Housing Filter Housing Stainless
- Press Filter
- Pre Filter
- Air Filter
- Hepa Filter
- Paper filter
- Filter Aid

LuKarNam Ltd. Part.
Lukarnam limited part. Smokeless charcoal & heating substitutes 'de-vine heat' by 'smoky-no& co. Ltd. ' Lukarnam ltd. Part. Is an established trade and export company dealing in non-toxic, charcoal and heating substitute products derived from recycled biodegradable fuels. Since January 2002 we have been involved in the manufacture of these otop (one tambon one product) approved bio fuel products in particular a product registered under the brand name 'smoky-no' and 'de-vine heat' designed for overseas markets. 'smoky-no' and 'de-vine heat' is made of 100% value-added bionic materials and uses no fossil-fuels. Our product is odorless, smokeless and does not produce any high flame when used for BBQ, cooking or heating. Clearly this is a major plus for consumers, both in terms of safety, health and the environment.

These substitutes are derived from at least 70% high fixed carbon recycled biodegradable fuels and 30%come from other non-toxic value-added materials. For 'smoky-no' we designed a unique consumer package for family BBQ weighing 2.6 kg. 'de-vine heat' coal substitute is packed in a more efficient packing of 10kg& 5kg.

For businesses like catering businesses and in particular restaurants specializing in grilled meals we provide a more beneficial mode of packing - 10 kg per bag in plastic bags with handle and print. For 'smoky-no' we designed a log styled form packed in a unique hexagonal box with a handle on top and attractive printing on the front and back in four languages, weighing 2.6 kg. This is sufficient to fulfill the average consumers needs as far as having a BBQ with family and friends or indoor cooking. For catering businesses and in particular restaurants specializing in grilled meals we provide a more beneficial mode of packing 10 kg per bag in plastic bags with handle.

MS steel
Ms steel is a steel maker who produces low carbon, high carbon wire rods, reinforcing bars and finished steel products, which are used for the construction purpose and various industrial applications.
Products: reinforcing bar; deformed bars, Round bars, wire rod, low carbon steel bars

Phetkasem 2004 Logistics
We are phetkasem 2004 logistics limited partnership, locate in Thailand, we are one of active exporters of stream Coal and anthracite products in Vietnam. Contact me soon before full booking. Briefly our main quality of coal are as following: Quality is in ordering Anthracite coal medium c. V.  Name of mine, no. Grade, size (mm), moisture% (max), ash%(max), volatile%, fixed carbon%, sulpher (max)%, c. V. (kcal/kg)
Heating coal: 'de-vine heat' coal is specially designed in a cushion shaped form of approximate 3 by 4 cm and packed in 20kg.10kg. And 5kg. Plastic bags with handle. This heating coal has the same specific values as 'smoky-no' and when applied for heating indoors, in a convector heating system or open fire, this coal substitute does not produce any CO2 or dioxin outlets, which guarantees safety for the consumer.
Products: Trader, exporter, and manufacturer in biodegradable fuels, charcoal substitutes, heating coal substitutes, made of value added bionic origin

Procaddy Composite
Procaddy is manufacturer of carbon fiber products specialized in sport equipment. We have 11 years experience in carbon design, engineering and manufacturing at highest level. We focus on golf equipment but are able to produce any component made from carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin using RTM and injection system. Procaddy is unique in the golf market as we are the only one.
Products: Carbon fiber composite golf caddy luggage helmet motorcycle

Siam Carbon Industry
Our company has been established in 2004 to produce high-grade charcoal. Our specialty is hard wood charcoal in various shape and size such as briquette, flake, granule, powder, BBQ, cushion, and round. We also offer our service for custom-made order. Since starting, we have had orders from customers in Korea and Japan and we have already delivered to them without any delay because we work under our founder's philosophy we offer you not only good product but also prompt delivery.
Products: Hard wood BBQ charcoal, charcoal briquette, flake, granule, powder, cushion, and round shape.

