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Thailand Graphite Companies, Thai Graphite Manufacturers


Thailand Graphite Companies
produce many types of graphite products from the simple and cheap like graphite pencils to the expensive like graphite seals and even graphite rods for nuclear reactors.

Below are just a selection of the graphite items available from Thai graphite manufacturers. If you want to source these or other products then please contact with your requests.

Many of these products and companies are duplicated as they also describe these products as carbon products so please take a look at Thailand Carbon Companies, Thai Carbon Manufacturers for more information.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your graphite needs please email with your requests.




Graphite Rods Graphite Mineral Graphite Anode
Graphite Electrode Nipples Graphite Crucibles Flexible Graphite Tape
Expanded Graphite Yarns Graphite Block Graphite Electrodes
Featured Thailand Graphite Companies
Thai Carbon & Graphite Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand manufacturer of Carbon Seals, Carbon Brushes and Mechanical Carbon Powder for use in automotive and electrical industries.
Thai Carbon Brush Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand carbon brush manufacturer for automobile parts, electrical tools and home appliances applications

K.M.L.Technology Co.,Ltd.
We are one of the leading manufacturer& Complete solution provider of Exothermic Welding System from Thailand, under KUMWELL brand. Our main product rages are Exothermic Welding Metal Power, Graphite& Ceramic Mould (standard & custom) Handle clamps, Grounding& Lightning production equipment& Accessories. "Exothermic Welding System" applications for Electrical connection, Joining steel railway track, reinforcing bar, copper bus bars and earth and lightning conductors. We are expert in Graphite Mould production in the world, we specially take care customs design mould for different customer needs.
Products: Exothermic Welding System, Exothermic Welding Metal Power, Graphite & Ceramic Mould (standard & custom made), Handle clamps, Grounding & Lightning production equipment & Accessories, Cathotic production

Following you will find lists of graphite products and companies involved in the graphite business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a graphite company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Arc Carbon Rods
Artificial Graphite
Artificial Graphite Powder
Battery Carbon Rods
Bottom-Roller Graphite Carbon Sleeve
Carbon & Graphite Raschig Rings
Carborundum Stoves
Cathode Carbon Block
Clay Graphite Crucibles
Crystalline Flake Graphite
Electric Conduction Materials
Electrode Paste
Expandable Graphite
Expanded Graphite Composite Sheet
Expanded Graphite Shee
Expanded Graphite Sheet
Expanded Graphite Tape
Expanded Graphite Yarn
Expanded Graphite Yarns
Fine Grain Cool Press Graphite Material
Fine Grain Graphite Block
Fine Grain Graphite Rods
Fine Grain Graphite Rounds
Fine Grain Isotropic Graphite
Fine Grained High Strength Isotropic Graphite
Flake Graphite
Flexibe Graphite In Coils
Flexible Graphite Foil
Flexible Graphite Packing Rings
Flexible Graphite Roll
Flexible Graphite Rolls
Flexible Graphite Sheet
Flexible Graphite Tape
Furnace Lining
Graphite Adiabatic Chamber
Graphite Anode
Graphite Axles
Graphite Balls
Graphite Bearings
Graphite Bipolar Plate
Graphite Blanks
Graphite Blender
Graphite Blocks
Graphite Board
Graphite Braided Packaging Material
Graphite Chemical Equipment
Graphite Composite Filler
Graphite Crucibles
Graphite Crystallizers
Graphite Cylinder
Graphite Die Formed Packing Ring Braided Packing
Graphite Dies
Graphite Electrode Nipples
Graphite Electrode Scrap
Graphite Electrodes
Graphite Emulsion
Graphite Fiber Braided Packing
Graphite Fictile Moulds
Graphite Flakes
Graphite Furnace Lining
Graphite Gaskets
Graphite Gland Packing
Graphite Grain
Graphite Heater
Graphite Heating Tube
Graphite Joint Parts
Graphite Matrix For Semi-Conductor Vessel
Graphite Mould
Graphite Orifice
Graphite Packing
Graphite Pipes
Graphite Plate Crucible
Graphite Powder
Graphite Products
Graphite Reinforced Composite Gasket
Graphite Rod
Graphite Rolls
Graphite Rotors
Graphite Scrap
Graphite Seals
Graphite Sheets With Metal Reinforcement
Graphite Sintering Molds
Graphite Spare-Parts
Graphite Spiral Wound Gasket
Graphite Stoves
Graphite Tape
Graphite Tube
Graphite Tube For Exhaust Pipe
Graphite With Carbon Fiber
Graphiteused In Pencil-Making
Graphitized Petroleum Coke
High Density Fine Structure Graphite
High Pressure Impregenated Graphite Electrode
High Purity Graphite Bearings
High Purity Graphite Materials
Hollow Graphite Tube
Hp Graphite Electrode
Impermeable Graphite Exchanger
Isostatic Block Graphite
Kevlar Fiber Packing
Low Carbon Graphite
Machine Airproof Graphite
Machined Graphite Parts
Metallurgical Stoves
Micronized Graphite
Micropowder Graphite
Mobile Sealing Rings
Moulded Graphite
Natural Amorphous Graphite
Natural Flake Graphite
Natural Graphite Flake
Petroleum Bit Orifice Rods
Pure Graphite Sheets
Purified Graphite
Reinforced Expanded Graphite Laminated Sheet
Reinforced Graphite Gaskets
Reinforced Graphite Sheet
Resistance Furnaces
Small Diameter Graphite Rod
Soft Graphite Coiled Material


If you are looking to source or sell graphite products in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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