Thailand Anthracite Co., Ltd
Thailand Anthracite Co., ltd. as one of the main anthracite supplier and manufacturer in Thailand. Servicing water treatment, importing and transformating anthracite coal, used as a primary fuel in many industries such as steel, cement, glass etc. Used as an electrical insulator components to produce hard rubber battery container in the battery industry. We supply to yuasa battery. Also produce activated carbon for water supply system.
Products: Anthracite coal, fired coal for boiler in glass, steel, cement industries, coal dust for hard, rubber battery container, anthracite media filtration

Wongsinsup Co., Ltd
We are manufacturing charcoal from rice husk. Located in Suphanburi, Thailand. We are applied from rice mill, main business. Capactiy is 250 MT/month. We get more than 20 supplier to supply rice husk.
Products: Charcoal, husk, carbon

Following you will find lists of carbon products that are available from companies involved in the carbon business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a carbon company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon Fibers
Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Activated Carbon Filter Mesh
Activated Carbon For Catalyst
Active Carbon Air Filter
Active Carbon And Valved Mask
Active Carbon Face Mask
Active Carbon Non-Valved Dust Mask
Active Carbon Respirator
Antistatic Felt With Carbon Fiber
Arc Carbon Rods
Bamboo Activated Carbon
Bamboo Carbon
Bamboo Carbon Mattress
Bamboo Carbon Pillow
Bamboo Charcoal
Bbq Charcoals
Boiler Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes
Calcined Anthracite
Carbon Additive
Carbon And Graphite Felt
Carbon Badminton Racket
Carbon Badminton Rackets
Carbon Batteries
Carbon Battery
Carbon Black
Carbon Block
Carbon Bottle Cage
Carbon Brush
Carbon Brush For Locomotive
Carbon Brush For Power Tools
Carbon Brush Kit
Carbon Brushes
Carbon Brushes For Power Tools
Carbon Cans
Carbon Ceramic Trimmer
Carbon Constructional Steel
Carbon Fabric
Carbon Fiber Auto Accessorie
Carbon Fiber Ballpoint Pens
Carbon Fiber Business Card Holder
Carbon Fiber Cello Case
Carbon Fiber Cloth
Carbon Fiber Cloth Products
Carbon Fiber Composites
Carbon Fiber Exhaust Pipe
Carbon Fiber Front Fender
Carbon Fiber Gear Knobs
Carbon Fiber Heater
Carbon Fiber Heating Lamp
Carbon Fiber Heating Sleeping Bag
Carbon Fiber Heating Wire
Carbon Fiber Hood
Carbon Fiber Muffler
Carbon Fiber Packing
Carbon Fiber Pens
Carbon Fiber Pipe
Carbon Fiber Product
Carbon Fiber Rear Wings
Carbon Fiber Ripple Ceiling
Carbon Fiber Rod
Carbon Fiber Screw Pipe
Carbon Fiber Shift Knobs
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Carbon Fiber Tripod
Carbon Fiber Twin Muffler
Carbon Fiber Upvc Roof Tile
Carbon Fibre Ball Pens
Carbon Fibre Body Kit
Carbon Fibre Fountain Pens
Carbon Fibre Roller Pens
Carbon Fibre Spoiler
Carbon Film
Carbon Film Resistors
Carbon Finger Knuckle Protector For Motorcycle Gloves
Carbon Finger Slider
Carbon Heat Protection Curtains
Carbon Heater
Carbon Heater Lamps
Carbon Hiking Poles
Carbon Impregnated Cellulose
Carbon Mechanical Seal Components
Carbon Molecular Sieve
Carbon Paper
Carbon Paste
Carbon Potentiometers
Carbon Powders
Carbon Racing Bicycle
Carbon Raiser
Carbon Ribbon
Carbon Roasting Plates
Carbon Rod
Carbon Rods
Carbon Sack
Carbon Sealing Rings
Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe
Carbon Seamless Steel Tubes
Carbon Slide Chips
Carbon Slip Ring
Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Bakeware
Carbon Steel Ball Bearings
Carbon Steel Balls
Carbon Steel Bearings
Carbon Steel Castings
Carbon Steel Cookware
Carbon Steel Cookware Set
Carbon Steel Cylinder Tubes
Carbon Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearings
Carbon Steel Electrodes
Carbon Steel Fittings
Carbon Steel Flange
Carbon Steel Handles
Carbon Steel Hole Saw Sets
Carbon Steel Pipe For Ship Building
Carbon Steel Pipes
Carbon Steel Plastering Trowel
Carbon Steel Reactor
Carbon Steel Spring Wire
Carbon Steel Storage Tank
Carbon Steel Surgical Blades
Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpels
Carbon Steel Tubes
Carbon Steel Valve Fitting Casting
Carbon Steel Wedge Head
Carbon Steel Welding Electrode
Carbon Steel Wires
Carbon Sticks
Carbon Tool Steel
Carbon Tube
Carbon Two-Piece Spinning Rod
Carbon Vanes
Carbon Zinc Battery
Carbonized Bamboo Flooring
Carbonized Bamboo Panel
Carbonized Board
Carbonized Fiber Braided Packing
Carbonized Fiber Cloth
Carbonized Outdoor Bamboo Flooring
Carbonized Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring
Carrier Activated Carbon
Catalyst Activated Carbon
Cathode Carbon Block
Circular Hollow Copperize Carbon
Coal Based Activated Carbon
Coal-Based Activated Carbon
Coconut Hull Carbon
Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
Cold Drawn Carbon Flat Steel Bars
Cold Rolled Carbon Coil
Common Carbon Steel Plates
Complex Carbon Ceramic Filter
Disposable Carbon Steel Surgical Blades
Electricity-Calcined Anthracite
Environmentally Friendly Round Charcoals
Fireproof Carbonized Fiber Cloth
Flake Graphite
Flame-Proof Carbon Film Resistors
Flexible Graphite Rolls
Fluorine Carbon Coatings
Forged Carbon Steel Products
Fumed White Carbon Black Powder
Granular Activated Carbon
Graphite Balls
Graphite Block
Graphite Electrode
Graphite Electrode Block
Graphite Electrodes
Graphite Particles
Graphite Rod
Graphite Sealing Products
Graphitized Petroleum Coke
High Carbon Content Hardwood Charcoal
High Carbon Ferro Manganese
High Carbon Galvanized Wire
High Carbon Steel Strip
High Carbon Steel T-Nails
High Carbon Steel Wire
High Quality Charcoal Briquettes
Honeycomb Activated Carbon
Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plates
Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Square Billets
Impregnated Activated Carbon
Large Grain Activated Carbon
Low Carbon Iron T-Nails
Low Carbon Steel Tube For Heat Exchanger
Magnesia Carbon Bricks
Mechanism Charcoal
Multi-Purpose Carbon Spinning Rods
Multiwall Carbon Nano Tubes
Non-Stick Carbon Steel Roasters
Non-Stick Carbon Steel Stockpot
Non-Stick Coating Carbon Steel Pasta Pot
Non-Stick Muffin Pan
Nut Shell Based Activated Carbon
Oil Tempered Carbon Steel Spring Wire
Pellet Activated Carbon
Pointed Gouging Carbon Electrodes
Porous Carbon Material
Powder Active Carbon
Powdered Activated Carbon
Prebaked Carbon Anode
Purification Carbon For Living Room
Quick Ignition Charcoal
Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe
Silicon Carbide Heating Element
Silicon Carbide Products
Superfine Carbon Powder
Synthetical Graphite
Telescopic Carbon Sea Rods
Uv Air Purifier And Ionizer With Activated Carbon Filter
White Carbon Black
Wooden Powder Activated Carbon


If you are looking to source or sell carbon products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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